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4s with ios 7 wifi not responding

4s with ios 7 wifi not responding

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iOs 4.1 and Home button not responding as it should

Since I upgraded to 4.1 Im experiencing some problems with the Home button. When the screen is of it happens very often that I have to press the button a second time to make the screen appear, or if Im on the home, and I push it twice to go on the background it goes on the first page of my home (as if Ive pushed it only once).
Its like if the first push goes missing. Its becoming really frustrating since I feel like the phone is not responding to my action.
I already restored the phone with DFU mode twice, so thats not the problem
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iOS 6 WiFi option is GREYED OUT unrelated to iOS 6 WiFi connectivity issues

As reported in an earlier thread, since upgrading iPhone 4S from 5.1.1 to 6, the WiFi option is turned OFF and is greyed out/disabled. Have tried all combinations of hard/soft reboots, router resets, network settings reset, cleared cookies, etc. Nothing. The WiFi option is completely disabled.


WiFi worked fine prior to iOS 6. Now I cant turn it on. My wifes WiFi is fine, she can toggle on/off and hasnt had any other connectivity issues as reported by others.

Has anyone experienced slow wifi connections on iPhone 4S nice upgraded to IOS 6 The wifi connection seems to have got worse after the upgrade



Has anyone experienced slow wifi connections on iPhone 4S once upgraded to IOS6.

My Iphone 3G has stopped responding IOS system freeze and my home button is broke how do I fix this system freeze

I have tried restoring from backup via itunes but it said error occured I cant do anything.. Help mee

wifi problems ios 7.0.3

anyone with problems after the new release?

Anyone still having wifi problems with iOS 6.01 on 4s

I have a iphone 4s, every since the upgrade to ios 6.0 and 6.01 my wifi only works at my home as I have a newer router. If I go anyplace else it does not work. All the free wifi spots I used to go to Starbucks, Dunckin Donuts, and also at my job do not work anymore. It wont hold the wifi connection for more than a few seconds. As soon as I enter a wifi password it holds for a second or two than switches right back to 3g.


Whatever apple did with the ios 6 really screwed things up. I thought 6.01 would fix the problem but no, in fact its worse. I know this does not affect all iphone 4ss as my son just got a new 4s and he doesnt have the problem.


Oh Ive tried all the usual fixes, nothing works. Ive been an apple guy since the company started, this is really pathetic on Apples part. Losing faith in what was once a great company.




IOS 6 WiFi is not working

I have iPhone 4S and my wifi said location accuracy is improved when wifi is turned on i cant turn on the switch slide?

iOS 6 WiFi Disabled

Just upgraded 4S to iOS6 OTA and upon completion my WiFi is greyed out and disabled. Ive rebooted the phone, turned On/Off AirPlane mode. Still unable to turn WiFi on.

ios 6.1.3 WIFI problem

Hi! I just got a new Iphone 4s back from repair, a new replacment phone. So I updated the hardware to the new IOS 6.1.3 and after that I cant activate my WIFI, the WIFI button is greyed, so the WIFI is unavailable. So what should I do? Send my 3days old Iphone to service agian or what? I personaly think it the new IOS 6.1.3 so please help me

Cannot turn on Wifi in iOS 6

Just updated to iOS 6 and cannot turn on Wifi in settings. The button is there but cannot be used (stuck off). Can anyone help?




Have tried:


- Switch off and on

- Reset network settings

- Airplane mode off/on toggle

- Restoring from back-up

4S wifi issue after iOS 6.0.1 update

                   I recently updated my 4S to 6.0.1, Since then  i am having problem connecting to wifi. I am not able to connect almost all of wifi with password. When i put either correct or wrong password, it will say Unable to join the network network name .  Yesterday i went to apple store and it connected to their network. They said they cannot do anything. I have to get $99 paln to tested on telephone .

I  reseted my home router, it didnt work. I tried going into router admin and resetting from there and it worked.


My question now is i dont have router access except my own and i am having this problem every wifi network. Any suggestion ?

iOS 6.1.4 WiFi Bluetooth issues

Since upgrading to iOS 6.1.4 I cant join WiFi network or pair with bluetooth.  6.1.3 worked fine.  Insights?

