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erreur 16 iphone 4 youtube

erreur 16 iphone 4 youtube

iphone unlocked

Une erreur inconnue s'est produite 29 a cause de cela je ne peux pas restaurer

Une erreur inconnue sest produite (29) a cause de cela je ne peux pas restaurer. je peux pas demarer

iphone unlocked

YouTube videos playing on the new YouTube app suddenly stops

I am currently on an iPhone 4S running iOS 6, and this happened since yesterday night. Ive tried to reboot the iPhone, turn off back ground running applications, and nothing seems to help. As I am watching a YouTube video on the newest version of the YouTube app, it just suddenly stopped. This might be a buffering problem, Id suspect, but Ive tried to disconnect and reconnect my router and modern; which does not seems to help. Please respond.

Youtube email link no longer opens youtube app

Until today when receiving a link for a youtube video, clicking on it in the email would pop open the youtube app and happily play away.
Now when I click on a link it is launching safari and taking me to youtube mobile instead of launching youtube app!
Im gonna try to get people to send me various links to test it but wondered if anyone else was experiencing problems with it?
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No youtube app cannot watch youtube videos

does anyone know why my iPhone 3GS has no youtube app. I thought it was part of the software and couldnt be removed from the screens.
I am unable to watch any youtube footage on my phone.
iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3 16g

I am having constant problems in watching YouTube videos on the YouTube App and generally all videos playing on my iPhone 4 using my WiFi I have recently downloaded the iOs 5.1.1 software but still keep having the same problem the videos

I am having constant problems in watching YouTube videos on the YouTube App and generally all videos playing on my iPhone 4 using my WiFi. I have recently downloaded the iOs 5.1.1 software but still keep having the same problem the videos?

YouTube Account YouTube App

Is it possible to login to your YouTube account on the YouTube application on the iPhone? I have bookmarks in both places, but it would be really useful if I can access my favorites without having to do so through Safari, and YouTube Mobile.
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YouTube from iPhone Mail app and YouTube from iPhone YouTube app

While the YouTube app on my iPhone
works perfectly when visited, searched,
used explicitly, etc., any URL link to YouTube
that shows up in email and is clicked
ends up not being visited.
I am looking for any any insights anyone
can offer on the above...
The links are very simple too - they used
to cross-link fine and startup when clicked
on in email too...
An example:
When visited by searching at the iPhone
YouTube app, no problem. Plays.
When emailed and double-clicked on in
the iPhone app, visits a page that doesnt
startup the YouTube app.
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YouTube to iPhone

Ive just got an iPhone 3G and was wondering if I can sync music videos downloaded from YouTube via Real Player to my iPhone?
Thanks in advance.
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iPhone 3G and Youtube

I just purchased an iPhone 3G, upgrading from my 2G phone. I backed up my old iphone and restored to my new phone via iTunes. YouTube is nowhere to be found. Is there a way to download and install the delivered application which seems to be missing. When I go to the App Store and do a search for youtube the application does not come up in my search.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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New YouTube Mobile on iPhone 4

Has anyone got access to the new YouTube Mobile on iPhone 4, in the UK or otherwise?
The reason I ask is I just started using it on my iPhone 3G yesterday, and I have access to the new layout and the dashboard etc.
However my iPhone 4 turned up today and all it gives me is the standard mobile interface, not the new fancier one.
I double checked my 3G and it still gets the new one. I have also visited this site to get the user agent string which I guess it using to determine your experience:
And this listed the 3G as:
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7
and the iPhone 4 as:
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7
Couldnt see any difference here other than the country part. I also tried putting these strings into Firefox on my desktop and although it did then recognise the browser as a mobile, neither one gave me the new interface so perhaps there is more to it than just the user agent string?!
Any clues?
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youtube application in iphone

Just a question, since the Iphone currently does not support flash, how does the youtube piece work? Or is it just that it doesnt support it in safari, is there a way for me to view a youtube video, if i know the url to it, in the youtube app? or any flash file using that app?

Youtube with iphone 3gs

I just purchased my first iphone. I have a problem with all of youtube videos being choppy and the frame rate being sluggish. Is there a way to make the videos high def.
Thanks in advance
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Cannot connect to Youtube from iPhone 3.1.3

Despite repeated attempts over several monthsI have not been able to connect with Youtube.
Normally after a very long wait, the message Cannot connect to Youtube appears at any time of the day or night.
I notice many people in discussion threads identify this as a problem, but cannot find the topic in the Apple threads.
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Another iPhone Not Connecting to YouTube

First, sorry for the cross posting. I had too many windows opened and accidentally posted this under the iPod Touch section.
I am on my second iPhone (the touch screen stopped working on my first one). My first phone never had a problem connecting to YouTube, but this one has never been able to connect. It is the only thing that does not work on the phone.
I get the message Cannot connect to YouTube after just a few seconds, though I can browse YouTube through Safari. I have tried all the screens under the YouTube app, and get the same message from all of them.
I have tried every suggestion I could find on the forums, but nothing works. I have tried on the Edge network and two different WIFI connections, and even completely restored my phone. It seems as if quite a few people are having the same issue, so it sure would be nice if Apple would speak up a bit more about it and issue a fix.
Also, as I have seen this suggested in other postings, I thought I would head it off early: No, the phone is not unlocked.
If anyone can help I would certainly appreciate it.
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Youtube Wifi Issue on Iphone 5

Whenever I watch videos on youtube (Iphone app) while connected to wifi after about 30 seconds the wifi cuts out and it starts using my mobile 3G network, forcing me to go into settings and forcibly reconnect my wifi, which is very annoying as it uses my mobile data allowance very quickly.  Is anyone else having this issue on their iPhone 5, any remedies would be greatly appreciated.  This happens constantly.


