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Apple support

Apple support

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Getting support from Apple

Id always heard Apple had good support. Not from what Ive seen here.
For example, this morning I got transferred by AT&T to Emeril in Apple data plan? support. Been on hold now 1 hour, 14 minutes on the speakerphone clock.
its 0910edt now.
There doesnt appear to be any way to contact for iphone help but... call?
How does one actually get someone to help them at Apple?

iphone unlocked

Apple Support are you here I need help

I am having some major problems with my iPhone 3G.... I went and got it replaced today due to the same issues that are happening again. My phone constantly freezes, hard resets and does not start up. So I restore my phone and begin to sync it again and everything syncs and I pick up my phone moves some icons and it hard resets and wont start again. I cant even get through 1 hour with out it messing up.... My partner has the same phone and it does not happen it all on that phone...
When I spoke with the apple genius he said it could be a corrupt data issue like one of my Apps are corrupt which does not make sense..... because it the data was corrupt it would not sync..
What is Apples problem I have never had this much trouble with one of their products does anyone have any advice to make it where I can use my iPhone without it crashing.
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Apple Support Email

Does Apple not have an email account where I could ask them questions?
I seem to have a problem which nobody else yet has had (therefore no solutions) and I am at work while the Apple help phoneline is open.
Do they not have a support email?
Thank you in advance!
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Apple e-mail Support

Is there an e-mail address for Apple to get answers to questions on their products? From the company not a user forum. I have a Sony computer and several other Sony products and by e-mail I can get information on problems that Im having from Sony. Ive had the computer since 2003 and can still get answers. Does Apple have such an e-mail? What is it? I know they have a phone but I dont want to wait for an hour on hold just to wait for someone to pick up. If I can send an e-mail and get a reply within the same day or the next is fine.

Apple Composite AV Cable Support

Well, I am looking to buy one, but some devices dont support it so I am wondering wether my iDevice will work with it? I have an iPod Touch 4G with iOS 6.0.1.

Will it work?

iPhone support from Apple for Europe

I have just update my iPhone to iOS 4 and I would like to receive support from Apple because now I have some problems.
I know that theres a support phone number for USA and Canada. Im from Italy so the question is:
How should I send a support request from Europe to Apple? Is there an email? Support form? Phone number?
I hope going to the nearest Apple Store is not the only answer...
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Contacting Apple Tech Support

Does anyone know if Apple offers email tech support ? I cant find a link to it if someone knows it please let me know.
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Apple Support For Broken Phones

Hello. I just broke my phone. Its not under the warranty any longer, but I was wondering about the best way to replace it or get a lesser iPhone until my 2-year contract expires.
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Will Apple support Uk 3GS Warranty in Canada

I have problems with my iphone that i bought when i was in the Uk. Now i have moved to Canada. Will Apple support it? Thanks
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HT1688 My iPhone 4 keeps saying no service do I need apple support to get a new one

Will apple give me a new phone, without apple care for it keep saying I dont have no service when my phone bill is paid and is on.

My experience with the white 3g and genius bar apple support

I bought my white iphone 3g 2 weeks after the release. 2 weeks later i notices a couple of hairline fractures on the case. One between the screen and headphone jacks and another between the charge/pc plug in and screen.
I did some searching and found it was a common problem and people were upset about it. I didnt mind so much since it was barely noticeable and did not affect the phone. I used my phone everyday for work, school, and personnel. I had the same experience everyone else had with it slowing down on the contacts and the typing coming to a near halt.
I was grateful when apple released a firmware update to address these issues. Im an understanding person who understands that early adopting can have its drawbacks.
So back to the problems I had.
About 3 weeks ago my phone started doing something really weird. I was walking to class and the thing would vibrate every couple of second. I took it out of my pocket and it stopped. I thought there is no way i was hitting the toggle switch to silent. So after handling it for a few seconds, I noticed that it would go into silent and right back out when ever I put small pressure the case in the back. Having to go to class, I just put it in my book bag and ignored it for now. After class I took it out and it continue to do this. I did a hard reset and it still did it. So weird. So I carried on and came home that night. The next morning it had stopped bugging out. So I thought no more about it.
About 4 days after this my phone starting really going crazy. It would go on and off with no touch at all. I would shut off all together and come back on. Volume would go up and down for no reason. After about an hour of doing this I took it the ATT store, even though I knew they couldnt do anything for it. The ATT rep was puzzled to as it continued to do this.
I called and made an appointment at the Apple Store in Knoxville TN with the Genius guys. Since Knoxville is a 2 hour drive and I went to school and worked I made the appointment for Sunday. After leaving the ATT store and going home to bed the problem ceased that night. The next morning was Sunday so I canceled my appointment, as I did not want to drive 2 hours oneway if the phone was working fine.
This weekend I went down to GA to visit family. Today, on the way back I stopped at the Apple Store. Even though I didnt have an appointment I spoke with a rep and he said they would work me in since I dont live close by. After waiting for about 45 mins they had a slot open up.
I explained to the genius tech the problems the phone was having. As he looked over it he saw a hairline fracture on the back just beside the apple symbol about an inch long. I never noticed it. Apparently the case had been putting pressure on a circuit board causing some weird things to happen.
He promptly pulled out a brand new iphone and put my sim card it it. After a couple of minutes updating the new phone and clearing the old one of data, I was on my way.
So I guess what Im saying is that Im glad Apple is stepping up and doing the right thing. They continue to work on the os, apple store, and provide great in store support.
Two thumbs up for the Knoxville Apple Store
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Apple please support IOS5 browser file upload

