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4s I cloud activation lock hack

4s I cloud activation lock hack

iphone unlocked

I have 2 iPhone 4's Can I swap logic boards to bypass activation lock

So I bought an iPhone of Craigslist a while back, it seemed legit, but as I was setting it up, it got locked. I think he did it, just because the timing was so close to after the purchase. It was running iOS 7 so yeah, activation lock made it unusable. My friend, out of pity, gave me his iPhone 4. same model # and everything according to the back cover. But it was really messed up, as in the back was shattered. It just stopped working a few days ago. as in it only powers on when plugged in and loops the apple logo unless I put it in recovery mode, then it holds an apple logo + cable icon. But when I try to restore it, it always fails. Error 2014, 2009, 2005, 21, and now its stuck on error 23. Is it possible for me to replace the activation locked iPhone 4 with the shattered back iPhone and basically bypass activation lock? Or can I do that vice versa and use the parts of the activation locked iPhone to repair the shattered one?

iphone unlocked

Specific question regarding Activation Lock in iOS 7 Can iTunes complete a pending Erase

Ok, this is pretty specifik, I know. But I think it is an important question to find an answer to, and Apple doesnt really seem to know.


I just got my iPhone 5 stolen from me. I had a passcode set, so no worries, but the thief immedietly turned off the phone. As soon as I could get to a computer and log into iCloud and the Find my iPhone service the phone was offline already.


I initiated an Erase throug Find my iPhone, which now is pending. Since I had a passcode on my stolen phone, I assume there is no way for the perp to connect to any WiFi, and therefore the Find my iPhone service will not be able to complete the pending Erase.


Now to my question: If the perp connects the iPhone to a computer running iTunes with an internet connection and tries restoring it, is iTunes then able to complete the pending Erase and lock down the iPhone?


Im aware of the fact that the perp acutally cannot restore the iPhone in iTunes since hed be needing my Apple ID password to disable the Find my iPhone feature in the Settings app. But, even so, the perp might not know that and actually might try to connect it to iTunes and restore it. And if he does, it would be REALLY neat if iTunes could complete the pending Erase.


Does anyone have a clue?

Did someone just hack me

Weirdest thing...... I downloaded an APP (TapDefense) via iTunes. Yeah Yeah game was a time waster, not the point...
Anyway last night when I synced my iTunes said along the lines your phone no longer sync with this computer do you want to override the preferences to allow syncing.
For some reason I am now thinking I just got hacked?
The ONLY thing I did different today was play the downloaded app.
Did some just hack me? Any one with ideas of what the **** happened?
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Can someone hack into your iPhone 5

Hi I have an iPhone 5 in sprint but I lost 2 phones in the past now in my iPhone someone put 3 pictures of me into my iPhone picture album that where on my phone that I lost and he tried to send those 3 pictures to my contacts how can that be done

Would this be considered a hack

on ehow.com they teach you how to make ringtones for your iphone within itunes itself.
i want to know, would this method be considered a hack? because its not really hacking into the phone or itunes, its really just going around and finding the holes and using them to your advantage?
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SMS hack

I realise these threads disappear from the page quickly, but even though Apple doesnt think its a problem, a patch would be a considerate thing to give us iphone users to ease our minds....using the same info from Black Hat cant they just do it...and quickly? and why do you remove this thread?
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Audio jack hack

Well I have a little project idea and that was the best name I could come up with, atm I am away from my tools but this is my idea.



So if you can see this, tha is how I am planning on hocking it up.


Would this work?

i already upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 but cant pass through the iphone Activation it always say activation server is temporarily unavailable help me

i buy from my friend. but the Safari explorer and Weather forcast seems to be crashed. so i made a decission to upgrade to iOS 6.1.3...

A Question on the iPhone SMS Hack

If your text messaging feature was blocked on your plan so like no messages you send or any one sends to you would go through. Would that SMS Hacking message go to your phone?
iPhone OS 3.0

HT3743 my iphone is hack of this problem what can i do

please help me


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Do you know how to hack into a stolen iphone and get the camera to take a screenshot of who has the phone

Do you know how to hack into a stolen iphone and get the camera to take a screenshot of who has the phone?

Does apple care to fix the Encryption hack flaw

Elcomsoft a Russia foreensics firm have figured out a way to hack the AES 256 hardware encryption of various types of iPhones and iOS versions and seem to be progressing uppon every release of Phone and OS.


256 AES in general is very strong and the security flaw seems not to be with the tried and tested AES its self but with method of how the iPhone its self utilizes it (yes you may be able to crack it with Quantum Computers, but this is beyond the realms of this post.. for now).


Because this issue was reported way back in 2011 () you would think apple would have correctly secured it by now. Its true the company behind the hack have not yet hacked the 5S and iOS 7, but given there solid track record it would appear likely only a matter of time before they crack that also.