PS this happens on various wifi networks, not just my home network.


Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue as it is driving me up the wall.

Parental control for youtube on iphone

We just bought 2 new iphones for our family. We have 2 younger sons who enjoy using them. Some of the youtube videos are not family-friendly. I placed a restriction on explicit content in itunes, but it doesnt seem to help if using the youtube icon on the iphone. How can I make sure x and r rated material does not play on our iphones?
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It keeps saying No video when I try using YouTube on my iPhone 3GS

Title says it all... Every time I click on YouTube with my brand new iPhone 3GS (bought it 2 weeks ago) it says No video. (Please keep in mind that I havent done anything like jailbreaking or nasty stuff like that.) I tried everything! Reseting it to factory settings, changing the SIM card etc... (Though it shows the videos for the first time after I reset it to factory settings, after I cancel YouTube and try to use it again few moments later it says No video again.) This is extremely annoying! Please help me on this or I will go crazy... PLEASE HELP! Thank you.
iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3 Just updated it to software version 3.1.3.

YouTube on iphone and how to sync with own account

Im looking for a way to access my youtube account on my iphone.
The dashboard widget doesnt seem to be able to do this, which seems strange, all i need to do is be able to access my favourites.
And of course safari on the iphone doesnt seem to work as it needs a flash player, does anyone know if theres a place where you can download a flash player for the iphone?
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Cannot upload HD video to youtube from iphone 4

When I upload a video from the iphone 4 using the iphone 4 over wifi or 3G it plays as a 360p video not 720p.
If I transfer the video to my laptop and then upload it to youtube then I can play it as a 720p video.
It seems to be a contradiction to record HD but not be able to upload it as HD from the iphone especially if I am using wifi.
Am I missing something?
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You don't get the complete YouTube with iPhone

Right? Otherwise, wouldnt it have found my YouTube videos by tag keyword? I tried it on two different phones in an AT&T store, and none of my 12 videos came up. I only got the really really popular ones that have 100,000+ views. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
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YouTube Channels on iPhone How to watch them

I have an IPhone 3g /firmware 2.2. Im a reporter and I would like to browse and watch YouTube channels (i.e. www.youtube.com/rai - www.youtube.com/bbc - ecc.ecc.)
The YouTube App doesnt seem to offer me this feture I can watch only single videos found with search button. Unfortunately, I need an overview on what those channels are offering today.
Can someone help me?
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iPhone YouTube app button

I dont have a YouTube app button on my iPhone... Where can I find one... ?
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I can't login to my YouTube account via my iPhone app

I have no problems logging in via my PC on Explorer or to the mobile site on my iPhone in Safari. I have the iPhone4. I cant find any help on it and YouTube referred me to Apple.

I get the message:  This YouTube account is currently unavailable.  Please try again later.

But later never works.

iPhone 3G S - GPRS EDGE YouTube problems

Hi all,
As the subject describes I cant use YouTube App or on Safari at all. Its fine on Wi-Fi and cant test it on 3G as O2 dont have 3G around here. It use to work but anymore, if I do a restore with iTunes it starts working again for a short while then faults again. I dont get any errors or nothing, on the YouTube App. all I get is Load more... at the top of the screen and nothing else, just white screen under the mentioned text. On Safari I get all the Link Text next to what appears to be the preview but I cant see the image, just a Play button in the middle of the square. If I click on it after a few seconds I get a line across from one corner to the other, thats it. But works fine on Wi-Fi....
In case you were wondering, I did reset the Network settings.. no change.
Many thanks in advance!
Answered my own question... Its EDGE only that YouTube works ON not GPRS as well.
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Problems with New YouTube HTML5 App On Iphone 4

I just cant get my iphone 4 to work with the new youtube app. I just tried it on my old iphone and its perfect.
I just dont get the options to select HQ videos and when I select add to home screen the logo that comes up is different to that on the old iphone suggesting a different version.
Anyone else getting this or have any ideas?
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iphone 3G gets very slow wifi specially on YouTube

Im having a very strange problem - I seem to be getting very slow internet speeds on my iphone when connected thru wifi - m laptop is on the same network and it goes blazingly fast however my iphone takes almost as much time as it does on edge networks - the youtube loading is so slow that its just not watchable from my iphone - however the same video loads at super speed on my laptop
Ive tried changing the setting from b/g to only b - but it still makes no difference.
If anyone has the same problem or if anyone knows how to help please let me know
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Volume iPhone while using YouTube and play via Apple tv

My volume buttons dont function when i play like YouTube on my Phone via Apple tv Why is that Can thuis problem be solved via a setting

youtube video file format in iphone

I have yourtube accout, and I uploade the video in (.flv)(.mov)(flash)(.mp4)(.avi), but non of them not working in iphone youtube, but they working in my computer.please tell me which format is working in youtube inside the computer and iphone youtube?
Thank you for any help
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Iphone 4 pixilated image when watching YouTube

Since the last update (4.1) I have horrible image quality when watching YouTube or Vevo...Anyone has any idea of what is going on?
Iphone 4 iOS 4

iPhone 3gs original YouTube app issue

I use an iPhone 3gs on an older iOS and the original Apple YouTube isnt working. Earlier today it was working fine and then I went to check on my new videos and it wouldnt load them. I restarted the app and I was logged off so I entered my username and password and a message came up saying Authentication Failed. Im positive that my username and password were correct several times after this. I know one person who has had this problem, both of us use an iPhone 3gs and the older YouTube app. Is his an arguement between YouTube and Apple or just a glitch with the old app ( that by the way isnt on new iOSs)? If it is just a glitch, how can i fix it? I really need to check my subscriptions again and the new YouTube app doesnt show all of the new videos my subscribed YouTubers put out.

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