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can find my iphone be wrong

can find my iphone be wrong

iphone unlocked

Find my iPhone shows wrong location

My family has 4 iPhones and an iPad. Find my iPhone works really well on three of them. When I use it on my first generation iPhone using the up to date OS and my MobileMe account, the phone shows a location several hundred miles away. This is also occurring with the iPhone map software. It is on a Pay as you go contract with O2 and occurs on Wireless or on the Pay as go. As far as I am aware, all the settings are correct. I can get it to play a sound etc from the Find my Iphone app.
Any guidance very much appreciated.
iPhone OS 3.1.3

iphone unlocked

Find my iphone app won't open on my Mac I downloaded on itunes It opens on my iphone My mac is 10.6.8 What am I doing wrong ok in itunes

I have downloaded the Find my iphone app from itunes.  It opens on my iphone, but the app wont open on my Mac so I can register.  I must be doing something stupid.  I double click the icon, nothing happens.  I run OS 10.6.8 on my Mac.

TS1702 I keep getting an error thats states the security code from the back of my credit card is wrong and it isnt entered wrong I can't update any apps becuase it keeps redirectimg me to the billing page

I keep getting an error thats states the security code from the back of my credit card is wrong and it isnt entered wrong! I cant update any apps becuase it keeps redirectimg me to the billing page!!!

Under my billing information it keeps telling me my security's code on my credit card is wrong and it's not I've also tried another card and the same thing My cards are up to date and I've changed my Username is there something wrong

My billing information says my security code on my credit card is invalid  it isnt and every card I use it tells me the same thing! Ive changed my password and. O help! Is apple having issues with the app or iTunes store ? Help !

iPhone 4 I cannot find the Find my Phone option

I have an iPhone 4, but I cannot find the Find my Phone option, which I would like to set.
Any ideas, solutions? Thanks in advance.
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HT4061 My 10 yr old daughter lost her Iphone don't know if find my iphone is enabled The phone is dead with no signal How can I find her iphone

My 10 yr old daughter lost her Iphone, dont know if find my iphone is enabled.  The phone is dead with no signal.  How can I find her iphone?

I never had find my friends find my iPhone or I book on my phone on August 22 there was an App Store update for them wich downloaded them to my home screen Why did this happen if I never had them on my phone before

On August 22 I received an update for find my friend find my I phone and I books why did this happen even though I have never had them on my I phone ?

Somewhere along the way a wrong phone number got associated with my mom's contact information I have deleted the contact and logged out and back into iMessage but every time I go to message my mom it goes to this wrong number Help

Whenever I message my mom, this wrong number gets the message and it is very frustrating. How do I unassociate this number from my moms contact information?


Thanks for any help you can give.

My iPhone 5s was stolen and the Find my iPhone app is not activated how can i find it please help me

how can i find my stolen iPhone 5s?

Find my Iphone app - Ipod stolen How do i find my ipod

I have a 4th gen ipod that was stolen at school and it has the find my iphone app on it and usually when people steal ipods at my school they delete all the data on it, is it possible for them to delete the app without having to like enter some password or something.
-I didnt have a passcode to unlock the ipod
4th Gen Ipod Touch

Can I find locate my iPhone using Find My iPhone from my MacBook

Subject says it all. Our family only has one iPhone so cannot use another iPhone to locate the lost one. Suggestions?

Is there any other way to find and iPhone besides using the find my iPhone app

Been trying to find my iPhone using the find my iPhone app and have had no luck. Also added the  AT&T Family Map and have had no luck. It just makes me so mad that somebody you thought was your friend would do something like this. Can anybody HELP!! Would really appericate it.

