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bluetooth iphone 5s not working

bluetooth iphone 5s not working

iphone unlocked

Tethering not working over USB working over bluetooth

Hi everyone,
ive been experiencing a quite annoying issue with my iphone, officially unlocked with vodafone.
Here is the problem, basically, im not able to use the tethering option over USB, the iPhone simply isnt recognised in my network preferences panel over usb, it never worked over usb.
I can connect flawlessy over Bluetooth, but not over usb, and ive no option to add it in my network settings, cuz it doesnt show up at all.
Im using a macbook pro with SL 10.6.2, disk permission repaired and network setting often resetted on the iPhone.
i installed the IOUSBfamily kext too for 10.6.2, but no luck; my laptop is working fine, never had any troubles.
I tried to conenct over usb on another mac, running SL too, and its recognised as an usb device in network preferences.
i tried to swithc account too, on the same macbook pro, but no luck anyway.
Do u have any idea how is that?
Thank you very much, any help is very appreciated.
MacBook Pro 4,1 PowerMac dual 1.8ghz Mac OS X (10.6.2)

iphone unlocked

bluetooth not working in iphone 5

i have tried accessing bluetooth on my new iphone 5. it does not even show searched devices. it just displays searching symbol

Bluetooth not working on iPhone

Does anyone else have problems with their Bluetooth on their iPhone?
I can enable my Bluetooth and it stays active for a few minutes, and I can see if using another phone, but when trying to connect to it, it doesnt work and the B turns from blue to grey.
I cannot connect to other phones or send anything via Bluetooth on my iPhone either?
I also have a radio in my car that I always connected my Nokia too and I could take my calls through it, but the radio cannot see the iPhone and my iPhone cannot connect to this...
Any ideas ?
Thanks very much
iPhone 3G 8GB iPhone OS 3.1.2

IPhone 4s bluetooth not working

I think I am not the only one.  Blue tooth not working on iPhone 4s.  Have tried reset network settings, no joy.  Never had bluetooth problems before.  Have tried connecting to iMac, Ipad, other brands of phones, nothing works.

Bluetooth not working after iPhone v3.0.1 upgrade

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Bluetooth after upgrading to v3.0.1?
I upgraded my iPhone 3G to v3.0.1 earlier this week when prompted to do so by iTunes. Software Update also prompted me to upgrade my MacBook to OS X 10.5.8.
Now my phone isnt discoverable (though it says it is), and my MacBook whilst recognising the Bluetooth device cant connect to it. My TomTom sat nav, which previously connected to the iPhone without difficulty, cant see it at all now.
Any suggested fixes welcomed! Thanks
MacBook & iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0.1 OS X 10.5.8

Bluetooth not working in replacement iPhone 3GS

Hi, I just got a replacement iPhone 3GS because my old iPhone kept randomly shutting down. Im getting ready to ship the old phone back to Apple for repair. For some reason, the Bluetooth radio on my NEW phone isnt recognizing/pairing/connecting with the Bluetooth module in my car (which worked flawlessly with the old phone). Any ideas why its not working? The phone seems to pick up other Bluetooth signals, just not the car module.
Thanks to anyone who can help me troubleshoot this problem.
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my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working

Hi ,

I am a specialist in Computer and Information Systems e. I am 40 years old from Egypt

I have Iphone 3g 8g and my SN  868391XZY7H

Tunes update killing my Iphone software , 3 days my Iphone not working  Although I am go to download 100% update and my iphone installed all  a software update but I don’t know what happened why my Iphone not working  ?

now some one help me and he installed software for my iphone  and it is working but  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working

I need help me because    Tunes   update from killing my Iphone  .


i want my old Iphone software please


thank you somuch

bluetooth not working

My Bluetooth has not been able to connect even when on discoverable. The wheel of death just spins and spins. I tried turning off the Wi-Fi, but to no avail. Can someone tell me whats what?

cant get bluetooth working

Brand new iphone 4s, bluetooth was already turned on, my problem is that it seems to be stuck on now discoverable. Little search circle is spinning showing that it is doing something, but no devices are being picked up. I have 2 other phones in the house and bluetooth devices on 2 pcs, all working and picking each other up as well as the iphone, but iphone does not seem to be able to find any of these devices. Please help as the phone is only 1 day old!!.


thanks in advance for any help recieved.



