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comment activer un iphone 4 sur ios 7

comment activer un iphone 4 sur ios 7

iphone unlocked

HT4623 comment Activer l'iPhone 3 GS

comment Activer liPhone 3 GS ?

iphone unlocked

Impossible d'activer iMessage

Bonjour à tous,Alors voilà le souci : jai un ami, possesseur dun iPhone 4 (iOS 5.0.1) et il lui est impossible dactiver iMessage, quand il le fait il a un message derreur (voir photo jointe) et effectivement il ne peut pas en envoyer ou en recevoir (les messages que je lui envoie passent en SMS directement et lapp Messages sur Mac me dit que le correspondant ne peut pas recevoir de iMessages...) lorsquil retourne dans les paramètres de liPhone la case iMessage sest désactivée...Impossible aussi dactiver FaceTime, je ne sait pas si cest lié... On a essayé de se rendre sur appleid.apple.com et tous ses mails/numéro de téléphone sont les bons...Avez-vous une piste ?PS : Nous avons le même forfait Orange et le miens fonctionne parfaitement, ses connexions 3G/Wifi fonctionnent à merveille...!


ios5 sur iphone 3G

I need to know if i can upgrade IOS on my phone (iphone 3G). I actually use IOS 4.3.1

Question sur les podcasts

Je suis nouveau dans le forum et jai une petite question concernant les podcasts.
Jai donc un iphone 8GB et jutilise itunes pour télécharger mes podcasts. Alors jai télécharger des émissions de radios que jai dans mon itunes et maintenant jaimerais en selctionner que quelques une parmis toutes celles que jai téléchargées pour les passer sur mon iphone et là, si jai bien compris liphone télécharge toutes celles qui ont le petit point bleu dans litunes et je ne sais pas comment enlever ce petit point bleu. Si je décoche toutes celles que je ne veux pas il nen tient pas compte et télécharge tout.
Quelquun peut-il maider ? Merci.
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j'aimerai savoir si siri sera bientot disponible sur iphone4

siri sur iphone4 ?

pourquoi mes videos ne sont pas droite sur l ordi

bonjour , Quand je film avec mon iphone et que le iphone est placer droit devant moi , pourquoi quand je met mes videos dans mon ordi ca fait comme si j avais filmer de coter ? avant quand je filmais comme ca le video sortait droit mais plus maintenant . depuis je sais pas quand si je veux que la video sorte droit faut je filme de coter que ce passe t il ? est ce que je peux arranger ca Merci de bien vouloir me repondre

iphone battery life comment

under the hold OS i had 3G turned off due to signal strength. under the new OS the strentgh is better but the battery life is dramatically less.
i realize the battery life may be better comparing apple to apple
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Comment to How do I get a memo onto my iPhone more elegant solution

Since I cant post a reply or comment to my archived post, I thought this might be an alternative.
Even though Tamara had a solution, software now available for the Mac and iPhone gives a more general solution.
iPhone Explorer lets you use an iPhone or iPod touch as a USB or pen drive. You can create, delete, and rename files and folders, and use drag-and-drop. OS X 10.5 or later. From www.iphone-explorer.com (myPodApps) Its free.
Good Reader is one solution to read those files and many others (like e-books and PDFs) on your iPhone. Its in the app store. Normally $4.99, was on sale (may still be) for $0.99.
Ive started to use both. I have no financial interest in either product.
Hope this helps someone else.
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Why can't I comment on someone's post

On my Instagram it is letting me follow this one girl but it wont let me like or comment on any of her pictures. Whenever I try it always says error. What should I do so I can follow her?

comment se connecter & 224; internet avec mon Iphone 4S

comment se connecter à internet avec mon Iphone 4S? comment introduire ladresse WI-FI?

