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apple account error 403

apple account error 403

iphone unlocked

HTTP 1.1 403 Forbidden in Safari Voice Control issue

Hello, I am currently experiencing 2 problems with my iPhone:


My iPhone 3GS has suddenly developed a problem where intermittently Safari will display the HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden message when Im browsing. Switching to Flight Mode and back again solves the problem for a while, but sooner or later the same issue occurs.


I see some people have had the same messaged displayed in conjunction with iCal errors, but I dont use iCal.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas how to solve the issue?


This has also coincided with a sudden problem with Voice Control starting by itself during iPod playback - I am happily listening to music when the Voice Control starts and then a couple of seconds later goes off again. This continues to happen over and over again until I reboot the phone. Its happening on a daily basis.


Any help on both/either of these issues would be most welcome please - theyre extremely annoying!



iphone unlocked

Mail account Sync Error an error occurred remapping record identifiers

I hope someone might be able to shed some light on this problem I am having.
I have a POP and an IMAP (mobile.me) mail account on my Mac which I also have on my iPhone. Email works fine on both devices but on every iPhone Sync attempt in iTunes I get the same error message as per the following image.
Mail account Sync Error an error occurred remapping record identifiers
The following is from the AppleMobileSync.00.log from within Console.
2009-01-30 13:04:59.682 AppleMobileSync 1440:2689074976 SyncClient.m:- ConcreteSyncClient remapRecordIdentifiers:dataClass: ERROR: Exception NSInvalidArgumentException calling clientChangedRecordIdentifiers: ISDSqliteRecordIdMapper replaceLocalId:withLocalId: : you cant change the local id 501CDE24-46B5-476F-A21A-1C9AD7E0DA60 -> 8769B17E-D91B-4E85-B960-457AFCA85949: both the new and old ids are already mapped to global ids
Ive tried deleting both accounts from my iPhone but on Syncing again they are not re-created anew as I thought they would be.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
MacBook Pro 17" 2.33Ghz Duo Mac OS X (10.5.6) 1Tb OWC RAID firewire backup (Time Machine), iPhone 3G v2.2, Nikon D300, D700

i have a verified apple account but my new iphone still says my account needs verifying so i am unable to download any apps or Itunes using my phone any ideas thanks Jon

i have a verified apple account but my new iphone still says my account needs verifying so i am unable to download any apps or Itunes using my phone. any ideas? thanks jk1412

I just bought used Iphone 46 today but in really good condition how do i change the apple id so its under my apple id account

I just bought a used Iphone 46 today off of craigslist and i cant figure out how to change the Apple ID over to mine like for example i dont know how to add the facebook app or any apps cause its saying the other persons Apple ID is still programmed on there i dont know how to change it! can anyone help me...



My primary apple ID is my yahoo account how do I change it to apple.com

My primary apple ID is my yahoo account how do I change it to( @apple.com)?

cannot access account error message on OS 4.2

I updated to OS 4.2.1 on my iphone 4 2 days ago. I used to have a mobileme account and was glad to hear that the find my iphone feature would be free for some users. I adjusted my apple id to be my email address online on the apple id support page and used my iphone 4 to create a new mobile me account to use the find my iphone feature in the settings app. I tried it out and it works fine.
However, every 3 or 4 hours this error message pops up on my iphone: Cannot Access my apple id email Review your account information in Settings. When I click on it, it takes me to the page where I can enter my apple id and password. I enter the correct information and it verifies it. The information is correct, but the error message keeps returning. Anyone else having this problem?
I havent tried re-installing the update yet, but that is my first step unless someone else has a solution. Thanks, Greg
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Just set up new mobileme account and ical error

I have just set up my new mobilme account, (under free trial) and everything seems to be syncing except ical : - i get the following message pop up in ical:
The server responded:
“HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden”
to operation CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation.
any ideas?
Mac pro G5 Mac OS X (10.5.1)

Apple Account

I already have a iPod classic and Im getting an iPhone on Wednesday. So can I use the same apple account or do i have to create a new one?
Windows Vista

More than One iPhone on a apple account

my dad my brother and i all are thinking about getting iPhones and i was wondering if it was possible to put more than one iPhone on a Apple account.

Random Apple account on iPhone

Hey guys,


Ive recently upgraded to a new iPhone, and when restoring I used iCloud to back up my settings, apps, music, etc. When it was complete, I checked my Music app to make sure all of the music I had on my previous phone was restored to my new one, to find two artists (an album by each artist) purchased by a different iTunes account among MY music. When I try the swipe to delete to remove it from my phone, it does not work. When I plug my phone in to iTunes, they do not show up, and every once in a while a message while pop up prompting me to enter both of the users passwords, to listen to the music I assume. When I try to play them the same thing happens, the enter password bubble pops up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as its starting to annoy me having these songs on my phone that dont belong to me and cant play.



How to configure a mail account name apple.fr

Hi everyone
My girlfriend just created an Apple ID name@apple.fr with password for her iPhone. The iPhone is activated but...
... When she tries to configure Mail, Contacts, Calendars and creates a new mail account, she doesnt know what to fill in the POP/SMTP fields and neither do I.
Thank You
pc iOS 4

I have a new iPhone5s and want to disassociate my old iPhone 4 from my Apple account How do i do this

I have a new iPhone5s and want to disassociate my old iPhone 4 from my Apple account.  How do i do this?

