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difference between 5c and 4s

difference between 5c and 4s

iphone unlocked

What's the difference

Whats the difference between Erase All Content and Settings and Restoring your iPhone in iTunes?
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iphone unlocked

What is the difference

Ok, so AT&t has a 2 GB data plan and a 2 GB plan with tethering. What is the difference?


what is the difference between: ibooks & autobook (with the iphone has now)? Three stores on the iPhone: iTunes, iBooks, and App Store. Go to: http://www.macrumorslive.com/ for more
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difference between 4S and 5C

I misplaced/lost my iPhone 4S. In the past, if I dropped, lost or it was stolen, my insurance from Sprint would cover it, and Id be given a new phone without grief. Because of the stupid insurance clause in APPLE, Sprint cannot replace.


If I can buy a 5C for $99, why would I pay more for a 4S/5S?

What is the difference in the functions of these iphones?


What's the difference between a 3G

Whats the difference between a 3G & 3GS?

Difference between 3G & 3GS

Hi - Im looking to add another line with a 3G iPhone. I cannot find out what is the difference between a 3G & a 3GS iPhone. Does anyone know?
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3 hour time difference

I purchased the iphone while out on the west coast and returned home and when I sync my phone to my computer there is a 3 hour time difference from what I have typed on my appointments on the phone to what appears on my icalendar. When I try and correct the time on either device it changes the appointment on the other by the three hours. Oh what to do?
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What is the difference between these two charging cycles

When u check out this http://www.apple.com/batteries/
it says something about 2 hours Fast Charge and 4 hour Trickle Charge!!
what is the difference between both of them?
i charged my iPhone that day for 4 hours but i didnt notice any difference and it says Full after 2 hours!!
does it matter if it is charged through the computer or a power outlet on the wall
Thank you
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Difference between reset and turning off and on

what is the difference between turning the iphone off and then on again and the reset, as done by holding the sleep and home button until it reboots after 10 seconds.
I havent seen a difference between the two so far, never lost any setting either way. Just curious about it, so if anyone has an answer
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Difference between backup and sync

What is the difference between a backup and doing a sync ?
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What's the difference between FaceTime and iChat

I have been reading about the new FaceTime software for Macs that is coming out soon. I dont quite understand the difference between the new FaceTime and iChat. Can someone please enlighten me?
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besides os4 any difference to the phone

i dont have an iphone yet.
besides os4, will the phone shipping later this summer be any different than what is currently out there?
the real question is should i get the 3gs now and install os4 later this summer or just wait until this summer?
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Update to OSX 10.5.5 any difference with the sync

Just heard they released an update to OSX that is supposed to fix some sync issues. Anyone tried it yet?
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Any difference between 16 and 32GB model other than capacity

Ive just had my 16GB iPhone 4 stolen, and its not looking like Im going to be able to get it back. So Im going to have to dig deep and buy a new one. But Id want an upgrade at the same time, to allow me to better cope with the loss. So Im thinking about the 32GB model (also, i was pushed for space with the 16GB).
Is there any difference; Battery life, weight, speed, etc between the 16 and 32GB models? Beyond the obvious larger capacity?
As most will know, bigger hard drives are faster, mainly due to higher areal density, but I dont know how/if this applies to solid state storage. I thought possibly it might use more battery life and be slightly faster.
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What is this 3.0.1 update supposed to be doing Dont see any difference

what is the point of the august 1. 2009 update 3.0.1 the list on the update just says fixes sms vulnerability but i dont see any difference at all was there a point upgrading my phone for a whole hour
Everyone just talks about volume issues, battery life, yellow screen tint. People should forget about all those minute issues and really worry about how apple is making these phones better...
if anyone can help thank you...
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Difference between iphone 4 sold in US and any other countries

I would like to ask a simple question. I am living in india where we buy a SIM card and buy any phone of our choice. At the moment, apple has launched iphone 3GS only in india only with two service provider. It is said to be LOCKED! Just like with AT&T. what does this locked means? and where can i get an unlocked iphone without violating apple policies of warranties?
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Shouldn't iTunes be able to tell the difference b w my old and new iPhones

