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dfu 4014

dfu 4014

iphone unlocked

Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014



My iPhone 4 dont turn on and is only recognize by iTunes as begin in recovery mode.

When trying to restore with iTunes, i always have an Error 4014...


I have not found any informations about this error, i tried the POWER + HOME combinaison but nothing...

Hopefuly anybody here can help. You are my last hope regarding this issue, although I´m not a complete newby to iPhone problems.


Thanks and kind regards

iphone unlocked

DFU mode

I was updating my iPhone, just then, after updating it was stuck on a picture og iTunes logo and a USB cable and a slide for emergency bar with a little letter i that when you will tap it, it will show the IMEI and the ICCID number. my problem is that when i connect it to iTunes, iTunes will say that sim card is supported, and according to all my research you can use airplane mode to sync all your downloads, but how am I going to switch it to airplane mode if Im stuck in DFU mode? anyone knows?

New Iphone 4 stuck in DFU Mode

I only had my iphone 4 for 24 hours when it started to randomly freeze on me. I looked up the internet, including these forums and it suggested holding down the home and power buttons for 10 secs. Initially this solved the several times it did it that day. Eventually it froze one evening while viewing a YouTube clip. I left it overnight in its frozen state.
In the morning it was as if nothing was wrong. The iphone was functioning normally. I took some pictures of the snow outside the house and it froze again. Trying a new tactic I tried restoring the phone, which came up with errors 1603 then on a retry, 1604, then 2009, before inexplicably illuminating and going into recovery mode. I then managed to restore the phone and use a backup to put the phone back to how I want it.
Bit later I wanted to add some photos to the iPhone so I added them into Itunes (10.1.1) and synchronised. The screen went dark immediately after plugging it in and has been black screen (as in looks like its powered off) all day.
I have tried holding the power button and home for 10 seconds, then taking finger off the power to put it into DFU mode, but the screen still stays dark.
I have tried holding the home button when I plug it in, but that just seems to screw my drivers up and I get USB device not recognised. I have to reinstall the apple mobile device drivers.
I have tried another computer and another laptop, but no matter what I plug it into, it says the phone is in recovery mode and needs to be restored, yet the iPhone screen is still black, leading me to assume its still in DFU mode.
I have an appointment with the Genius Bar on wednesday, but this is ridiculous, Ive never had this much trouble with my other phones before.
How can I get my phone into a stable condition? Or at the very least, somewhat usable?
Iphone 4 iOS 4 iOS 4.2.1, Itunes 10.1.1

iPhone won't go into DFU mode

I tried to restore my iPhone by following the instructions in the Step-by-Step Guide to Restore iPhone but my iPhone wont go into DFU mode.
First, it wont connect to iTunes (obviously).
If the USB is connected it automatically turns on and gets stuck in the Apple screen. If I try and hold the lock and home buttons to turn it off, it does, but as soon as I let go of those buttons it turns on again and gets stuck in the Apple screen
If I could turn it off I could try putting into DFU mode.
Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Why does My Home button not work but i can use it to get in to DFU

Hello, i have an iphone 3gs and my home button doesnt work when it is turned on but i can use it to get into DFU mode. Anyone come across this before.

PS: i think it was previously droped in water but it was drained and everything appart from the home button Works



iPhone frozen in DFU mode

Hi there,
recently ive had A LOT of problems with the lock/switch off button.
It never works, it doesnt lock, it wont bring up the Power Off option, nor will it recognise it if Im holding it and the home button down (so in other words, the only way to turn my iPhone off is to let it run out of battery.)
I read on a couple of 3rd party forums saying that this is most likely a software error rather than a hardware one so I went to restore my iPhone, after it switched off, iTunes froze and quit itself.
my iPhone has been stuck on that screen with the apple logo and the progress bar ever since.
iTunes wont recognise it, and the light on my USB hub doesnt even come on when its plugged in, so obviously the phone doesnt even realise its plugged in.
I dont know what to do, theres a 5 day wait to book into the genius bar at my nearest apple store, and I really need my phone.
What to do? I estimate at this rate it will take a few days for it to run out of battery, so waiting for that to happen and then plugging it in isnt really an option, not to mention without the software to recognise being plugged in, that approach is useless.
ANY advice is welcomed immediately.
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iPhone won't restore even in DFU error 13 14

