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error occurred ios 7.0.4

error occurred ios 7.0.4

iphone unlocked

An error occurred installing iOS 5.0.1

Getting the following message when trying to update:  An error occurred installing iOS 5.0.1


I cant seem to clear it or proceed past it.  Any suggestions.


(iPhone 4)

iphone unlocked

TS4451 My iPhone 4 fails to update IOS from 6 to 7.1 An unknown error occurred 3014

I finally got around to trying to update my wifes iPhone 4 from IOS 6 to 7.1.  The update fails with The iPhone could not be updated, an unknown error occurred (3014).  I tried all the suggested network diagnostics.  I can ping gs.apple.com.  My other iphone updates fine from the same computer.  What else should I try?

Mail account Sync Error an error occurred remapping record identifiers

I hope someone might be able to shed some light on this problem I am having.
I have a POP and an IMAP (mobile.me) mail account on my Mac which I also have on my iPhone. Email works fine on both devices but on every iPhone Sync attempt in iTunes I get the same error message as per the following image.
Mail account Sync Error an error occurred remapping record identifiers
The following is from the AppleMobileSync.00.log from within Console.
2009-01-30 13:04:59.682 AppleMobileSync 1440:2689074976 SyncClient.m:- ConcreteSyncClient remapRecordIdentifiers:dataClass: ERROR: Exception NSInvalidArgumentException calling clientChangedRecordIdentifiers: ISDSqliteRecordIdMapper replaceLocalId:withLocalId: : you cant change the local id 501CDE24-46B5-476F-A21A-1C9AD7E0DA60 -> 8769B17E-D91B-4E85-B960-457AFCA85949: both the new and old ids are already mapped to global ids
Ive tried deleting both accounts from my iPhone but on Syncing again they are not re-created anew as I thought they would be.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
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HT1430 I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails .they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails....they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

An unkown error occurred -1

Hi Everyone,


Im in desperate need of help if possible.  My iphone suddenly stopped working today (for no reason) and told me that it needed to be plugged into itunes for a restore.  I tried to reset the phone thinking this was an odd error but upone reboot, the phone gave me the itunes symbol and would do nothing else.  Upon connecting to itunes, the phone fails restoring at updating firmware and gives me an error code of (-1).  Im at a complete loss..and its christmas eve.  Im in a panick on what to do and apple stores are closed until monday.  If anyone can help me, id really appreciate it.

Unknown Error Occurred

I am new to iTunes and iPhone. I had purchased some items from iTunes and I was wanting to transfer them to the iPhone, but I mustve done something wrong.
The iPhone shows a small rotating dial at the bottom of the screen like its trying to download a page or something, and I think its frozen. It wont cut off or do anything. I tried unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in and then I got an message that says iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE800028).
I tried powering down my computer, but nothing has changed. Anyone have any idea what I did wrong or is my connection speed so slow that its taking forever for my iPhone to complete a task?
Dell Dimension 4300 Windows XP

an unknow error occurred 1602

my iphone cant restored, an unknow error occurred (1602) can you help ? thank you

Unknown error occurred 13014

I have an iPhone 3G with with os 2.1 (16 GB) and I am now getting the following error message:
The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13014)
It appears that the sync process is getting hung up in syncing pictures. Any ideas on what to do to remove this error. I have tried the Restore process with no luck.
Thanks much
MacBook Pro 2.1 Mac OS X (10.5.5)

An error occurred while backing up this iPhone -54

iPhone 3GS 16GB on 4.3 Software... trying to update to iOS 5


Can anyone tell me what the this is?


Frustrating - tried it last night when I got home from work, several times, figured Id try it tonight since maybe it has to do with traffic somehow, but still it persists. Tried different USB ports, different cables - Ive never had issues upgrading before.

