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A copy has been placed on outbox sender address email was rejected by the server

A copy has been placed on outbox sender address email was rejected by the server

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Sender address rejected by server but only when out and about

My iPhone 3GS has been working fine with sending and receiving emails both via wifi and when Im out and about.
Now it wont allow me to send emails while Im out. Can receive them okay and can access the internet, but when I try to send them I get told that the sender address was rejected by the server.
Yet it still works perfectly fine sending and receiving via wifi when Im home.
Im using an smtp address attached to my work, port 587. I know nothing technical but can try to give other details if asked.
Spent a while in the Orange shop and didnt get anywhere, any help I would gladly accept!

iphone unlocked

sender address rejected by service

I have many times sent images I take on my iphone to myself at home to import into iphoto with no problem. Today I try to do this and I get a message A copy has been placed in your outbox. The sender address (mine) was rejected by the server. I phoned my server shaw.ca and they say it is a problem with the phone. Why would this work a few days ago and not now. Any comments would be appreciated.
PS new phone at Christmas
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AOL mail won't send A copy has been placed in your Outbox Sending the message content to the server failed

After purchasing a new 4S my AOL mail wont send. I can receive emails from this AOL account, but when I try to send or reply  receive this message: A copy has been placed in your Outbox. Sending the message content to the server failed.


I used my AOL account just fine on my Iphone 4.

Ive tried all the suggestions Ive read online thus far to no avail. Please HELP!


Also, AOL is one of 4 emails I use. Yes, AOL is old. Yes, I still use it. Please just answer my question, I dont care how old and out-dated AOL is.

sender email address invalid

Ive been getting these messages when trying to send email. I go to my lap top and email these same people without problems. Any thoughts?
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Hotmail - Sender email address is invalid

Ever since I got my new iPhone 3GS, I have not been able to send emails. I had an izymail subscription for hotmail on my original iPhone and it worked fine. I synced everything over to my new iPhone 3GS and also made a new email account as Hotmail is now free to set up using POP3.
I turned my izymail account off because I was having problems with it fetching old deleted emails once or twice a week. Everything was working as normal until I tried to send an email and the following message appeared: Sender email address is invalid
Ive tried switching my izymail account back on and switching my new Hotmail POP3 account off and my emails will send ok...
So why are my emails not sending with my newly setup Hotmail POP3 account?
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Why oh why are my emails still being rejected by the server

I receive emails just fine - but when I try to send emails from my phone, the messages were unable to be sent due to the the address being rejected by the server. I checked the troubleshooting guide, and have turned WiFi off, turned my other SMTP servers on, and deleted the original synced account and added it manually. When I added it, I had to authenticate without SSL as my ISP doesnt use SSL for my outgoing mail server (Bigpond ADSL, Im talking to you). I rewrote the message, tried sending again, and got the same rejected message. I know the email is valid as I use it all the time from my MacBook. So - is the lack of SSL the problem - and if, so, will I not be able to send emails from my phone unless I swap ISP? Or have I missed something?
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me outgoing mail server not working from iPhone Reply to email address

Hi, I have MM sent up on my iPhone and Mac, the SMTP outgoing mail server does not work from the iPhone but does from the Mac, to get around this I changed the outgoing server on the iPhone to my optusnet outgoing server, that has been working fine, the problem I have is if someone replys to a email from the phone it gets bounced back becuase the reply to email address for me is @mac.com not from @me.com
I have tried to change the reply to email address in the phone but it only allows you to change the name not the @mac.com
I have only ever had a Me account not a .Mac account so I dont know why its locked to @mac
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E-mail address rejected - seems to differ on location

For two days running, new mail and reply mail to correct addresses have hung for hours, with a periodic message saying one of the addresses ... rejected bu the server (well, words to that effect)
One account sent ok, the other two would not.
Repeated attempts to send - including test messages to one of my three accounts - also fail with the same message.
Both days, I have been approaching home and woosh all the hung messages depart.
No impediment to incoming mail, incidentally.
Settings fault or local server fault? I suspect the server but ...
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Sender Address Invalid

New Iphone 3G bought this week.
Set it up with my Cablevision acount (lastname@optonline.net).
I can receive and read e-mails on the phone no problem whatsoever.
When I go to send them, I get a Sender Address Invalid option and then they just remain in the outbox.
Any ideas? I know theres the disclaimer that Cablevision mail only works with certain connectivity (edge? 3G? Not sure).
Any advice or tips?

Sender Address was invalid

I use a Microsoft Outlook Express Mail account through roadrunner @wi.rr.com
but I cant send mail from my phone...help please
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The sender address was invalid

But it isnt!! For the last few days, I have been unable to send email from my iPhone (3gs). I have tried composing new emails, and responding to old ones- no luck.
Spent half an hour on the phone with apple support, checked settings, turned smtp on/off, turned other servers on...deleted and added my account again.. turned the SSL on and off...checked the port settings..restarted the phone.....
And still- no luck:(
I use comcast email, and am able to receive emails on the phone- and everything working on my laptop and other computers.
If anyone has any insight, or is experiencing the same issue, I would love to hear about it! Thanks so much-

pop3 invalid sender address

Hi, I alos have a pop3 issue. Have 2.0.1 software and all of a sudden it will not send an email... gives error message invalid sender address whether it is a reply or a fresh new email. It receives fine.Anyone have a solution?
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Cannot send mail The sender address was invalid

What do I have to do if if while trying to send an e-mail from my iPhone the message appears: Cannot send mail The sender address was invalid. This occurs while it is possible to receive mail!