I received a new iPhone 3G from the Apple store last week because there was a defect in my old iPhone 3G (about a month old). I came home with the new iPhone and hooked it up to my computer (windows xp). I cant recall if I clicked on the new iPhone option or as a backup, but my contacts and texts were restored. I reloaded my apps from iTunes with no issues.
The only thing I was missing was MMS messaging. I had followed the instructions on att.com on the older iPhone (update on iTunes, restart iPhone) to get the MMS activated with no problems. However when I tried it with the newer iPhone, iTunes kept saying I was already updated, even though the MMS wouldnt work. I assume iTunes assumed that I still had my old iPhone.
So, without first Googling, I restored my iPhone. Seemed great, didnt use the back up option, restored it as a new iPhone. Restored all my apps. But, among other things, my contacts are gone.
So I restored using a recent back up. Contacts are back. But no MMS messaging.
What do I do? I want MMS messaging AND my contacts. Is that too much to ask?
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Whats the difference between GSM and CDMA

Sorry if this has been answered before but what is the difference between these two model types? In terms of world wide usage?
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whats the difference between push and fetch

I just bought my 1st iphone and I love it. But, Im just wondering what is the difference between push and fetch and under fetch what does clicking on manual do?
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What is the difference between current period and lifetime

What is the difference between current period call time and lifetime call time in settings-general-usage because they are always exactly the same ?
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Coverflow difference - iTunes vs iPhone

Hopefully this is user error...
In iTunes, the Coverflow adjusts for whatever playlist, search results, browser mode Im in. If Im just looking at Beatles albums, only Beatles covers show up in Coverflow.
In iPhone, Coverflow is always all albums, regardless of the playlist, genre, etc. My playlists frequently span tens of albums, so flipping through them is much easier than finding a specific song.
Is this a setting or touch pattern I missed, or a lack of capability in the iPhones playback?
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Difference in method of outgoing voice - PLEASE HELP

Im curious if anyone knows if there is different hardware used for outgoing voice when switching from normal talk mode to speakerphone. Im having a problem with my 3G iPhone (version 2.2 software) that could be software or hardware related but Im not sure. If you are interested in that problem the details are here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8759414&#8759414. Basically, outgoing voice is fine over speakerphone (on EDGE and 3G) and WiFi (using Truphone app) but garbled over EDGE and 3G in normal talk mode. Anyway, if anyone can explain the differences between the outgoing voice in each mode it could probably help me resolve the problem or at least narrow it down before swapping out the hardware for no reason.
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Time difference between iPhone and iMac

I have both iPhone and iMac set to the same time zone and time. However, whatever iCal entries I make, there is a 9 hour difference between the two (iPhone being 9 hours behinf iMac).. Obviously, I am missing some setup somewhere but I truly cannot figure it out.
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Screen color difference between 2G and 3G phone

I just got my 3G phone and I noticed that there is a slight color shift toward yellow with the new 3G phone and as apposed to a magenta shift in the 2G phone. Not a big deal I guess but as a photographer and graphic artist this bothers me a little. Anybody else notice this and is there anything that can be done to color correct the screen. Settings only allow for brightness. Thank you.....
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Difference between 'power-off' and hard-reset

Is there any difference between simply powering-down/restarting and a hard reset? If there is a difference, can anyone explain what it is?
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Difference between Bluetooth DUN and tethering

Are they the same things? Or is there some fundamental difference?
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Difference in song numbers between Itunes and Iphone

I have an Iphone 3GS 16GB running iOS4.3
It is set up to auto sync video and songs amongst other things.
It is configured to sync 7 playlists of which 4 are smart ones, they are all in a playlist sub-folder. According to Itunes the total number of songs is 821 or 4.85GB. If you add up the number of songs in each playlist you get a number of 1132 but as some of the playlists contain the same tracks the actual number of different songs is the 821 stated earlier.
Problem is that my iphone is convinced there are 1092 songs taking up 7.2GB.
I cant understand why and would really like the 2.3GB back for other things as the phone is full.
When I select each one individually the numbers initially tally but then the jumps are much larger.
Any ideas?
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Hard and soft reset.I didn't think there was a difference

Some folks are talking about doing a hard and/or soft reset.
I was under the impression that a reset was just that, a reset. Not hard or soft.
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Difference between restore and erase all content and settings

I was wondering what is the difference between Restore on itunes and Erase all content and settings on iphone?
Is it the same and if yes why does it take longer to Erase all content and settings on iphone?
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Is there a significant difference between the iPhone 4 and 4S battery life

     Recently, I decided to upgrade from a basic phone to a smart phone. I decided to either get the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 4. Overall, I want the 4S due to its better features. Yet there is one thing that worries me, the battery life. Everyone says that the battery life is worse on the 4S. How much of a difference is there in the battery life? I would use my 4S A LOT throughout the day. I am a heavy user, but most of it would be on wifi and texting. I need my phone to last me a good amount of time, I do not want to constantly worry about it dying on me. Is the battery life so bad on the 4S that I should consider the 4? I need to have a decent battery life! Would the 4S last me all day?

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