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bluetooth and ios 7.0.4 problems

bluetooth and ios 7.0.4 problems

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Problems Bluetooth iOS 7.0.4

Since I updated my device to version 7.0.4 my bluetooth does not pair with my peripheral devices. But after several attempts he acknowledges, but does not perform connection therewith. Have restored but to no avail.

iphone unlocked

iOS 7 Bluetooth problems

I have a Prius  and the a steering wheel controls stopped working after updating to iOS 7. I cant play the next or previous song which is pretty annoying because I have to grab my phone and look for the next/previous button while driving! It was working fine with iOS 6.

I believe this is a bug. Anyone else having the same issue?

bluetooth problems ios 7.0.4 iphone 5s

Hy. I have problems with first and my new Iphone 5s.I try to connect it with other 3 cell phones: Nokia, Iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy s3, but my phone doesnt finde anyone. I try to send a poto from other phones but dosent fine my cell phone. That wheel doesnt stop spinning when i activate bluetooth and cant finde anyone.My iphone is discoverbel. I dont know if I made a mistake when I choose a new Iphone and I payed 740 euro...anyway excuse my bad english and please help me

Lost most bluetooth features on bluetooth headset since latest 4.3.3 iOS update

My Sony S9 bluetooth headset worked perfectly with my iPhone 3GS until this last update.  After updating I can only adjust volume levels and have no pausing or going forward or back ability while listening to my music.  Anyone else having this issue?

Bluetooth Problems

Unable to get my iPhone4 3G to sync with my PC (Non-Mac user). Trying to transfer photos to my PC without connecting a cable, is this normal?
I know you can connect to a wireless ear piece but what if I want to send a photo to a PC that is not mine so I can then transfer the photo to a USB flash drive when Im on the go?
Do I need a certain app? All other phones connect without any problems...seems Apple is a proprietary thing?
Pls advise
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bluetooth problems

Ok, well this is the first time Ive had trouble with this and I just updated to the newest software/firware via iTunes v2.2 (5G77). Prior to upgrading, the bluetooth problem did not exist. All I have to do now is turn off my BT headset, or turn off BT on the iPhone and the pairing is completely lost (even though the iPhone still says that it is paired). I have to go through the pairing sequence all over again every time I want to use the headset. I would appreciate any help/suggestions/comments on this, as it is very frustrating and tedious to have to unpair/pair - unpair/pair - over and over and over again.
Thank you for your time.
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Bluetooth Problems

Hey people, I am having problems with my new iphone 4 bluetooth.When i go into the setings and turn bluetooth on it just says Searching and has the working symbol, it never finds anything and yes i do have my bluetooth on other phone on. Also the symbol for bluetooth never turns blue,(next to battery symbol).It looks to me like the bluetooth is not turning on at all ?Anyone else having this problem, can people check theres and report what you think.Thanks

Bluetooth iPhone 4 problems

I have 3 different (mfg) Bluetooth headsets. They all work fine with my Blackberry 9700, and my iPhone 3gs. But will all of my iPhone 4s, the bluetooth headsets are unusable. Symptoms are that of weak gain, garbled/narrow inbound sound quality, and complaints of unintelligible voice on the other end. Usable range is less than 2’ away from headset-to-phone. If the iPhone 4 is placed on the hip on in the pocket, the Bluetooth headset will disconnect.I have spent numerous hours with each Bluetooth vendor, Jabra, Jawbone, and Plantronics. Each claims their units are fine, and the manufacturers claim this issue is a rudimentary firmware/code problem with IOS 4.x that Apple has yet to resolve. Jawbone, Jabra and Plantronics each claim that they receive dozens of calls daily complaining about the same issue. The only resolution the vendors have at hand is to reset network settings on the iphone 4.A “Reset Network Settings” will promptly fix the problem, but only for 23 hours. It seems that less than one day after the reset, the problems again resurface thus making the headsets again unusable. A Reset-Network-Settings will again fix the problem for only 1 day. My cohorts with iPhone 4’s claim they are in the habit of resetting the network settings each day when they get up in the morning.I have tested this on all 5 of my family’s iPhone 4’s, each exhibits the same problem. Per Apple Tech Supports suggestion, we have upgraded from 4.x to the latest 4.1. Also, two of the iPhones have graciously been replaced (free of charge) by Apple, but unfortunately the replacements exhibit the same problems.The internet is saturated with similar iPhone4-Bluetooth complaints, and one thread on Apple support forums goes on for 10 full pages. Each person/post complaining about the very same problem.Please explain this problem, expose the problem’s breadth, and show iPhone users a reasonable path toward resolution is indeed at hand. We know there’s a problem, and with all due respect, all we are asking what the issue really is, what is being done about it, and when users will see some sort of effort.Kindest regardsUS iPhone user

iPhone 4 bluetooth Problems

Hello, Im able to pair my iPhone 4 with my iMac (early 2009 model). That is, I can detect the cellphone from the computer and then a message is displayed on the iPhone. Problem is I cannot connect the iPhone to the computer (Inside Settings> General > Bluetooth > Devices I only see the spinning wheel, it list the name of my computer but, just to the right, appears a Not Connected message.
Any ideas of what is happening? Oh, just in case, Im willing to transfer photos and videos recorded in the iPhone to the computer, thats the reason Im trying to pair my iMac with the mobile device.
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Bluetooth problems with iPhone 3G

