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airdrop iphone 5s not working to send music

airdrop iphone 5s not working to send music

iphone unlocked

how to use airdrop between a macbook pro and my iphone 5S

Hi everybody,

I think the whole problem is in the title... I have a macbook pro mid 2012 and a brand new iPhone 5S and I do not suceed in using airdorp : impossible to send any file, my iphones airdrop is switched on but its invisible from the mac finder. I tryed to share a photo from the iphone using airdrop but it failed et its the same problem from the mac to the iphone : impossible !

Is there anybody who can help me please ?


iphone unlocked

HT5887 AirDrop

HHi after downloading ios7 I have no airdrop icon in my control centre

airdrop on my iPhone5 iOS7 cannot find other devices but they can see me

iPhone5 iOS7 v7.0.4

when my phone has airdrop activated with the setting everyone on, the other devices can see my phone and send me content but i cannot see their devices or send them content. Its a one way street. Any suggestions?

Send button not working

Download went fine. Went to send a text message and the send button is not working. Will only send and activate keyboard for message if I start a whole new one. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Mac Powerbook iPhone OS 3.0

meu iphone 4 não tem airdrop tem como instalar

Meu iphone 4 não tem airdrop, tem como instalar ?

Can you send music or video from iPhone 3g via multi media messaging

Can you send music or video from iPhone 3g via multi media or is it just via Bluetooth head set? Sorry if this like the 100th time you heard this.
iPhone OS 3.0

sms send not working all of the time

have been thru att; reset; restorehttp://twice-worked 1st time then same problem 1 day later.2nd try did not affect anything my problem is i can receive text but when i compose a reply sometimes can send most of time cant.also if i send a mms, picture sends but not text. called apple & rep sent me links http://mostly the same support page i had already visited before i called.... have a3gs that upgraded from a 3g about nov. last year.everything else works fine except the send button. have 35 days until i have to extend protection plan;can anybody help & should i get the extension immediately? thanks
iphone3gs iPhone OS 3.1.3

Phone was working fine now cannot send receive texts from non iPhone users

Help! Ive trie the various suggestions in the support community in regard to restoring all settings, resetting network, resetting ALL settings with no luck.


I cannot send, nor receive text messages from any non iPhone users using my iPhone 4S.


I am currently running the most updated IOS. (7.0.3).


I turned off find my phone then reset setting, etc.


Any other options? My iPhone 4S was working awesome until last night. I did not drop it, etc.


Help? Ayúdame por favor. Any suggestions are appreciated...in simple geek instructions please. Thanks



2nd SMTP Server not working - email won't send

I recently upgraded my wifes phone from a 4s running OS6, to a 5s (both with ATT.)  She prefers to use our ISP provided (POP3) email account as her main email.


After the port and SSL settings for the ISPs SMTP server were added (same as on the 4s; two SMTP servers -- one for wireless/ISP network, one for cellular, each with a different port and SSL settings...etc) -- the setting for the Cell version of the SMTP server would not save/post to the phones settings....would just get the spinning disk at the top. * This forces the user to app-close the phones Settings module, and you have to start over, as there is no way to cancel the saving of the SMTP settings if it doesnt work (i.e. you selected the wrong port, or SSL not available...etc.)


Called our ISP tech support and they confirmed that the port and SSL settings for the Cell version of the SMTP were indeed correct, and speculated that it may just be slow to save if we had a weak signal. I replied that the signal was adequate at the time (3 bars) and that the phone was even picking up LTE service. During some of the permuations of settings and servers activated, the settings will save, but then mail will still not send based on the particular configuration (even with the correct port settings from the ISP.)


After a long evening of frustration, through trial and error, I discovered that the Cell settings WILL work IF..., and only IF, the cell SMTP server is the first server on the list., and there are no additional SMTP servers listed (or activated.), and then the mail will send from the outbox.


* The basic workaround for us would be to use the cell version of the settings (port, SSL...etc.) as the only SMTP server -- to allow for situations out in the world -- then deactivate the Wireless on the phone when we are home. The phone then reverts to cellular mode and the mail sending function would work at that point. This allows an adaptation for 90% of the situations of sending mail, but it is still frustrating.


My questions are :


1. Is this a possible bug in this version of iOS 7, in that the SMTP scanning service does not work. (Phone is supposed to keep cycling through the SMTP servers until it finds one that works.)