Is it not time apple correctly implements AES Encryption without such major security flaws!!! ?


Company able to Crack the iPhone Encryption http://www.elcomsoft.com/eift.html#jb

problems with cloud

has anyone else been having problems with cloud? my photos from today arent appearing on cloud & the app on my iphone 4s says there are no new photos to upload (but there are !!!)

Cannot access the cloud on O2

It starts loading btopenzone and then says CANNOT FIND SERVER. Does anyone else have this problem? Or know how to fix it?
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how do I back up on i-cloud

how do I back up my i-phone tothe cloud?

Problem with The Cloud UK

Im having trouble connecting to The Cloud hotspots with the iPhone.. tried my local Wetherspoons and another pub with Cloud WiFi - the iPhone displays the Cloud network ok and shows a good, strong signal, however on opening Safari I have never seen The Cloud homepage or been asked for my O2 mobile number to connect.
If I open a bookmark, the Wi-Fi signal indicator immediately drops to just one bar and the web page appears but as text only. Am I missing something, or is this as good as The Cloud gets ?
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Cloud Storage Apps

Does anyone know of a cloud storage app that will allow you to share applications on your computer with your Iphone? I know you can pretty much do it with a VNC but that is not what I am looking for.
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Cloud synching contacts calendar

Hi - I got my dad an iphone... yay! But heres the problem:
He works out of his home office and work office, and wants to be able to use his computers to input/edit info. At home he has a mac, and in the office he has a PC.
Solution: Id like to use one single client application that I can install on both on his PC and Mac that whenever data is edited/inputted, the data will be stored in a cloud app, and his other client app will auto update. Google calendar and contacts just isnt cutting it for someone who is used to Microsoft Outlook.
Any solutions? Thanks!
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MobileMe Contacts downloaded from cloud

Was using MobileMe over air to sync contacts using trial license with iPhone and laptop. Trial license expires same day as disk crashes in laptop so the only place contacts are in is MobileMe cloud. If I turn Sync off on phone it deletes the contacts from my iPhone. Any way to get those contacts out of MobileMe short of signing up for MobileMe which friend does not want to do? Access to me.com is now inactive. Can they turn it back on ?
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change default browser to Google chrome on iPhone 4S OS6 and iPad 2 without Jailbreaking or Javascript Safari hack

I would like to set Google chrome as my default browser on iPhone 4S (OS6) and iPad 2 without Jailbreaking or using a hack. Thank you.


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Newbie question about WiFi Cloud Edge etc UK

Hi guys,
Just got my iPhone and as I guessed its an awesome bit of kit.
Im new to the world of WiFi and have no connection at home although I do have internet access of course.
On the O2 contract is the WiFi free ? or only if you are on the Cloud network ? I have read about being connected to Edge when not in a WiFi zone, do you get charged for this.
Like I say Im new to this dont really understand it
I connected my iPhone through Mail and Safari this morning and it was great but then I panicked incase I was running up a huge phone bill.
Thanks guys and excuse my ignorance.
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Can't Update My Apps and I-Cloud doesn't Work Please Help

I gave my I-phone 3Gs to my daughter. After that, I couldnt update my apps on my I-phone 4s.


(1) When I try to update my apps, my old id comes up. But the problem is that I have a new id so when I try to enter the pw for my old id, it isnt accepted.

What can I do?


(2) How can I upload content from my PC to I-Cloud?



where are all of my picture i ahd on my phone and stored on the cloud

wherer are all of my pictures I saved to my icould

My photos are not downloading through the cloud from my ipad to my iphone

My cloud is not working. Photos not transferring from ipad to iphone

iPhone and Cloud Network Canary Wharf London

Does anyone have an iPhone and work in Canary Wharf? The whole of Canary Wharf is supposed to be covered by The Cloud for Wi-Fi access but walking around Canada Square, Jubilee Place etc and I get the odd very weak signal but am not able to connect. I can connect to my home Wi-Fi no problem.
Has anyone else experience the same?
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HT1937 Hi i really need help from anyone can help me I just lost my iphone yesterday But im not yet put my id in my i cloud Maybe someone can help me PLEASE

I really need help to find my i phone... pLEASE

HT4061 my iPhone not found b cos i m not activated i cloud

my i phone not found b cos i m not activated i cloud ?

HT1349 How do I authorize a new pc laptop in order to access my music from iTunes cloud

How do I authorize a new laptop with Windows8 to access/download my music from my iTunes account?


HT4623 Anyone having trouble with App Store install and cloud store buttons not working after 6.1 update

Anyone having trouble with App Store install and cloud store buttons not working after 6.1 update? I go to install an app. I hit install and nothing happens. About a minute later it asks me for my password and then it does nothing. The install button goes back to saying install. However the app shows up in my installed list and in cloud but no app installed.

HT5014 The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation

please give me suggeston

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