Limited Outlook Integration - Comment

BTW - I think Apple has got it wrong on the decision to only provide limited integration between Outlook and iPhone. I am a long time Windows user whos also had many PDAs and SMartphones.
I like the iPhone. I do think its a greta step forward in a personal device/phone. I live in Outlook and spend a lot of time on my phone. I would prefer to live on my phone and the iPhone is close to letting that happen but as I am a sales guy, I need integration to my corp calendar and I need access to notes and tasks that synch to my phone and PC. I dontneed wireless sync. USB based is fine. But I do want all of the Outlook features I can get on my phone including support for meeting requests.
If Apple provided FULL support for Outlook functionality on my phone, theyd be slowly weaning me off the desktop. At least having a Windows desktop would be less important to me. I cant and wont use MobileMe. Like many of my friends - who like the iPhone but are reluctant to move without full corp collaboration support - I work for a global org who will NOT sanction redirecting email or office collab data to external servers. USB sync between my devices once or twice a day though (or even less when I am on the road) would be just fine.
I think Apple should reconsider the limited Outlook support as a way to move more of us road warriors on to the Apple platform....
Whattaya Think?
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address entry question comment

I manually entered about 40 or so addresses for various contacts and noticed something that seemed sort of inconsistent.
When you are in Edit Address mode and you go to the ZIP field the keyboard changes automatically to the numeric keyboard. This obviously makes sense as zipcodes are always numbers. However, when you first enter Edit Address mode and the cursor is at the first Street field, the keyboard doesnt automatically change to numeric, which seems a bit clunky. I think its very reasonable to assume that most addresses start with numbers so I think the keyboard should get set to the numeric keyboard for the first Street field.
Just my $0.02....
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comment connecter des enceintes BOSE & 224; un iphone par bluetooth

Comment connecter des enceintes BOSE à un iphone par bluetooth ?

comment restaurer sans mettre a jour

jai un iphone 3gs et je veut le restaurer sans faire une mise a jour est ce que cest possible

j ai restoré mon iphone 3gs et je sais pas comment faire l unlock

j ai restoré mon iphone 3gs et je sais pas comment faire l unlock

slp aidez moi

bonjour mon ecran et blanc et j arrive plus a rien avoir comment je fait merci de votre aide

bonjour mon ecran et blanc et j arrive plus a rien avoir comment je fait merci de votre aide

Can iphone 3GS update the latest iOS e.g the iOS 6.1.4 or iOS 7

I want to upgrade my iOs

But,can I do that to iOS 6.1.4?

Need for more information

And I interested with the iOS 7,can I upgrade it to iphone 3gs?

HT4972 I have an Iphone3 and I cannot download the ios 4.3 I try to update and it says I am fully updated However I still cannot add any apps to my phone how do I go about downloading the ios 4.3 from the ios 4.1.2

I have an Iphone 3g and I cannot download any operating system past the ios 4.2.1. This operating system will not allow me to download any apps to my phone because they all say I need the ios 4.3.  Where and how do I go about downloading a newer ios in order to download apps to my phone?

i have an iphone 3 i want to update to ios 5 but when i click check for updates on itunes it said its up to date when its only ios 4.2.1 please help

need help updating iphone 3 from ios 4.2.1 to ios 5 my itunes said its up to date when its only ios 4.2.1

Will Apple ever go back to iOS 6 I love my iPhone before they changed iOS 7 but now I pretty much want another phone

Will Apple ever make it possible to go back to the way iOS 6 used to look? or make it a theme? i miss it badly! wish i never upgraded, or should I say downgraded.

HT1222 hi there I've got an iphone 3GS & i want to download skype but when i try it says i need iOS 4.3 where do i get iOS 4.3 from


do i need iOS 4.3 for skype? if so, where do i get it from?


Atualiza& 231;ão de iOS 4.3.3 para iOS 6 iPhone 3gs

Boa Tarde! Tenho um iPhone 3gs e estou pensando em atualizar o meu iOS de 4.3.3 para o iOS 6, ouço pessoas falando bem e pessoas falando mal inclusive que o aparelho está descarregando muito rápido e aquecendo e também fechando os aplicativos! queria saber a opnião de vcs para saber se devo atualizar ou não! Abraços

HT5014 Can I unlock att iPhone without upgrading from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6

The instruction from ATT about unlocking iPhone said I just need to restore my iPhone using iTunes, then it is unlocked. But I dont want to upgrade to iOS 6. Is it possible?

