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bypass iphone 5 ios 6 icloud locked

bypass iphone 5 ios 6 icloud locked

iphone unlocked

I locked my stolen iphone 5 at icloud

hi everyone i lost my iphone 5 with ios 7,0.1 two weeks ago and i went icloud to lock it and i add a personal msg to it that if anyone finds it should call me with a phone number...now someone called me that hes seen the phone and its asking for activation email and password (this means my icloud lock worked) hes demanding a huge amount of money for the exchange of the phone and i dont have . i want to know if he can bypass the activation and use the phone.

iphone unlocked

HT1976 my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there

my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone.  When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens.  Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there.  How can I repair this?

iOS 5 Memory and icloud disasterS Is it a haloween thing

In a nut shell, I have an iphone 4, Last week itunes asked me to update to the new version, I did. This was shortly followed by asking me to upgrade to the new firmware IOS5 .... That was the last time i saw my iphone working properly... what happened next was a series of very odd iphone behaviour.


1) After udate my iphone was restoring and then it said something about having to confirm the restore with apple.. then it said that teh restore will continue after a restart.... Guess what .... It never restored evreything... why ... Beacuse it came up with a message saying that there was not enough memory....I lookek on the iphone and again guess what ....after a restore there was 10.8 GB of what itues classed as Other data on the phone... Thet data ate up the memonry and consequently and therfore there was no space to do anything on a 32 GB iphone!!!


2) After three restores ..... The Other 10.8 GB data was still there...ODD He...The phone seems to confuse my mobile me account with the Itunes account..!!!! no one seemed to know the content of this other DATA.


3) I was connected to a senior guy in apple who sounded like he knew his way around the iphone and he did.. he advised me to restore to factory settings. Before that he advised me to backup to the cloud... I DID..... VERY BIG MISTAKE as i realised later ... it didnt backup evrey thing. Anyway i got my iphone back to factory setting  BUT ...... The Other data on the phone seems to grow and shrink at will!!! ... it started from 0.34 GB at factory reset to 5.2 GB after instaling some apps and all on its own it disapeared before reappearing at 2.4 GB...... (Is this a Haloween thing)... At some point I was given the explanation that this may be the operating system occupying part of the memory ......(believe that if you wish)


4) My iphone then was attempting to recover from the icloud ..just one problem... it told me that some of the tracks couldnot be copied from ituens to the iphone because they are not compatible with the iphone !££$ ... Ther were from the itunes store and if apple doesnt recognise their own stuff .... then we have a problem.


5) I was asked to reinstall evreything on ANOTHER computer... WITH a FRESH ITUNES..


The best thing about all that ... No body seems to know whats happening .....My closest apple store is around 150 miles ... does anyone have an explanation .... As usual ... The apple team were very courtious, very knowlegable ... very, very ...etc but NO solution. There has been similar rports on the internet if you google it but I just hope this doesnt turn out to be another PR disaster like the antenna saga

High iOS 6 Data Usage Turn off iCloud

For those of you with unexplained excessive data usage, Ive pinpointed the problem to a bug in iCloud. Unfortunately, turning off individual iCloud services will not solve the problem, youll have to delete the iCloud account from the phone.


Heres a video demonstrating the problem.


I hope this helps. If it solves your data usage problem, be sure to report it to Apple and spread the word.

HT4061 I locked myself out of my phone and am out of the country without access to a computer only an iPad to email and access iCloud how can I get into my phone

Como enviar informa& 231;ões para o iCloud do IOS 4.2

Como faço backup do IOS 4.2 no iCloud.

iPhone locked after interrupted IoS upgrade

My iPhone 3GS is locked after an interrupted update to the latest IoS update (6.01?).  I tried to reset using the home and off buttons: the phone turns off, but then when it starts to boot it displays the apple logo on and off at 5 second intervals.  I tried connecting it iTunes, but doesnt get recognised.


