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cara upgrade iPhone 3g. 8gb ke ios6

cara upgrade iPhone 3g. 8gb ke ios6

iphone unlocked

Upgrade from 3G 8GB to 3GS 16GB iphone

I currently have an iphone 3G 8GB and have been given to opportunity to upgrade to a 3GS 16GB. How simple is it to transfer everything from my current iphone to the new one? HAs anybody had any issues with this if so I would like to hear them.. Also are there any whispers out there of another updated Iphone anytime this year and if so would I be better of waiting until later in the year before committing to a new contract
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iphone unlocked

Can I upgrade my iPhone 3GS 8gb to 32gb

I have a brand new iPhone 3GS but I want more space for music an photos etc. my question is will they give me a new iPhone or take I apart? Because i dont want it opened up and seeing scratches when I get it back from them best would be to get a new one with the box and pay $100

I have an iphone 3 want to upgrade to IOS6 How

have an iphone 3 want to upgrade to IOS6 How?

I've lost all sound after ios6 upgrade

Ive lost all sound after upgrade to iOS 6

Volume buttons on the side bring up the ringer icon but no volume level indication

Ive checked all settings etc,..,

I get no ringtones / keyboard clicks/ lock noises

Ive tried hard reset etc....

Any one else muted

3gs not charging after ios6 upgrade

Hi All

I uploaded the new ios6 today and since then the USB to the pc and the mains plug adapter are not being recognised. Which means that the iPhone will no longer charge.


Has anyone else had this problem as Apple say that it is not a recognised fault and I will need to replace the phone..


Help if you can





Yes yet another 3gs upgrade to ios6 question

I have an Iphone 3gs Model MC131B, currently running ios4.1 So far, I have resisted any upgrades as I have been put off by reading some of the posts in this Forum. I use the phone to make phone calls, texts receive and send emails and use the Internet. I have no purchased apps, a few free ones, like BBC, Orange Tesco etc. I do have a fair amount of music and photos. The main stumbling block has been the fact thatat the moment I can connect my phone to the in-car sound system in my Mercedes via Bluetooth and use the hands free. I have access to my Contacts on that system. I have read that a number of people have lost this functionality when they have upgraded.


Now I realise that most of the posts in this forum will be from people who have HAD problems, rarely from prople who HAVENT. So my question is how safe is upgrading my phone to ios6? Are there people out there who have a similar setup to mine upgraded without any problems and is there anything I can do to minimise the potential for problems. I dont want to end up with a phone I cant use!

Thanks for reading




Ooops I goofed with a IOS6 upgrade to my 3GS

Hey Everyone.


Im new to joining and posting here. But not in research and remedying my issues from time to time over the past 4yrs. Thanks for ALL the help in past. Maybe I can help in the future....=•))

It seems my 16G 3GS has hit the wall since upgrading recently, like a week ago. Im not sure, but my last IOS was 4something and worked great. Although my wifi ability was non-existent, the phone worked great in ALL other areas. Thinking the upgrade may help, I did it and stubburnly upped into a no battery life corner. Now I looked here in the archives and found the reset idea. I did the reset and it seems a little better, still observing. My battery was working almost twice as better before the upgrade. Will see since the reset yesterday.

My options to the situation are a)up to a 4S or maybe a 5, b) possibly replace my 3GS with another from Apple if I can. Mainly the replacement would only be if they would replace my phone because of the battery(for a fee, of course) and then only if the IOS would be 4something. My belief is they dont sell 3GSs with older software, if they sell 3GSs anymore at all. After reading on here that it is kind of impossible to degrade software in the IOS world, I may be looking more at a 4S or 5. Not a big gammer AT ALL, just phone, txt, pix, and web. Any ideas are completely appreciated...


Many thanks and cheers,



HT1808 how to upgrade version 5.1.1 to ios6 when it is close

can i update my iphone4 version5.1.1 to ios6 or 7


and how when ios6 is close and the only available is ios7 please help me?

Weak 3gs wifi signal after upgrade to ios6

Anyone experienced the same thing after upgrading their 3gs to ios6?

I noticed that wi-fi signal became weaker.


I am on the same spot inside the house and the 3gs cannot detect my connection.

i try to upgrade my 3gs to ios6 and it erase all the info on my phone can somebody tell me what to do to get my phone works again.please help

itry to upgrade my 3gs to ios6 and it erase all my info in the phone.can somebody tell me what to do. please help

Am wondering if I can use my old iPhone 3GS and download ios6 on it Currently was using it as a controller for a Sonos Music system and want to continue but ned to up date to ios6 iPhone 3GS iOS 6.0.1

Can I install ios6 to an iphone 3G.  Want to use it as a Sonos Controller.  An input would be appreciated

Anyone had problems with the latest ios6.1 update since ios6 stuffed up so meany iPhones don't want to update to6.1 if there's problems that too

Anyone had problems with the latest ios6.1 update, since ios6 stuffed up so meany iPhones, dont want to update to6.1 if theres problems that too

original iphone 8gb

does anyone know if the original iphone is capable of picking up 3g network, i have given mine to my daughter but need to know if it is worth getting an iphone tariff with internet access.
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new 8gb 3g Iphone but only shows 7.08 gb

why is my phone not showing the full 8gbs of memory? i feel short changed for almost a whole gb of memory
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8GB or 16GB iPhone

My wife and I are each planning to get a new iPhone. Are people who are using the 8GB iPhone finding that it has adequate capacity, or should we not bother with that and go straight for the 16GB, or get one of each?
I have an 80GB iPod which is used for music and video and would probably add mostly a few apps and a small amount of music and video to an iPhone. My wife would probably use it mostly for the calendar and internet, but I could see her keeping photos, 1 or 2 apps and a small amount of music and video. Any input would be appreciated.
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My iPhone 3g 8gb won't reset

So it died like usual and i went to charge it on my computer since my mom broke my charger but it said connect to itunes so i did then i had to restore it and i did but now it reboots every 30 seconds and it keeps saying connect to itunes and ive restored it soo many times. but i rstore it like 5 times then it says cant detect sim so then i plug it back in then no sim then sim isnt found it works. help!!

