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bluetooth not connecting on my iphone 5s

bluetooth not connecting on my iphone 5s

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Bluetooth Horrible Noise connecting to Bluetooth in Lexus RX400H

I pair my 3G with my Lexus RX400H. I can receive and make phone calls.
But two big problems.
1. A horrible and loud BUZZING sound when a call is made, for about 5 seconds. Its enough to drive you out of the car. I can best describe it as a squarewave 200 Hz (Im guessing) that is piped to the speakers at about 10 times the volume of any voice or ringing sounds I hear after the buzzing stops.
2. The audio level, modulation level on the bluetooth connection is about 1/3 of what it is with my Motorola Razr2 V9 phone, which works flawlessly with the lexus, is loud, no noises.
I like the iPhone features, but am no fan of geeky bluetooth ear things, they are for really important people (or folks that think theyre really important) but for me, in my car, I want to use the bluetooth thats built in.
I upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2 yesterday, no change.
Anyone have a similar experience with this awful buzzing sound when making a call using the touchscreen on the navigation system in a lexus auto? I hate to give up on using bluetooth with the iPhone 3G, but as it is now, its really nasty sounding.
iPhone 3G Windows XP Pro Also have Moto Razr2 V9, 3G, works flawlessly

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iPhone 4 not connecting to Bluetooth

Hello everyone,
every time I try and connect to Bluetooth on my Mac I get this message Device does not have the necessary services. my iPhone sees the network but I have a pinwheel and it says Not Connected. I went through the process of entering in a pin, got my Mac to say I was connected successfully, but I still cant see anything or send or retrieve anything... any help?
MacBook Pro 17" Mac OS X (10.6.2) 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Iphone not connecting with Mac via Bluetooth

I get this message every time I try to connect the iphone with my mac no configurable services found. And something else about not having any services available in the iphone. Also the iphone wont connect with any other phones. Whats going on?
Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.2) Iphone

iphone 4 bluetooth not connecting to other phones

hi guys,im new to iphone, i seem to be having dramas with the bluetooth regarding pairing & connecting to other brands of phones whether they are a smartphone or not. i previously had a nokia N95 & i could bluetooth any type of information whether it was video,photos or songs/ringtones to any other phone with no dramas, the iphone 4 was supposed to be alot better considering its technology yet i cant even connect to a mates motorola & send him a photo!!, any help regarding this dilema would be a bonus as im getting continuously frustrated...cheers.
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I am having trouble connecting my Macbook to my iphone using bluetooth

I am having difficulty connecting my iphone to my Macbook. The iphone tells me that my Macbook is not supported. Can anyone point me to my problem and possible solution?

Connecting iPhone 3GS to MacMini using Bluetooth

I am trying to connect my 3GS to my MacMini. They pair but do not connect. I am following all the on screen instructions but maybe I am still doing something wrong. Is what I am trying to do possible or is Bluetooth still limited only to headsets?
MacMini, MacBook Pro X.5.2, iPhone 3GS Mac OS X (10.6.2) also still running OS9-stop laughing...


Windows XP

connecting through bluetooth

hard to find help on this once, or im just being stupid, but im trying to connect to my macbook unibody late 2009 (OS.X 10.6.3), and it just wont stay connected let alone open up iTunes. i was just hoping for wireless integration between my mac and phone, say as i walked into the room or something..?

iPhone 3G Bluetooth not connecting to Prius or Garmin GPS

I just updated to an iPhone 3G from the original iPhone. I never had any trouble connecting to my Prius Bluetooth or my Garmin GPS Bluetooth. Now with the 3G iPhone I cannot connect to either.
Anyone else have this problem and perhaps a solution?
Acer Aspire laptop Windows Vista

Problem connecting bluetooth stereo headset to iPhone

I have an iPhone 3G and updated to OS 3.0 today. Everything is working fine so far, but I cant connect my Philips SHB6100 BT headset to my iPhone. The iPhone finds the headset and it connects but I cant listen to music over the headset. Answering calls works fine, though!
Can anyone help me solve that issue?
PC Other OS Windows 7