Does anyone know why my iPhone 3G will only find some bluetooth devices and not others? Since i got it i have only been able to successfully pair with my Samsung bluetooth ear piece.
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

New update now Bluetooth problems help

Since I have updated to 1.1.1, when i use my apple bluetooth headset there is a fuzzy sound that wasnt there before. Also, the sound stays there current (like it is still connected) even after I am done with the call. It seems like the bluetooth headset is not recognizing when i have finished my call and it is still broadcasting the dead air. Please help
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Problems with Bluetooth Headset

When I turn on my bluetooth headset, the BT icon appears on my iPhone, and I can choose to listen through my headset when listening to voicemails.  However, in the music app, sometimes the little blue icon that should appear simply fails to appear.  Usually turning off the headset and turning it back on will resolve the problem, but all of a suddent that doesnt seem to work.  I can try re-pairing etc, but the fact that the Voicemail app correctly allows me to listen through the headset tells me something else may be going on.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

iPhone 4 and Bluetooth problems

I just replaced my 3Gs with an iPhone 4 a couple of weeks ago ... Big mistake.

As I have found out from reading many, many other iPhone 4 owners comments .... we are ALL having Bluetooth issues.

I called Apple to find out when they expect a fix to the system and a update to help us iPhone owners out?

Was told that they support the iPhone, however they only support Bluetooth when you use an Apple Bluetooth earpiece.

Not sure what their thinking is?  However if they think I am spending $600 for their iPhone 4 and then going to go and spend more money just to buy their earpiece to get support ..................... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Think I will just return the iPhone 4 and go back to my 3Gs.

Problems maintaining bluetooth between 4S and car

Anyone else experiencing problems maintaining the bluetooth connection between their iPhone 4S and their car?


I can pair the 4S to the car, no problem. But the problems from there on are multiple, almost not worth going into detail. It just doesnt work.

HT4528 Bluetooth connection problems

Since upgrading to iOS 6, I cant properly connect to my Hyundai Sonata. It worked perfect ally before the upgrade. What is the solution?


I see that lots of other iPhone users are having the same problem. HELP YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!!

Sudden Bluetooth Problems with Acura RL

Help!!! The Acura hands-free system works in terms of all phone issues except one very important one: after it either picks up a call or a call is made there is no audio_, i.e., I can not hear the person on the other end of the phone although they do hear me screaming. This does not happen everytime but it is frequent enough that I have resorted to carrying the old fashioned headset with me. Any thoughts ? Thank you!
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Bluetooth tethering to Windows 7 laptop problems

Hi all,
I am running 3.1.2 on my 3g. The phone will get to part where you enter the 7 digit code in and once entered, it will not connect. Tethering works with usb. Keeps telling me that there isnt a bluetooth driver installed. I have searched high and low. Any takers?
Thanks in advance
also.. Im on Rogers in the GTA
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Sound problems with Tomtom 930T over bluetooth

I have sound dropouts problems when using the handsfree mode on my Tomtom 930T.
Sound will just drop to a super low volume, then come back up multiple times throughout a phonecall.
Its totally consistent (timed it to a recorded message, it happens at the same spots all the time).
Its not the Tomtom (tried another non-iphone phone and it works fine, tried pairing my iphone to another tomtom and it shows the same problem).
Any ideas?
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Problems connecting via bluetooth to my car stereo

I have a sony stereo in my car which has a bluetooth feature for hands-free phone use and i cant seem to connect my iphone to it. Somebody at work told me that the iphone wasnt capable of connecting to it but I thought Id check - is that true, that there is no hands-free in car phone use with the Iphone ?
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Jabra sp700 bluetooth pairing problems

Hi all-
Im having trouble pairing my iphone 3g with the jabra sp700. Initial setup was not a problem (pushing the sp700 long enough to say, pairing mode, then turning iphones bluetooth antenna on, and following prompts).
My problem is, when I come leave and back (for example, the next day), I turn on my bluetooth headset, then my iphone bluetooth antenna - which says its paired to the jabra sp700, but nothing happens. It seems like its stuck in a loop (the wait indicator is chronically on, and it keeps saying now discoverable) but the jabra keeps blinking its status light looking for a device.
The only solution I have is to unpair the jabra profile from the iphone, and start from scratch. VERY IRRITATING.
Any tips?

ios 6 problems

i have a problems with my iphone 3GS. because i update it . and i he dont work and i receive this message :

your iphone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarity unavailable. Try connecting your iphone to itunes to activate it,

or try again in a couple of munites .


if this problem persists, contact apple support at apple.com/support

Bluetooth with Mercedes Benz C300 - Echo Problems

When making a call using the handsfree car kit (MB C300) the person receiving the call has a horrible echo which, according to them, is so bad they cant stand to talk. I cant hear it on my end. I have tried turning the volume down on the phone and in the car which helped a little but did not fix the problem.
Any ideas about how this situation can be fixed? I am hoping it is just a simple setting adjustment on the phone.
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Bluetooth pairing for Sennheiser MM400 and Iphone 4 Problems

I recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser MM400 bluetooth headphones which work perfectly with my macbook pro, But I am having trouble getting them to connect to my iphone 4. When the phone attempts to find the device to pair with it just keeps searching and never recognizes the headphones; The headphones should recognize up to 8 devices. I have tried several different avenues to get them to work and am truly at my wits end! Any help would be appreciated, Thanks You.

