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clash of clans failed to purchase

clash of clans failed to purchase

iphone unlocked

HT4009 Purchase could not be completed in app clash of clans what does this mean or should I change to resolve

Purchase could not be completed in app clash of clans what does this mean or should I change to resolve ?

iphone unlocked

In App Purchase Error Transaction Failed Cannot connect to iTunes Store

O.k. on my iPhone when Im in an app I tried to purchase something and it wont let me by saying, Transaction Failed, Cannot Connect to iTunes Store.. But Im able to use the same app on my iPod touch and I can purchase what I needed.... So can somebody help me figure out what the reason is behind it? Both the iPhone and the Ipod has the same account information and both uses the same computer to connect to iTunes.... So why does one work and the other doesnt? Also its an iPhone 3Gs...

when i try to purchase an app i get an 'unknown error' message How can I get this corrected i can't purchase anything or update any of my apps

get an unknown error message when i try to make purchases with my apple ID.  How can I fix this?

When I try to make an in app purchase more than twice in 24 hours I get a message to contact itunes support i always have more credit than the purchase amount

Why when I try to make an in app purchase more than twice in 24 hours do I get a message to contact itunes support? I always have more credit than the purchase amount.

Can I Purchase A iPhone Do I HAVE to Purchase Data Plan

Yes I Am Interested In Buying A iPhone But I Do Not Need A Data PLan Because I Am Around Wifi Constantly. Thank You For ANY Feedback.
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Apple Care plus purchase after phone purchase

Im getting conflicting information about purchasing Apple Care plus. My wife got a 4s from Verizon 1 week ago and did not buy the plan, but is planning to today. The Verizon rep said she could buy it anytime within the first 30 days, but Im seeing a lot of posts on the web where it must be purchased at the same time as the phone.  Has anyone purchased the coverage after the fact, or have any information about this?  Thanks.

looking to purchase

hi looking to purchase an iphone and had a query i wonder if anyone could help me with although not very important but can you select a tune from itunes or an mp3 as a ringtone?
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Hi, I want to buy an iphone, I dont want a free phone or to be bound to some company in terms of locked phones, but I also dont want to buy a jailbroke phone, cant I just purchase a normal everyday iphone from an Apple dealer somewhere that has NOT been screwed around with? I travel virtually constantly and visit a fair few countries, people keep telling me to purchase one in France or Italy, or to order one from Hong Kong, is this fair advice for someone who doesnt really have a fixed abode? I need to use a few different countrys SIMs. I currently have one I purchased from South Africa and has always worked perfectly, will the same be true of France and Italy? thanks
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New purchase

Hi every one first post hope there is help out there. I live in the UK and want to purchase an IPHONE 3GS to use mainly for broadband, home and abroad. The web sight I use needs a Java plug in to run the live streaming platform (for stock market use). I have down loaded and installed the plug in on my home PC which operates fine, (WINDOWS XP). When using demo IPHONES in our stores I am unable to install the Java plug in, hence the sight will not operate. The store assistants are unable to help in any way. This model phone has the ideal spec for my particular use. Is there a way around this problem please.

IPhone Possible Purchase

Im looking at purchasing the iPhone 3G. Ive read multiple reviews etc. and had a few questions hoping to get some feedback.
It seems the biggest items missing are the following:
video recorder
expandable memory
voice dialing
There are programs available to do tethering, video recording, copy/paste, etc. if I jail break the phone. Id rather not do that.
My concern is buying a phone and then Apple coming out with a new phone with the above capabilities and Im stuck with the old one. Im assuming (well hope) approved 3rd party apps will be made for the above items, or Apple will provide firmware / software updates supporting the above items for the current phone (except the expandable memory).
Before I spend $300 for a phone and $30 a month for a data plan, I was just looking for some feedback. Im assuming there is also a fee for sending text messages and the GPS (havent looked into that yet).
Thank you.
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Purchase UK music in US

I have been trying to purchase music from the UK but when I hit purchase, it takes me back to the US itunes. Is it possible to buy UK music in the US and if so...how?

My first ringtone purchase

Hi. I just purchased my first ringtone, syncd my iPhone 4 with iTunes, but I dont see it as a selection is Settings > Sounds > Ringtone. Is there something I need to do before it will be selectable as a ringtone?
Please help.
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considering iPhone purchase

Are there any individual talk plans that are less than 450 minutes a month? Im not much of a talker, more of a texter.

Is There a Better Carrier to Purchase


I have 2 contracts with Verizon from an old cell phone and a mobile hotspot device which are now a year exoired.  I want an iPhone 4S.  I also liked the Mobile HotSpot 3G which does not work well now that the carrier has put their efforts in to 4G.  Does the iPhone 4S have the ability to work as a mobile hotspot with my MacBook Pro?  Also, I have a friend who got a free iPhone4S at BestBuy last weekend and their rates were so much bettter than Verizon.  Apparantly that deal get one free was for one day and is now buy a iPhone 4S and get one free.. Anybody know a decent carrier and the best place to get the iPhone4S.  I have a $50 New Every Two from Verizon, but the prices for the data services are out rageous.  Plus I would like to learn how to use the iPhone4S at some classes.


Any recommendations on where to get the iPhone 4S, the best carrrier (Sprints prices were much better than Verizon, but I heard Verizon has the better network), and the Mobile Hotspot 3G I had was an awesome device (when it worked).  If I can use the IPhone 4S as a mobile hot spot I would leave verizon, if not, I am interested to hear what the experts say.


BTW, I have never used a smartphone, so this is a NEW expereince for me.

