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errors installing ios 7.0.4

errors installing ios 7.0.4

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TS1702 my iPhone keeps giving me errors installing apps

I have an iPhone 4S, my iPhone keeps giving me errors installing apps when updating. Usually it is 3-5 apps, the last time it was 23 apps. Instead of not installing the new app and leaving the current one on the phone it just gives an error and the app is left hanging and unusable. I cannot keep going into each app and fixing it each time. This is unacceptable for the price paid for the iPhone, the apps should work. If they are not compatable, then they should just not update. It makes me never want to update my phone becuase this is getting worse and worse.

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Installing iOS 4.0.1

Hi All,
I have a MacBook Pro at home that I sync with my iPhone 3G, The 3G is currently running iOS 4.0, I havent used a windows computer personally for a while now and if I remember correctly I think that if you install an iOS update from iTunes on windows, then iTunes formats your iPod/iPhone for windows and if you install it on a Mac then the format of your iPod/iPhone is Mac... I dont know if this is the situation anymore but it certainly used to be the case that you could see this Format type in the about information,
The reason I ask is, Id like to install iOS 4.0.1 in work now and I only have a windows 7 pc, it has the latest version of iTunes on it, If I install 4.0.1 on via the Windows PC in work, will this corrupt the formatting or the sync with my MBP?
Thanks for any help,
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Installing iOS 5.0.1

Ive attempted numberous times to install the iOS 5.0.1 update and I get the following message: Unable to install iOS 5.0.1 error has occurred. Whats the problem. Shouldnt this be easy?

Installing iOS 3.1.3 on iPhone 4

i have seriously contemplated installing iOS 3.1.3 on the iPhone 4 just to see if ALL THE PROBLEMS related w/the iPhone 4 go away!.. (yes, u could say im a bit impatient over the anticipated iOS 4 update, but its more curiosity)..
what do you guys think? (besides losing the multi-tasking...) do u think the old OS will install on the iPhone 4 ?
(has anyone aLREADY tried it?! )
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I have just been installing the software update ios 6.1 HELP

I have just been installing the software update ios 6.1, it went through the installing process and then my phone went off to reboot and now it constantly flashing between off and on, I cant even turn it off as power button isnt working now. I have even tried to go into DFU mode, but with no luck. HELP

An error occurred installing iOS 5.0.1

Getting the following message when trying to update:  An error occurred installing iOS 5.0.1


I cant seem to clear it or proceed past it.  Any suggestions.


(iPhone 4)

Problem Installing iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS

When I hook up my iPhone 3GS to my iBook, in iTunes it is showing the iOS 4 update is available. When I click update, I get a message saying iTunse 9.1.1 is already installed. Any ideas why it is not installing iOS 4 on the iPhone?
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Apps Installing Very Slowly iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 5

Hi everyone,


Ive noticed something interesting, for the past few weeks apps have begun installing very slowly in the past few week over wifi. And I still havent figured out why. My wifi conntection via speedtest.net was measured at a download rate of 18.85 Mbps. They used to install fairly quickly but I have noticed that they install very sluggishly as of recent.


any Ideas?





Installing iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3Gs using iTunes 9.2.1

Im trying to instal iOS 4.1 on an iPhone 3Gs using iTunes 9.2.1 with no luck, it seems. When I follow the instructions as per the Apple website I just get a message saying This version of iTunes (9.2.1) is the current version. Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on here. Also, I cannot update to iTunes 10 as I am running OSX 10.4.11 and I cant upgrade to OSX 10.5 as Ive only got a iMac G5. Im hoping that I am not stuck in a corner with this one.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Stop installing IOS 4.2 and iTunes 10.0 until this is resolved

I know its just a possible syncing issue but you could be stuck where
you dont want to be until there is full resolution to this issue... ymmv
many Other OS I do lots of computer thingies...

my iphone 4s wont reconise my sony docking speaker since installing ios 6

hi, since updating my software to ios6 . my sony speaker dock wont charge or play sounds, wont reconise, help please

HT4623 My iphone was installing the update iOS 6 and it said i was ineligible and now my iphone is stuck on the black screen with the apple

Why is it doing this and what do I need to do?