Hi I have an iPhone 3G and I tried to restore because it was in recovery mode but I keep on getting error 13/14 and warranty expired. HELLP!!!!!
Compaq CQ61 iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone stuck in DFU - Cannot restore in iTunes

Hey Guys,
I have tried everything to get my iPhone working but it doesnt seem to want to come out of DFU mode.
Heres the story, I was away interstate and I was using my iphones original maps software when, with 10% battery left, my iphone froze up on me. It then proceeded to restart and it put me into the emergency calls only menu. At this point I tried restarting and nothing worked. Now on my return home I plugged my iPhone into the computer it was tied to and now it is asking me to restore it.
Basically, the screen that i see now is the ipod cable pointing to the itunes icon and i cannot see anything else even after restart. When i load up my computer it asks me to restore only and after i hit restore I am prompted with the following message:
The iPhone could not be restored. An unkown error occurred (23).
Now, this phone should have the latest updates on it however I believe there was a recent update a week or 2 ago that I may not have gotten.
If anyone can help me to restore my phone that would be much appreciated, however, im assuming I will have to take it to a Apple store to get fixed maybe?
Please help!
Based on my phone now been stuck
iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.2 Not 100% sure of the version

Hard reset DFU recovery mode

There are alot of ways people post on the internet on how to do this, sometmes that method is successful but in alot of cases its not.. I would like to have labeled this IOS rather than a single device..


--If you took your ios in for repair, and they said the battery was bad, try this

--if after trying to update your ios with the new software your device stoped working try this

--if you have tried geting into recovery mode by other methods and it quits before completion try this method

--for anyone else that needs to do a fresh install try this method first, all other methods may or may not work,, this one will



step1: turn on the computer that you will conect to the IOS device. Make sure it has the latest itunes software, and that itunes is started.

Step2: locate the wall power adapter that came with the ios device or use a wall power adapter that does not have any way to comunicate with the ios device

step 3: plug the one end of the usb cord into the usb slot of the wall power adapter, the other end into the iphone and the wall adapter into an active power slot.

          The reason for this much needed step, is sometimes there is a catch or other glich that will not allow the computer to ignore the write error and thus creating a conection failure, or the glich has caused the device to think there is a problem with a fully functioning battery despite the fact the battery is fine.


step 4: with the device pluged into wall power

          1)press and hold the power button (sometimes called the sleep/ wake botton or the menu botton on ipod classics)

          2)after about ten secounds the apple logo should appear,, once that happens while continuing to hold the power botton start to hold the home botton (the round botton with the square in it or the fingure print botton in the 5s) you should hold both of these together for aproxiametly 5-10 secounds

          3) now the apple logo should have disapeared, you need to continue to hold the home botton, but release the power botton

          4)shortly after that the recovery mode should start, you will see the Itunes logo, and the USB adapter

          ----------you have successfully entered a proper hard reset, other wise known as DFU mode, or recovery mode

          5) quickly before the device quits this mode, unplug the device from wall power and plug it into the itunes enabled computer

step 5: Itunes will say,itunes has detected a put device name here in recovery mode you must restore this put device name here before conectiong it to itunes      CLICK ON OK

step 6: click restore ipad, a message will pop up Are you sure you want to restore the iPad “iPad” to its factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased, and the newest version of the iPad software will be installed. CLICK ON Restore and Update

step 7: wait for itunes to finish

Iphone 4 Bricked DFU doesn't work

Okay so I decided to update my Iphone 4 and for some reason it failed and I got an error. Now my Iphone doesnt go on at all unless plugged into a PC. So Ive done a number of things to try and fix the issues of my Iphone with extensive research, ive tried the TinyUmbrella thing and it comes up with an unidentified phone. When I try to restore the phone from Itunes I dont see any information besides Iphone everything else like Serial, Capacity and Serial number say N/A. When I restore the phone, Itunes download OS 5 and it failed the first time, SO i downloaded version 4.5 which also failed. I played around with it for a while and got a bit further. Now when I try to restore the phone itunes actually gets pass the verifying process and into the restoring process, while in DFU mode (BLACK SCREEN) and then the moment it changes to restoring Iphone the phone restarts and goes into a boot loop. the phone by itself goes into a boot loop the moment I plug it in. So far I cant find a way to get around this. Ive tried 4 different OSs with 2 different PCs both 32 and 64 bits non work.