Unable to purchase

I start having this problem since last Friday. When i go into an App Store on my iPhone 4s and try to download any app I get this error message; unable to purchase. Hanging With Friends and other items could not be purchased at this time.Please try again later. First of all, I already have Hanging installed in my phone.So I click OK,the error messages goes away, and then I asked to put in my password and the phone would start download the app that i wanted to get. Along with that few other apps that i previously owned pop up on my screen with waiting status. ones i touch any of them, they go away. after that i can download apps fine for some time but after awhile i get this weird problem again. any suggestions?

Can you help me with an Iphone purchase please

Im getting an Iphone soon, and 02 dont have it in the shop at the moment, (they will be getting it in again soon) but Il still have to purchase additional things from the Apple website.
So, am I better off waiting for the phone to come back to 02 or should I go straight to the Apple store?
In 02 they told me, I would get 130 euro free credit with the phone, (may I also add that Im switching from Meteor,) if I buy it from Apple will I also get that? and will the Iphone be 02 ready? or will I have to go into the shop?
And should I get the AppleCare Protection Plan and MobileMe Membership, is it worth it? And should I et protection for it?
So, to break it all down, what should I do to get the most benefit out of my purchase, warranty and whatever else Im missing?
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Charging After Purchase

Dear Different Thinkers,
I am going to the Apple Store today to purchase my iPhone 3G! Very excited but want to make sure I get it right from the start. Does anyone have any idea of wether or not to charge the iPhone after purchase before syncing or using? For example, should I charge the iPhone 3G for a certain amount of time (out of the box) before actually turning it on at all or is the battery already at maximum charge when purchased.
Thank you in advance,
Elliot. X
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Purchase 5S without a contract

I own a 3GS with unlimited date plan with AT&T. Can I purchase a 5S without renewing a contract and continue my current plan?

Purchase Used IPhone 3g

My 3G phone screen cracked. To repair costs $199. Is it possible, and how if so, to purchase a used 3G IPhone and transfer the card from mine to it?
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Purchase transfers

My hard drive crashed on my laptop. I replaced the hard drive. I have reloaded itunes. I have transfered most of my purchased music via itunes transfer purchased music to computer It said 6 songs are not authorized on this account. I only have one account. I purchased these songs on the iphone using the same account. Like I said it worked for most of my purchased.
Thanks for the help
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iphone 4 purchase

Hi.Right now I am using meto pcs and I want to buy a new iphone.Would I be eligible for the discounted price.Where should I check my eligibility.
Thank you.
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iphone 4 purchase

Buying a new apple product is always an EVENT for me. I love buying it and going somewhere quiet and opening the packaging and appreciating the entire experience. When I purchased my iphone 3g, the staff at the Apple store opened it and activated for me. Basically they took the part of the fun out of the experience for me. I want to take the unopened product home and be the first one to touch my new toy. Question: When I go and purchase the new iphone 4, will they open it and activate it or do I get to do the honors myself?
Also, do I really need to preorder the iphone or can I simply go to the Apple store and get it on the 24th?
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iphone purchase

im wondering on if the no cash policy is only consistant with a few stores or all of them? i live in hawaii if it helps. also i was wondering on how i could purchase an iphone without a credit card. im not the person purchasing it. my parents are but they dont have a credit or debit card. im not going to ask someone else to buy it because the monthly fees would be charged to their account. what do you recommend i do?
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2.01 update failed Here we go again

Are any others having to updates fail only to be left with a non-resonsive iphone that is locked on the connect to itunes pic? This happens to me on every update. The update downloads, installs, then at the end of the install, I get an unknown error, telling me the update failed. Why is this happening?
I am running Windows Xp service pack 2 along with itunes 8.0. Now, my iphone wont even restore. I keep getting another error saying restore error.
What can I do and are others having this happen evey time? How can I prevent this

Call Failed

I recently updated my iPhone 3G to version 2.2.1, and it worked fine for all of a day. I can send and receive text messages, use the 3G network to surf the internet, and just about everything else. The major problem is that I cannot make or receive calls. My phone will ring if a call comes in, but I cant answer. If I try to make a call, even with full signal and 3G, it might ring once before the signal completely drops and gives me a Call Failed message with the option to Call Back or Cancel. I tried restoring my iPhone to factory defaults, and it still gives me the same problem.
Any idea what would cause this? Im desperate for any feedback.
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Call failed

every time I want to call someone my iPhone shows me the message Call failed. Call ended. I didnt do anything, this issue appeared suddenly.
I can send SMS, can answer calls and surf the internet, only calling someone wont work...
I reset my iPhone but this didnt solve the problem.
Can anyone help me with this?
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failed update to 4.3

I was trying to update my iphone 4 (bought in London) to new iOS4.3 and i got the 1013 error on my macbook pro. Then I checked updates of itunes (i got 10.1.2) and updated it to 10.2.1. New itunes told me to restore my iphone and i pressed restore - but nothing changed, i have this 1013 error. I turned off my little snitch and try another USB ports - nothing. Ive never install any jailbreaks or unlocks but now i got brick with picture of itunes and cable!! What should I do now? I live in Moscow so I cannot go back to the store.
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Back up failed

i tried to sync my iphone (1st generation) to my computer, but the backup session failed. My 2nd generation ipod touch doesnt have issues with the sync process, and this is the first time my iphone has failed. any suggestions?
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Call Failed

I have noticed when I use the new iPhone 4 and hold it between my shoulder and cheek to write something down.....I disconnect calls all the time. The 3,3G never did this.
Is there a solution?
Is the touch screen more sensitive?
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Re Ringtone failed

I downloaded a ringtone last night,checked and it worked fine.But now when i get a call there is no ring just vibrate.If i get a call with the ringtone set to standard i can get that ringtone as selected.But if i switch to purchased ringtone there is no ringtone just vibrate.Even when i press on a standard ringtone tune i get the selected tune.If press purchased there is nothing.Any you boffins any idea.
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