An error occurred while backing up this Iphone -50

Hello all,
Ive downloaded IOS4 and am trying to upgrade by 3G, but when I hit the upgrade button, Im told repeatedly that theres an error backing up the Iphone (-50). Ive reset the Iphone, turned off my firewall, rebooted, but I get the same message.
The thing is, I remember several months ago that my syncing was taking an hour every time because of the back ups. (I keep a large amount of data in a third party app.) I came here and learned how to prevent my 3G from backing up every sync, and my syncs have gone really fast since then. The problem is that Ive forgotten what I did or how to change the settings. If I right-click Iphone under Devices in Itunes, I dont get any option to create a backup, nor can I find any backup command anywhere in Itunes (latest version).
I cant even figure out where to go (assuming there is a place to go) to check when my Iphone was last backed up. Itunes is giving me the option to go ahead and update without a backup, but I dont want to do that until I at least know when was the last time my Iphone was backed up.
Can anyone tell me (a) where to go to check my backup history, and (b) how to get my phone to back up, assuming that its not doing so? Thanks!
Dell Windows Vista Iphone 3.1.3

I keep getting Unknown error occurred 21 while trying to restore

My iphone 4 will not turn on after being dropped. It wants to restore, I can connect to itunes and it detects my phone but at the end of the process after a minute of itunes saying preparing iphone for restore the phone goes back to the apple screen, disconnects from itunes and the error message pops up. Phone goes back to the itunes plug in screen. I have tried everything suggested on here, even had the battery removed and replaced because I saw on here that helped some people. I could pay for a new battery but if that doesnt work I have wasted my money. Any ideas?

I keep getting 'Unknown Error occurred 21' while trying to restore

It started with the apple logo just flashing on and off. So I went to reset my daughters iPhone by pressing the on/off button and the menu button simultaneously until the iTunes logo and the USB cable was shown on the screen. At that point, iTunes wrote;


iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.


I clicked OK and then Restore. ITunes then went on by extracting software... for a minute or two and then Preparing iPhone for restore...  The apple logo was then shown on the iPhone and a message box i iTunes;


The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (21)

The message box leads to More Information that says that the error 21 typically occur when security software interferes with the restore and update process




Thats it. I have tried everything. (I think);


Checking for iTunes updates

Checking for OS (Win7) updates

Restarting the computer

Changed the USB cable

Changed the computer

Ensuring that I have administrator privileges and that iTunes has it as well.

Disabling the antivirus

Disabling the firewall


If you have any advice, please let me know.



Torben Busk

an error occurred while backing up this iphone

trying to update iPhone 3G 16GB to IOS4 (from 3.1.2)
Have succeeded with one, but the second is having trouble.
It comes up with the following message
an error occurred while backing up this iphone (-402636798). Would you like to continue without backup?
Continuing without backup will result in the loss of all contents on this phone.
Has anyone else come across this?
Any solutions?
Can I just do it anyway and then restore from a previous backup?
iMac running Tiger and itunes 9.2.
iMac Mac OS X (10.4.11)

iTunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred -1



After upgrade an iPhone 4 to os 5.1, I cant restore the backup : while restore I get the error iTunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred -1. I tried to reset the iPhone, but it restores alwayds whit os 5 and not 4. Each time I connect the iPhone, il runs un recovery mode, but recovery fails with error -1.


Any help ?



Unknow error has occurred while syncing my iphone

Just recently out of the blue, when i try to sync my iphone to my itunes a message pops up that says it cannot sync to my iphone, an unknown error has occurred (13019) .....its almost imposible for me to talk to someone from support. Any help ?
Iphone 3Gs iPhone OS 3.1.3

2.1 5F136 An unknown error occurred 13213

I just installed 2.1 (5F136) and I am getting the following error:
The iPhone iPhone name cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13213).
Mac OS 10.5.4
iTunes 8.0 (35)
Mac Pro
Any one else seen this and have a fix?
I found a quick work-around.
Go to iTunes 8 Menu Bar
Store>Turn off Genius (irony anyone?)
Turning Genius back on brings the problem back.
Looks like iPod touch users who got this on Tuesday have been having the same problem.
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Remote app - An unknown error has occurred

