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error message 1 1 216 116-11

error message 1 1 216 116-11

iphone unlocked

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on Update failed Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly Please re-install iTunes Error 7 Windows error 126

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on.  Update failed. Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages.  Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly. Please re-install iTunes. Error 7. Windows error 126. I now cant sync my iPhoneand I am worried that if I re-install I will lose all my contacts,calendar, notes, etc.

iphone unlocked

Error message unknown Error occured -39

Hello anybody,
does anybody has an idea why I am not able to syncronize my iPhone with iTunes? The error message tells me, that the iPhone couldnt synchronize with iTunes. A unknown error occured (-39).
What can I do to solve the problem?
Kind regards,
ibook G4, iMAC2,16GHz Core2Duo, 2GB DDR2 667 MHz, 1 TB HDD, iPod video, iPhone 8 Mac OS X (10.5.6)

HT2188 I have an iphone 3GS that keeps getting the message charging not supported by this device Dismiss I have tried other usb adapters car chargers and directly hooked to the computer and still get the error message Software is up to date as well H

I have an IPhone 3GS that keeps getting the message charging not supported by this device Dismiss. I have tried several different ac adaptors, car chargers and even directly connected to USB on computer and still get the same message. Software is up to date as well. Help!

wifi error message error opening page hotspot login cannot open the page because the network connection was lost

connecting to wifi the message  appears at the login window and i have no access to wifi, tried with the laptop, connection is OK, THKS!

HT1430 I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails .they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails....they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

Error message - Help

Hi, my iphone was just on standby and all of a sudden it started making a high pitched beeping noise and a message came up saying the following sort of thing.. hi this is your iPhone, when you next sync please do a full restore, thought this was a bit wierd but just thought okay fine, next time I sync it Ill restore.. problem is I havent got my computer with me currently so I wont be able to do this until Monday!
Put my phone back down and a couple if minutes later it starts beeping again this time with a different message saying.. Error message (then a number which I cant remember) and then said remote wipe! It then vanished, have checked through my phone and nothing seems to have been wiped just slightly confused about what is happening! My iPhone seems possessed! Someone please say a similar thing has happened to them as I have quickly done a fee Internet searches and havent found the same problem anywhere! Help!
Windows vista iOS 4

Error Message 13019

The error message 13019 is displayed when I attempt to sync my IPhone. It just started doing this. I have went onto the Apple website and followed their directions for correction the error code 13019 and still not able to sync! Any suggestions ?
XP iOS 4

HT1414 Error message

I have been using an old iPhone 3gs as a iPod touch. I no longer use it as a phone.


I reset the phone used the Reset all Settings


After I turned the phone back on the screen displayed a message saying, No SIM card installed. Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lockto activate iPhone The image on the screen is a USB plug pointing to the iTunes icon.


I plugged the the phone into iTunes. The phone was recognized and listed under devices, but it did not activate the usual tabbed options.  There was the same message as above.


I have tried to use the troubleshooting features on the Apple website, but nothing seems to work.


Thanks for your help.

Error message from OSX

After updating OSX 10.6.2 to 10.6.3 I got this error message during installation but the update was successful.
System extension cannot be used
The system extension System/Library/Extensions/CDSDAudioCaptureSupport.kext was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact products vendor for an update. Can anyone explain what it refers to.
Mac mini Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Error message on Maps

I just discovered that when I ask for directions on the Maps application since the upgrade, I get an error message that says Directions could not be received.
All of the other functions on Maps work.
Anyone else getting this?
This is my first post.

Error message 0xE8000001

I tried to sync my phone with my MacBook and iTunes could not sync, but came back with this error message. Appreciate any help.
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

Error message when texting



Hope someone has an answer to this . . . I just upgraded to an iPhone 4 yesterday at the AT&T store and had them transfer all my information from my 3GS to the new phone.  Texted a couple people since then, no problem.  Today, I tried texting again, and I get this error message: +1 (1) (216) 116-11  Error Invalid Number.  Please re-send using a valid 10-digit mobile number or valid short code.


I checked how the number was input into the phone - it only has the 3-digit area code and the 7-digit number.  That is a10-digit number!


I know the number is correct, because I called the person and the call went through. 


Anyone know how to fix this? 


3G update Error message below

If it can help the resolution by Apple, here is the details of the error I get
Please send me a mail if you see a way to get out of that
2010-06-22 09:19:17.265 3516:340: iTunes: iTunes
2010-06-22 09:19:17.265 3516:fa4: iTunes: Specifying UOI boot image
2010-06-22 09:19:17.281 3516:fa4: amai: AMAuthInstallPlatformCreateDataFromFileURL: cant resolve file
2010-06-22 09:19:18.609 3516:fb8: iBoot build-version = iBoot-636.66.33
2010-06-22 09:19:18.828 3516:fb8: AMDeviceIoControl: GetOverlappedResult failed
2010-06-22 09:19:18.828 3516:fb8: USBControlTransfer: error 31, usbd status c0000004
2010-06-22 09:19:18.828 3516:fb8: radio-error not set
2010-06-22 09:19:18.828 3516:fb8: <Recovery Mode Device 0XXXXXXX>: production fused device
2010-06-22 09:19:18.828 3516:fb8: <Recovery Mode Device 0XXXXXXX>: operation 4 progress -1
2010-06-22 09:19:18.984 3516:fb8: <Recovery Mode Device 0XXXXXXX>: operation 31 progress -1
2010-06-22 09:19:20.000 3516:340: iTunes: Restore error 1604

iphone error message

my iphone 3G keeps coming up with a no network when there is, its fraustrating as i have to keep turning off my phone and restarting it any help anybody
mac mini Mac OS X (10.0.x)