2. Has anyone else had this issue with the current version of iOS 7 ? (If so, try the workaround listed above.)


2a. Has anyone else had this issue with the stardard iPhone 5 (running the 32 bit processor) and the same version of iOS ?

hi i recently bought a used iphone 4 on orange in the uk and although everything seems to be working fine it will not send or receive calls and texts or connect to the internet its like its been blocked i have spent time resseting it with apple

i recently purchaced a used iphone4 on orange in the uk and although everything seems to work it will not send or recieve calls and texts or connect to internet,i have spent time resetting it through itunes myself and with an apple technician, iv done all the usual reset network and stuff and the sim works in my other phone. its like the phone has been blocked but it hasnt as iv done all the checks to see if it was stolen or blacklisted.please if anyone can help id b very grateful

Video Music not working

Ive had previous iPods and usually I just drag and drop my music and or songs into the iPod. However with the iPhone it isnt allowing me to do this? Does it have to be in a syncing mode or anything? Im synced one music playlist but I want to add individual songs and it will not allow me to drag and drop them. The same goes for videos, Im unable to drag and drop them. I do have the correct format because when I right click and say convert selection to iPod/iPhone I get the message One or more of the selections was not converted because it is already the correct format So Im at a loss, at what to do _;;
Dell Windows Vista N/A

Music volume not working

My friend recently updated to iOS on her NEW iPhone 4 and the music app is not functioning properly. Whenever you try to play a song, its says its playing but there is no volume and there is no volume slider at the bottom of the screen. There is not a music accessory connected. I myself am an expert on iOS but I cant even find a solution. I have tried all the basics. If you have any suggestions please respond to this! Thank you. One more thing, the ringer still works but the volume buttons dont

Music Count Not Working

I was hoping someone could help me with this problem Im having.
Im using an Original Edge iPhone.
Starting yesterday my music count has been a bit wacko. Every time Im listening to a song it says 1 out of 101 even though Im like...on the 50th song. Im starting from songs, so it isnt due to me going by album or artist. Also, after a song is finished, it goes to a random song next--in no absolute order.
Help please!
Original edge iPhone Windows XP

Volume not working for music or apps

Alright guys, some have posted varying issues with the volume control.
My problem is i get no audio while using any of the apps, and i get no audio if i try to play any of my music.
The ring tones work fine, and the alarm clock works fine.
The software version i have is 4.1
Iphone 3g iOS 4

Shuffle Music not working properly

Just recently, my shuffle control on the iPhone stopped working properly. Now I have to manually forward to the next song with a double click on the (whatever its called); if I dont, it plays the same song again. Ive rebooted several times. I havent restored yet. Is anybody aware of another fix for this?
MBP, 2gb, 2.16ghz Mac OS X (10.4.10) 8g iPhone

drag and drop music in iTunes not working

Hi all,
I am having problems dragging and dropping music in iTunes from my media library to my iPhone music library. The only possible way to import music is to sync playlists (which I hate doing). Does anybody else have this problem?
PC Windows XP

Music Video stops working until restart

Lately Ive been having a problem on my iPhone 4S recently where sometimes I cant start playing music or movies (even ones taken on the camera).  If I tap play nothing happens.  Sometimes sound playback of any kind wont work.  I have to restart the phone to fix this.  This also sometimes affects Siri since she cant see my music library. 


I started seeing this in iOS 6.  Any ideas whats going on (bad app maybe)?

My bluetooth headset volume controls have stopped working for music

I have a Motorola S305 bluetooth headset that allows me to take both phone calls and listen to music.  For some reason, the volume controls no longer work for music.  They still work for call volume. The problem exists with both streaming music via Pandora and natively loaded music via the iPod App. I have the latest IOS 6.0.1 and all apps are up to date.  I have tried repairing the devices with no success. 

Why does my iphone send me a copy of every e-mail I send

I have looked at the mail settings, and I cant seem to figure out how to make it stop sending me every e-mail that I send to others, but I have the Bcc turned OFF. I dont think I can control it through my gmail account either. I dont know, if anyone can help that would be cool. Thanks.
Macbook Mac OS X (10.5)

While sending a text if i receive one the message won't send i can't send messages for a few seconds

When i send a text, the white bar on the top says sending, but if i receive a text before its about halfway full the phone wont send the message at all. Then i have to wait about 30 seconds for that one to fail, copy and paste that message, send it again, and then continue on. It happens about 100 times a day and is getting very annoying. i use a white iphone 4, 32GB, for verizon.

Can't send smtp.west.cox.net email but CAN send gmail

Last few days Ive been unable to SEND email from my main account with my iPhone, consistently getting an error message that the phone cant connect with my smtp cox account. I CAN and do get emails, however, from the same account.
As an experiment, I tried sending an email with my (rarely used) gmail account, and had no problem sending it.
Ive tried rebooting the phone and rebooting the Mail app, but no joy. Any other ideas?
This is getting old, trying to get the G3 iPhone to work properly!!
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Is any way - app to send files from my iphone 5 via bluetoothnot only to iphones devises but to all mobiles Example i see a photo and i press the button that show me send via msg or mail or ad to homescreen or rint etc .but must have a choise sen

Is any way - app to send files from my iphone 5 via bluetoothnot only to iphones devises but to all mobiles ?

Example i see a photo and i press the button that show me : send via msg or mail or ad to homescreen or rint etc....but must have a choise : send via bluetooth

I got my new iphone 4s today and at first was able to send text sms messages but I no longer can I can send and recieve calls and imessages but not sms

As I said I purchased my new iphone 4s today and everything is working fine except Im not able to send sms text messages. It was working for a little wile but then it stopped again. How can I fix this?