Vibration errors

today, while in my pocket, the phone started to vibrate. i took it out thinking i had a call or a text but i did not. then it started to vibrate on and off erratically again on its own. at the same time the bell (bell/crossed out bell) logo that comes on when you switch the phone to silent was flashing back and forth. this happened several times. i tried turning off vibrate cause it was getting annoying. while using the phone in several modes ( making a call, using the iPod, and using an app) the problem continued but with out the vibration. the logo kept coming and going. now when i move the silent switch it doesnt even show the bell logo.
any one else have this problem?
my phone is only 4 days old
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iPhone errors

I just got a second hand iPhone from a guy that owed me some money. When he gave it to me it had the screen that says plug in to itunes. I did that and it tells me I have to restore it which I. Then at the very end it comes up with an error 1015 I think I remember it correctly. What can I do to fix it? He said he just upgraded it to 4.0.1 but it was running slow so I should try to get back to 3.1.2 firmware.
Thanks for any help.
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Apps Errors

Just got the 3Gs yesterday; am trying to download iBird app and a nav app; keep getting error iBird app was not installed error 0xE8008017. Ive followed all the troubleshooting tips (deauthorizing/reauthorizing iTunes account; restarting iTunes, restarting phone, restarting computer) etc. Will not allow app downloads directly to phone, either. Smaller apps like Touchgrind and Tiki Golf are fine. Anybody else running into this? Any hints before I go to the genius bar an hour away?
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iMessage errors

I have tried the DNS, and reboot tricks. I am unable to try the FaceTime trick because I have an iPhone 3GS. I have added more than one address to receive at. My main concern is that it is not connecting to my phone number. Through my search I have seen screenshots of people showing the numbers/addresses to recieve at and my phone only shows the addresses, not my number. Is this a problem that other people are having as well?


When I try and message friends who have also updated to iOS 5 I can see that they have iMessage and my messages attempt to send in the iMessage format. They do not send and to contact these people my messages must be sent as text messages.


ANY help is appreciated. Thank-you.

iMessage notification errors

When sending iMessages I get a delivered, then a couple seconds later I get Not Delivered.  The message has been delivered but my phone says it hasnt.  But it will tell me when the message has been read.  Both of our iPhones have this problem.

help cydia problem with many errors

2 weeks ago I started to have this problem
when I start the cydia it opens with some error.
I have wrote down them so I could share with you all.
the first error message.
unable to parse package file /var/lib/apt/lists/xsellize.com_cydia_
second error
gpg error:http://xsellize.com./release:the following signatures were invalid:Nodata 1 nodata 2
after all errors are gone my installed packages are invisible and cant install anything from cydia. tryed to install openssh. but says cannot locate the package
would be greatful if someone could help mee.
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Predictive text errors on 3.0

Since upgrading to 3.0 my predictive text is replacing on with ON and or with OR Incredibly frustrating!! Anyone know how to resolve? Cheers!
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graphics display errors graphics display errors

I sent my iPhone back to apple because of a limited (3 hour) battery life- (WITHOUT ANY smart phone services being used). They repaired it and retiurned it promptly


now it flashes with stripes and plaids and flickers all the time and sometimes flickjers out in the middle of doing or trying to do something.

Totally, I have had an iPhone 5 for nearly 4 months but have actually had no more than 5 weeks of service from it.

Nearest APple store: 118 miles.

Totally p___ed and frustrated and losing all hope that Apple has either the resources, or the infrastructureor the will to make things right:

Dear T, Repair ID:Visit Repair Status to view the current details of your service request.