So I have Remote installed on my iPhone. I tried to use it today for the first time. I saw my shared library, got the passcode on the phone and entered it in iTunes on my MacBook Pro. When I try to use the app on the phone it connects, I see my iTunes library and I can view songs, playlists, etc. But as soon as I select a song, a window pops up on my iPhone that says, An unknown error occurred. Please check your library and try again. Okay, what in the world is that supposed to mean?
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An error occurred while restoring this iPhone -402653172

What is this?
I upgraded to iOS4 on my 3G, the phone rebooted a couple of times and now I get this error:
An error occurred while restoring this iPhone (-402653172)
The phone still says Sync in Progress, but iTunes is not displaying anything after I click Ok to dismiss the error message.
Windows PC Windows 7 Win 7 Ultimate x64

Restore Failure to 2.0.1 - unknown error occurred 6

After downloading the new 2.0.1 update, with my iPhone 3G connected iTunes tried installing the new software update. It somehow failed, after deleting the old 2.0.0 software, and said, The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (6). After turning my iPhone off and on, attempting many times to run the restore, it kept giving me the same error?
What do I do? Any related input would be much appreciated.
MacBook Pro 15.4" 2.2ghz Mac OS X (10.5.4) iPhone 3G

An error occurred while restoring this iPhone -402620415

When will I learn not to do upgrades while Im traveling? Sigh...
Im on the road, and without thinking, clicked OK to the upgrade this afternoon. After a while of downloading, backing up, and verifying, eventually things hit a snag with An error occurred while restoring this iPhone (-402653091). Restarted the phone, got the message iTunes was interrupted while restoring, asked if I wanted to continue. That seemed promising, so I said yes. However, now it continues to just say An error occurred while restoring this iPhone (-402620415).
My full back-up is still on my hard drive in ~/Library/iTunes/Mobile Backups, and I can do a restore to some default OS 4 install (in ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates, but after doing the restore, I always still get the same error message when its actually trying to restore the data.
Sometimes after this, the computer says it doesnt recognize the phone (once, it had to go through ATT activation? I got a message to wait a while during activation, and eventually a message that my iPhone was ready to use- but iTunes was asking whether I wanted to set it up as a new phone, or restore from a backup)
So, it looks like I can get it to a point where it can boot and probably send/receive calls, but my data is hosed, and I cant manage to make it restore from the backup that it made. Ideally Id find a way to get around the error and restore, since Im on the road and wont be back on the home computer for a bit. At this point, anything that lets it recognize my phone as an instance of my old phone would be good, though.
iPhone 3G iOS 4 (or trying to use iOS 4, anyway; stuck between 3 and 4)

iTunes 8 - Unknown error occurred 5002

I updated to iTunes 8 and Syncd my iPhone G3 without any problems. Ive purchased an App and synch it with the iPhone, all went smoothly -BUT- when Ive attempted to update some Apps from within iTunes, I got the following message We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred (5002). Ive tried last night and all day today and get the same message. Anybody having the same issue?
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2.1 upgrade failed because an unknown error occurred -19

Help please?
It appears I successfully downloaded the 2.1 update
& after clicking Update in iTunes
Extracting software...
Backing up iPhone...
iTunes could not sync ^0 to the iPhone iPhone because an unknown error occurred (-19).
Im not sure what to try now? Ive closed/reopend iTunes & rebooted but both same error.
any ideas?
iPhone 2.0.2 (trying to upgrade to 2.1!)
Vista SP1
FYI: I successfully downloaded & updated an iTouch to 2.1 without any issues an hour before. Go figure...
Dell Windows Vista Service Pack 1

The iphone cannot be synced An unknown error occurred 13019

After reading discussions on this error, I found a fix and had to share.
I have the iPhone 3G (16G). I upgraded iTunes and iPhone 3.0 When I tried to sync, it gave me the error The iphone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred 13019
I unchecked the Music> Sync Music option. It gave me the Are you sure you do not want to sync music? I chose the Dont Sync Music button and the sync was successful.
I then checked Music> Sync Music option and was able to successfully load all of my music back... granted, it took time to reload.
Im no expert, but since it worked for me... I figured it was worth posting.
PC iPhone OS 3.0 Windows

HT4083 itunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred

have you ever seen this message restoring a backup to your iphone?

