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5s Bluetooth pairing troubles

5s Bluetooth pairing troubles

iphone unlocked

Bluetooth Pairing

How can you send ringtones from your iphone to another phone? Please help me!!! Thank you.
Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.1)

iphone unlocked

Bluetooth Pairing

How can you send ringtones from your iphone to another phone? Please help me!!! Thank you.
Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.1)

Bluetooth not pairing help

I have the 3gs with 3.1.2. Ive got the belkin tunestage which uses A2DP to play music from a mobile device to the living room hifi. For some reason my iphone doesnt find it when searching for it on bluetooth. The tunestage is working cos it pairs with another phone. Is there any apps that can help with pairing etc?
Heres a link to the tunestage http://www.amazon.co.uk/Belkin-TuneStage-Bluetooth-Receiver-Transmitter/dp/B000AOCLQC
Dell iPhone OS 3.1.2

Bluetooth pairing then nothing

Hello All,
in an effort to share/swap info from my MacBook Pro to my 3G, the Pro can find and pair with the iPhone but not the other way round.
Both Bluetooth devices are ON, the Pro scanned, found the iPhone, the IPhone flashed up a 5 figure number, which was duplicated on the Pro ... but the iPhone refuses to connect.
It is NOT paired with any other devices.
Thanks for your help and expertise.
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.7)

HT3647 Bluetooth Pairing

i have iphone 3GS (with iOS 5.1.1.). However, it is not able to pair with similar phone 3GS (with iOS 5.1.1.). Im not able send any photos, music, etc. over bluetooth. Pls advise

Bluetooth pairing and Audi

So Ive just tried pairing my iPhone with my Audi Q7. In Bluetooth mode it finds the Audi no problem, but fails to pair.
Any suggestions?
PowerBook G4 15", iMac Intel 24" Mac OS X (10.5.1)

Bluetooth audio pairing

My iPhone 4 pairs automatically with my car for the phone function but when I tried to use the cars bluetooth audio capability and the iPhones iPod function the car system will ask me to register the iPod, which I cant do because I havent a clue on how to proceed. Any ideas?
17-inch, 1.83 GHz, Intel-core duo iMac Mac OS X (10.4.7) 2 GB RAM

bluetooth pairing with smartlink

I have a assistive listening device called a Smartlink made by Phonak. It can pair with cell phone using the handsfree and headset profiles. It worked really well on my old phone, but I cant get my iPhone to pair with this device. The folks at Phonak say the phone must be having problems. The Smartlink can still pair with my old moto Q.
The iPhone looks for a device, but cant see the Smartlink.
Does anyone have a Smartlink and have they paired it with the iPhone?
How can I test the iPhone to make sure it is working properly?
I do live by an Apple Store, can they test this out there?

Pairing bluetooth headset Q

I got a new 3GS yesterday, but I cant figure out how to pair it with either my old Plantronics bluetooth headset or the Handsfree Link of my 2006 Acura TL. Neither can find the iPhone. What am I missing or not doing on the phone? I would appreciate some bluetooth pairing for dummies instructions!
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Iphone 4 Bluetooth pairing

My iPhone 4 with latest update 4.2 will not pair with my MacBook. The mac says it was successful but the iPhone says it failed and continually searches. The pairing number shows up on the iPhone but still nothing. This had previously connected via bluetooth but no longer. Would be glad if anyone had an idea.
MacBook iPhone4 iPod Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Bluetooth pairing problem

Hi ,i was trying the bluetooth of my new iphone and i noticed that the phone doesnt pair with any device even with another iphone.i tried it with my laptop ,the laptop can detect the iphone but not vise versa and when i try from the laptop to set a connection with my detected iphone it says invalid.can someone please help me on this .Thank you much
Sony Windows XP

Bluetooth earphones pairing

I pairs my Bluetooth earphones successfully without entering any passcode. However, when I connect it next time, it fails until I click Forget the device and repeat the pairing process again. It seems a very stupid connection that I need to repeat the pairing process each time I use. Is it normal or abnormal in Bluetooth connection? Or the connection procedure is incorrect to lead such behavior.
MacBook Air, iMac 27", iPhone 4 Mac OS X (10.6.4) iOS 4.1

iphone 4 is not pairing with bose bluetooth

hi all,


i m trying to connect bose bluetooth from my iphone-4. which is eariler connected.


my iphone is searching for devices, but  it couldnt detect the bluetooth.


i dont know the reason. could any body help on this issue.




iPad Bluetooth not pairing with iPhone

Both iPad and iPhone on iOS 4.2.1. When I turn on bluetooth of those devices, only searching but couldnt found each other. Both are Shows NOW DISCOVERABLE. iPad wifi version and iPhone 3GS. How to pair those device ?