HT2110 error message

what does it mean to get the following error message:

iphone cannot be restored because the disk your attempting to use if full.


is that my computer or my iphone?

synching error message for 3G

i get pop ups that tells me my phone cannot synch and it needs to be enabled & ok to enable. when i went the restore route, finally had to get a new phone..now the message is popping back up, but will synch...anyone else gotten this message?
toshiba A105


Today, I started getting a message that pops up on my phone saying This accessory is not optimized for this iphone You may experience noise caused by cellular interference and a decrease in cellular signal strength. Problem is I dont have any accessories attached. Ive reset the phone and it keeps showing up. Any suggestions
iPhone 3G 8GB iOS 4

How should I respond to this error message

I get the following error message when I synchronise my IPhone to my Imac.
Itunes could not sync to the IPhone because a connection could not be established to the IPhone
I use a USB cable to connect. I have had synchonization problems in the past, when I could see for instance, that certain ICal calendars were not being updated, however as far as I can tell, everything seems to be synchronized even though the error message occurs.
Versions listed below.
Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. Please dont tell me to buy a new phone! Cant afford it now.
imac Mac OS X (10.4.10) Iphone version 3.1.3 ITunes version 10.2 (34)

Google.com Error Message

All of a sudden starting last night, when using the Google bookmark or any other direct link to Google.com, about 1/3rd of the way through the download Im getting a pop-up box with the message Error to use eval parse history info json string! OK Everything locks up until I push OK - then the download finishes but the screen is blank. Whats going on?

Frequent error message

Probably because I am in a poor O2 UK service area where I live I keep getting an error message - Network Lost - Your selected cellular network (is unavailable, etc.) - and asking me to Dismiss or select another.
Can I stop this near constant interruption (but without turning the phone system off) - I can see the 3G signal is poor from the lack of bars in the strength indicator at top left of my screen. It is OK in town, so is working when really needed.
Mac Mini + iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Will NOT sync-no error message

I am trying to sync my iphone to change the account associated with itunes/app store. When I go to my phone under devices and hit sync it says syncing iphone for a couple seconds and then nothing happens. Ive restarted the computer and the phone. Anyone have any advice? Help!
Dell Windows XP

Error sending message

Is anyone else getting error sending message? Its very annoying. AT&T has tried to help and I got a new phone from apple. Still not working. (actually it worked for a day after getting a new phone from apple)
Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Safari Error Message

My iPhone is unable to connect to Safari (or anything else for that matter) through WiFi. When I try to connect, I receive the error message...
Safari cant open the page. The error was: Operation could not be completed.(POSIX error 12 - Cannot allocate memory) (NSPOSIXErrorDomain:12)
Anyone have any ideas?
G4, iPhone Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Syncing error message

I am getting the following error message: The iPhone ... cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-50).
3GS iPhone running OS3.0.1. Ive tried backup and restore and restarting my desk top iMac Intel Duo 20 running Mac OS (10.5.8). Error message persists. iPhone works fine in all other respects as near as I can tell.
iMac Intel duo 2.4 20" Mac OS X (10.5.8)

iPhone error message

When syncing, I get an error message that states that notes cannot be synched because the iPhone has disconnected...but it has not.
iPhone OS 3.1.3

2.2.1 update and now error message every few seconds

Did the update this morning. All went fine. I have never used airplane mode. So phone was not in it.
Now all I get every few seconds on the phone, even while in sleep mode, and it wakes the screen is message:
This accessory is not made to work with iphone. Would I like to turn on Airplane mode to eliminate audio interference etc… Yes/No
If I do nothing the message goes away and the iphone goes back to sleep.
I tried selecting yes. It put phone into airplane mode. But message stills comes up. Same thing when I selected No.
This error comes up every 30 seconds or so. I have tried hard restarting the iPhone hold down Home and top button until iPhone shuts down. This didnt do anything.
Anyone else having this problem?
MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.16ghz Mac OS X (10.5.4) 4GB Ram  250GB HD  4-3G iPhones  Numerous iPods

Error message when sending mail

Im still new at this. Every time I try to send an email message from my iPhone I get the message Cannot Send Mail / The sender address was invalid. Ive checked settings in Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and as far as I can determine, the address I am using as sender address is correct. It worked when I first got the phone last week, but yesterday I started getting this message. Any suggestions?
Bill Schipper
iPhone iPhone OS 3.1.3

Why do I get error Message on iPad and iPhone

I am using Family Treemaker app and I keep gettingg error messages .   HELP

Help Can't send mail because of this error message

No password provided for yahoo
Please go to mail account settings and add a password
There is a password there, there has always been a password there, and there hasnt been any problems until I got a replacement iPhone.
I have reentered the password, restarted the iPhone, and synched the iPhone all to no avail. Also, I have no trouble receiving emails on the account.
If you answer my question, I will mark you helpful!! Thanks in advance!
Owen Pillion
MBP 2.2 iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.5.5)

error message when try to make ringtone

Everytime i try to make a ringtone from songs ive purchased from itunes, it says it cannot connect to itunes & to check my connection, which seems fine, & has an error message 11556. Does anyone know what this means
packard bell Windows Vista

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