Cannot Send Mail The Sender address was invalid

I have iPhone 3G with O2 in the UK.
I have 2 IMAP email accounts that worked perfectly on both iMac and iPhone.
If I am now away from a WIFI service, and I try to reply/create and email, I get the message Cannot Send Mail. The Sender address was invalid.
My O2 service is working for phone and Maps OK.
If I am in range of a WIFI then the email sends fine.
I have reinitialised the iPhone, copied the accounts with iTunes to the phone, and it still happens. Also set both accounts to acces their respective SMTP server and the other accounts server under Primary and Other servers in the mail settings.
Final tests include turning off wifi, in a wifi zone, and the problem is the same. The accounts work perfectly via Mail and Safari on the iMac, so it looks like O2.
Thanks anyone in anticipation.
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Email w Large Attachments stuck in outbox

On my Iphone I can not get an email out of the outbox! The email had large attachments and I think its choking on it.. but when i try to move it to the trashcan from outbox, it says unable to move message, the mesage could ot boe moved to the mailbox trash
and then at other times, presumably as it attempts to send it...it gives me a differnt message saying ive not specified a to recipient - which is not true, the To field is populated w. a valid email address ... i tried deleting the address from the To field and it wont let me
so im in an endless loop - cant delete, cant send. any ideas?
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email sent from outside Mail app sits in outbox

Whenever I try to send an email from outside the Mail app it just sits in my Outbox until I go in and re-send what I thought Id already sent. Very annoying, any way to fix this? I sync email with Google Sync and Yahoo.
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Email Exch is sent but ends up missing not in sent folder or the outbox

Has anyone else experienced an issue where you draft up an email and think that it was sent only to find out that it didnt send? The email is not recoverable as it isnt in the Draft, Sent, or Outbox folder.
Any solutions?
Thank you - Sean
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Can't send email-sender name invalid

Im new to the iPhone 3GS. Im receiving email fine in all accounts but in one when I try to send I get the above error message --- sender name invalid. Whats up with that ?
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E-mail error Cannot Send Mail The sender address was invalid

I can receive e-mail but cannot send it. Everything goes to my outbox. I did not change any settings. Nothing has changed that I know of. For months I could send e-mail -- now I cannot. I even e-mailed myself, and it says the sender address is invalid. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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How do I copy groups from my address book on one Mac to another

I just bought a second Mac and I want to copy all my contacts to the new computer including the Groups. I was able to export the contacts as vcards but I cant figure out how to export and import the groups.
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Cannot Send Mail - address not recognized by 3rd party SMTP server

Ive got a problem where I have an ISP account and MobileMe, and Im trying to use them together. Basically, my ISP e-mail is forward to MobileMe so that I can enjoy IMAP instead of just POP. If it matters, the ISP is Rogers. I can receive my e-mail just fine on my iPhone. Problem is, when sending an e-mail, Id like for it to appear to have been sent from my ISP account to avoid confusion for others. So, I have configured my outgoing account as being my ISPs. But when I try to send something, I get a Cannot Send Mail - The sender address was invalid. error.
Im pretty sure that my outgoing SMTP account (using my ISP provider) is configured correctly because it matches my settings on my iMac, where it works just fine. I think the reason that its not working is because the address in Account Info on my iPhone is my MobileMe address. But when I try to access the SMTP server on my ISP, it doesnt like the MobileMe address, and refuses to send it.
On my iMac, I have the freedom of changing my address to my ISP address, even though Im picking up my e-mail from the MobileMe IMAP servers. But on my iPhone, this field cannot be edited. Do I have a way out? Or am I stuck having to send from my MobileMe server using my MobileMe address?
I know this all might sound confusing, so let me know if Im not making sense. Im just trying to replicate my iMacs behaviour onto my iPhone without any luck...
Thanks in advance.
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email display name shows msn not my email address

When I send an email from the iphone the display name shows msn not my actual email address. is there any way to fix this?

Delete a incorrect email address from Email history

I accidentally entered an incorrect address email into my 3G S. I sent an email to that address and now it shows in my history.
When i go to send an email to anyone whos name begins with S the incorrect address is there at the top of the list. Every other address has the type of address, i.e home, work next to it but the incorrect address does not, it just has the email address.
How do i delete either the incorrect address off my phone, please note that it is not anywhere else on my phone, it is not in her contact info or how do i clear the sent email history?
I have restored the factory settings and also done the press the home key and off button until the phone switches off trick. Nothing has worked
Please someone help me as it is driving me CRAZY!

HT1430 I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails .they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails....they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

copy save and email a mms message

I have an iphone 4 and I have a stalker sending me repeated text messages. Im talking about 50+ a day. I know I can copy the messages and send them as another text to someone. But can i copy them and send them (to myself) in an email?
Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Can i turn off my 'sent' folder to not save a copy of every email I send

Can this be done?

Best email server to use

I just got the iPhone 4 - I love it and want to sync email from my MacBook to my iPhone. I also need to create a new email account. What is the best server to use that has IMAP and would work well with my iPhone and Mail? Comcast, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL,....
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Default Email from email address

In Mail on my mac at home I can set which of my aliases I would like to use at the Default From address when responding to an email. Can the equivalent of that be done on my iPhone. I have not been able to find such an option.
Thank you in advance.
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Email from my website's server

I returned my new Sprint Blackberry as I needed to access email from my websites server- 1and1; and Sprints techs said it was not possible without a costly enterprise service. I would like to know if this is do- able on an Iphone- I need to check one mailbox on the web site, and if possible, 1 or 2 personal (isp provided) accounts. I have port numbers, server info, etc. I cant believe this should be a major task...
Thanks, Cornell
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Delete email on phone and keep on server

Is there a setting to not delete an email on the server when I delete it from my 3G iphone?
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