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Bypass Activation Lock iPhone 5

Bypass Activation Lock iPhone 5

iphone unlocked

I have 2 iPhone 4's Can I swap logic boards to bypass activation lock

So I bought an iPhone of Craigslist a while back, it seemed legit, but as I was setting it up, it got locked. I think he did it, just because the timing was so close to after the purchase. It was running iOS 7 so yeah, activation lock made it unusable. My friend, out of pity, gave me his iPhone 4. same model # and everything according to the back cover. But it was really messed up, as in the back was shattered. It just stopped working a few days ago. as in it only powers on when plugged in and loops the apple logo unless I put it in recovery mode, then it holds an apple logo + cable icon. But when I try to restore it, it always fails. Error 2014, 2009, 2005, 21, and now its stuck on error 23. Is it possible for me to replace the activation locked iPhone 4 with the shattered back iPhone and basically bypass activation lock? Or can I do that vice versa and use the parts of the activation locked iPhone to repair the shattered one?

iphone unlocked

how to bypass the 4-digit screen lock passcode for the iphone 4- sprint - but service has been disconnected

how do i either bypass the lock screen with the 4-digit passcode and be able to use the apps also or how can i disable or change the passcode so i can get into the phone and not erase any of my stored info? i have an iphone 4 sprint but its service is disconnected please please please help

Specific question regarding Activation Lock in iOS 7 Can iTunes complete a pending Erase

Ok, this is pretty specifik, I know. But I think it is an important question to find an answer to, and Apple doesnt really seem to know.


I just got my iPhone 5 stolen from me. I had a passcode set, so no worries, but the thief immedietly turned off the phone. As soon as I could get to a computer and log into iCloud and the Find my iPhone service the phone was offline already.


I initiated an Erase throug Find my iPhone, which now is pending. Since I had a passcode on my stolen phone, I assume there is no way for the perp to connect to any WiFi, and therefore the Find my iPhone service will not be able to complete the pending Erase.


Now to my question: If the perp connects the iPhone to a computer running iTunes with an internet connection and tries restoring it, is iTunes then able to complete the pending Erase and lock down the iPhone?


Im aware of the fact that the perp acutally cannot restore the iPhone in iTunes since hed be needing my Apple ID password to disable the Find my iPhone feature in the Settings app. But, even so, the perp might not know that and actually might try to connect it to iTunes and restore it. And if he does, it would be REALLY neat if iTunes could complete the pending Erase.


Does anyone have a clue?

i already upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 but cant pass through the iphone Activation it always say activation server is temporarily unavailable help me

i buy from my friend. but the Safari explorer and Weather forcast seems to be crashed. so i made a decission to upgrade to iOS 6.1.3...

Any way to bypass iPhone backup so I can upgrade to 2.1

Im really looking forward to upgrading my iPhone to 2.1, but in order to upgrade it has to backup the iPhone first. Its been running for an hour now and the progress bar has barely moved! At this pace itll take at least 10 hours to backup! And if I receive a phone call, Im screwed. Since this is my business phone, chances are really high that Im going to get a call in the next several hours.
So is there any way to bypass the backup so I can install 2.1?
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iPhone 4 headphones won't bypass speaker

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, when I plug my headphones into the iPhone, they dont work, i.e. bypass the speaker. I tried them out on an mp3 player and they work fine. So, I figure theres some setting somewhere that I havent set properly and Ill be darned if I can find it. Can anyone help me out? Many thanks.
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bypass passcode

I support the iPhone at my business. One of my users has put a passcode on his iPhone and doesnt remember what it is. He says he didnt even create one. Soft reset of the phone did nothing to help. Any ideas? Anything would be appreciated.Thanks
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sync bypass

Is there a key combo one can hit when plugging into a Mac that is set for sync to temporarily bypass the sync function?
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How do I bypass my passcode

I cant believe I did this, but for reasons too embarrassing to explain, Ive given my iPhone a passcode which I cant remember. What can I do to get rid of it and restore my access to my phone?
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how to find or bypass the password for unlock backup for iphone with mac


My Iphone is not working for some reason and i realy need the information that was on it.