Any way of resetting?





iOS 4.3 Locked my factory unlocked iPhone 4

A warning out there to owners of factory unlocked iPhone 4s!! After updating to iOS 4.3 this morning, I proceeded to purchase a SIM card from another carrier and after inserting it into the phone, it was NOT recognized!! I have used SIM cards from the new carrier in the past and it seems like my handset is now locked!!
Be cautious!! If you plan on keeping your phone unlocked I would avoid installing the iOS 4.3 update until they fix this!!
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IOS 4.2.1 Update Locked Iphone 4 apple replacement

I have just recently updated my iphone 4 which is a replacement phone from apple under the 90 days warranty, So i updated to 4.2 then it came up with a message that it could not be restored, so it was stuck in recovery mode for a while then i restored it then it finally restored but then i noticed when i placed my 02 micro sim back in it said invalid sim card. then when i placed in an orange micro sim card it worked fine. help anyone.. i thought all iphones from the apple store was supposed to be sim free unlocked .
IPhone 4 iOS 4

IOS 7.03 update has me locked out

i tried downloading the new IOS 7.03 update to my iphone and then my iphone locked me out after the update was continued it told me to plug into my compuer for itunes, but im out of town and dont have a comoputer that is ITUNES compatiable with me. What can i do to cancel the update or fix the problem? Please help, No phone, i need it by tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!

iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 crashes when the phone is locked idle for a few hrs

My iPhone 4 (iOS 5.0.1) is crashing regularly - about once every day - but only when the phone is locked / idle for a few hrs or more. This usually happens overnight. Hard resetting the iPhone a few times (by holding down the Lock + Home buttons) eventually enables a regular start up ... until the next crash. I restored the iPhone a couple of times, and even set it up as a new iPhone, but the problem didnt go away. Any ideas? No Apple store in my country!

I accidentally deleted album with pictures I have ICloud but how do I retrieve them from iCloud

When I tune on icloud My iphone4 pictrue all gone,how can I retrieve my pictrue from my icloud?

Locked SIM after update to iOS 4.3

Ummm....help?!?!?! Just installed iOS 4.3 (from 4.2.1) on the hubbys iPhone via his PC and iTunes account (I usually take care of the software updating). Now...his phone is showing a message that the SIM card is locked. To the best of my knowledge, he did not set a password on his SIM card. If the update has messed up his phone, he will blame me and be POd! HELP! What happened. I am about to also update my iPad, but it is only wireless, so I dont expect any trouble. What do I do to fix his locked SIM from this update?
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I don't use photo stream but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday If i delete a picture from my camera roll will it still be in my icloud backup

I dont use photo stream, but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday. If i delete a picture from my camera roll, will it still be in my icloud backup?

If I logg in from another device, will all the pictures i deleted come back?

I put iCloud on my iPhone and it did something to my outgoing server I removed the iCloud but I still cannot sent emails even though my server information looks fine Any thoughts

I recently put iCloud on my iPhone and I hated it.  It also disrupted my outgoing mail.  I removed iCloud but I still cannot send mail.  I get a message saying that the device cannot connect with my server.  However, when I look at my settings the server info seems fine.  Any ideas?

Can I delete iCloud from my iPhone 4 without losing everything Data belongs to iPhone or iCloud

My iCloud account on my iPad is different from the iCloud account from my iPhone.  From what Ive read the only way to really change this is to delete one of the iCloud accounts. I want the phone the same as the iPad account even though all my pics and music are on my phone.  I so Do Not want to lose any of them!!!  If I delete my iCloud account does all of my data, images, songs, etc, stay on my phone?   

Data attached to iCloud or to device or to iTunes (which btw Im having trouble with and Id like to not use if I dont have to)

Any way to bypass iPhone backup so I can upgrade to 2.1

Im really looking forward to upgrading my iPhone to 2.1, but in order to upgrade it has to backup the iPhone first. Its been running for an hour now and the progress bar has barely moved! At this pace itll take at least 10 hours to backup! And if I receive a phone call, Im screwed. Since this is my business phone, chances are really high that Im going to get a call in the next several hours.
So is there any way to bypass the backup so I can install 2.1?
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У меня какие то проблемы с iCloud после установки iOS 7

