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device unknown

device unknown

iphone unlocked

Iphone 3G on windows 7 64bits shows as unknown device

HP Pavilion tx2500 Notebook PC
ADM Turion X-2 Dual core
Windows 7 - 64Bits
I downloaded the latest version of Itunes and haven’t been able to use since
Every time I connect Iphone to computer, PC recognizes (it shows on Portable devices)
but somewhat shows also in another devices (unknown device) and Itunes doesnt recognize or even shows anything.
I uninstalled and reinstalled Itunes and all apple software (Bonjour, QuickTime etc) about 15 times every way I could imagine.
I extracted files (usbaapl64). I tried to update drivers with no success.
I uninstalled Anti viruses, scanned HD, updated some video/sound drivers
It works on my husband’s computer (another HP)under windows Vista 32bits but it’s not working on mine for the life of me.
I can’t figure it out what its causing the conflict and would appreciate any suggestion
I do not really want to try to jump using the restore since last time I did it I had a hard time to download/update my contacts and settings and ended up having to download MobileMe
Pls help
HP Pavilion Windows 7

iphone unlocked

IMEI Unknown ICCID Unknown need to restore but how

My Iphone 3GS is displaying a message IMEI: Unknown ICCID: Unknown and will not allow me to get past the lock screen on the phone. I also have a message that says that I have to restore through Itunes but when I plug the phone in Itunes cannot access the phone b/c of my password protection. I only have the option to make emergency calls and have no option to unlock the phone. I have tried multiple resets and have removed and replaced the sim card. What do I do?
iphone 3GS Windows 7

IMEI Unknown ICCID Unknown

So last night right after a call my signal bars where replaced by no service so I turned my phone off and then back on and now I get this message :
IMEI Unknown ICCID Unknown
so I press the circled i
IMEI Unknown ICCID Unknown
and when I slide the unlock slider thing, I get taken to this screen and thats as far as I can go
IMEI Unknown ICCID Unknown
I called apple support and they mentioned I should go to AT&T because its a problem with the sim card. Well my husband has an iPhone too and I swapped out the sim cards and my sim card works perfectly on his phone but my phone is still locked. So I called the apple store and made an appointment (I have the 2 year protection plan, my phone hasnt been jailbroken ever and Im running OS 3.1.3) and they told me to back up my phone before I take it in, but I get an error when I plug to iTunes that it doesnt recognize the device. So what does this sound like? Has this happened to anyone? What should I expect at the apple store? Will all my info be lost?
iPhone 3gs 32gig iPhone OS 3.1.3

imessage synced across multiple devices - Can I have one device recieve 2 apple id accounts while my other device only recieves imessages from one of those

If I had two devices (iphone and itouch) currently using their own individual apple ids – but I wanted to get my itouch messages also sent to my iphone, but NOT my phone messages sent to the itouch. Is that posssible?

TS1814 I have purchased iPhone 3g device from my friend I connected it to the iTunes to upgrade from 3.1 to 6.0 as many softwares were not being installed as iOS was not up to date I upgraded but now I can not activate my device What I should do now

I have purchased iPhone 3g device from my friend, I connected it to the iTunes to upgrade from 3.1 to 6.0 as many softwares were not being installed as iOS was not up to date. I upgraded but now I can not activate my device. What I should do now ? i am really feeling difficulty because i have been disconnected from the network.

I am from Pakistan.

Trying to unpair device but only see forget this device as option

I paired a second headset to my phone and would like to unpair the other.
As it stands, there are two devices paired to my iPhone.
When I tap on the headset I would like to unpair, the only option I get is to forget this device. There is no option to unpair.
What happens if I tap forget this device? I may want to use the other headset at a later time.
iMac and Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.1)

iphone 3G won't turn on but is recogized by itunes when device is plugged into computer Device on itunes shows a battery

iphone 3G wont turn on (even when holding both buttons down for 10 seconds) but is recogized by itunes when device is plugged into computer. Device section in itunes shows the iphone device with a battery beside it. Can anyone help?

