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cant size pictures to fit my iphone 5 home screen

cant size pictures to fit my iphone 5 home screen

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iPhone 3GS - screen size suddenly won't fit display size

Hi out there,
all of a sudden it appears as if the size of my iPhones screen wouldnt match the size of the display any more.
Without having installed a new app or so I now notice that at the top or sometimes at the bottom of the screen à couple of pixels are sort of cut off (seems to be 2 or 3 rows of pixels being truncated).
Interestingly this can be seen on the Home screen as well as on some apps. On the Home screen it shows by truncating a small portion of the names of the icons in the dock (mail, phone, iPod, safari). BUT when closing an app and returning to the Home screen then for half a second the names of the icons are shown completely, then it seems as if the screen was somehow enlarging and these 2 to 3 rows of pixels are cut off.
Any idea Im still too new to the iPhone to have a clue where to search for the solution. Ah, and its no jailbreak or so - simply the way as it was sold with quite some apps installed from the app-store.
Thanks / cheers
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Why is it that with iOS 7 pictures do not fit the screen

When I try to set pictures as the background on my iPhone 5, they do not scale to the screen. Although a little problem that I have tried to ignore, its become very annoying. It only started doing this after I updated to iOS 7 and had carried on through the updates. Help!!

Iphone 3GS screen icons enlarged and do not fit screen

It appears that viewable area of the screen is enlarged and the icons do not fit within the screen. Same problem with all apps. I cannot type as letters have fallen outside the viewable area of the screen.
How does one resolve this?
Iphone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.2

Sometimes the screen on my iPhone4 gets twice as big I can with big difficulty drag the picture and turn off the phone When I start again the size is OK Is it something I do Something I can avoid doing Is there an easier way to get correct size

Sometimes the screen on my iPhone4 gets twice as big.

I can, with big difficulty turn off the phone. I have to draaarag the picture to find the turn off button. When I start again the size is OK. Is it something I do? Something I can avoid doing? Is there an easier way to get correct size?

Grateful for tips and ideas

Hi my iphone 4 home screen keeps flashing on and off repeatedly if I'm using my phone or in an app it will just go black then light up to the home screen and it does this over and over Then the power off option will pop up what should i do

Hi my iphone 4 home screen keeps flashing on and off repeatdly. I will beonmy phone or in an app and it will go to a black screen and then light up to the home screen. Then the power off option will pop up. I have tried letting it die and recharging it and powering it off neither worked. Does any one have an idea on what this could be or what I can do?

Full Size Contact Pictures

So does iOS 4 NOT support full size contact pictures anymore? All of my contacts have pictures located on my phone and not through gmail. Any thoughts? I really hate the thumbnail pictures and want the full size back.
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Did the new firmware update increase the size of the pictures taken

My old pictures were 600x800 and now the new ones Ive taken are 1200x1600. I just noticed this today, so I can only assume the new firmware is responsible for it?
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Print date and set size of pictures

1. Is there any way to print the date on the picture itself. Once on my computer, I can use software that reads exif and edits the jpeg to insert the date, but I do not want to go through the extra step.
The dumbest cameras give you the option to print/not print the date.
2. The photos are around 1.5M, which a waste given the lens/picture quality (I have a digital camera that creates 500K pictures that are much better than the iPhone pics). Is there any option that lets you set the size? Again, the dumbest digital camera gives you this option.
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Why are pictures taken with iPhone 4s 16GB smaller in size compared to a 4s 32GB model

Why are picture taken with an iPhone 4s 16GB model smaller in size then pictures taken with a iPhone 4s 32GB model?

See the following examples:


16GB model:


32GB model:



Does the 16GB model use more compression? Is there some setting that I miss? Both images are taken with flash set to off, no HDR, same distance to subject, same light...

