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desbloqueo icloud

desbloqueo icloud

iphone unlocked

HT1976 my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there

my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone.  When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens.  Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there.  How can I repair this?

iphone unlocked

I accidentally deleted album with pictures I have ICloud but how do I retrieve them from iCloud

When I tune on icloud My iphone4 pictrue all gone,how can I retrieve my pictrue from my icloud?

I don't use photo stream but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday If i delete a picture from my camera roll will it still be in my icloud backup

I dont use photo stream, but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday. If i delete a picture from my camera roll, will it still be in my icloud backup?

If I logg in from another device, will all the pictures i deleted come back?

I put iCloud on my iPhone and it did something to my outgoing server I removed the iCloud but I still cannot sent emails even though my server information looks fine Any thoughts

I recently put iCloud on my iPhone and I hated it.  It also disrupted my outgoing mail.  I removed iCloud but I still cannot send mail.  I get a message saying that the device cannot connect with my server.  However, when I look at my settings the server info seems fine.  Any ideas?

Can I delete iCloud from my iPhone 4 without losing everything Data belongs to iPhone or iCloud

My iCloud account on my iPad is different from the iCloud account from my iPhone.  From what Ive read the only way to really change this is to delete one of the iCloud accounts. I want the phone the same as the iPad account even though all my pics and music are on my phone.  I so Do Not want to lose any of them!!!  If I delete my iCloud account does all of my data, images, songs, etc, stay on my phone?   

Data attached to iCloud or to device or to iTunes (which btw Im having trouble with and Id like to not use if I dont have to)

Help I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with it's data plan I want to delete my iCloud account on this phone will delete my iCloud account too And what about deleting my personal datas on iPhone will it delete my data on iTunes

Help! I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with its data plan. I want to delete all of my personal data on my phone, will it delete my data on iTunes too? And same goes for iCloud; I want to delete my acount on my phone because, I guess this is a more convenient way to delete my personal data but Im not sure if it will delete my iCloud account too or not because Im getting an iPhone 4S and Im hoping, the back up data like games & apps and music on my 3Gs will be transfered to 4S.Thanks!

I had accidentally set my contacts to be defaulted to the group Exchange and want to merge this group with my iCloud in order to be able to see these contacts on my iPad Does anyone know anyway to merge my Exchange group with my iCloud group

I had accidentally set my contacts to be defaulted to the group Exchange and want to merge this group with my iCloud in order to be able to see these contacts on my iPad. Does anyone know anyway to merge my Exchange group with my iCloud group?


how do i access the data from an app which has been deleted from my iphone which I would like to reinstall?


how to check which all photos are being uploaded at icloud

iCloud not working at all

Something that is supposed to be seamless, easy, etc: Sync my  photos. I took 60 photos today on my iPhone, went home, turned on wireless and waited...and they do not show up on the iPad 2. Both devices: Photostream is turned on. iCloud is on. Wireless is on. Both are running the same version of IOS - newest and most up to date.


I tried resetting the PhotoStream from my icloud.com account. Nothing.

I turned it off and on on both devices. Nothing.

I turned wireless off and on, both devices. Nothing.

I plugged my phone into power. Nothing.

I rebooted the phone. Nothing.

I took a new photo with my phone to test. Nothing.

I took a photo with my iPad, it showed up in the iPad photostream but not on my phone.

This is the primary reason I *bought* an iPhone 4s, and it isnt working. What am I doing wrong Please help!


I also am seeing a total failure to sync new app purchases, or any other iCloud functionality I have tried except Calendar & Reminders.

how can i be certain my photos are on iCloud

Doug have you look using another ios device ?

iCloud and my 3G phone

Whats future of iphone 3g with iCloud?

Can we use calendar, @me.com and other fuctionals? What other functionals ll be availible? Thanx.

iCloud on iPhone 4

Hello, i want to know if i can use the voice with my future iPhone 4 (not S) with iCloud ? Or iCloud is specially for 4S :/ ?

How to download iCloud

How to download icloud

can you use Icloud on a 3GS and if so how

can I use Icloud with my 3GS

how to switch off icloud

can you please help to switch off icloud because when i try to reset my phone it always comes up with this wierd message.The reson i want to reset my phone is because i forgot my password! oops!!!!!!!