Connecting iPhone to MBP via Bluetooth Sync Contacts

Does your iPhone connect to your computer via Bluetooth? Mine will not.
I have a new iPhone 3gs and a MBP. The MBP has 10.5.8. Pairing the two is easy enough, once the pass code is typed in to the iPhone a window on the computer says that pairing was successful. The IPhone is listed as a device on the computer as well as the computer is listed as a device on the iPhone.
This is where the problem begins. They will not connect. I have tried everything I can think of including:
Finding and dumping any BT prefs
Wiping the devices from the MBP
Wiping the devices from the iPhone
Rebooting the MBP
Rebooting the iPhone
Re-pair the devices
The iPhone pairs and connects to my BT headset no problem. My old cell phone (Nokia 6555b) pairs and connects to MBP no problem. Bluetooth works on each device, but they will not connect with each other.
All I wanted to do was get my contacts syncd .... pretty simple typically. After I gave up and hardwired to the computer to sync music, photos, calendars, etc I discovered I could sync contacts as well through iTunes .... BUT .... this does not solve the problem. If I were connecting Apple(s) and Orange(s) then pairing and connecting could understandably be an issue (other party hardware), but this is Apple(s) and Apple(s) .... Apple Mac to Apple iPhone .... a little embarrassing to say the least in regards to how I brag up my Macs.
Any thoughts please?
MBP 2.4G, 4G ;MDD DP1G, 2GB; G4 450 w/ 7448 2Gh, 2GB; FP iMac 800, 512MB Mac OS X (10.5.8) iPhone 3GS

connecting Iphone 4s with mercedes command system by bluetooth

when I connect my iphone 4s with bluetooth to my mercedes cls within 5 minutes the whole command system shuts down. Has someone got the same problem? Is there someone that has a solution. The system functions well with the Iphone 4

After connecting to my bluetooth device Devices keeps spinning on iphone

After connecting to my bluetooth device, Devices keeps spinning on my new iphone. I dont want it to keep looking for more devices.
How can I stop the spinning?
iMac 2GHz 2 Intel Core 2 Duo iOS 4
iMac 2GHz 2 Intel Core 2 Duo iOS 4

Bluetooth not connecting to my car

After the joy of getting my new iPhone, Im starting to think I know the answer to this next question, Im just preying Im being stupid, and that really, the phone does have proper bluetooth. You know the same sort of blutooth that even the cheapest of phones have now!
So, Im trying to pair my iPhone with the bluetooth setup in my car, but its not working. Im looking desperately for somewhere in the settings for a way to turn bluetooth on, but I can;t find it.
Please, someone, tell me how to do this, please dont tell me that the iPhone has some sort of useless bluetooth system that will ONLY communicate with the headset.
Please, dont tell me that last bit, I really dont want to find out that the stupidly expensive phone Ive just bought in utterly useless to me!
mac mini x3 & Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.1) Macbook: C2D. Mini: 1.83 media centre. Mini 1.83 and 1.66 work machines

Bluetooth not discovering or connecting

My iPhone 4S is not discovering my iPad Mini via Bluetooth, or vice versa.


Both are running iOS 7.0.4. Both just show Searching... (and show Now Discoverable) but do not find each other, even when within 1 inch from each other.


I have tried turning each device on and off again, but to no avail.


Is Bluetooth an issue with iOS? I am new to Apple devices.

having trouble with 4s connecting with bluetooth

Hacing trouble with 4s connecting with bluetooth.

Problem of connecting iphone 4 to Plantronics 975 Bluetooth Headsets

I could pair my iphone 4 and the headsets. My problems is
(1) The iphone will not automatically connect to the headset once the connection is broken.

I put the headset on my desk and keep the iphone with me. Every time when I back to my desk I have to manually connect the iphone to the headset. You could see that the iphone BT is searching and searching, but it will never automatically & successfully connect to the headset.
(2) Why the iphone BT is always searching? What is it searching for? Will this endless waste battery power sigificantly?
iphone 4 iOS 4

Connecting to my car stereo via bluetooth

Hi guys,
Considering getting an iPhone 3G, but before I do so, will I be able to use it with my car stereo to talk hands free with?
PC Windows XP Pro

What is the point of connecting to your computer via Bluetooth

OK, so Ive been working on connecting my iPhone to my computer via Bluetooth - not to tether, but the other way around, and although it connects, I cant really do anything. I thought maybe I could remote sync or use the iTunes remote over the BT connection, but that doesnt seem to work. Id like to try to use my laptops internet connection on my iPhone, since my data connection at the office is terrible, but no dice....
There doesnt seem to be much point in connecting, other than to play around in the properties panel - yippie...
iPhone 3G Windows Vista