Questions about ordering the 8GB iPhone 4

So, Im ordering the 8GB iPhone 4 for someone in my family plan. During the process, I was asked to put in the preferred phone number and the master account holders (myself) last 4 digits of SSN, among a few other things. At the checkout screen, I dont see any mention of which person/what number Im ordering the phone for, just the shipping address and my name. So, Im a bit worried as to which person the iPhone is going to; it seems to mention my name a lot, but I did enter the number I wanted to order for. So, which is it?


Also, when the phone actually comes, whats going to happen to the old phone (an iPhone 3G)? Will the SIM card automatically get deactivated, considering the iP4 uses a different kind of SIM? Or will I have to go to the AT&T store and get it activated?

need update iphone 8gb never updated it



iPhone 2G 8GB Overrun By Car

My old 2G was overrun (is that the term), by a car, and it is completely broken.
I have heard that apple can replace it for something like 250 dollars, is that true? What do i need to do?
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should I buy 8GB IPhone and what plan

Hi, Im looking to invest in the 8GB IPhone. I can handle the whole mac environment, having worked and lived with them. Ive tested the IPhone out, it seems very nice, I love how it feels and everything, though Im not sure about the plan limitations.
Ive called AT&T looking for more information, but their customer support has been rather unhelpful. Im looking at the $79.99 plan, with 900 minutes. This is more than enough, but Im always in touch with people through text, pictures, audio files, basically mms and sms. Though I am not sure if in the unlimited data/web part of the plan they mean I can send pictures and videos to people through mms, or if I have to go and buy that as an add on to my plan.
Also about AppleCare; should I buy the IPhone, Im going to buy the applecare for $69.99, but Im not sure if that is a monthly charge or if it is payed once then I dont have to worry about it.
I understand this forum is mainly for hardware/software related issues, but I figured with most of you being IPhone owners then you might be able to help me more than AT&T has not been able too.
Much appreciated,
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Swap iPhone 3G 8GB for 16GB Under 30 Days

I was wondering if I went to the Apple store or a AT&T store, would they let me swap my 8gb iPhone 3G for a 16GB one if I paid the difference in price and the restocking fee.
Has anyone ever done this before? If so, what was your experience like.
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can i up my Iphone 3 from 8gb to 16gb without buying new phone

Hi, Can anyone tell me if I can up my phone from 8gb to 16 or even 32gb, without having to buy a new phone?  I rarely ever use this one for anything other than my music but now I find myself running out of room with an 8gb.  Thanks

My iPhone 3G 8GB doesn't have WiFi support

Dear everybody,
I have a big problem. I stayed in China for a very long period, so i thought I will buy the iphone (3G 8GB) in China. But, now my iphone seems not to have any WiFi connectivity or what so ever. Is this a hardware or software issue? If so, can I update my iPhone with the Dutch update and than the WiFi support will be enabled...
Hope ├žan help me!
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Restoring iPhone 2g 8gb without SIM card

I recently changed over to the 3G iPhone and am going to sell my 2g. I took the SIM card out of it before I restored it, which may have been a mistake. Now it wont let me get to the main screen of the iPhone without activating the service through AT&T again. I dont want to do this, because my service is already activated through AT&T on my 3G. Is it fine to sell like this without a sim card? Or what do I need to do to get things back to the way they were?
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Iphone 3g-8gb memory not being calculated correctly

I have the latest version of software...and itunes and it says i have 53.3mb in apps when i really dont and says i only have 6.5 gb left...but when i go to my computer and click portable drive-iphone it says i have 6.64...so i am curious how to fix this problem and which memory counter to trust.
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Upgraded from 8GB iPhone 4 to 16GB 5S still over capcity

I used to have an 8GB iPhone 4 which was always around near capacity. I upgraded to a 16GB iphone 5S thinking I would get more space but I am still at capacity.  I have unchecked unneeded items in sync and the amound of music and apps is the same. Why dont I have any more space?

iphone 3G 8GB Enable Vibrate Ringtone

on my Iphone, I would like to enable ringtone with vibrate.
In Settings --> Sound, in the section ring, i selected on on vibrate and i selected a ringtone. I have a problems : when i receive a call, i usually hear only the sound but the vibrate doesnt function.
When I setting the iphone on silent, the vibrate function.
Is there a way to settings ringtone with vibrate?

How to only 8Gb

I have a 40gb iPod with about 20gb of music on it. I assume when I buy my iPhone it will automatically sync with iTunes! Can I run 2 seperate iTunes one for iPhone and one for iPod Any help appreciated.
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Iphone DROPPED price 8gb to 299 Target

I just bought my phone on 2/15/08 and NOW a 100 price drop.
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