I'd like to send photos to a non-MobileMe gallery from the iPhone's send to MobileMe option in the Forward tab

Tried a search but its mostly iWeb and I havent seen this asked:


One of the nice things about MobileMe is/was the ability to send any photo to my MobileMe gallery. I could publish a photo to the web with two clicks, and then I could share the URL with others or post it with /IMG tags in bulletin board forums.


Now that iCloud is revoking this capability in June, I need to host my pics somewhere else on the web. Yahoo, Flicker, Picasso, etc.


Id like to be able to specify that new destination and continue to use my Send to MobileMe button on the phone, so that it remains that easy to do... but the photos go to my new hosting location.


Does anyone know how to do this, or know of an App that would present itself as a tab in Photos to do the same thing?

updated my iphone 3gs and version 3.3 but it wouldnt restart tried several times but nothing.restarted it on my old computer and got it working but now i cannot add any music video or apps to my phone .it will let me add a few albums bur then wipes e

i updated my iphone 3gs to 4.3.3 and installed itbut my phone crashed and said it needed plugged into itunes which i did.still nothing so restarted it twice still nothing.reinstalled on my old computer no problem but have now lost all my music,apps,photos etc.went to upload all my music off my new computer but it wont let me but will let me add music off old computer untill i plug it into my new computer then it wipes it all

TS2621 A problem that I have been struggling with for some days one I can send and receive emails from my iPhone 3GS over wifi and can receive emails on 3G but not send them I have trid all the obvious things like delete and reset the email account

A problem that I have been struggling with for some days one. I can send and receive emails from my iPhone 3GS  over wifi and can receive emails on 3G but not send them. I have tried all the  obvious things like delete and reset the email account etc but to no avail. I this a service provider issue or is my phone network at fault. Anyone else found and solved this problem?

My iPhone 4 won't receive or send text messages although I can receive call n make calls N I'm also connected to the wifi just can send or receive text or iMessage Please help I've tried everything

My iPhone 4 wont send or receive any message text or iMessage and my wifi is connected and I can recite and make calls still n fb still works as well. My phone was working fine until about 2pm yesterday.

my flash and camera will not work on muy iphone 4 it started working properly after the ios update but from one day to the other they both stoped working

hey hello well i´ve been having a little problem with my iphone4 a for a few days now, the thing is that out of nowhere my flash and back side camera stopped working  i havent dropped the phone at all and it just stoped working out of nowhere i touch the camera icon to open the camera and it just gives me a black screen i´ve searched on all the settings and its not working... One little thing that knew was that whe i scroll the scree from bottom to the top to find the shorcuts or optios where the flashlight is is not highlighted its like if the option is not available, like i said i´ve looked in restrictions as well and they are all off someone please help me


P.S: i mastered reseted my phone all settings and contents and restored as new already only front camera is working

is there a way to transfer my iphone ipod music to my itunes music library

my 1st generation iphone was synced with my laptop. then my hard drive crashed. so now i have a new hard drive. in order to sync my iphone with this one, it says it will erase all my music. what can i do? i heard about the software senuti, but i cannot get it to work, and i am worried that if it unlocks my iphone, it may render it useless, or something worse. what can i do? can anybody help? apple tells me i cannot transfer the songs from my iphone/ipod into my itunes music library because some of them were not purchased from itunes. i understand business. its about money and copyright rights, etc...yada, yada, yada. i just hate to lose my songs (625 of them). i have no backup for the songs. i learned a lesson. BACKUP your stuff!
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powerbook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.11) i like it

Music album cover images and track titles show on iPhone 4s but music doesn't play - any ideas

I am a Young at Heart Senior, new to iPhone 4s, have an old creaking pc with Windows XP Home.....but plan to enter the real world any day soon by buying a new Mac!


Here is my problem, I purchased an album on iTunes and mistakenly started to sync it to my phone, (although I dont have iCloud loaded on my pc). I stopped it mid download and later noticed that the total track numbers were showing as a red number above the more button as if they were waiting to complete the download. It stayed there while I thought about it for a few days, but when I click the Album button all the tracks are listed.


Now to the funny part.....when I click on a track or indeed any of them, it doesnt play a sound...but the progress bar above moves as if now playing.

So, I thought.... no problem, I would connect the phone up to iTunes and delete the tracks....but when I do so, this album and none of its track titles show in my music list for the phone......weird.


So, I have a large album with titles only on my phone, no music behind the titles (which, incidentally, is rubbish anyway) and I cant get rid of it off my phone, any of you young whizzy iPhoners have any ideas how to clear it off ?


I did think I might just Restore my phone, but wondered whether downloading all my stuff from iCloud would still include the dreaded  Now Thats What I Call Christmas album, which I only purchased in late 2011 to play at a seniors Xmas party...........you live and learn!


You will guess from my ramblings that I am not at all techy, but consider myself willing to learn and apart from this hiccup........I luuuurve my iPhone!

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