Cannot change iCloud details

About 2 months ago I changed my Apple ID from a gmail address to my own personal email.


Everything on my device and Apple website has since updated with one exception - iCloud.


This is still listed on my device as my old gmail account. When I click settings-iCloud, it displays my old email address. When I click delete account at the bottom, it prompts me to input my password for my gmail ID. However, as this is no longer a valid Apple ID it is failing every time.


When I try to add a new account using my new email address in the mail, calendar etc section, it says username@gmail.com is already added. This icloud account has already been added to your iPhone. This is in spite of the fact that the email address I just answered is a .me tld and has nothing to do with gmail.


Any ideas on how to fix this?




BTW using iPhone 5 with ios7.

HELP - Need help with recovering photos from iCloud

This may be a simple question, but Ive never had to do it before, so I am asking.


I have an iPhone 4S.  It was backed up to iCloud yesterday before I had to swap my cracked screen phone for a new phone.  How do I recover photos that were backed up yesterday?  I am sure it is a couple easy steps, but can someone let me know what those might be to restore my phone from iClouds backup yesterday?

problem with icloud on iphone

hello everyone:


i updated my iphone5 in this days, changed the itunes account email and password and when i try to update the info in the icloud setting area the terms and conditions says unable to connect to server, tried removing the itunes account and it let me accept them but it doesnt let me update the email of the account neither delete the account.

Deleted all contacts while using iCloud



i was trying to create a new i cloud account because my other one wasnt working good. As i deleted the current account it deleted ALL of my contacts ! someone help, let me know if there is a way to restore theese contacts! i dont have them syncd im my mac or anything  :s oh no!!

Unable to login into iCloud



When I go to login into iCloud on my iPhone it says that my user name or password are incorrect (even though they are not) and then my phone freezes with that dialogue box open, and then every time I return to the settings screen its still frozen.


I have iCloud set up fine on my iPad (with that same Apple ID) and I have tried resetting my password, restoring the phone, turning it on/off and I am just wondering how to go about getting this problem fixed.



iCloud Music not complete



I have one album (Thorbjorn Risagaer: Between Rock and Some Hard Blues) bought via iTunes which will not be displayed completly over iCloud on my iPhone 3GS.


The album list has gaps and at the end there is a button Vollständiges Album einblenden (Show complete album?).

If i press this button the missing songs are displayed but not with the iCloud symbol but the button LADEN (Load).


WIth this buttons I can load the missing songs each by each but they are still missing in playlists.


Whats the trick of this tracks?



Yours Rüdiger

Returns iCloud account

Hi again its Meni Im turn       Seventh time       Not received any response         About iCloud I bought the place and he did not come back to me After revamped iPhone apps because of the problem I want to come back to me please where I paid.

HT1688 Where do I see my photos in icloud

I have my photo stream to automatically upload new photos and send them to icloud when connected to wifi.  But I am on my computer logged into icloud and I dont see an icon for Photos.  Am I missing something?

iPhone 4S Memory with iCloud

What would be the logic in purchasing an iPhone 4S with 64Mb if one plans on using iCloud?

how do i get my information back from icloud

While trying to update my daughters iPhone5, I had to restore it. Then I restored it with all of my info instead of hers. Now her phone has all of my stuff and none of hers..... she has her own iCloud login. Should I just go to the Apple store?

HT4061 icloud storage

I purchased extra storage and it did not show up and I accidently ordered it again.  It shows 2 20.00 purchases for the storage out of my account but I cant get my storage to show up and I also cannot find out how to cancel my order.  I cannot get my phone to back up either.  My phone is a company phone and has the owner of the companys name show up as my name because that is the credit card info but I want it to show up as my name with the company card infor.

Uploading Tunes to icloud

How do l upload my music in itunes from my laptop  to icloud, l have tried ecerything and cannot do it ?

Only D-Z Contacts Synced To iCloud

Im using iPhone 5 and have an iCloud account set to sync my contacts with iCloud. I jumped in a lake with the phone in my pocket so now its dead and Im looking at iCloud and only my D-Z contacts got synced. Whats the deal with this? Do my contacts sync on my itunes backup at least?

HT1766 Iphone icloud

When my icloud back up is on, my phone says that is not back up and too much storage, giving me to much notification on that. How can i back it up, and less storage

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