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bluetooth iphone 5s is not working - how to fix

bluetooth iphone 5s is not working - how to fix

iphone unlocked

My i-phone 4 just broke down during Bluetooth activity in the Car when it tried to dial No chance to get it working again How can I fix it again

My i-phone 4 just broke down during Bluetooth activity in the Car when it tried to dial. No chance to get it working again. How can I fix it again?

iphone unlocked

iphone 5 its 3g not working even though its enabled how can i fix this

My 3G network cut out and refuses to come back. Ive reset everything, reset the phone, turned on airplane mode, turned off airplane mode, held in the power and home button to reset, then tried just resetting it, did it through itunes, everything....NOTHING is bringing my 3G network back however i but my nano sim card in another phone it works with the 3G network it seems to be from the phone. what the heck do i do?

Fix for BMW and iPhone v 1.1.3 Bluetooth Pairing

If you lost Bluetooth connectivity with 1.1.3 and have tried deleting old pairings and starting over, without success, on your iPhone go to:
Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings
Then make sure youve deleted your old pairing on both devices and pair once again. This fixed it for me!
Background: My 08 3-series BMW had flawless Bluetooth connectivity with Address Book support with 1.1.2, but lost it with 1.1.3. Resetting in the above manner restored it. Thanks to Sara at Apple Tech Support for the help.
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.1)

The speaker on the front of my iphone is not working How do I fix it

A few months ago my top speaker stopped working, but it had gone through its whole battery life so I charged it and it still didnt work, but then it started working a few days after that.  My iphone did the same thing last night and i completley turned it off and charged so that the battery is now fully charged but the top speaker is still not working.  I can make calls and the person on the other end can hear me but I cannot hear the other person unless I put them on speakerphone, then I can hear them.  How do I fix this?

How can I fix problems with Bluetooth pairing to my car with iPhone 5S

How can I fix problems with Bluetooth pairing to my car with iPhone 5S?

wi-fi not working how to fix

hi everyone i have an iphone 4s , im updating my device to ios 6.1.1 but wi-fi stop working i cant tuned on , how to fix this problem ? thanks

Working on a fix

4310s Windows 7 16GB iPhone4

Easy Fix For Bluetooth and 1.1.3

On iPhone:
Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings
Then delete previous paring on both devices and re-pair.
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.1)

Does 1.1.4 fix Apple Bluetooth Headset disconnect from iPhone after Charge

When will apple release an update to fix bluetooth issues on iPhone 4s

After ordering my new iPhone 4s and having UPS lose it and waiting for over 10 days to get it, I connect it to my car stereo via bluetooth only to find out that I cant make phone calls without the phone muting itself and switching from my stereo to speakerphone by itself. When I try to switch it back to my stereo or the iPhone, it mutes the call. You would think Apple would test their equipment thoroughly before making people spend too much money on a phone full of glitches. Cmon Apple, get with the program.  As much as your equipment costs, you would think you could afford some R&D. Im highly disappointed.

If my keyboard on my iphone aint working no more n my phonw is disabled can i fix it

Mytouchscreen stopped working on my phone so everytime i tried to put in my pin it would put in different numbers . My iphone is now disabled , and says to connect to itunes . I connect to itunes but then it says i wont be able to connect to itunes until i unlock the pin on my phone . I want to know if something is ment to pop up on my phone to unlock the pin or do i have to fix the screen first i hope i make sense ..

Tethering not working over USB working over bluetooth

Hi everyone,
ive been experiencing a quite annoying issue with my iphone, officially unlocked with vodafone.
Here is the problem, basically, im not able to use the tethering option over USB, the iPhone simply isnt recognised in my network preferences panel over usb, it never worked over usb.
I can connect flawlessy over Bluetooth, but not over usb, and ive no option to add it in my network settings, cuz it doesnt show up at all.
Im using a macbook pro with SL 10.6.2, disk permission repaired and network setting often resetted on the iPhone.
i installed the IOUSBfamily kext too for 10.6.2, but no luck; my laptop is working fine, never had any troubles.
I tried to conenct over usb on another mac, running SL too, and its recognised as an usb device in network preferences.
i tried to swithc account too, on the same macbook pro, but no luck anyway.
Do u have any idea how is that?
Thank you very much, any help is very appreciated.
MacBook Pro 4,1 PowerMac dual 1.8ghz Mac OS X (10.6.2)

My iphone no longer provides a functional personal hotspot via usb or bluetooth how do I fix this

I am currently running a 3gs (never jailbroken or unlocked) with ios 5.1.1. The computer I am connecting it to is a Macbook Pro Early 2011 15. I am in Canada with Rogers as a telecommunication provider. I do have plenty of data and have used this feature in previous months (although very very rarely).


I have heard there might be a bug with 5.1.1 however I havent heard of anything substancial to verify these claims.



I have tried the usual steps. Turning off wifi on both, plugging in the iphone (or turning on bluetooth), I have a connection or at least the iphone shows a connection and flashes blue on top. But my computer has no traffic at all. It says it has a connection and IP but nothing else. No other features are open nor am I savvy enough to manually enter other settings other than the automatic ones.


Can anyone else provide some help? I have searched the forums but nothing on other threads have worked or is overly recent/applicable (ie. iPad problems). Can anyone out there in the community provide some assistance or tips to try and solve this problem?



If I have to wait until io6 I will but I am heading back to school soon and would love to have wifi for the commute.


No jailbreak or paid applications please.