If visiting the repair site, there is nothing there that does not requireme to start all over again from zip

Out of nowhere Restore Errors Galore

This morning I woke up to my 3G iPhone´s screen saying Restore Needed. iPhone cant make or receive calls. Hmm. Surprise, first hiccup since having the phone 3 weeks ago. As usual, I Googled the error and found that the answer was to switch it off, Hold down the Home button, and connect to iTunes. Indeed, this took me to a Restore Button, which upon pressing began a 7 minute process with a nice progress bar on the iPhone screen, and all seemed to be working itself back to normality
Surprise though, after finishing, I get a message in iTunes the iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1013). and the Phone goes back to the screen where apparently it is begging to be plugged into iTunes.
I have gone through this last process 3 times now.
How do I proceed?
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iTunes WiFi Download errors

Tried to download an album on the WiFi store, only to get an error that said that it couldnt be downloades and would be available when I log into the iTunes store on my computer, which I did, sucessfully downloaded me album., However the 12 songs are still in my Download list on my Phone, and can not be cleared out, and if I try to download them, I still get the error...
Since I already have it on my computer through iTunes, I dont need to download it on my phone...Does anyone know how to cancel a download que, or clear it out I tried resetting the phone twice and its still there trying to download.
Help please, and thanks in advance for any tips.

Sync errors with 4.0.2 all sorts of festive ones at that

Ive been getting errors which say either Disc can not be found or iPhone can not be verified or Device is not connected or The required disk can not be found. I have an iPhone 3GS. with iOS 4.02 installed. Sometimes it actually updates with the error, sometimes it does not. Sometimes, it feels the need to install every single app I have purchased although I never asked it to... Anyone else getting those lovely messages? And yes, Ive tried wiping the phone, restoring to default and manually adding everything back and alas... no change.
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Complaint about dictionary errors - Danish

How can i file a report about a common error in the Danish dictionary, which have been present ever since the iPhone release?
It corrects at to St EVERY time you want to write at, the same with okay->play. at is a very common used word in danish language, while St is an abbreviation, which is practically never used.
It should be a simple fix, but how do I contact Apple regarding this issue?
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Multiple errors when dowloading 2.2 software

I have now tried to download -albeit unsuccessfully- the latest software 7 times in total.
It fails each time with different error codes. Usually fails after around 170MB has been downloaded.
I have sourced the 2.2 update from a colleague and have it on a USB. How do I go about getting it onto the phone and/or iTunes? Is it even possible?

Interesting cord and code errors

I have two issues. I have an iPhone 3G, about a year and a half old. Never noticed this happen before, has been happening for a few months now though. It happens wether I plug my phone into my computer or the wall. So, here is my best description... it is a little difficult. I will plug my phone in, and it will flicker between charging and not-charging (as if I was somehow plugging it in and out rapidly) for about 10 seconds. It makes the noises for it too. It will then stop, sometimes charging again and sometimes not and I will have to unplug it and plug it back in. I am worried for my battery, as I am sure this cannot be good.
Next error I get is only when I plug it into the computer. Sometimes, just after a sync (or if I do not sync at all and just charging) I will get a small box that pops up and says An error has occurred with the device (0xE80000000) or something to that extent. It does not seem to affect anything, I can still sync and no data is missing. This does not always occurr after the above problem.
So, any suggestions?
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Help required urgently - Errors are taking over

So I went to the Apple store in Exeter (UK) to have my 3rd iPhone swapped as it had yet another problem. As usual they swapped it for another one with out to much issue.
I left the store and first I got a no service issue. Then the phone started to crash. I went straight back to the store and they updated the firmware to 2.1 and they though the no service might be resolved after a few hours when O2 (the UK service provider) updated their computer systems with the new the serial number of my new phone.
I went home and hooked it up to itunes. iPhone crashed. I did a restore as a new phone. Then the real problems started. I have been getting the following error messages.
Attempting to copy the disk Thomos iphone failed device not connected.
-Phone reset itself
itunes could not connect to the iphone because an invalid response was recieved from the device.
also had an error message with the code OXE8000035
So far the best I have been able to do is reset the phone and sync about 4GB of data then it crashes.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
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Can send photos but recipients have errors viewing

I can send photos using email just fine, but when the people I send go to look at them they say they just get a message saying something like new jpg image. It wont let them view it or download. Any help?
HP dv6000 Windows Vista


Original error was -50. Removed all music in 200+ slideshows. Tried sync - Photo sync option to select albums worked, BUT next error message - iPhone cannot be synced, the required file cannot be found. Removed iPod cache, still cannot sync. Advise please and thank you, thank you!
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TS1275 i have a 3G IPHONE that i would like to restore and give to some one who can use it but i am getting errors

would like to restore iphone but cannot be completed

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