Hi there,


I just tought that before not saying anything about this and being crumpy about it after the IOS5 release -  I´d rather post this in the Apple Support forum.


Apple - please support browser file uploads on IOS5!


It´s the last thing that keeps us from finally getting rid of buggy native apps like the Facebook-App. Facebook and many other websites have much better

mobile-web based clients so please let us use them.


Thank you,


Why doesn't Apple support bluetooth keyboards on IOS4

Apple says you can use a keyboard with the iphone but no where on any help page is there support for it. Does this mean Apple does not know how to create a bluetooth forum for the iphone? Or was Apple providing bad information?
First, bluetooth keyboards will not pair with the iphone IOS4.
If you cant pair the keyboard then you cannot use it.
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Will iPhone OS 3.0 have support for Apple In-Ear Headphones MA850G

Hey. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the new update will have support for the phones released a couple of months ago. Does anyone know, or is it still too early to ask? I am very excited about the other features coming soon! Also, if anyone has any insider information on what other features than the ones mentioned in the keynote will be coming in the update, Id like to know!
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Who to contact when Apple Support is taking weeks to resolve an issue

Does anyone know how to get a hold of a Support supervisor outside of trying to get one on chat?
I have a new iPhone 4. It wont sync my spouses calendar for some reason - which is the 2nd most important feature to me after phone calling. Im now into my third week of trying to resolve the issue using Apple support.
Ive now had 8 chat sessions and more than a week ago it was escalated to a higher level tech support person.
Its been more than a week since this higher level tech has responded to my email. Ive chatted with two other support folks in the meantime (each time takes as much as 30 minutes) and they assure that the original guy is going to respond.
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I had seen in earlier posts some questions about the Sony DR-BT21G. I have this model and it does work with the iPhone 3GS running the lastest OS and Firmware. The only issue I have at this point is that the FF and RWD buttons on the headset do not work. All other functions work fine. It appears from reading other posts that APPLE is not supporting the full functionalility in the this bluetooth definition - thereby not allowing this functionality. PLEASE APPLE SUPPORT THE FULL BLUETOOTH STANDARDS ON THIS PHONE!!!!
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HT4623 i update my iphone 3 but i cant open it.the phone saids that i must go to apple support but how

i update my iphone 3 but i cant open it..the phone saids that i must go to apple support but how?

Does anyone know if there are plans for a apple support community iPhone app it would be extremely helpful

Does anyone know if there are plans for a apple support community iPhone app, it would be extremely helpful

Is there any way to send Apple Support a Screen Shot of the Error Message I receive using their phone with their own accessories

I have Verizons iPhone 5 4G LTE 32GB Black. I purchased Apples mini USB lighting charging adapter. Every mini USB charging accessory I own gives the error message. I want to send you a screen shot. It doesnt help you win over Android users when the products you make and say will be compatable, are are not. Its frustrating. Please help.

Why does Apple not support the rSAP - Remote SIM Access Profile - for connection to car handsfree via Bluetooth

Hello community,


I just ordered a new car and it comes with a bluetooth based handsfree installation based on rSAP (remote SIM access profile). I learned that rSAP is the ideal thing to eliminate the unwanted radiofrequency radiation (RFR) inside the car. Now while googleing I also learned that iPhone on iOS does not support rSAP.