Something seems wrong with my iPhone 3G

Whenever I restart it the apple logo just stays on the screen for like Ever! Its simply doesnt proceed further untill I reset the phone. This one time it even showed the plug to itunes screen for a brief moment and the suddenly started the phone normally. Any idea whats wrong?
MacBook5,1 Mac OS X (10.6.2) iPhone OS 3.1.2


This morning I wake up at 6:03 am, to my phone playing the sound of charging and un-charging.I look at my screen, and it is alternating from the lock scree, to what appears to be an apple logo that looks like it is loading something. I have tried turning the phone off, only by pressing the two buttons,(lock and home), i have also tried leaving it off, restoring it, and plugging it in to my computer. The phone is working but every 5 seconds, the apple screen pops up like it is still loading something. I called my cell phone from my house phone, and even then the apple thing showed up, while it was being displayed that i have an on coming call.
Windows Vista

What is wrong with this iPhone

Okay so I have an iPhone 3G 16GB. I like it a lot. There is a problem I have encountered 3 days ago and I need a solution:


My iPhone is out of batteries and I plug it into my computer.I wait 5 minutes for iTunes to open up.After waiting 5 minutes nothing happens, the two battery animations suddnenly pop up on the iPhone.I wait again, I get a bit more hopeful.After waiting, my iPhone is stuck on the white apple logo for a long time before repeating all these steps.


I have tried to restore it but my computer doesnt detect the device.

I have held down the on/off switch with the home button and it just repeats all the above steps of not working.

I cannot find the serial number.

Ive left it in my computer for 1 hour intervals before trying to re-boot it.


I dont know what to do now, Im so stressed and Ive lost the serial number...

My girlfriend went a bit crazy at me..


This problem has not happened in the past, this is its first time. Please offer me a solution, thank you!

Something's really wrong with my iPhone 5

Hey there,


My iphone 5 has some issues lately. It stucks when i open the camera app. The only thing I see on my screen is the shutter screen. I tried reseting and shutting down the device so many times but nothing has changed. My battery is also driving me crazy! It lasts only for 30 mins, and it takes so long to charge it!


Need an immediate help before I hate my lovemark!


Thank you.

Lina Nil

Is there something wrong with my iPhone

I have an iPhone 3G that I have had since the end of March 2009. It has worked perfectly until a couple of days ago.
I dont know how/why but I now keep getting the This accessory is not made to work with iPhone. Would you like to turn on airplane mode to reduce audio interference? You will not be able to make or recieve calls
This phrase appears quite frequently. I press the camera icon and the phrase appears, i press the safari icon and the phrase appears, i press the messages icon and the phrase appears etc etc etc.
I have a done a restore of the iPhone and it still has this message appearing.
Any suggestions?
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0.1

What's wrong with my iPhone 4 Bluetooth

I just bought a new iPhone 4 today, and when I tried to use Bluetooth to send file and receive file, they all failed. Its like when I tried to use other device to send a file to the iPhone, at first it couldnt even find the iPhone, after I turned off and turned on bluetooth again, it found the iPhone, but when I tried to send the file, said it was failed. And when I attempted to use iPhone to send a file, it couldnt even find any device, all it was doing was searching for devices all the time and nothing came out. Does any one know whats wrong with it? Please help me!
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Wrong time on iPhone 3G

I have just travelled from the US (Central Time) to Europe (GMT+1) with a stop in Atlanta (EST). When I switch my phone on in Atlanta, it correctly indicated +1 hour compared to Central Time. Since I arrived in Europe (2 days now), the time on the phone is locked on US EST. In the Settings (General/Date and Time), the Set Automatically is ON.
iPhone 3g

iPhone with wrong idenity

guys I need some help, my other half has bought an Iphone. I have an I touch.
The problem is when we sync with the same computer it takes over and wants to charge everything to my id.
Is there a setting in the I phone to revert back to the orginal user i.e. my other half username?
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iPhone 3G Sorting gone wrong

Ive put some music on my iPhone, which has gone well. However, I have an album that has a mind of its own. Its a fictional album with singles in it: VA. The Album Artist is therefore also VA. Now, heres the problem. The album gets sorted on the Artist page under the V (which is good), but its not listed as VA, but as Tracy Chapman:
However, The Killers cannot be found in te artist list. Therefore, I think what the iPhone meant was VA. How can I fix this?
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iPhone 1G time wrong