Problems connecting via bluetooth to my car stereo

I have a sony stereo in my car which has a bluetooth feature for hands-free phone use and i cant seem to connect my iphone to it. Somebody at work told me that the iphone wasnt capable of connecting to it but I thought Id check - is that true, that there is no hands-free in car phone use with the Iphone ?
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Not connecting to EDGE nor connecting to Wi-Fi doesn't show IP at all

Please help!
I just got my iPhone and want to play!!
I have tried to connect to my home Wi-Fi, it connects but does not give me a Wi-Fi icon by my network bars, nor does it work on the internet features. When I goto the networks details it has nothing filled in for the IP address, etc
EDGE.. well I get the E icon by the network bars, but still can not get on any internet features, youtube, safari, etc.
Please help, someone, I have tried a lot of different things, nothing helps.
Windows XP

Wi-Fi Not finding or connecting on 1 iPhone but connecting on 2nd iPhone

This is crazy, My iPhone is not finding the wi-fi connection, but my wifes has a strong signal, same location both phone.
I had try reseting the phone, but still does not work.
I even RESET the phone via iTunes, works for 1 day and then again I cannot connect to wi-fi..
Please help!!
iPhone 8GB Windows XP Pro

iPhone's not connecting

iPhone 4 not connecting to PC

I just got the iPhone 4 for Christmas. As soon as I got it I tried to sync it with itunes. Itunes would freeze for about two minutes then a pop up would appear saying cannot connect to iphone because received an invalid response from the device.
But when I go to my computer it shows up as a digital camera and using windows I can look at my pictures but thats all.
Connecting to itunes from the phone works it just wont connect to my computer at all. But it will charge.
I have tried everything that I found in the discussions and on the support page like: rebooting the iphone and the computer, redownloading itunes, checking the usb ports, Ive tried everything and it still wont connect.
hp Windows 7

Connecting iPhone

I can connect my iPhone to my iMac with the USB cable in order to transfer music, contacts, applications, bookmarks etc.
I cant transfer text files between my computer and my iPhone via the USB. I know it possible via the wiFi, but I want to have this ability via the USB cable.
Is it possible? Would it be possible? Why Apple neglect this important function?
iMacIntel Mac OS X (10.5.6) iPhone 3G 2.2

iPhone 3G Bluetooth compatibility with car bluetooth

Ive had my new iPhone 3G for 4 days now and I absolutely love it. However, I have had a problem registering it with my cars bluetooth. My car, a Lexus ES350, does not seem to recognize the new iPhone. By the way, before I started using my 3G, I had an iPhone 2G and had absolutely no problem registering it with my cars audio system. I miss having that capability. Has anyone else had this problem? Im on version 2.0.2.
Thanks! http://I also checked the Lexus website, and it shows the iPhone and my carrier (AT&T) as being compatible with my car...however, it does not distinguish between the iPhone models.
Toshiba Satellite Windows Vista

I told my iPhone to forget my Sennheiser MM450 Bluetooth How do I get the iPhone to make a Bluetooth connection again

I have told my iPhone for to: Forget this device It was duely deleted. How do I reinstate the device? It is a Sennheiser MM450 headphone.

Connecting after restore on new iPhone

ITunes doesnt recognize my new iPhone. I replaced my iPhone and restored its settings with iTunes on a PC. Im now using a Mac and when I connect the iPhone, it doesnt show up as a device in iTunes.
Any suggestions?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.8)

Problems connecting iPhone

Hey can anyone help? Ive had an iPhone for a couple of weeks and was connecting it to a friends laptop. I set up an iTunes account and downloaded music onto his laptop and synced it with my iPhone. I bought myself a laptop today, but when I connect my iPhone, I cant seem to access any music on it. The iPhone shows up in iTunes, and I can see what music, apps and videos are on there, but they are all greyed out and I cant transfer anything from my laptop to my iPhone or vice versa.
Anyone got any ideas? Thanks. I already went to Store -> Authorize and authorized the laptop but this doesnt seem to have helped. Do I have to enable it to access my iPhone somehow? Thanks!
Windows Vista

Mobile Me not connecting to iPhone

Every time I try to open a MM page (Gallery, Calendar, etal) I keep getting asked to establish a MM account. When I try to do this I am informed that the account already exists and takes me back to the MM splash screen asking if I want to try an account or login to an existing. If I copy a link and open Safari on the iPhone I am able to view the pages, but why cant I just open MM on my phone like I do on my laptop or home computer?
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