How to downgrade IOS5.1.1 to fix bluetooth bugs



Since I upgrade my iPhone 4S from 5.1 to 5.1.1, I cannot use anymore my BT connection with my car (Connection established, but no sound from the car: only the HP from the iPhone is working).


I thus would like to know how to downgrade to recover the functionnality.

P.S. iPhone from Apple, no jailbreak nor any sw manipulations on it!


Thank you for your asistance.


Best regards.

my homebutton has stopped working is this something that apple would have to fix

about a week ago my homebutton started becoming unresponsive, now it does not work at all? do i have to go to apple store or can i fix?

Is there a simple way to fix my camera which has stopped working

The camera on my sons IPhone 4 has stopped working.  Is there a quick fix before I head to the local store?

My iphone4 home button is not working How fix this problem

My iphone4 home button is not working.. How fix my phone..

The Appstore is not opening and most internet capabilities have stopped working How do i fix this

Random popups saying that the certificate is fake or something pop ups. The appstore constantly says it wont connect no matter what I try. Imgur wont load (reddit) and the facebook app does not refresh. Yet the reddit app still updates, chrome still works. Is there anyway to fix this problem and do I have a virus?

HT3647 can we get apple to make a fix to download that would enable the bluetooth file sharing with any deivce

can we get apple to make a fix to download that would enable the bluetooth file sharing with any deivce? i would like to to stay with Apple iphone but if they dont improve the lack of features.. i will move on and I know im not the only person to think like this.




bluetooth not working in iphone 5

i have tried accessing bluetooth on my new iphone 5. it does not even show searched devices. it just displays searching symbol

IPhone 4s bluetooth not working

I think I am not the only one.  Blue tooth not working on iPhone 4s.  Have tried reset network settings, no joy.  Never had bluetooth problems before.  Have tried connecting to iMac, Ipad, other brands of phones, nothing works.

Bluetooth not working on iPhone

Does anyone else have problems with their Bluetooth on their iPhone?
I can enable my Bluetooth and it stays active for a few minutes, and I can see if using another phone, but when trying to connect to it, it doesnt work and the B turns from blue to grey.
I cannot connect to other phones or send anything via Bluetooth on my iPhone either?
I also have a radio in my car that I always connected my Nokia too and I could take my calls through it, but the radio cannot see the iPhone and my iPhone cannot connect to this...
Any ideas ?
Thanks very much
iPhone 3G 8GB iPhone OS 3.1.2

Bluetooth not working after iPhone v3.0.1 upgrade

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Bluetooth after upgrading to v3.0.1?
I upgraded my iPhone 3G to v3.0.1 earlier this week when prompted to do so by iTunes. Software Update also prompted me to upgrade my MacBook to OS X 10.5.8.
Now my phone isnt discoverable (though it says it is), and my MacBook whilst recognising the Bluetooth device cant connect to it. My TomTom sat nav, which previously connected to the iPhone without difficulty, cant see it at all now.
Any suggested fixes welcomed! Thanks
MacBook & iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0.1 OS X 10.5.8

Since the latest apple update voice navigation has gone away Tried the Airplane mode fix which worked but now my bluetooth won't work in my vehicle What's up

Since the latest apple update, voice navigation has gone away.  Tried the Airplane mode fix, which worked, but now my bluetooth wont work in my vehicle.  Whats up?

Bluetooth not working in replacement iPhone 3GS

Hi, I just got a replacement iPhone 3GS because my old iPhone kept randomly shutting down. Im getting ready to ship the old phone back to Apple for repair. For some reason, the Bluetooth radio on my NEW phone isnt recognizing/pairing/connecting with the Bluetooth module in my car (which worked flawlessly with the old phone). Any ideas why its not working? The phone seems to pick up other Bluetooth signals, just not the car module.
Thanks to anyone who can help me troubleshoot this problem.
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TS1275 my phone has stopped working.wont turn on.when plugged into computer makes the charging noise every ten seconds.can i fix it

my iphone 4 stopped working.the screen went hazy a few times then white.tried a reset but now screens black and phone makes the charging noise every ten seconds when plugged in. any fixes. oh battery has 3.7volts constant

cant get bluetooth working

Brand new iphone 4s, bluetooth was already turned on, my problem is that it seems to be stuck on now discoverable. Little search circle is spinning showing that it is doing something, but no devices are being picked up. I have 2 other phones in the house and bluetooth devices on 2 pcs, all working and picking each other up as well as the iphone, but iphone does not seem to be able to find any of these devices. Please help as the phone is only 1 day old!!.


thanks in advance for any help recieved.



Bluetooth working

My Bluetooth is turned on but it constantly keeps searching for other devices?
My friend was in the same room with his bluetooth turned on but my iphone couldnt find his or him me.
And while Im at it, how come I cant send files via Bluetooth?, my MacBook Pro Bluetooth sends files so why not the iPhone?
17" PowerBook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.4)

my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working

Hi ,

I am a specialist in Computer and Information Systems e. I am 40 years old from Egypt

I have Iphone 3g 8g and my SN  868391XZY7H

Tunes update killing my Iphone software , 3 days my Iphone not working  Although I am go to download 100% update and my iphone installed all  a software update but I don’t know what happened why my Iphone not working  ?

now some one help me and he installed software for my iphone  and it is working but  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working

I need help me because    Tunes   update from killing my Iphone  .


i want my old Iphone software please


thank you somuch

bluetooth not working

My Bluetooth has not been able to connect even when on discoverable. The wheel of death just spins and spins. I tried turning off the Wi-Fi, but to no avail. Can someone tell me whats what?

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