I have a backup in my itune and i tried to download it to my ipod using the restore from backup option.

Unfortuanlty, it asked me for a backup password which ive never put and without it i cant get into my backup information.

Is there any way to bypass it or find the password somehow?

Ive tried to find it in the keychain accses (im using mac) but didnt find anything there

it is realy frustrating..


Bypass YouTube Mobile in Safari

Is there any way to keep YouTube from switching to YouTube Mobile when you go to YouTube on Safari? The reason I ask is because Id like to be able to comment on videos. It doesnt seem like the iPhone 3G would be incapable of viewing the full version of YouTube, as Im able to view the full versions of many other websites without problems. Its not like its a standard cell phone that cant manage full websites. Thanks!
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Bypass touchscreen alternative methods

Lalala long story, short of it is - touchscreen is only working and responsive to right and upper portion of phone, preventing me from being able to use # keypad to unlock my phone, which allows me to answer calls, view texts, etc... GR! So is there any other super secret way to flip the screen, or do a little dance, or plug it into I dunno.. my trucks jumper cables and cross my fingers?

Naw, didnt think soo..





When will the games be avadable is South Africa or is there a bypass

Im trieng to download a game for my iphone but when i download it it says not jet that its not jet avadable in South Africa!!! This is really really not cool! what can I do? Is there any posible way to get the games faster, because I dont want to wait for the real stuf!
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Can I bypass backup to sync a few songs quickly

Just curious if I can bypass the backing up of my iPhone and go straight to sync?
Normally its fine, but there are times when Im in a hurry to get out the door and I just want to add a few songs to my iPhone without having to wait a good 5 minutes for the backup to finish..
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will touch id stop my phone from being stolen and hacked into to bypass pin

will touch id stop my phone from being stolen and hacked into to bypass pin. a friend of mine said that if he found my phone he could plug it into itunes and retore it to new and earase the phone and keep it as his own. the only reason  why i would get the iphone 5s is because of the touch id only if it would make the phone useless to anyone who has my phone besides me and would not be able to hack into it. i like my iphone 4s and that was ther reason why i didnt get 5. but 5s would be a good by for me if anyone could let me know if touch id is the solution to phone theft. I think itunes should have a password in order to access the phone anyways. also is apple going to use landscape mode anymore. it seems like more and more apps are fading away form this but i have big hands and landscape mode is a lot more comfortable in my hands. I dont see why i could enable a landscape mode for my home screen layout and all the other apps that i would like to use my phone sideways for. thanks

HT5014 The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation

please give me suggeston

I want to use my iphone as an ipod without a sim card but it won't let me do anything without a sim card any way to bypass

Help! I reset my old phone to use it as an ipod and now it wont let me do anything because there is no SIM card.

My iphone 4 is frozen on the lock screen My iphone 4 keeps freezing at the lock screen

My iphone 4 is frozen, on the lock screen, ... My iphone 4 keeps freezing atthe lock screen? iphone 4 FROZEN ON lock screen

iphone 4 activation

I have just brought a new iphone 4, I dont know how to activate it, I have no contract or join any plan.
iphone 4 iOS 4

iPhone Activation

I have just reinstalled my laptop with Windows 7. Whenever I connect my iPhone to my computer it asks for the activation of my computer although it has been activated before. It even uses my old email adress which is out of date for more than two years now. After the activation it says that the computer has already been activated and everything works fine. Any Ideas of what I can do to stop this continual harrassment?
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iphone 4 Activation