I would like to point to the following page which shows some more detailed information on the rSAP topic:

http://paulroberts69.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/android-2-2-and-rsap-compatibility /


I find rSAP a very usefuly thing, if it really brings the GSM radiation level down inside the car and allows the full use of all GSM functions by the rSAP premium handsfree kit built into the car. I absolutely do not understand why it is not already available with iOS.


From several web sources I understand that rSAP is available for jailbroken iPhones. That means, the chips inside the iPhone would support a rSAP service. Therefore my question: will it become available with iOS 6?


Or do all the folks at Apple drive old cars/brands and dont even think of the rSAP feature? Can we somehow start to get a hearing by the Apple developers? According to my knowledge, rSAP is implemented with all premium handsfree factory units of the VW brands - Audi, VW, Skoda ... This should make a relevant user base!


Any others with same wish and/or experiences? Comment here please!




apple please support arabic mac keyboard layout in iphone keyboard

hi to all iphone users & staff
i am an iphone user
before iphone software 3.0
i used to install a program to read & write arabic language
in the early version in 2007 the iphone virtual arabic keybaord layout
it was a pc layout
it was ok
then in 2008 the arabic virtual keyboard layout it was a mac layout
no problem in chhanging because arabic mac layout is faster
then when apple finally support arabic within the system iphone software 3.0
it was a good news (no jailbreak is needed any mor to use arabic )
but when i install the new software 3.0 & 3.1 &
it was a bit of shock
the keyboard layout is odd it missing most arabic letters with the shift key
ي + shift = ى
ا + shift = آ
و + shift = ؤ
ر + shift = إ
ز + shift = أ
د + shift = ء
ذ + shift = ئ ئـ
& there is no information about how to use the new keyboard
in iphone setting international keyboard !!!!
no indication where is the rest of missing Arabic letters in the keyboard
or in iphone setting international keyboard !!!!
after hard time with my iphone
to find out where i can add the shift key like the English keyboard layout
i used copy & past & that make my experience with the iphone writing is Annoying
then i find out if i hold long time pressing the ( ا )key i find most of them
but i still did not find ئ ئـ in the new iphone lay out
& the new iphone layout in 3.0 take too much time
to press any the hidden letters & Annoying Experience
& most of them is necessity & frequent in writing Arabic
please support the virtual arabic macbook keyboard layout in iphone 3.x
it is fast & easy for us
thanks in advance for your help
p.s : i still did not find ( ئ ئـ )
if any one have a clue where this letter are please tell me
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Restore Needed iPhone cannot make or receive calls Restore from iTunes WWW.apple.com support

I have upgraded my iPhone 4s iOS to the latest version (6.1.3). I have started to get an error for No Service. But when I switch OFF or sometimes hard reset my iPhone (Pressing the Home button and the Power ON/OFF button at the same time ) , I get the signal back. Sometimes I do not get the signal back in first attempt, so I have to repeat the same process for 2-3 times.


It sometimes even asks me to restore my iPhone. Saying iPhone cannot make or receive calls Restore from iTunes. WWW.apple.com/support

I have already restored my iPhone 3-4 times. But still I face the same issue.


I have even figured out that if I turn ON my 3G services, this problem arises offently. For this, I asked couple of my friends for their 3G service running well with the same carrier and on the iPhone (here in India), they say they face no problem at all!!!


So, I thought might be my SIM has some problems and got my SIM replaced from Vodafone. But still no help!!!


Ok last but not the least. I got my iPhone from Singapore when it was not launched in India. So now it seems that the Apple support in India wont help me (I called up the apple help support in India and they simply refused to help me ) ! They asked me to send the phone to Singapore or to U.S. for any issues that I face.


Can somebody Please Help Me?!?! !


Any help is greatly appreciated!




i had recently followed orders to restore my iPhone 3gs iOS 6.1 from a question on apple support However it was working fine before that it's just that my phone didn't have signal So it said to restore my iPhone and now it says that the Activ

i had recently followed orders to restore my iPhone 3gs (iOS 6.1) from a question on apple support. However it was working fine before that, its just that my phone didnt have signal. So it said to restore my iPhone and now it says that the Activation server is temporarily unavailable and when i plugged it into my mac, it said that i ddnt have a sim card installed. What can I do to fix this besides bring it to the store? it also bugs me because this answer was supposed to work but it just messed my phone up even more. This has already happened once and i had to take it to the store. What should I do to fix this? Thank you so much for all answers. i really appreciate.

