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Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

iphone unlocked

Question:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014



My iPhone 4 dont turn on and is only recognize by iTunes as begin in recovery mode.

When trying to restore with iTunes, i always have an Error 4014...


I have not found any informations about this error, i tried the POWER + HOME combinaison but nothing...

Hopefuly anybody here can help. You are my last hope regarding this issue, although I´m not a complete newby to iPhone problems.


Thanks and kind regards

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

iphone unlocked

are you talking about error 3014?

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

No, its error 4014.


Im surprised that there is nothing about this on Google. Ive only found one reference of error 4014 in other thread (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5123621?start=0&tstart=0) but no solutions...

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Assuming youre running windows, look at the system log and the application logs.


Windows error 4014 is related to a corrupt registry entry.


It sounds like this is a Windows problem rather than an iPhone/iTunes problem.

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Im running OSX 10.8.4 (Im an iOS developer)

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

And are you running an iOS or iTunes beta?

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Not this phone and ive iTunes 11.0.4 (4).


More details : This phone is an old (second) phone, running iOS6.1.2 or 6.1.3. Some weeks ago, this phone turned off and it never turn on again...

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

To be positive about this, i just re-install iTunes and no changes

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Try holding in the iphone home button and then pluging it into itunes this should cause a phone recovery and phone restore.

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Unfortunately, no changes.


When i plug the iPhone, iTunes already detect the recovery mode.

I will try with my computer at work, maybe it will be different

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Other than the thread you linked to, which involves someone running a beta of OS X, I can find no references to this error at all other than the Windows registry problems I referred to earlier. Looks like youre going to have to get hold of AppleCare.

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Unfortunately... Ive tried with my computer at work and Ive the same problem. Thanks to help me

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Ive got the same Error. Any ideas?

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Me too, anybody a solution?

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

has any1 found a solution to this? I am running ios 6.1 on my iphone 4 32g..


Please HELP!

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

I spent 2 hours on the phone with apple yesterday, the tech i spoke to had no idea at first then he had to talk to a bunch of people before telling me that they believe thats it has to do with corrupt firmware but they werent 100% sure. the people who invented it doesnt even know what it is..


Itunes error 4014: firmware file on device is corrupt   75% sure

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

If thats the case, then try forcing the phone into DFU mode and restore it.

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Smae error occured when i tried to restore my iphone 4s through itunes using Shift+restore using 6.1.3 firmware

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

iam fed up od apple and its errors .. i will never buy apple next time.. still my iphone not working  .. its almost 2 weeks...

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

... Iam still not able to find the solution ..if any one is there in apple to hlp me out ... why u created the error if not able to solve it.. replyyyyy pls

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Hey guys..


just wanted to mention... you seem to have the problem since yesterday right?

trying to restore 6.1.3 or even 6.1?

sooo... what about iTunes not accepting old firmware?

I just used update on my ios 7 iphone 4 with 6.1.3, it actually updated, but sticks when trying to boot those.. newer files, so now i try to restore to 6.1.3 with no success too (just to mention, i downloaded a new copy of ios 6.1.3 before trying, so there wont be any problem with any firmware! Maybe it wasnt the best idea to try fixing Recovery mode using Tiny Umbrella but... maybe ill find a solution)


By the way, Im using Mac OS X 10.8.5 with iTunes 11.1!

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Found a possible solution (for me)


I had 4014 when i was in DFU mode and 21 in Recovery mode!

After that, i copied my hosts file from /private/etc to my Desktop, then deleted it from /private/etc and restored (this time in Recovery mode) and it started to restore!

Maybe only deleting the ip-lines in hosts could also work, I dont exactly know!


good luck!

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Buddy it dint work for me.. Tried restoring the firmware using restore +shift method. Error came was 4014

tried on two different laptops with different Opr systems same eroor came Error 4014 .. If any one have possible solution pls help. 

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Hi there. So after about 15 times of trying to restore and update my iphone 4 32g it finally worked. My phone was not in DFU mode when it worked. I think it has to do with the amount of ppl trying to update currently. Do what i recommend is. Restart your pc. And just keep trying until it finally works.  I Followed a link that i also tried so wil post it now. Currently  on my phone. Btw if u have an iphone 4 looking to install ios7. I would NOT recommend it. Really laggy and slow. Keep to ios 6.1.3


try these following steps aswell!http://www.igeeksblog.com/fix-itunes-error-3194/

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

I FINALLY got a solution....  walked into a genius bar told them I had a 4014 error, they said have you restored it? i replied you are welcome to try....


they tried....


I now have a new iPad....

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

I have some similar issues with my ipad 3 wifi.  I will try to include all details in hopes of getting a solution here.

1- I upgraded my ipad from 6.0.1 to 6.1.3 on sept 17. Then I upgraded to ios 7.0 on release day sept 18th.  I had no issues downloading, installing, or running ios 7 on my ipad.  At first. . .