Не заходит в iCloud говорит что не принял соглашение, а где его принять не понятно

iPhone 4 headphones won't bypass speaker

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, when I plug my headphones into the iPhone, they dont work, i.e. bypass the speaker. I tried them out on an mp3 player and they work fine. So, I figure theres some setting somewhere that I havent set properly and Ill be darned if I can find it. Can anyone help me out? Many thanks.
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How do I bypass my passcode

I cant believe I did this, but for reasons too embarrassing to explain, Ive given my iPhone a passcode which I cant remember. What can I do to get rid of it and restore my access to my phone?
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bypass passcode

I support the iPhone at my business. One of my users has put a passcode on his iPhone and doesnt remember what it is. He says he didnt even create one. Soft reset of the phone did nothing to help. Any ideas? Anything would be appreciated.Thanks
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sync bypass

Is there a key combo one can hit when plugging into a Mac that is set for sync to temporarily bypass the sync function?
Mac Pro - 2 x 2G dual core Xeon, 5G ram Mac OS X (10.5.8)

I got an iphone 4 from cousin in the uk so its locked factory locked to a carrier that l dont know how do l unlock it

I got an iphone 4 from a cousin in the uk so its locked factory locked to a carrier that l dont know how do l unlock it

how to find or bypass the password for unlock backup for iphone with mac


My Iphone is not working for some reason and i realy need the information that was on it.

I have a backup in my itune and i tried to download it to my ipod using the restore from backup option.

Unfortuanlty, it asked me for a backup password which ive never put and without it i cant get into my backup information.

Is there any way to bypass it or find the password somehow?

Ive tried to find it in the keychain accses (im using mac) but didnt find anything there

it is realy frustrating..


I have 2 iPhone 4's Can I swap logic boards to bypass activation lock

So I bought an iPhone of Craigslist a while back, it seemed legit, but as I was setting it up, it got locked. I think he did it, just because the timing was so close to after the purchase. It was running iOS 7 so yeah, activation lock made it unusable. My friend, out of pity, gave me his iPhone 4. same model # and everything according to the back cover. But it was really messed up, as in the back was shattered. It just stopped working a few days ago. as in it only powers on when plugged in and loops the apple logo unless I put it in recovery mode, then it holds an apple logo + cable icon. But when I try to restore it, it always fails. Error 2014, 2009, 2005, 21, and now its stuck on error 23. Is it possible for me to replace the activation locked iPhone 4 with the shattered back iPhone and basically bypass activation lock? Or can I do that vice versa and use the parts of the activation locked iPhone to repair the shattered one?

I recently upgraded my iPhone iOS to 6.1.3 and then my Verizon 14.0 iPhone 4S became locked couldn't recognize any network in Nigeria I urgently need help from this community to unlock it

I recently upgraded my iOS to 6.1.3 and then my Verizon 14.0 iPhone 4S became locked (couldnt recognize any network in Nigeria. I urgently need help from this community to unlock it).


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Bypass YouTube Mobile in Safari

Is there any way to keep YouTube from switching to YouTube Mobile when you go to YouTube on Safari? The reason I ask is because Id like to be able to comment on videos. It doesnt seem like the iPhone 3G would be incapable of viewing the full version of YouTube, as Im able to view the full versions of many other websites without problems. Its not like its a standard cell phone that cant manage full websites. Thanks!
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Bypass touchscreen alternative methods

Lalala long story, short of it is - touchscreen is only working and responsive to right and upper portion of phone, preventing me from being able to use # keypad to unlock my phone, which allows me to answer calls, view texts, etc... GR! So is there any other super secret way to flip the screen, or do a little dance, or plug it into I dunno.. my trucks jumper cables and cross my fingers?

Naw, didnt think soo..





how to bypass the 4-digit screen lock passcode for the iphone 4- sprint - but service has been disconnected

how do i either bypass the lock screen with the 4-digit passcode and be able to use the apps also or how can i disable or change the passcode so i can get into the phone and not erase any of my stored info? i have an iphone 4 sprint but its service is disconnected please please please help

When will the games be avadable is South Africa or is there a bypass

Im trieng to download a game for my iphone but when i download it it says not jet that its not jet avadable in South Africa!!! This is really really not cool! what can I do? Is there any posible way to get the games faster, because I dont want to wait for the real stuf!
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