Bluetooth working

My Bluetooth is turned on but it constantly keeps searching for other devices?
My friend was in the same room with his bluetooth turned on but my iphone couldnt find his or him me.
And while Im at it, how come I cant send files via Bluetooth?, my MacBook Pro Bluetooth sends files so why not the iPhone?
17" PowerBook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.4)

Bluetooth no longer working

I have an iPhone 3GS which I recently upgraded to iOS 4.2.1. Ever since i did that, I can no longer use my Motorola Bluetooth in my car. If I call or receive a call, I cannot redirect the Audio signal to the Bluetooth. This is just for phone calls. I can still play music using the iPod application and have it in my speakers. What should I do? I switched the Bluetooth option off and on, but still no success. I tried to Forget that device but now my cell phone no longer discovers the Bluetooth. What should I do? Go back to the previous iOS? With that it worked fine.
iOS 4

how to make my wi-fi and bluetooth working

how to make my wi-fi and bluetooth working

Bluetooth no longer working

My Plantronics M50 was working just fine on my iPhone 4 with up to date software until a couple of months ago. Out of nowhere, it would disconnect and re-connect on its own with the phone in my pocket (normal range in other words).  On a few occasions I would lose my music just by putting the phone in my pocket.  Power cycling would work but now the plantronics is unable to connect at all. Its not the headset because it works on my daughters cel phone (not an iPhone). 

Ive checked for updates and power cycled a dozen times. Any advice?

Bluetooth stopped working

Hi -
Ive used bluetooth to connect to my cars handsfree device since I bought the iphone (about 2 months ago) with no issues. Today it stopped working. I went into the settings, and noticed the bluetooth was off. The problem is that when I try to enable it, nothing happens, its almost like its stuck in a loop. It never fails, just keeps churning. Any thoughts on what my problem is?
Dell Windows XP

iPhone5 bluetooth not working

Bluetooth in iPhone 5 is not working. It is not recognizing the bluetooth devices even though its turned on.

bluetooth not working after 1.1.2 update

my iphone does NOT detect my bluetooth headset since I updated my iphone with 1.1.2
I tried soft reset, still the same.
anyone has the same problem?
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Bluetooth voicemail working again

Just downloaded the 2.1 update and I am VERY pleased to say that I can once again listen to voicemail through my Jabra bluetooth headset.
Im legal again!!

Powerbook G4, iPhone G3 Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Bluetooth stopped working after 3.0

Hi, i have a blue ant car kit and a Nolan helmet with the blue tooth module, before 3.0 they both worked fine, I upgraded to 3.0 and the car kit still works without a problem but the helmet has stopped working, I can force connect it but it wont work and then disconnects itself.
Any ideas?
I rang the importers for Nolan but they said to return it to get it checked out, its not the helmet its the phone so that wont help.
Mac Book Pro 2.66 GHz, 4 Gigs of Ram Mac OS X (10.5.6) iPhone 3.0

2.1 caused official Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset to stop working

After going through a thousand issues just trying to get the 2.1 update finally installed and having the phone need a complete restore because iTunes somehow screwed it up, my official Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset doesnt connect anymore. The charging icon appears and it shows the battery life, but when not plugged into the phone, the icon disappears, and does not reappear no matter what I do. Thus, I cant use it at all. I desperately need a fix for this problem soon. Does anyone else have a similar issue or any information whatsoever which could help me?

Iphone voice control was working with motorola Rokr bluetooth headphones

Now when i try to go to voice control thru headphones, phone dials last number I have shut down bluetooth, repaired, forgot device, repaired, shut phone down, repaird same deal, any ideas ?
iphone iPhone OS 3.0.1

Since 2.2 Firmware Update Bluetooth Not Working

Is anyone having trouble connecting to their vehicles Bluetooth Systems? Mine worked flawlessly until the 2.2 Firmware update and now the car cannot find the phone and vice versa. What gives?
MACBOOK Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Did Bluetooth stop working after the update

I cant get Bluetooth to work on my iPhone 3GS - 4.0 (8A293)
I can get my MabBok Pro to link to other phones - BlackBeery - Old Treo
but I cant link to my iPhone...
Is everyone having this problem ?
MacBookPro 4,1 & G4 Sawtooth 1Ghz = OSX10.4.11 Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Why does my bluetooth pairing stop working

I pair my iPhone 3G to my car and a Jawbone earpiece and after a while neither will work. They show up on the list in the phone, but indicate not connected. I have to delete the pairing and initiate a new search to get them re-connected. I dont believe it is a problem with the car or the Jawbone. Any suggestions?
Windows XP Pro