2- I started to have issues with my pad turning off suddenly after I got below 50% battery power.  OR it would enter a respring if I locked my pad (clicked the power button), then clicked either the home or power button to wake it.

     I figured that my pad was being tempermental about only having a partial charge, so I allowed it to die all the way, then recharge it to full.  That is when the serious issues started!


3-My pad only made it to 10% before it shut itself off and would not power up. As in, no apple logo, no lock screen, no black screen that is actually powered on but only displaying black colors.  NOTHING.  So I decided to charge it and see what happened.


4- After it charged for a bit, it did start the boot process, but with a twist.  It would display the apple logo for about 10 seconds, then the apple logo would dim to a grey color for half a second, then turn off.  Then the process would repeat.  This loop would repeat itself whether my pad was plugged in to a power outlet, Mac or PC, or unplugged entirely from anything.


(For thoroughness, I tried all of the steps above and below on a PC and on Boot Camp Windows on my Mac.  I have gotten slightly varied results, depending on the machine and OS. I will try to remember to detail which events occurred on which machineOS)


5- Iplugged my pad into my iMac, with Itunes opened, and hoped to do a restore. But Itunes wouldnt recognize that my pad was plugged in. So I put the pad into DFU mode. (my pad now apears to be powered off)  NOW Itunes recognizes it.  It prompts with the message Itunes has detected a device in recovery mode, you must restore it. . . So I clicked the OK button, CLicked the Restore Button in the Ipad window, CLicked the Restore and Update button, and waited for Itunes and my pad to sort things out.


6- Itunes extracts the ios 7 software, says several things in the progress bar across the top, my pad starts to boot by showing the apple logo, itunes says it is waiting to verify restore with apple, my pad is showing the apple logo with a dark grey bar below it which indicates the amount of progress to be made before the restore process is completed. BUT, the pad turns off before ANY progress begins. And itunes displays the An unknown error has occurred. error 9


7- My pad is now showing the apple logo again for 10 seconds, and Itunes is no longer displaying that my pad is plugged in. Shortly later, my pad shows the Blue Itunes logo with the image of the usb cable (restore mode).  In order to get Itunes to recognize my device again, I have to unplug and replug my pad.  Which starts the prompts of Itunes has detected a device in restore mode. . . so on, so on.

     One slight variation to all of this is, if I leave my pad plugged in after the failed Restore process (itunes no longer recognizes that my pad is plugged in), after about 5-10 minutes my pad will show the apple logo. Itunes now redetects my pad and asks to go through the restore process again. But the result is the same --- error 9.


(on my pc machine, the error i receive is 3014, on bootcamp windows it is still error 9)


8- I have attempted to use TinyUmbrella to Fix recovery. But it only SAYS that the fix recovery process is started and finished and to allow the device to reboot.  But it never actually reboots, or does anything. I also tried clicking exit recovery.  This only puts my pad back into the endless apple logo, power off loop as noted in section 4-. I also tried using the TSS server process in TinyUmbrella.  This gave much different results, depending on whether or not my device was in DFU mode, or Restore mode. --- DFU resulted in error 4014 (which is still unresolved) and Restore Mode resulted in error 11.


9- I also tried using the custom IPSW process to possibly load an older ios (with and without TinyUmbrella). But this resulted in many varied errors, usually the This device is not eligible for this build, error 9, or error 4014. I tried ioss 6.0.1 and 6.1.3.  I even tried to custom restore back to ios 7.0.  Nothing new.


10- I have also tried editing, or outright deleting the Hosts files.  Or any facimiles of the Hosts files located in the same directory. Nothing. Also tried deleting or altering the Hosts files in bootcamp and on my pc.  Nothing.


11- I tried redownloading and installing a new copy of Itunes and the ios firmwares.  Nothing new or different.


12- I have tried rebooting all of my machines. I also tried allowing my pad to charge for 1 1/2 days, just to ensure that it was not a dead battery issue. No changes.


13- Jailbreak software obviously doesnt help, because they wont recognize a device with this ios.  Interstingly, my pad does seem to register as being on ios 7 in TinyUmbrella. So error 9 (some sort of vague USB issue- which is NOT the case here) seems to be inaccurate.  TinyUmbrella will show EVERYTHING my device is doing. Either unplugging and plugging, restoring, DFU mode, etc. .  . The USB is obviously working and allowing data to go in and out.


So, thats my recounting of this frustrating experience.  Anyone have some new ideas or combinations that I havent tried?


Hopefully, Thanks-in-advance,


Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Make an appointment at the genius bar.

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Go to apple store they will help you ..

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

Same problem but with Iphone 4s factory unlocked phone ... was updating from ios 5.1.1 to ios 6.1.3  dont know , everytime iam restoring error 4014  coming ... Dont buy apple product its just a waste of money ... iam now using it as a costly paper weight.. if anyone having solution pls provide ..

Answer:Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014

whever i tried forced dfu mode .. it said iphone cant be restored in dfu mode then error 4014.

Thanks u guys for the options .. but iam still stuck. !!

iphone unlocked

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