For folks who are going to have the iphone 4 shipped to them, Apple and AT&T say that we can activate it at home. But I had a few question surrounding that:
Will the new iPhone come with a SIM card? So i just need to connect it to iTunes and activate?Will I need to transfer the SIM card from my current iPhone (3G) to my new iPhone?If the new iPhone is going to come with a SIM card, will my current iPhone automatically deactivate as soon as I activate the new iPhone?
There might be just one answer to all of the above questions but just laying out all my doubts
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iPhone Activation

hi,. im new here. I just upgraded my iPhone(1st.gen) to v.3.1.3 and I dont know how to activate it,. I mean do I need to have that AT&T sim card ? where do you get that ? Im not from USA by the way.,
it says that, the SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.
pls help. o_O tnx.!
iPhone (1st gen.) Windows 7 Activation

iPhone activation

I just got my new iPhone, and I learnt that in order to activate it I would need to download iTunes on my computer and do activation through it.
Well, here I have the problem, as I am using company lap-top where I do not have admin rights and can not install anything, including iTunes. I spoke with admin in my company, and he informed me that unfortunately even he can not do it for me, as it is not allowed as per companys regulation.
Therefore I am wondering if there is another solution for iPhone activation? Web based iTunes, some light application I would manage to install?
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iphone 4 activation

I currently own a 3GS, i am planning on preordering iPhone 4 and have it delivered to my house. my question is if i just put the micro sim and connect to iTunes will the phone activate, or do i need to somehow associate the micro sim to my at&t account.
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iPhone activation

Hey guys I have purchased an iPhone 4 from apple as a replacement phone. The guy at apple has inserted my AT&T SIM card in front of me and everything worked fine. I came home did a update to 6.0.1 and the phone has I guess locked its self? I cannot activate the phone what so ever. I insert a AT&T SIM card that I use and just says Only compatible SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported Carriers store to receive a replacement SIM card. And the phone wont activate ! Ive been stuck here for 2 weeks any SIM card I try just fails to activate and keeps telling me that. I then purchased a factory unlock for it and still same exact problem. One of my buddys say the phones registered to United Kingdom Instead of USA? Could that be why I cant activate it with a AT&T SIM card? Any help fixing this would be appreciated

iPhone 4 activation

Heres the deal Im under a family plan with at&t. My dad is the owner of this plan. I ordered the iPhone 4 today. Since he is the owner I had to enter his info (of course) but also his phone number (I couldnt do my phone number online because its a secondary line on family plan). Its all ordered and planned to be delivered. When I get it, how do I activate it so Its under my line on the family plan? If I activate it at home will it just recognize my dads number as a family plan and let me choose my number? Or do I have to go to an at&t store and let them deal with it like getting a new sim card or something like that? Please answer I need my phone to work and I really dont want to mess up my phone plan or like replace my dads phone with the iPhone 4 instead of mine.
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iPhone 3G Activation

I cant find an answer to my question anywhere. My friend has a new iPhone 3G that he wants to sell to me. How can I get this phone activated if I bought it from him? Can I just get the phone from him and use iTunes? Please let me know before I buy this phone. Thanks in advance!
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iPhone activation

Im new to all this, so this question may seem silly, my apologies. If I activate my new phone using PC, will I have any issues when I change to an iMac, in the near future?
I remember something from a tutorial video about restoring the iPhone on the Pc or Mac used to activate it. Does this mean if I activate using PC that I will have restore issues when I change to iMac?
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New iPhone 4 Activation

I am wondering if you have to activate your iphone 4 at the store, or if you can bring it home and activate it. How did you guys, that ordered yours online activate yours? Did they come to you already activated?
Im under the impression you have to activate them in the store.
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iPhone 4S Activation

Ive been trying to active my new iPhone 4s for the last 2-3 hours but everytime I try, It says Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Also the Cellular is Seraching...


Tried the iTunes activation, but no luck there either. I have Windows 7 - 64bit, my hosts file is clean, Windows Firewall and my Anti-Virus Suite is disabled.


Is there a way I can track the status of activation servers?

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