Apple Bluetooth Headset not always working

So I have an Apple Bluetooth headset and generally, it works well. But sometimes I get this issue where the headset is on, paired, and clearly selected as the audio source but no audio goes in or out of the headset.
So heres how it tends to happen:
1. Headset is off, iPhone is on with bluetooth enabled.
2. Make a phone call, then realize during the call that I want too use my headset.
3. Turn on headset and press the headset button to switch the audio over to the headset. At this point, no audio comes in or out of the headset even though the iPhone display clearly shows that the bluetooth headset is selected as the audio source.
4. Switch back to the iPhone handset audio source, then back again, but still no audio.
5. End call, power cycle the headset, and make another call.
6. Still no audio in my headset, even though the display clearly shows the headset as the selected audio source.
7. At this point, even incoming calls answered on my iPhone will default to the bluetooth headset as the audio source, yet still no audio. I must manually switch to the handset.
8. Only after disabling bluetooth on the iPhone while the bluetooth headset is powered off resets the audio to function correctly.
So my question is, am I the only person who has this problem? Is the a better workaround then the one I have found?
As far as Im concerned, this should NEVER happen. A user should not have to fiddle around with settings just to re-enable a standard peripheral that was already working which they use everyday just because certain steps are taken during usage.
iPhone Other OS

Bluetooth tethering no longer working - iPhone 3GS iOS4.1 and Macbook Pro

Hi all,
I dont understand why this is not working anymore. In the past I had successfully paired & used a bluetooth tethered connection between my Macbook Pro (OSX 10.6.4) & my iPhone 3GS (pre 4.1). The network connection was working and I was able to surf the web/use MSN etc. This is not a feature I have used in quite some time and for some reason now it is not working. I have done several upgrades on my phone since I last used it, currently on iOS 4.1.
Lets pretend I am starting from scratch and my Macbook & iPhone do not know each other, devices have been forgotten on both.
iPhone & Macbook both are on & discoverableOn Macbook Pro I select Set Up Bluetooth DeviceMacbook scans and detects my iPhone, I select ContinueMacbook connects with iPhone & displays 6 digit pin, also pairing notification is shown on iPhone with the same 6 digit pinI select Continue on Macbook & Pair on iPhoneConnection is made, iPhone is now listed on Macbook and vice versaFrom bluetooth menu (on Macbook) in the iPhone device menu I select Connect to Network. Error is displayed on Macbook The bluetooth network is unavailable. There was a problem connecting to your device... & on my iPhone an error Connection Unsuccessful. Make sure iPhone is turned on and in range.When I try to connect from the iPhone an error is displayed Connection Unsuccessful. iPhone is not supported with a button to Forget Device.
What... the ****?
This has worked in the past without a hitch. Has something changed between say iOS 3.x and 4.1 that might cause this to no longer work for me.
Any protips are greatly appreciated!
Intel MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4) i wuv my mac

Bluetooth Stopped Working with iOS 6.1 Update

My Jabra Icon Bluetooth headset worked flawlessly with iOS 6.02 on my iPhone 5.   I just updated to iOS 6.1 today and my phone didnt recognize my headset after the update.  When I put the headset into pairing mode, my phone discovered it.  However, when I select the headset on the phones Bluetooth screen, my headset says that it connected, but the iPhone says Pairing Unsuccessful.  Anyone else have this problem.  Ive tried rebooting and re-pairing several times. Please help.  Thanks!

Bluetooth stopped working after iOS 6 update help

I use Bose Soundlink, and ever since i did the iOS 6, i can no longer connect to my Bose speaker. Its very frustrating! Does anyone know a fix or can someone at least tell me how to remove the update? Thanks SO much in advance!

Voice control not working with Bluetooth headset since 3.1.2 update

When I first got my iphone 3gs and my BT headset (Jabra bt2040) I was able to tap the button and get the voice control feature. From there I could either dial a number (or contact) or issue iPod commands.
Since the last update, this no longer works. If I tap the button, nothing happens. If I hold the button for 2 seconds, the iphone redials the last number (which is what it should do). But if the headset is no longer able to issue voice dialing commands (at the very least) then its no good to me.
Ive checked the battery in the headset and even replaced it with a new battery, to no avail. Ive seen other posts in this section that say either that they lost voice control (like me) or gained it. Whats going on? Does anyone have a clue whats up?
If so, please share. Im at my wits end.
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My bluetooth headset volume controls have stopped working for music

I have a Motorola S305 bluetooth headset that allows me to take both phone calls and listen to music.  For some reason, the volume controls no longer work for music.  They still work for call volume. The problem exists with both streaming music via Pandora and natively loaded music via the iPod App. I have the latest IOS 6.0.1 and all apps are up to date.  I have tried repairing the devices with no success. 

Bluetooth not working with car audio and macbook pro ret

I use Iphone 5 and macbook pro ret with 10.8.2. but I cant pair it via Bluetooth with any other item (Mercedes Comand). Not even with the Mac.  very unhelpfull with a new phone and new apple macbook. what can help

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