Wifi not working after upgrade to iOS 7

After upgrading iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S, the wifi is not working. It cannot detect any wifi nor am I able to enable wifi under settings. Is there a way for me to fix this?

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IOS or Wifi hardware problem

My iphone 5 was unable to join any wifi and keep on popping out Unable To Join Network started 2 weeks ago unless i stand right in front of the wifi modem which is quite annoying. Initially, i thought it was just some minor problem so i turn off and turn on my iphone, but it was not help. So, i tried other method, reset all iphone setting, still it was unable to join. Ok, final step, upgraded my IOS 6.0.2 to IOS 6.1.4, but the problem still exist..Anyone knows what is the problem

iOS 7.0.4 has destroyed my WiFi connectivity

Ever since I updated my iPhone 5 with the 7.0.4 version, I can no longer use WiFi anywhere. Not even on my home router which Ive been connected to for over 3 years. I have reset the phone, restored from iTunes backup, restarted the router etc etc. Nothing works.

how to solve wifi problems with ios 6 6.0.1 6.2

Hello all, I have a problem with my iPhone 4 and wifi since updating to ios 6. Before that I had no problems with wifi.

The wifi connection is very bad. only within 1 meter of the conector I can connect with wifi.

Also the update to ios 6.0.1 and ios 6.1 gave no solutions.

Ive tried all the tips on the internet. network settings are reset, iphone reset etc.

Now there is still no solution I am distraught. Does anyone have any tips?


I cant connect to wifi anymore. I think its after this new ios update but im not 100% sure. Can somebody help me out ? Its annoying how I could connect to the wifi and now I cant...

iOS 4.0 WiFi problem on iPhone 3G

I am having issues with the WiFi on my iPhone 3G. Just yesterday, my WiFi was working fine. I have checked my MAC address, and it is not blank, but when I attempt to connect to my home WiFi, it just says Unable to join the network NETGEAR. I have checked the password against the other computers, and it is correct, and they can all connect fine. The IP address is also invalid. My normal IP range is, but mine is something completely different. I have tried assigning a static IP, to no avail. I have restored, DFU Mode restored, reset the network settings, and downgraded to 3.1.3, and then upgraded again to iOS4, but it still will not connect to WiFi. Any other solutions? If I need to pay Apple $299 just to fix it, I will buy an Android phone, and never buy Apple again!
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iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.3 WiFi Grayed Out

My cousin have this problem after she update her iPhones iOS to 6.1.3 last month and then after it she notice that the WiFi on her iPhone was grayed out we try to Reset network settings, try to reset all settings and try to reset the iPhone by holding down the power button and home button at the same time but nothing happens and also we try to restore the iPhone on iTunes but still nothing happens. Her iPhone still have a WiFi Mac Address but restore on iTunes didnt work so please help us to resolve this problem..



Wifi greyed out on iphone 4s with ios 7

Hi, I have iphone 4s, before when I update my ios to 6.1.3 I got a problem connecting to my wifi it was greyed out. I researched some tips how to solve the problem still it doesnt work. They said that if you update your ios into ios 7 the issue will be solved, however I update my ios now into ios 7, I still have the same issue, tried some troubleshooting again still problem doesnt solve, help please I cannot use my wifi. I just got my phone last year and I am having this problem, I love apple products but this is a big inconvenience to everyone who is having the same problem, help. Thanks.

3GS on iOS 4.0.2 Can't See WiFi Localnet

I run a webDAV server @Home to sync my todo list. I also use a couple of IOS remote apps that use WiFI servers and must be on my localnet.
My 3GS using iOS 4.0.2 is now the only computer in my house that cannot see my server @ mini.local. iPhone4 iOS 4.0.1 can. Ipad on 3.2.x can. Desktop can. Laptop can. iPhone 3GS with 4.0.2 - NOPE.
This means all syncing of todo lists, all remotes, etc no longer work after the 4.0.2 upgrade.
Ive rebooted twice. Ive reset network settings. Ive disable/re-enables wifi.
Totally broken.
Anyone else have a similar issue?
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wifi problem iphone ios 7

so hey everyone! recently i have encounter a problem with my wifi. it previously runs on ios 6.0.1 and the problem is that the phone could not locate any wifi signal eventhough i am near the router. Switch off and on the router, reset network settings, airplane mode and reset the network settings, all to no avail. ive even update it to ios 7 and still same problems occur. Sometimes my home wifi appears but then it took awhile to connect and soon after,BOOM disconnected. I also have tried to forget the network. So anybody could HELP ME! if it is internal hardware stuff, could u tell me if it is cheap to repair it?

