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download ios 7.04 ipsw

download ios 7.04 ipsw

iphone unlocked

iOS 6.1.3 ipsw GSM iPhone 4

Can Someone please provide me with the offical apple iOS 6.1.3 firmware link for the GSM iPhone 4?

iphone unlocked

HT4972 I have an Iphone3 and I cannot download the ios 4.3 I try to update and it says I am fully updated However I still cannot add any apps to my phone how do I go about downloading the ios 4.3 from the ios 4.1.2

I have an Iphone 3g and I cannot download any operating system past the ios 4.2.1. This operating system will not allow me to download any apps to my phone because they all say I need the ios 4.3.  Where and how do I go about downloading a newer ios in order to download apps to my phone?

Where can I get the 2.2.1 ipsw

I updated to 3.0 but I am bored of it already and want to downgrade back to 2.2.1. I have tried to find it online but when I get it it comes zipped and unzips it to a folder, not the ipsw package and I cannot figure out how to get it to work. Any ideas?
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ipsw file in my trash

I just happened to look in my trash and noticed that this file was there: iPhone3,1_4.3_8F190_Restore.ipsw I never deleted any files like this, so I dont know how it ended up there.
I have an iPhone 4 that has been running ios 4.3 since it came out but I have yet to update to 4.3.1 Is this file something I need? Or is my system deleting it for a reason?
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HT1222 hi there I've got an iphone 3GS & i want to download skype but when i try it says i need iOS 4.3 where do i get iOS 4.3 from


do i need iOS 4.3 for skype? if so, where do i get it from?


iPhone Software Updates folder - do I need older .ipsw files

In my ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software folder, I have over a dozen Restore.ipsw files going back to version 1.0.1. Is there some reason that the older ones arent deleted when the new one is added? Do I need the older ones to be there? This folder is up to 2.3Gb now, and Id just like to toss all but the most recent one or two.
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download ios 4.3 ti ios 4.2.1 iphone 3g

How to upgrade the newer version of  ios of 4.2.1  to ios 4.3.1

iOS 4.2 download

I need to update several remote users with the 4.2 update next week when I visit them.
Their internet connection is poor to none exisitant so I would like to take the update down on a pen drive. Is there an apple link I can use to download the file?
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Can't download IOS 4.2

This is my first post here. Sorry in advance for my ignorance.
I have tried to download the IOS 4.2 for my iPhone4 many, many times. It always times out.
Question 1: How can I successfully download 4.2?
Question 2: I have read about problems with 4.2. Will I lose anything (calendar, contacts, music, pictures, etc.) that is currently on my phone or in my iTunes? If so, what do I need to do so I dont lose anything?
Any help will be greatly apprecaited, as I am quickly becoming very frustrated with how much time I have wasted trying to download the new 4.2.
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Cant download IOS 4.2

I cant seem to be able to download the OS update via my 10.1. It always says connection error, please make sure ure connected to the internet. Any help?

I can't download ios 5

I have downloaded the new itunes. I have restarted my computer and restarted my phone. Whenever I check for updates, it tells me I have the latest OS with 4.2.1, but I want to download 4.5. Something is wrong.

Thanks for your help!



Can I opt to not download iOS 4.2

As many people on the forums have been experiencing, the 4.2 update is creating problems with my Home button not registering. To fix the situation I tried to downgrade to 4.1 through the very involved process that is there but screwed something up and now its locked in recovery mode and will not restore to defaults.
I moved from my PC to my rommates Mac and it is acting as though it will restore everything back to normal. Only problem: its asking me if I want to install 4.2. I do not. Is there a way I can so, No, thank you. 4.1 is just fine. Or am i stuck with 4.2?
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What time should ios 4 be available to download

Like more or less midnight tonight or...?
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HT1414 How can i download IOS 4.3

Please help me to download IOS 4.3.3.Thanks

ios 4.2.1 download to pendrive

hey guys me dont have internet in my home so i have pendrive. Is that possible to download iphone 3gs ios 4.2.1 to pendrive?
give me the link to download
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Several Phones - why do I have to download IOS for each one

I have a work phone and a personal phone. Why do I have to download every new IOS twice?
I even select the download only option, so there is a local copy on my mac. I dont have the fastest internet connection so it takes ages.
My wife also has to download it - wouldnt it make sense once there is a local copy on the mac to be able to use that?
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if i download ios 5.1 to my iphone 4 what will it do

what will it  do?

iOS 4.0.1 download problem

Everytime I try to download the new OS, I get a few minutes into and my internet connection goes out. It comes back on shortly after, but this repeats everytime like clockwork.