Can't add page to Home screen because an error occurred

I finally had a moment to upgrade to 1.1.3, and everything works great, except for web clips, which is the one thing I really wanted to do! I go to a web page, click the plus sign, and choose Add to Home Screen. It shows the icon for the page and lets me change the name. Then when I click add, I get the following error message:
Could not add this page to the Home screen because an error occurred.
This happens so far on any site I try it on, whether or not the site has a pre-made iPhone icon. I have already tried restoring my phone with no luck. Anyone know whats going on?
Alienware Windows XP Pro

The iPhone cannot be synced An unknown error occurred 13109

I am not able to sync my iPhone 3G to iTunes. Running iTunes 8.2 and the 3.0 update on my iPhone. Genius is turned off and I tried restarting the phone and iTunes several times.
Any advice?
Win Windows XP Pro na

Cannot Send Mail - An Error Occurred While Delivering This Message

I really hope someone can help here. I have just purchased an I-Phone 3GS and am very pleased with it on the whole.
I have just one major problem, I cannot send e-mails.
I have set up Exchange to go to my works webmail service. The address is web.companyname.com and i have added in the required domain, username and password. I do get one issue when setting up my account. After entering the details it states: Exchange Account Verification Failed
I can continue with the set-up.
Following this, once i go into mail I get my e-mails, contacts and calendar all syncing down fine without any problems. If i read a mail, or delete a mail, it is all replicated on the outlook client that I use.
However when i send a mail, either new message, replied message or one with an attachment i get the message:
Cannot Send Mail - An Error Occurred While Delivering This Message
I have tried this several times now, with various slight changes with no difference. AND NOW HERE IS THE CATCH... I have colleagues that can do this fine, going to the same web address etc...
please help!
IPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.2

Cannot create Ringtone An Unknown Error Occurred 11556

everytime i go to make a ringtone it says the same thing, and Ive tried almost everything I can think of so I need some more help, please guys! Anyways everytime I right click on my purchased song from iTunes and go to create ringtine... A box pops up that says iTunes could not connect to the iTunes store. An unknown error occurred (11556). Make sure your network connection is active and try again. But I know my connection is active! I just dont know whats going on, please someone HELP!
iPhone 8GB 3G iPhone OS 3.0

4.2 update errors out on unknown error occurred 1013

Tried downloading 4.2 several times getting a the iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1013) then my phone goes into recovery mode. What a disaster. I am a few hours away for my trip and I let Apple screw me over one more time. Any ideas anyone I would really appreciate it.
Macbook PRO Mac OS X (10.6.5)

ITunes could not back up the IPhone phone name because an error occurred

I just tried to do a sync on my iPhone 4 to my IMac where my ITunes are actually stored. For some reason I got the error that is the subject of this post. My IMac is up-to-date, and I normally sync every Sunday to keep my IPhone as up-to-date as possible.
The only things that I have done differently this week: I installed Apple TV, I cant imagine that this makes any difference, other than I have another Home Sharing device in the house. Other than that, I updated my apps separately on both the IPhone and the IMac prior to syncing. The numbers waiting to be downloaded on ITunes was irritating me, but I didnt feel like syncing at the time.
Is anyone else getting this error, and if so, have you been able to resolve it, and how?
IMac Mac OS X (10.6.6) IPhone 4 4.2.1 and Apple 2

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