Bluetooth not Pairing with Treo 700p What to do

My Treo recognizes the iPhone and my iPhone recognizes the Treo...kind of. My Treo is listed as Mobile Phone but not connected. Both PIN codes are 0000 and they seem to be seeing each other but the iPhone is not connecting with the Treo. Whats wrong? Thanks for your help.
PowerPC G5 Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Pairing my iPhone with my MBP using Bluetooth

Hi everyone,
Is it possible to pair my iphone 3gs with my MBP using bluetooth so that i can swap pix wirelessly
From what ive seen in the forum so far the bluetooth feature is just for handsfree? before i switched to the iphone all my previous cell phones could swap files with my MBP using bluetooth.
Thanks in advance!
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.9) ipod shuffle, emac, iphone 3gs

Bluetooth Pairing - Constant Searching

Im syncing my iPhone 3GS with my MacBook Pro 13 via bluetooth (hoping to test the tethering) and the iPhone constantly searches for devices. iPhone OS is 3.1.2. The MacBook can pair via Set Up Bluetooth Device, the MacBook sees the iPhone and sends it a pair code, the iPhone responds but then drops the connection and continues searching for devices. Whats going on here? The MacBook pairs with other devices ok via bluetooth.
MacBook Pro 2.53Ghz 4GB 10.6.1 Mac OS X (10.6.1)

I-Phone 4 Bluetooth pairing with BMW

I have tried to pair the I-Phone 4 to my 2008 5 series BMW unsuccessfully. When I checked compatible phones on BMW website, 3GS was the latest phone. When I called the dealer, they said that BMW may come out with a software upgrade later this year AND I could have it installed for USD 439. What a rip off!! If I would have known this, I would NOT have bought my I-Phone. Isn’t there an APP for this ?

Apple Bluetooth Pairing Issues

So when I leave for work in the morning, I have my iPhone and the headset charging on the counter. While they are charging, they appear to be paired. I unplug iPhone, remove headset, and it appears that they have become unpaired. Thinking that the headset is off, I press and hold the button to turn it on. The indicator light flashes green the instant I hit the button, but there is still no indication that it is paired to the phone (no charge indicator, bluetooth symbol is still grey). I turn the headset off by holding the power button until the indicator light flashes amber, and then turn it back on by doing the same until the indicator light flashes green and I hear the startup tone.
There is still no indication that the headset has paired with the phone, so I try it again. Still no pairing.
I go to the preferences, and turn bluetooth off and back on again. I power cycle the headset, still no pairing. I go to the headsets entry in the bluetooth menu, and remove it from the phones list. Then I put the headset into pairing mode, and wait for it to show up, which sometimes takes a few tries.
Finally, it will show up, Ill pair it, and be on my way.
I have been slightly late to work every day since I got the headset because of this.
Please, please, please tell me theres a better way. Please, someone, tell me Im doing something horribly wrong.
Is there a significant delay when unplugging the phone and the headset, after which they indicate that theyve paired? Am I being too impatient?
And Id love to know if theres a dual dock for the iPhone 3G on the way. The current arrangement on my kitchen counter is a disgraceful mess.
MacBook 2.4GHz C2D 4GB Mac OS X (10.5.4)

bluetooth headset loses pairing

My motorola h700 headset no longer automatically pairs with my iPhone when I turn it on. it used to work just fine, but now every time I turn on the headset I have to go to settings bluetooth connect.
when I do this it works great, but how do I get it to automatically pair when the headset turns on?
iPhone 3g iPhone OS 3.1.3