HT1414 en un iphone con iOS 4.2.1 quiero actualizarlo a iOS 4.3

en un iphone con iOS 4.2.1 quiero  actualizarlo a iOS 4.3

TS1275 can i downgrade iphone 3gs from ios 6.1.3 to ios 6.1.2 i

i an using iphone 3gs with ios 6.1.3 and im just woundering id i can downgrade to ios 6.1.2 or lower please

Updating IPhone 3G from IOS 3 to IOS 4.2.1 - going terrible wrong

I have performed an IOS update on my wife’s IPhone from IOS 3 to IOS 4.2.1.
She has not been very good at taking backups of her IPhone data and apps.
After updating to IOS4.2.1, all data and apps are missing, and I do not have an official backup to restore them from!
There are a lot of precious contacts, notes, SMS and Apps, that only was available on the IPhone, they now seem to be lost!
As an initializing thing when updating to IOS 4.2.1 I recall that one of the six tasks was a backup of the IPhone. Is there any chance of rebuilding/regenerate SMS, Contact, Notes and Apps from just before the update to IOS 4.2.1?
I have located that initializing backup to the following path:
C:UsersITCAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesMobile Backups88917LXKY7K
In that main folder, I have located the following folders:
Applications, Media, Structured
And the following files:
Manifest.plist, RestoreState.plist
Please tell me how to rebuild my wife’s IPhone.
(A husband in distress)
IPhone 3G iOS 4

iTunes won't allow me to update from iOS 3.1.3 to iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

So I know that when it comes to an iPhone 3G, it is better to keep it at iOS 3.1.3 however I really want to update it to the latest iOS. Thing is, it wont allow me to. Everytime I would click on update it would end up saying that my iPhone isnt eligible for the requested field. Its quite annoying and I have no idea what to do anymore. Ive tried restoring my phone and Ive looked online EVERYWHERE but nothing comes up so I have decided to go on here and see if anyone can help me out. It would be greatly appreciated as I dont know what else to do.

Huge iOS 6 issues on iPhone 4S - possible to downgrade to iOS 5

After upgrading my private and the company iPhone 4S with iOS 6 things are REALLY BAD and its on both of the devices!


- Battery life out the window, dropping 30-40% within 2 hours of NO USAGE

- The phones are boiling hot non-stop also after shutting down everything and a bit more

- Bluetooth keep turning itself on but without showing the symbol, I notice it first when going into settings

- Bookmarks gone constantly

- The phone goes slow

- Loss of connectivity across network and wifi on regular basis, glitch and then it comes back

- Apps struggle to install or operate without crashing

- Cant run Google Maps in Safari or the app....wont load the map at all

- Accepting calendar invites results in me cancelling the appointment for everyone on the invite


I have interest in having iOS 6 any longer. Is it possible to downgrade to the latest iOS 5 version again and if so how?


And why the bloody **** is there no official statement from Apple addressing these issues even if it would only be that they are working on a fixed iOS 6?


Its NOT better to keep quiet and ignore the users. I cant bloody work with my phone and my company is loosing revenue because of it....bad decision to go iPhone across the company =(

HT4972 My iphone has IOS of 4.2.1 can I IOS 5 or higher on my phone 3G

My iphone has IOS of 4.2.1 can I update to IOS 5 or higher on my phone 3G?

My iphone 4 was on ios 5.0.1 then a few days ago I upgraded it to ios 6.1.4 then the apple logo won't stop flashing Can anyone help to resolve my problem Thanks in advance

My iphone 4 was on ios 5.0.1, then a few days ago I upgraded it to ios 6.1.4, then the apple logo wont stop flashing. Can anyone help to resolve my problem? Thanks in advance

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