Can't register iPhone or create Apple Account

Hello, I just purchased a new iPhone 3G. When I synced it with my computer it asked me to register it, and then create an Apple Account (Im making a new one, not the one associated with this forum account Im on right now).
I enter my phone number, information, it has my serial number... etc, but as soon as I get to the screen where I enter my credit card info Im stuck. I fill out all my credit card info but when I click submit it loses the connection to the server everytime.
So now I cant download apps or do anything and my phone isnt registered... what do I do?!
Windows XP Pro iPhone 3G

Changing account information held by Apple

This could be as much a question about iTunes or Safari but it really concerns the iPhone and Apple Store insofar as I am having difficulty the editing information which Apple has about me.
There are two questions which are concerning me.
Firstly, when I first got my iPhone, I was identified by my chosen user name in any communications, e.g. when I wrote an app review. At some point this has changed and my full name is now published. I am not very happy about that - especially as other reviewers seem to be still able to use a preferred pseudonym. I have looked in all settings; on the iPhone, in iTunes and on the Apple website and there does not seem to be any way of changing this.
Secondly, my default shipping address is an address I moved away from almost a year ago. Whilst logged in using Safari, I have tried removing it - I click Delete and then a pop up window says:
Are you sure?
This action will permanently delete this address from your Apple ID.
I have the choice:
Cancel or Delete Address
When I click Delete Address the page refreshes and the address is still there!
I have tried many times - I have logged out and back in again but I cant get rid of my old address.
Any ideas, please?
G4 Dual 1.416 Mac OS X (10.5.8)

New apple ID not connecting to App Store - account not verified

I have had the same apple id for 5 or so years and no longer use that email so Ive switched the apple ID to my new email. I have went onto my email and validated it and on my account it says it is verified. When I now try to login with my apple id on my phone it says You have not verified your account even though I have.... does this just take a while? or do I need to do something else?
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How i will check my Apple mail or where pl bcz i m not able to verify my account

How i will check my Apple mail or where pl, bcz i m not able to verify my account

Is there anyway to find out from your apple account if a lost phone has been restored by someone who stole it

I lost my phone last night and its either off, has no signal or has been stolen. When i use find my iphone it says all devices are offline, will anything say if the iphone is no longer set up to my apple ID or will it always just say its offline? Thanks 

How do I access my apple account to sync purchased music to a new device

Ive recently upgraded from 3GS to iPhone 5, I have no access to a laptop at present and I need to access my apple account to download all my purchased music and ringtones that I had on my old phone, how do I do it? I have iCloud if thats any help!

Someone at the Apple store put their email account on my iphone now no app

when i try to buy appliances or songs from the itunes or appliance store it tells me to put in my password, but i have to know the persons password. how do i change his email address to mine?
iPhone 3G Windows XP

HT4232 I was charged 3 seperated times to sign into my apple account

I was charged 3 different times to sign into my iTunes acct

HT5622 I changed my apple ID password and account number after I can't update any things why

Hi , I was change my ID password and bank account then I cant update any more WHY? , help me please

Apple ID error Help

new phone today. I get an error that says, This apple id is already being used. If this is your account, reset a forgotten password at Ifortgot.apple.com. It is my apple id and I didnt forget my password, yet I keep getting this error. I havent been able to use the phone because I cant get past this error. Does anyone know what I can do?

HT3743 I purchased an iphone 3g that was to be open to any carrier I went to restore it to my itunes account and get a 1015 error can this be fixed I am new to the iphone and like the product but cannot buy new Please help THANKS

I purchased an iphone 3g that was to be open to any carrier, I went to restore it to my itunes account and get a 1015 error, can this be fixed.  I am new to the iphone and like the product but cannot buy new.  Please help. THANKS

Apple Store App Stuck in Error Loop

I recently changed the email address for my Apple ID and now the Apple Store app is stuck in an infinite loop of errors saying, Sorry, we couldnt find the logged in customer.



Apple Mobile Device Service is Not Started error

While trying to backup my iPhone iTunes keeps giving me the error saying apple mobile device service is not started. After searching the support forums, reinstalling iTunes and manually starting the service i have found that the service stops when iTunes loads so manually starting it has no effect. I have attempted running it as administrator and as a new user with no success. I have also found that iTunes cannot connect to the iTunes store despite the fact other computers my house can and i have no problem getting online in a browser. Is there anything that i am missing? I am running Windows 7 64-Bit with iTunes 64-bit
Windows 7

Error Code 1013 on iPhone 3G no gs.apple.com in 'hosts' file

I have (had) an iPhone 3G with 4.2.1, I plugged it into an iMac just to charge it.  Unplugged it without ejecting it from iTunes and it went into a 1013 loop.


I checked the hosts file in etc and did NOT see a gs.apple.com line in the file. 


This is driving me crazy!


Please advise...


Below is the contents of the hosts file.



# Host Database


# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface

# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.

##          localhost          broadcasthost

::1             localhost

fe80::1%lo0          localhost

HT2109 Hi I have shared an Apple ID with my children for some time As they are getting older they do not wnat me seeing all their messages photos etc so want their own accounts How can they access their purchased music and apps on the new account ple

Hi. I have shared an Apple ID with my children for some time.  As they are getting older they do not wnat me seeing all their messages, photos etc so want their own accounts.  How can they access their purchased music and apps on the new account please?

TS3694 i keep getting an error code 1015 and i have tried all the steps that apple has provided the phone is not jailbroken Can someone please help me

i have an roor code 1015 can someone please help me

Is there any way to send Apple Support a Screen Shot of the Error Message I receive using their phone with their own accessories

I have Verizons iPhone 5 4G LTE 32GB Black. I purchased Apples mini USB lighting charging adapter. Every mini USB charging accessory I own gives the error message. I want to send you a screen shot. It doesnt help you win over Android users when the products you make and say will be compatable, are are not. Its frustrating. Please help.

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