IOS 4.2 incomplete download

Been trying for 3 days to download IOS 4.2 to my iphone 4 throught itunes 10.1054.
I am keep getting a time out error (several different codes), anywhere from minutes to hours into the download (average download time 3 hrs).
Everytime it fails it restarts at zero! is this normal or a setting on my machine (I have tried to pause & resume - the resume starts from zero also).
I got to within 12 minutes of complete download before problem & had to restart from zero again - maddening!
Thanks in advance
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iOS 5 updates not all there after download

I recently download iOS 5.0.1 for my iphone and it appears that not all the updates are there. So far I have noticed that my messaging has not changed colors from green to blue. Also I do not have the shortcut to the camera from the lock screen. I am sure there are more updates that are not there that should be. These are the ones I have noticed so far. Any suggestions?

Just download iOS 4.2 now install later

OK, I forgot the procedure to do this. I thought it was to hold the option key when clicking update but that is for AFTER the download. What is the key command to just download the update?
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HT4623 i need to download ios 5.1 to install later

i have a customer who has a iphone and needs to update to ios 5.1 for a corporate app to work. he does not have personnal machine at home to install itunes on, and the company will not allow itunes to be installed on any of their systems (you cant even run the installer as its blocked).

i have my own machine that i connect to their guest wifi but when i try to download the ios 5.1 update, it says 36 hours remaining (i think they are blocking the traffic).

is there a way to download the firmware while i have my machine at home and then install when i am back with the user (i only see the user for about 1 hour a week)


thanks in advance for your help.

Possible to download iOS 4 directly without iTunes

I have satellite internet service with a maximum daily download of 200 MG, which is not enough to download iOS 4 for my husbands iPhone 3GS. I have unlimited download capabilities from 2-7 a.m. but need to be able to give the URL for the download in order to schedule one. Is this possible with iOS 4?

iOS 4.3 upgrade failed during download

I am using Windows Vista iTune to upgrade my iPhone 4 iOS 4.2 to 4.3. When software upgrade is almost complete, approaching 669.8M, it reports a problem of internet connection time out. I have tried many times with the same problem, and same even after I disable virus protection software Kaspersky. please help.
My PC information
Compaq NB B1200Windows Vista Home Premium (Traditional Chinese Edition)Intel Core Due T7300 @2GHz2G memory
iPhone 4
Operator: CHT, TaiwaniOS: 4.2.1 (8C148)Model: MC605TA
iPhone 4 iOS 4 upgrade issue during download

HT4623 how to download external of ios 7.0.4

hello dear,


i wanna download extranally Ios 7.0.4. bcoz my wi-fi goes wrong frequently, so by using download manager i wanna download it n update my phone, please help me.         

I can't download and or install ios 4.2 ot my iphone 4

I cant download full iOS 4.2 Software and cant install. The screen on my computer is display: There was a problem downloading the software for the iphone. The network connection time out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection are active, or try again later
My network is normal using. Is the Apples server has problem or my iphone 4 or my network? How to fix all problems?
I read a previously submiited isuue regarding this,but I dont understand how to fix the problem given the solution posted.
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Download latest IOS 5 beta release

Hello people. I have a developer account but somehow I can not find where to download the latest release of ios 5 .. Please tell the steps or the location of the link on the website Thanks you

Can't download purchased books on iPhone iOS 4.0

I upgraded my 3GS to iOS 4.0 last night and installed the iBooks app. When I try to download a book I already purchased on my iPad, the application first asks me for my iTunes password and starts downloading the book as soon as I enter my password. The book downloads almost all the way then I get a pop up that says Sign in Required. Tap continue and sign in to continue syncing your bookmarks with other devices. My iTunes account email is correct and I know my password is right too (I was required to enter it a few seconds before to start the download), but it keeps on rejecting my password and the popup comes back. If I hit cancel, meaning I do not want to sync my books with my other devices, this popup goes away but it comes back asking my iTunes password and keeps on rejecting it and the download never finished and I cant open the book.
My iTunes password is ACCEPTED in the App Store and in the iTunes applications on that same phone.
Any idea whats going on?
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iOS 5 - Automatically download Camera Roll yet

With iOS 5, is there any new mechanism to finally be able to automatically download photos from Camera Roll onto a Mac while enjoying the Wireless sync/backup features?


Personally, I dont like the idea that Apple treats the iPhone/iPod/iPad camera like any other digital camera, such that it requires a manual download to get the pictures off of it.  These devices are not cameras, they are phones with cameras built in; they should be treated like phones.  If I download a song off of iTunes on my iPhoneadod, it will automatically be syncd to my Mac wirelessly, so obviously they dont treat the music player app as an digital music player, they treat it like a phone; two-way sync.


Ill send this gripe to feedback@apple.com too, but in the mean time, Im hoping that there is something around that can do this job automatically.


Ive seen the CameraSync app, but it still looks too manual.  You have to delete the photos off of the Camera Roll or else they will chew through your available storage space (on whatever medium you backup to via CameraSync).


Thanks for reading.

I cant download iOS 4.3 even when i check for update in iTunes

Ive sat here for about three hours and it still just says 4.2.6 is the latest. Is this true, if not how can i get the newest version?
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