Any suggestions to how I can sort this out?

iphone 3gs stuck in DFU mode and can't be restored

I bought my iphone 3gs in the states. And I jailbreak it because Im not an AT&T customer. One day the phone just put itself into the DFU mode! I didnt do anything. So its black screen. I tried to restore my iphone but I cant. During the restore process, my phone will be white screen for a while and then turn back to black screen again. And then itunes will show the message that my iphone cant be restored. Then I get the error code, sometimes its 1618, sometimes its 28 and it even shows 20000 for a few times. But mostly 28, I couldnt find 1618 and 20000 in apple online manual. I check the manual and it seems like 28 represent theres an hardware issue...
iphone 3gs iOS 4 Im using iOS 4.0.1 on my iphone

DFU restore via itunes11 error 4005 occured

I tried the DFU restore via recently updated itunes to 11. So near and yet so farrrrrrrrrrr ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH


screen 1  IPHONE SOFTWARE UDATE (processing)






screen 3 waiting for iphone..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



screen 4 The iphone iphone could not be restored (4005)

an unknow error occured ? come on apple FFS!!!!









My Tethered iPhone wont enter DFU Mode

Hi, my iPhone 4 is tethered by jailbreaking. And it shut down on me, it had over 50% battery power. And I am trying to boot it back up by using redsn0w. I held the power button for 3 seconds. Then held the home button and then released the power button. It said that it couldnt be identified. I went on iTunes because I switched my mind and just decide to have a non-jailbroken phone. But when it was plugged in, it was not identified. I looked and the computer also cant identify it also. I cant take it to a store because its jailbroken so stores cant help. And I cannot erase it and get my items from cloud again. I am so stressed out. And I think its not possible to fix this. It can turn on, but can only go up to the apple logo menu. I looked all over the Internet but found nothing. I did everything I can. And I need help. With any answers, I will read them asap. Thanks!



TS1275 commet s enlever du mode dfu sans la restauration

commenter enlever son iphone 6.1.3 mise a jour en 6.1.6 du mod recovery

Dead White Screen even after restore from DFU Recovery Mode

My 16GB iPhone with 2.1 firmware spontaneously shat itself this morning displaying only a white screen with random dark vertical lines.
The iPhone would unlock and go back to sleep as the sound notifications were still functioning.
Pressing and holding the sleep/wake buttons only restarted the iPhone in DFU/recovery mode but still with the white screen.
I have now performed several restores both normally and from recovery mode only to have the entire restore go through and finish successfully with a white screen as a result.
I realize that I may be looking at a repair/replacement of the phone but was wondering if any could help more specifically.
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Black screen DFU mode Restoring- error 1600

Hi guys.

Just bought iphone 4s. One day I left it on a table and next time i took it, it didnt react on anything (power button, home, power+home...). In iTunes its in DFU mode. Restoring it, i receive error 1600 all the time.

Answering possible questions- the phone is absolutely new! Ive used it for 1 day! No jailbreak was done!

I tried everything i found in internet to kick it out of DFU mode but no success. Finally i decided to try to jailbreak it, but this utility doesnt see iphone. Tried even unpluging the battery, but all the same.

Any ideas, people?:)

The biggest problem- phone bought in US, im in Europe:(



error during iOS4 install iPhone appears to be in DFU mode but

I received an error mssg during install. I believe it was 1602 or 1620 but I didnt think to note it but submitted the error to Apple. At the time I just figured Id start again. Not so much . . .. Ever since, the phone only displays a blank screen; I cant get it into restore mode, iTunes wont recognize it, not even an ALoD screen. Nor will the DFU mode instructions :
(that I found in an earlier post) work. Anybody got any bright ideas ? Or is an appt. @ an Apple Store the only place left w/ a likely solution ?
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iPhone 4 won't update to 4.3.1 Stuck in DFU at the moment unable to use

Today I plugged my iPhone into the computer, and iTunes said their was an update, 4.3.1, from what I was already running, 4.3. I downloaded the software but it said it was corrupted. I tried this three more times on two computers, both running the latest iTunes and Windows Seven, and even disabled antivirus, firewall etc. with the same result.
I then tried downloading the update directly from another source, and this time, I received error 14, on both computers again. I have restarted computers, reinstalled iTunes and all cooperating Apple programs, changed cables but nothing seems to be reviving my iPhone 4.
I need someone to help me fix this or reassurance that I will not be left with a bricked iPhone through no fault of my own.
iPhone 4 iOS 4