APPLE should disable the function of being able to shut off any iPhone device without unlocking the device prior This will prevent anyone that attempts to steal a phone and immediately shutting of the phone to avoid tracking to occur Thoughts

APPLE should disable the function of being able to shut off any iPhone device without unlocking the device prior (typing in the PW first).  This will prevent anyone that attempts to steal a phone and immediately shutting of the phone (to avoid tracking) to occur.  Thoughts?

HT4623 I updated my software to IOS 7.1 on my Iphone 5 and now by Blue tooth will not locate any device nor pair with any device My vehicle actually sees the phone but the phone will not recognize the vehicle all these devices worked fine prior to th

I updated my Iphone 5 to IOS 7.1 and now my Bluetooth function is not working. All the devices that were listed previous to the upgrade are gone and the phone does not recognize any devices. it just stays in search mode with no results. All these same devices worked prior to the upgrade. My Ford vehicle Sync sees the phone by the phone will not pick up the vehicle.

Restoring a SIM locked device to a SIM unlocked device

Since I have bought a SIM locked device and it seems to be impossible to legally unlock it I bought a new SIM UNLOCKED device. Now I want to switch my iPhones. Basically this should not be problem with iTunes. Though my question is: if I restore the content of my SIM locked iphone to the new SIM UNLOCKEd iphone, will the SIM lock will be as well restored? I do not want to end up having now 2 SIM locked iphones.
I am not too familiar with Apple products therefore would appreciate your help - even if the questions might sound a bit stupid.
iPhone 4 iOS 4

HT4557 I have gone into itunes advanced turn on home sharing- put in apple password and to enable home sharing however took picture and nothing was pushed to my device- can anyone tell me what else I have to do Device is not Apple but Genuis told me

I have iphone 4s- my laptop is not Apple.  The apple Genius told me I could download app so that pictures would be pushed to my device.  Cant see anything obvious for this.  Was then told to go to itunes, advanced and turn on home sharing - I have done this but picures not being pushed.  Any suggestions?

Unknown error

I had to install iTunes before getting the 3.0 update for my iPhone. At some stage in the proceedings (I left the room to do other things) I got the error message (something like) iTunes cannot restart your phone due to unknown error 0xE8000013.
Ive only got the error number, since I searched the Apple website for a solution and it told me to just dismiss the error message and everything should work fine. Well. Nothing is working fine. My phone will only allow emergency calls and still comes up as connected to iTunes, but iTunes doesnt recognise it.
Please help!
iPhone OS 3.0

Unknown 12gb

Has anyone had this when syncing there 3gs, I have 12.02gb on my iphone, under the other label.
Please help!!!!
Windows Vista

unknown icon

I recently noticed an icon that I have never seen before on my phone.
Its up top, directly to the left of the alarm icon. Its a small lock with a circle around it (circle has an arrow).
Does anyone know what this is and what it does? and how to disable etc.
Thanks in advance
Mac Book White Mac OS X (10.5.6)

unknown caller

My incomming calls come up as Unknown Caller  for all calls despite having those numbers in my contacts.  I also have a problem syncing to Itunes.  My phone says Syncing but then ipod says No Content.  This is a new white phone.  My phones setting screen is limited to :

My Number

Face Time


International Assist


Thank you for any help you can offer.

unknown error -69

In the past couple of days, everytime i try to sync my iphone, after a couple of seconds it stop and says could not sync iphone, unknown error (-69).
Has this ever happened to anybody?
Ive tried re-installing itunes and switching the phone off and back on again and it still comes up.
Has anybody got any ideas?
iPhone OS 3.0

Unknown error -39

When I attempt to sync my iphone 3G, I get this message. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
HP Pavillion a1540n Windows XP

Unknown error

Why does it say an unknown error occurred (0xE800000001) when I try to connect?