Can no longer connect to WiFi after iOS 6

After updating my iPhone 3GS to iOS 6.0 not 2 hours ago, everything seemed fine - for about 30 minutes. I soon lost all connections to my personal WiFi router in my house (both of them, actually). For a short period of time I was not even able to find networks in SettingsWifi, even when standing next to my modem & routers.

No searches helped online, and Apple apparently doesnt believe in tech support emails, so I tried resetting my network settings. When I did that, it finally showed my 3 home WiFi networks. However, Im no longer able to connect to them. When I click on one, it will take me to a Log In page at www.Apple.com, where it will say Hmm, the page youre looking for cant be found and send me back to the WiFi settings page, and put me on 3G.

This is really starting to get on my nerves, and I understand new OS can be buggy, but this seems like a bit too major of a screw up to be a simple bug.

Any suggestions? If theres no way to fix it, Apple will have just lost another customer.

Wifi issues after upgrade to ios 4.3.5

I just upgraded to ios 4.3.5 and my iphone 4 is having trouble with Wifi connections, they are simply very slow; before the upgrade my wifi connection was working fine and fast, after upgrade is terrible. My cell provider is AT&T and I have a microcell provided by AT&T to boost the cell signal and after upgrade my iphone is not pairing anymore with the microcell.....any help on this? Thanks

why doesnt my wifi work now i have updated to ios 6.0.2

Anyone know why i cant connect to my wifi now i have updated  iOS to 6.0.2?

Wifi Issues on my iphone 4 after ios 7.1.1 update



I recently updated my iphone 4 with ios 7.1.1. After this update my phone refuses to connect to wifi. I went through forums and did all the things like restart router, reset network settings, hard reboot of iphone but still no luck. I am really getting frustrated. Is there a way out apart from waiting for apple to provide a fix ?




iPhone 5 Low Wifi Range with iOS 6.0.2


Since I got my new iPhone 5 yesterday, the last one had a problem so I changed it, I have big problems with the Wifi-Range. With the last one it was possible to go to the Internet via Wifi, even if I went upstairs. But when I got the new one, it wasnt even possible to walk int the next room, I must stay next to the router. I tried everything, I restored the Networksettings, I rebooted my router and I restored my iPhone (not from Backup). I even have iOS 6.0.2, which should have solved all Wifi-Problems. I hope that theres an Update or a solution, which solves this problem, because its really annoying and Idont want to change my iPhone again, but when it is still there with the next Update, I see no other solution.




wifi automatically disconnected on iphone 4s ios 7.0.3

whenever i connect my iphone 4s to wifi network it automatically gets disconnected after some time.and shows unable to connect.

Problems with Wifi on iphone 4 after updating ot iOS 5.1

After I update to iOS 5.1 is started having problems with my home wifi.

After the update every thing seems to be running alright after after a day my connection was lost.

When I tried to reconnect I got the message unable to join the network.



I tried the following things:


- Forget network, reconnect: This did not help

- restart iPhone: did not help.

- Reset network settings: did not help.



The next step I tried was to restart my router.

This solved the problem, but after 1 day I have the same issue.


When I go to work there is no problem when I get back home same thing over again.

This is going on ever since I update to iOS 5.1

Before the update I had no problems.



Does anyone have more perment solution.

I have an iphone 3g on ios 4 2 1 and the wifi keeps dropping in out out constantly- can any one help



Can anybody help?


My husband has an iphone 3g on ios 4:2:1 and the wifi keeps dropping in out out constantly - can any one help please, I also have iphone 4 which works fine on ios 5, on the same wifis as my husband.

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