... by one hour and 40 minutes. Time zone correct. Auto time has been toggled on and off a couple of times. Reset the phone a couple of times.
In the short time Ive written this, its lost 2 minutes. Was one hour and 38 minutes off when I started.
Any ideas?
PowerBook G4 1.5GHz iPhone OS 3.1.3

3.1.3 update for iphone gone wrong

A few days ago I updated my iphone with the new update. Im now regretting I ever did. It was working perfectly before.
After the update, everything seemed normal until the next day when I went to send an SMS and found I couldnt. I saw that instead of showing my network signal, the words locked sim appeared, which wasnt really a surprise as my SIM is locked to T-Mobile. I then tried to make a call and found that I couldnt call either. When I got to work I did find that I could access internet using the Wireless, but could not make calls or do anything involving my Network.
I have since then; restored, backed up, rebooted, many times. I also backed up all the applications I had onto iTunes so I could retrieve them later.
I have found that if I restore I am able to get a network. So I can make calls, send SMS. However, if I turn the phone off and on again, the signal is lost again and the words Locked Sim appears.
Also, after a successful restore, I have reloaded all the applications back on and the same thing happens, Locked sim.
I know this is an iphone problem as Ive tried my sim in another handset and it worked perfectly.
Id appreciate any help fixing this. I did wonder whether setting up the phone on iTunes as a new phone would help, but also whether that would mean I couldnt put my applications back on the phone.
iphone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3

My iphone came with wrong accesories

Hi everyone I have a BRAND NEW iPhone 4 that I ordered. It says that it brings earphones with a mic and volume buttons,a usb cable, etc.... right ? But when I opened the box it came with earphones with mic but NO VOLUME BUTTONS!!! Can I call apple or do I need to go to a apple store please any help would be appreciated !!
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Iphone 4 iOS 4

Whats wrong with the iphone

I have an Iphone 4 and i got it about 2 weeks ago. its been working fine until yeaterday. i was at work and then when i went to check my phone, it had reset itself. so i tried going to AT&T and they said it reset in my pocket(which i dont know how it did that). so i went home and restored it myself, and this morning, i turned it on (after putting a few soings on it and putting on mobile me the night before)and it showed i have had no signal for the whole day. every once in a while, i will get a bar and some EDGE, but i ussally get eaither searching... or no signal. I dont know what to do.
Any help?
Dell iOS 4 A couple years old

Why does my iPhone 4s show my location wrong

My phone shows my location at least several hundred meters off.  How to resolve?

iPhone has wrong songs in playlist

This is driving me nuts. All of my playlists I have selected to sync to the iPhone has synced fine apart from one.
The Top 25 most played smart playlist is syncing to the iPhone - the source list in iTunes shows the 25 most played songs, the playlist under the iPhone section in Devices shows the same songs but the actual playlist on the iPod contains a load of other songs, some only played once or twice, some duplicates - a real mixed bag of nonsense.
I have tried adding and deleting the playlist but every time it resyncs it still has the wrong songs on.
Any ideas?
iMac 24 inch Mac OS X (10.5)

iphone calendar colours are all wrong

Dear All,
Im having an issue with my iPhone 3G (running OS 3).
My iCal and MobileMe Calendar sync correctly, with the right colours. But on my iPhone the colours have arrived all shuffled around.
The details are correct (information, dates, times) - its just the colours.
Im assuming that a reset sync data wont help, since my computer and MobileMe seem to be communicating correctly ...
Can anyone help?
Mac Pro G5; MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.11)

iPhone 4 calls the wrong contact

My cousin has an iPhone 4 with a very weird glitch. Its been happening for over 2 weeks now. She would go into the Phone application, tap my name to call me, then it would automatically call her Mom, even though she chose me. It does the same thing for every person. It is on 5.1.1, Not jailbroken, and on Verizon. Any suggestions?

Track order wrong on iPhone

I have a problem with one particular mp3 track, its track 2 of a 13 track album. It always appears as the last track (13) on the iPhone for some reason. It shows correctly tagged as track 2 on other iPods, iTunes and even in a standalone ID3 Tag Editor. Ive tried changing the track tags but the iPhone will always only show this one particular track as the last track on the album.
I think its an iPhone bug, any ideas?
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