TS3424 Hi i recieve this messege Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable i tried all options in this article http support.apple.com kb ts3424 but the messege continue to appear on iphone3 during upd

Hi i recieve this messege Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. i tried all options in this article http://support.apple.com/kb/ts3424 ,but the messege continue to appear on iphone3 during update to ios6

i have an iphone 4 orange uk locked i contact to orange uk they said my phone is removed from their network so plz apple support team unlock my phone tell me now what should i do now to unlock it



i bought an iphone 4 orange uk locked.. i conacted orange uk to unlock my phone ... they said ur phone is removed from our network,but my phone says invalid sim .. and my phones status is wild card activated...  plz help me now what should i do


waiting for your kind reply


thanks  apple team

Can jail break iPhone be revert back to apple os do jail break support adobe flash software to jail break iPhone 4 version 4.3.2 free

Can a jail break phone be revert back to its original apple os

Does jail break support adobe flash

Which free software I can use to jail break iphone4 4.3.2 version

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but the problem evertime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have already new apple id

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but everytime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have new apple id already

Please do a recall on Apple iphone 4 and 4s Chargers is this an APPLE call or cell phone company problem Apple please help I I take excellent care of my wall charger and it unravel where the charger is attached to the Apple iphone call can u help

Dear community Happy New Year .listen I have a Apple Iphone 4s:I have had this as a gift since may 2012.Its good,but my daughter and about 10 other people I know are having problems with their wall chargers in home and maybe even mobile im not sure.I especially take great care in disconnecting my device and removing the cord when not in use. the wear and tear cannot be that often to cause this damage we are all having !The cord on the charger is unravelling from the base where the apple iphone is attached when or while charging. I have use the cord in very bad conditions because #one I cannot afford to replace this item at the OFFICIAL APPLE STORE so Im guessing people like myself is going to discount stores to make purchase of chargers they most likely not work! I have tried 3 and none work spending anywhere from $8.00-$15.00 dollars. Im also concern about the fact that a lot of CHILDREN who must most likely go un supervised on using this unravelled IPHONE CHARGER CORD  when their parents maynot be aware. I not the voltage may not be of that large in which someone could cause shock or harm Im not certain of this either, However theres always a first Im asking can you either number one recall these chargers via Apple Corportation or two these cell phone companies who sell your product make them accountable for this .I learned today through Apple that the cell phone companies that sell Apple product use 3rd parties material to produce these mobile and home wall chargers and that they are not made by APPLE CORPORATION I WAS VERY UPSET TO KNOW THIS !I am asking you APPLE  to look into this very important concern that not just me but other consumers may have before their is an injury. also if you sell a $500.00 product thats MADE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY CERTAINLY YOU CAN INCLUDE A GENIUNE CHARGER WITH YOUR APPLE PRODUCT WHEN SOLD IN CELL PHONE COMPANIES STORES AND STRIP MALLS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND SURELY PEOPLE ARENT AWARE THAT THE REAL PRODUCT IS ONLY AT THE APPLE STORE EVEN IF THIS IS TRUE !  ps I called the apple store today to get a replacement they wanted to charge me would only offer me a $1.25 cent discount ! IST THIS WHAT APPLE PAY TO HAVE OTHER COUNTRIES MAKE THE IPHONE? THANKS APPLE FOR HEARING MY

CONCERNS....mpena309@gmail.com   or mybigoboy@icloud.com

I need some support please

So any day now I will receive my new iPhone, and I want to make sure I do the right thing. I know I have to activate through iTunes, and I will.... my question is: I am giving my 3G away and I want to put it back to factory settings ( delete my music, email account etc... ) Do I do this AFTER I activate my 4? What exactly are the sequence of steps I need to take to load up my new one, and empty the old one?
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Is this support or what QUESTION

Curious if iPhone 3G S or the 3.0 include (Video-Out) for Applications?
Id really like to play my video games on the TV using the device (Super Monkey Ball). I watched Steve do this in his Keynote explaining iPhone features.
Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKuM8lVOCg8
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