Unknown Error Occurred

I am new to iTunes and iPhone. I had purchased some items from iTunes and I was wanting to transfer them to the iPhone, but I mustve done something wrong.
The iPhone shows a small rotating dial at the bottom of the screen like its trying to download a page or something, and I think its frozen. It wont cut off or do anything. I tried unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in and then I got an message that says iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE800028).
I tried powering down my computer, but nothing has changed. Anyone have any idea what I did wrong or is my connection speed so slow that its taking forever for my iPhone to complete a task?
Dell Dimension 4300 Windows XP

What is unknown error 13019

My 3gs seems to be syncing fine going through all 5 steps and then it leaves a note saying unable to sync Unknown error 13019. In addition at progress bar at the top it says sync complete-OK to disconnect.
Now I dont know if I have really synced or not and is my iphone really backed up.
Any thoughts?
Thanks, Bob
iphone iPhone OS 3.1.3

Unknown Error OxE800006b

I have seen this error posted on a number of forums with no ascertainable answer or resolution to the problem. I have a 3G with 4.0 and iTunes I am running XP and my USB is a direct connection to the computer. My phone connected perfectly until yesterday - then I got and OxE000001 message. One thing I read said to turn off iTunes help, which I did and now I get the above error and no connection. Other than the help thing I have changed nothing on either my computer or phone. It appears that many people are having the same problem for various reasons, but no solution has surfaced. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks
3G Windows XP

unknown error 9808

I have update both my iphone and my childrens ipod touch, but when i Sync them to i Tunes it could not work! instead it appears this message :
*we could not complete your i Tunes store request. an unknown error occured (-9808)*.
So could you please help me to solve this problem
Iphone 3gs

Block unknown numbers

Need to block all unknown and blocked numbers

An unknown error occured -23

Hello, tried to sync my iphone after being away for a week and have encountered an error message. Two error messages in fact.
First one goes: Attempting to copy to the disk xxxs iphone failed. An unknown error occured (-23).
After clicking OK button this second message appears: iTunes could not copy The Time Machine to the iphone xxxs iphone because the fie could not be found.
Am well confused. I check all my disks, backups, and everything is as should be so am at a loss to explain why suddenly i encounter this error.
help plz.
MacBook White (early 2009) Mac OS X (10.6.6) iPhone 4 Black 16Gb + iPod Black 60Gb + iShuffle Black 4G

Backup unknown error

My iPhone appears to sync correctly but will not complete with a backup. I receive the following error...iTunes could not back up the iphone xxxxxxx because an unknown error occured (-20). I have tried resinstalling all apple software, rebooted my computer, turned iPhone on and off. Any suggestions?
iPhone 3GS iOS 4

Unknown status icon

I installed an application that placed me an icon I never saw before. It appears between the clock and wireless. I took a screenshot: http://i51.tinypic.com/2eyjnt2.jpg
iPhone 3G iOS 4

TS1275 what is unknown error 1

I am getting this error, and not finding out how to resolve it, I have done the restor a bunch of times and restarted my computer etc etc.


Iphone 3Gs


The iPhone iphone could not bre restored. An unknown eirri occured (-1)


Thoughts ANYONE?

All calls show as 'Unknown'

I have recently got my iphone and have just finished syncing everything from my PC via itunes which appears to have worked. All contacts and calender items have moved across without any problem.
The one problem i do have however, is that when I receive a call (regardless of who it is from), the callers ID always comes up as unknown. I have tested this myself with my home phone and other mobiles where I know the caller ID is not turned off but still the contact name and picture doesnt appear.
I will visit my local O2 shop tomorrow to see if they have any ideas but thought Id ask on here as well. Any idea?
Many thanks

Unknown error 0xE8000001

when I tried (several times) to load an application to my iPhone 3G, from iTunes, I got the message that it was not installed because an unknown error occurred code (0xE8000001)
Googling away from Apple Discussions showed some people associating it with some sort of USB problem due to a software bug in the iPhone OS - true or not, no idea ...
Doing a search on Apple Discussions gave the following :
ie: still a mystery & still I cant install the application !!
Any ideas, please
24" Alu iMac / HiRes17" MBP + Air / PPC G4 desk + laptop / unplugged 1Tb TC / Mac OS X (10.5.4) / G4s use 10.4.0 and OS8.6 + OS9.2 for legacy stuff

Unknown ERROR 0xE000068

Unknown ERROR 0xE000068 is what pops up when i plug in the iPhone to charge it.
It does charge but will not log into iTunes
i have two cables & the iPod Touch is fine, any ideas anyone.
iPod Touch 16Gb 2nd Gen, iPhone 3GS 32GB, 24" iMac

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