Urgently needing help iphone 3gs iOS 6.1.3 Factory unlocked stuck in DFU mode

Hi Apple community,

i have an iPhone 3gs iOS 6.1.3 Factory Unlocked that was recently in an Apple Boot Logo reloop and only when i connected my charger i could go to a normal state, so over the weekend i decided to restore my iphone to a fresh installation of the iOS 6.1.3 but now all i have is my iphone in DFU mode (black screen) , wont restart at all i get 2 beeps on itunes wich means is connecting but thats all i am getting ...

hi i need sum help plzzz iphone 3gs blackscreen and tryed evrything but wont kick out of dfu mode much apreicated plz

hi i need sum help plzzz, iphone 3gs blackscreen and tryed evrything but wont kick out of dfu mode , much apreicated plz, it just happen wen i was restoring  the screen is balck but wen i restore it from itunes it says erorr 1600 and itunes does not reconise the phone , i have tryed eveything bt still no luck , I NEED UR HELP PLZZZ ,its my disabled daughters thank you

i have an iphone 4 and and it suddenly turns off i stilled had 70 percent to so i went home plugged it into the charger and let it sit there for about 30 mins still nothing then i put tried putting it in dfu mode but nothing please help

i have an iphone 4 and and it suddenly turns off i stilled had 70 percent to so i went home plugged it into the charger and let it sit there for about 30 mins still nothing then i put tried putting it in dfu mode but nothing please help

HT1688 Hi my iphone 3g died and now it wont show up on the computer wont charge and wont go into DFU mode to restore it

so my phone died, and when i plugged it in nothing happened. so i pressed the home and power button at the same time to try and restore it. it only showed the need to charge screen and shut back off, thats the only screen it will show and only when i hold the power button.  when i plug it in it does nothing, the computer cant find it neither can itunes. what can i do?

i updated my iphone4s from the phone it self and know its stuck in recovery or dfu mode how do i get out of this mode iv tried everything with buttons on the phone nothing itune wont even accept it

i updated my iphone 4s ios from the phone it self it load with on sreen a apple with load line when done it said connet to itunes but wont it doesnt read i dont want to restore and lose all my photos and videos i went to best buy and they tried toget my photos of when all the screen says connet to itunes i went to virizon they tried transwering my datat to another phoe nothing went apple all they can do is restore i dont want to so the aid sent it to drivesavers if i do that it could cost anywhere from 400-1200 is there aby to get my phone open without losing any of my stuff if i dont want to send the phone to drivesavers please help

meu iphone ontem parou de funcionar nao liga nao restaura nao entra em modo dfu itunes nao reconhece ele o que fazer

Ontem fazer nada Meu iphone 4 Parou de funcionar, elemento estava com bateria de 58%, restaura nao ... ja cliquei o botox liga e Desliga e casa e nada, ja conectei elemento sem itunes e tentei dar DFU e nada o pc NEM reconhece elementos , elemento nao recarrega nada ta Morto ... o Que Fazer POSSO?

iPhone cable won't work and iPhone won't go into recovery mode and dfu mode


Just a tiny problem here. I went to the att store and my iPhone was running low on power. I didnt notice it first and I noticed it was slowing down. I did a full Erase and Content. While coming home the phone ran out of battery and the restore process stopped. I went to charge it. Now it wont start up. I jailbroke mine a couple of months ago with Costum Boot and Verbose boot logo, which I dont know if is the same. However, it just charges a little while and shows my custoom boot logo and goes back where it shows a red battery charging. I tried doing restore, however nothing works. I updated itunes, blocked anything that might prevent computer and itunes to not detect iphone, got 5 new cables. Then I read articles where it said to hold down the home button then the sleep wake button i think and then it should be in recovery or dfu mode and restore. Problem is it wont work. Even if I hold it down the boot logo just stays there and then shows red battery. I then got the battery replaced but still same problem. When I checked through tinyumbrella it said the iPhone isnt connected. This is a fuss and I am totally confused about it. Its my iPhone 4 however the same problem is happening with my little sisters iPhone 3G. Can anyone help me in this mattter. Apple said that everything is alright and to do a force restore but that aint working. I cant go out and get a new iPhone and I live about 40-50 miles away and there is no way I can reach the apple store. Any help would be appreciated. O and by the way both my and my sisters phones have same IOS.

IOS(both phones)-4.1

Jailbreak-4.1 redsnow

WIndows 7

iTunes 10.5.1 or something like that.

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