Problem with sending pictures in actual size by mail after upgrade to 4.3.1

After upgrade to 4.3.1 i can not send picture in actual size by mail from my IPhone4like before when i can choose small/medium/large or actual sizeIf anyone know how I can fix the problem I wait for you answers Thx

Screen doesn't fit

Since two days, my screens dont fit anymore on my iPhone4. I can scroll (only a millimeter or two) up and down and left to right, even on the home screen!
It bothers me, because I have no clue how it happened. I shut down my phone and restarted it again, but that did not solve the problem. Also syncing with my MacBook did not resolve this.
I did install some apps in the last few days. Before I delete the last ones, I rather have professional advice on this.
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Pro.Fit MiCradle Car Mount - Really Thin Case That Would Fit

Hey Everyone,
My first post, btw...
I decided to buy a Pro.Fit car mount for my iPhone, but was torn between the miCradle (the iPhone-specific mount) and the iGrip (a spring-loaded mount for various small electronic devices).
I was leaning towards the iGrip because my iPhone is in a case (Showcase), and lets just say I, my own personal grip while holding my phone isnt the best.
I was leaning towards the miCradle because I dont really want a spring-loaded car mount. I used to have one, and after a while, it started to give...eventually not providing any grip on my phone. The one thing about the miCradle is that it was designed for iPhones that are not in a case. The dimensions were based exactly on that of the iPhone.
I ordered both mounts and decided to look at em and explore my options, then Ill decide which one I want to use, and return the other.
There must be some extra room on the miCradle for the iPhone to be mounted to it. A little room to move around. There must be an extremely thin case out there somewhere that could fit into it.
Does anyone know of any really thin cases out there that only minimally impact the dimensions of the iPhone? I just want some sort of protection out there somewhere.
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IOS 7 wallpaper resizing will not shrink photo to fit screen

After update, wallpaper stretchs larger than image.  Unable to resize smaller to fit screen.  My photo only measures 24k @ 261x231 and is HUGE; bigger than the screen can accommodatem (shrink).  Cannot resize smaller to fit screen.  Any ideas/suggestions?   I have tried resizing my photo (smaller crop in size and dimensions) and photos render too large for screen.   Cannot resize smaller to fit.   I know I am repeating myself.  Just to be clear.  Am I doing something incorrectly in IOS 7?   Any ideas/suggestions or similar problems solving input would be appreciated. 

Size of icons on screen

I cant adjust the size of icons, etc. on the screen, everything is to big? How can this be fixed?

Why did my screen blow up to twice it's normal size

So I was using my Iphone for a few minutes texting and then the next time I went to unlock it the screen was over twice its normal size. I can only see a few icons and to see the rest I have to put my finger on the side of the screen and it then will scroll over. Anyone know what happened or how I can fix this? I have turned it off and on many times but that didnt work. I synced it with itunes but nothing. This is very strange.
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Why does my screen randomly increase in size

Randomly, my iPhone 3Gs screen will increase in size to the point that I can only see 3 out of 4 of the icons on any page. The only way to get around the problem seems to be to restart the phone. The nearest repair site is 58 miles away. If I mail it in, what do I do for a phone in the mean time

Will accessories that fit 3G fit 3GS

So will cases, docks, etc be the same?
This may be a redundant question, but I can not find an answer. looking at specs, they look the same. Thank You

My phone screen is large and want go down to normal size

My phone screen is large and want go down to normal size. the main screens is very large and nobody what I do it wont go back to the normal size. what should i do?
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Screen image size oversized after OS4 upgrade

I just upgraded my 3GS iPhone to iOS4 and the entire image on the screen is oversized (wallpaper, app icons, etc.) I cant even unlock the phone or turn it off/on because part of the slider bars are off the screen. Im hoping theres a setting that maybe I can get to that changes and sets the screen image size. I really dont want to try a restore if I can avoid it because Ive never been through one before, and the forums make it sound difficult if you dont know what youre doing. Anyone know a fix for my problem? The phone is unusable like this. Thanks!
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How to maintain screen size after automatic page refresh

I am using an auction site where my personal page updates every 20 sec. Each time it refreshes the screen shrinks down to an unusable size and must be expanded. Is there anyway to maintain screen size in this situation?
I am the creator of the html code as well for this page. Is there something I can put in the code if the user cannot control this setting?
Thank you,
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my screen on phone 3gs has doubled in size try tapping it for it to reduce but nothing happens Any suggestons This is also when locked so very hard to unlock

I went to use i-phone 3gs & screen has doubled n size. This is while it is locked. Finally got unlocked & have tried tapping it to reduce size but nothing happens. Any suggestions? Not sure how happened.