How can I fix problems with Bluetooth pairing to my car with iPhone 5S

How can I fix problems with Bluetooth pairing to my car with iPhone 5S?

iPhone3G Bluetooth & TomTom GPS Connection Problems

I bought a TomTom Go 940 Live Sat Nav system yesterday, and everything appears to be OK, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot get it to recognise my Apple iPhone3G.
I did check with the TomTom website for phone compatibility between the two devices, and according to TomTom, my iPhone3G should be recognised by the Go940.
My iPhone can see the Go940 as it shows its name and asks for the pairing number and then says its paired, but when the Go940 searches for a bluetooth phone it dies not see my iPhone3G!
I wondered if anyone here had experienced this or new a way to get the Go940 to see my iPhone3G?
Funny thing is that it does see my partners Nokia phone, but thats no good for me.
My real concern is that I am getting a new Ford Focus Cabriolet in a few weeks that comes with Bluetooth hands free, and after this TomTom GPS problem, I am worried that my iPhone 3G wont be recognised by that system either
Any ideas please?
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Is anyone having problems accepting a call via the Bluetooth connection in your car

Is anyone having problems accepting a call via the Bluetooth connection in your car?

ios 6 sound problems



I listen a lot to podcasts on my iphone. All worked fine up until a recent update. But this is a very werid problem though.

I use 2 headphones

large sony headphone (MDR-XB700)small logitech earbud UE series

And some loudspeakers


Then a friends large headphones worked fine but his earbud had the same issues


A podcast played on the iphone with the logitech earbud gives me:

hardly any spoken (people talking) sound volumemusic during the podcast very often is loud enough, normal I would saywhen starting the podcast I hear a very short popping sound


The same podcast played on 2 other, non apple phones plays very fine, NO problems


I have reset:

All settingsErase All content and Settings

I have from my Macs itunes:

Restore Backup...Restore phone


I have several times:

turn on and off soundturn on aff equalizerslide ringer and alerts volume up -- shut down iphone and bootupslide ringer and alerts down volume -- shut down iphone and bootuphold down home+on/off button for 10 secs so it rebootsturn on and off Vibrate on Ring, Vibrate on Silent and rebootedturned on and off the Music -- EQ setting, and rebootedturned on and off the Music -- Volume Limit, and rebootednumerous other things that I found here and elsewhere.

All to no avail.


To me it sounds as if the iphone has started to measure how much energy is drawn from the mini-jack port and adjusts some settings. And it adjusts it for spoken words only. Voice control related?


Anyone has tips or an idea how to forward this to Apple HQ?

I suppose they read this and I am more than happy to assit to get this sorted out.



Problems with Maps in ios 6

Just downloaded the new ios 6 update and cant get the 3D maps to work.  When i click the 3D button and swipe up on the map, it will not make things 3D like its supposed to and you cant zoom in! Is anyone else having problems with this?!

Anyone still having wifi problems with iOS 6.01 on 4s

I have a iphone 4s, every since the upgrade to ios 6.0 and 6.01 my wifi only works at my home as I have a newer router. If I go anyplace else it does not work. All the free wifi spots I used to go to Starbucks, Dunckin Donuts, and also at my job do not work anymore. It wont hold the wifi connection for more than a few seconds. As soon as I enter a wifi password it holds for a second or two than switches right back to 3g.


Whatever apple did with the ios 6 really screwed things up. I thought 6.01 would fix the problem but no, in fact its worse. I know this does not affect all iphone 4ss as my son just got a new 4s and he doesnt have the problem.


Oh Ive tried all the usual fixes, nothing works. Ive been an apple guy since the company started, this is really pathetic on Apples part. Losing faith in what was once a great company.




Just updated to iOS 6.1.3 Got a few problems

1. The battery drain problem is worse than before. I lost 1% every 5-10 minutes of normal usage


2. I registered my email account on the settings. Yet, when I opened Mail app, it prompt me to the startup mail setup screen (the one with iCloud, Windows Mail, GMail, etc)


3. I downloaded Sparrow, a mail app. But, it doesnt show anywhere on my homescreen. I also didnt find it on Spotlight Search. And when I go to the appstore, the only button available is OPEN, but it doesnt open when I pressed the button.


Any suggestion? I tried hard reset(home button+power button). It didnt work. And this phone is freshly updated to iOS 6.1.3

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