Why does my bluetooth pairing stop working

I pair my iPhone 3G to my car and a Jawbone earpiece and after a while neither will work. They show up on the list in the phone, but indicate not connected. I have to delete the pairing and initiate a new search to get them re-connected. I dont believe it is a problem with the car or the Jawbone. Any suggestions?
Windows XP Pro

iPhone 2.0 Stopped Bluetooth Pairing with any device

I have a 2.0 iPhone (with software 2.1) which I have used successfully (for about 8 months) with my bluetooth in my car as well as a separate Motorola headset when I drive my wifes car. After returning from a trip, where I had turned the bluetooth off ( and used airplane mode), I return home, get in my car, turn bluetooth on and it will not pair. In fact the device is no longer listed. Next, I tried to pair it with the Motorola headset and again, no pairing luck. The iPhone does not see any of these devices to pair with. It is like the iPhone BT just stopped working. I have tried turning the iPhone off and on, but no luck. I have been using the 2.1 software since it was available, so no changes in that regard.
Any ideas?
Dell Windows XP

Blueant Bluetooth not pairing with iphone anymore

I recently restored my phone. After restoring it I had issues with the album artwork which I fixed but now my Bluetooth is not pairing with my phone. It’s able to find the device but when I click on it so it can pair it just stays loading and doesn’t even ask for the pass code anymore. I restored the phone again but the same thing is happening. Does any body have any advice on what I should do or a possible solution? Thanks!
acer 5100 Windows XP

Bluetooth Pairing Have the Iphone 3G settings changed

I used to be able to pair two notebooks to my iphone when tethering. (not at the same time, but separately.) They both used to show up in the Iphones memory of bluetooth devices and allow me to connect whichwever I wanted.
But now I cant do this any more. I can connect one notebook after Ive paired it, but then the other wont connect. If I then re-pair the second notebook, the first one wont connect. What has happened? Im sure you the iphone used to keep the memory of all the devices and pair to whichever one asked for the connection.
Has Apple changed the Iphone settings so only one device can pair now? There was a recent Phone settings update and this change seems to have happened after that.
anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?
HP laptop Windows 7

Problem after pairing macbook with iphone4 using bluetooth

Im having trouble connecting my iphone 4 with my macbook pro after I have paired them up together using bluetooth. It did show on my mac that the iphone is connected but it was only for a split second. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
MBP (13-inch, Mid-2009) Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Jabra sp700 bluetooth pairing problems

Hi all-
Im having trouble pairing my iphone 3g with the jabra sp700. Initial setup was not a problem (pushing the sp700 long enough to say, pairing mode, then turning iphones bluetooth antenna on, and following prompts).
My problem is, when I come leave and back (for example, the next day), I turn on my bluetooth headset, then my iphone bluetooth antenna - which says its paired to the jabra sp700, but nothing happens. It seems like its stuck in a loop (the wait indicator is chronically on, and it keeps saying now discoverable) but the jabra keeps blinking its status light looking for a device.
The only solution I have is to unpair the jabra profile from the iphone, and start from scratch. VERY IRRITATING.
Any tips?

Voice pairing with TomTom and iPhone over Bluetooth

I cant get a TomTom Go 500 to even see the iPhone 3G when both devices have bluetoothh activated and are searching for each other.
Im happy with a voice only connection, im not concerned about data (which the iPhone doesnt support).
Does anyone have any ideas?
Im running all the latest firmware updates on both. I have no other connections in either device at this time.
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Pairing avec stereo bluetooth headset

Jai un I-Phone et je ne parviens pas à avoir ma musique avec bluetooth, comment faire?
i-phone Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Fix for BMW and iPhone v 1.1.3 Bluetooth Pairing

If you lost Bluetooth connectivity with 1.1.3 and have tried deleting old pairings and starting over, without success, on your iPhone go to:
Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings
Then make sure youve deleted your old pairing on both devices and pair once again. This fixed it for me!
Background: My 08 3-series BMW had flawless Bluetooth connectivity with Address Book support with 1.1.2, but lost it with 1.1.3. Resetting in the above manner restored it. Thanks to Sara at Apple Tech Support for the help.
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.1)

How can I fix problems with Bluetooth pairing to my car with iPhone 5S

How can I fix problems with Bluetooth pairing to my car with iPhone 5S?

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