Weird Problem Screen Saver going to Playlist NOT home screen

I have the 16 gig iPhone with version 2.2.1. I synched two days ago, and ever since, when my iPhone goes to sleep a random album in my play list appears NOT my regular homescreen. Once I hit the home button it does return to the home screen. My battery had died both days, too - so I think its playing or something.
Any ideas? Ive tried re-synching and turning the iPhone off and on. Thanks! Lori
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Edit Home Screen Dismiss button is stuck on my screen

I just upgraded my 3G phone to 2.1.
Since I have upgraded, I have not been able to use my phone at all. I have a window displayed on my phone.
Edit Home Screen
To rearrange icons, touch and hold any icon until it starts to wiggle, then drag icons to desired locations. Drag an incon to the far right to create additional Home screens. Press the Home button when done.
I can not press the Dismiss button to close the window. Nothing happens when I press the Dismiss button. It doesnt look like it recognizes that I am touching the screen at all. I cant do anything with the phone until I get rid of this missage
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i have the iphone 3gs 8gig with the glass cracked will hte iphone 3gs 16gig glass screen fit mine

i have the iphone 3gs 8gig and the glass is cracked! will the iphone 3gs 16 gig glass screen fit mine?

IPhone 5 black screen and recovery mode-need to get pictures off

Hi, i was recently camping, and taking a lot of not backed up pictures when I decided to test my otter box water proof case in the pool. It was underwater for only about 20 sec and was recording video. I took it out and was able to stop the video (iPhone was still working) It turned off while I was getting out of the pool. I figured this was because it was out of battery as it had very little when I went into the pool. I got back to my RV and plugged it in it displayed the charging image and I took a shower thinking it was fine. I looked after my shower and it was just a black screen (screen was illuminated). I did a hard reset and some text appeared and it got stuck restarting on the apple logo. I tried again and got a fully red screen. I tried again and got stuck on the apple logo. Now it won’t start at all and the screen isn’t at all lit up. I plugged it into my computer (I am home now) and iTunes says it’s in recovery mode. I have no problem restoring except that I don’t want to lose my pictures. Can I get them off? The screen is still black and not powered on the iPhone.

Iphone wont go to home screen

I updated the software on my Iphone to the 2.2 version and it has been working perfectly until now...Like 10 mins ago it has been impossible for me to get back to my home screen it is like my phone is stuck in the text messaging screen.. I can still receive and send text messages but that is it.. I have tried restarting but the same problem arises.. Can someone please help... OH also when my phone is in sleep mode the click button does not turn it back on.. I got my phone last christmas and i think it is still under the warranty what should i do..?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.5)

When browsing iPhone goes to home screen

Sometimes when I use Safari, the iPhone just suddenly goes to the home screen. This happens maybe 1 out of 5 times. It does this when I wait for a page to load, and sometimes when the page is loaded and I am simply reading the page - not touching the screen or home button.
When I turn off, the back on again, this seems to solve the issue for a day or so but eventually starts acting up again.
Any ideas?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Change IPhone home screen

Is there anyway that you can change your Iphone home screen from black to whatever you want it to be?
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HT1430 camera screen and pictures look like negatives

My screen looks like a negative and the camera lens and pictures all appear the same.

Full Screen Contact Pictures get cropped

I have found on every iphone ive checked, that full screen contact picture ids get cropped to fill only 60% of the screen (the center) after a few weeks.
This is really odd, considering the phone fills the screen with the photo upon setting it.
I wish apple would address this issue. Doesnt this bother anyone else? Is there a solution?
I have a mac, and use mobileme for all contact syncing. Basically I do everything exactly as apple would instruct and then a few weeks later the photo is changed without any action on my part.
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