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facetime app missing on iphone 5

facetime app missing on iphone 5

iphone unlocked

Facetime missing on iphone 4

even though i have updated iphone(4) to ios5 im unable to find Facetime which is completely missing? can sm1 help?

iphone unlocked

Missing FaceTime on iPhone 4S

Im from Sri Lanka and using Mobitel. Is FaceTime not available in my country or is it work with another currier? Thanks.

iphone facetime icon missing

wheres the facetime icon on my new iPhone?

FaceTime is missing

i have a iphone 4s iOS 5.1, i was looking for my facetime and dont appear in the front screen .. but in setting it appears facetime .. what should i do?please help ..

Missing Camera & FaceTime apps on iPhone 5 and iPad retina 4G

Hello Community! I hope I can get support here.


Brief explanation:

Sometime in the last two days on my iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.6 and in the past 24 hours on my iPad mini retina iOS 7.0.6 the FaceTime and Camera apps have dissapeared. Even trying to take a picture from iMessage I am only given the option to choose a picture from camera roll. Opening and app like Camera+ or Instagram or YouTube Video Capture either does not have a camera option or it displays errors that sayVideo recording unavalilabre. Could not initialize video recorder and Having a problem using the camera on your device, Please check your settings and try again and some apps just display a black square and flipping the camera to the front one doesnt do anything. I first noticed this on my quick access camera icon on the bottom right hand corner on the lock screen, the one you flick up to take a quick pic, which was missing.


Heres what Ive done:

Disabled Restrictions so there are NO restrictions on the phone and iPad whatsoever;

Reset Settings

Reset home screen (saw that trick in another forum)

Deleted most apps that use the camera including the ones mentioned above such as Mirrorgram, Kaleidoscope, 360. Ive kept skype and whatsapp that both use access to camera normally but for me the options to take picture are not included.

Restarted without any apps running in task manager.

Hard Restart

Insults such as Puto iPhone and the such…

Ask Siri, she says I have no Camera app installed :/


NONE of these have worked


What has partially worked is erasing all settings and content from within the phone.

IF I set up the phone as new the camera works, records, hdr, the works. Not a hardware issue.

BUT when I restore from a recent backup (after the icon dissapeared) the icons for Camera and FaceTime are gone.

IF I restore from a backup (all through iCloud) earlier then when the camera dissapeared, say 4 days ago: theres the camera and it works! After a few minutes its gone again toghether with FaceTime!!


Sooooo, Im in México in North America and people around me with iPhones all have the icons, even those with the 7.0.6 update… Its not a hardware issue, its an issue probably related to an update but I cannot erase all my apps!!


Any suggestions? Id really appreciate all advice including speculation…

App Store app icon missing after update any clues

App Store app/icon missing, wont sync apps from laptop either.

app for itunes and app store missing

Hi, hope someone can help.
The apps for itunes and the app store are missing from my iphone. Had to restore to original settings, and it then backed phone up. But these apps are missing.
Anyone else have this problem, or a solution?

iTunes app missing from iPhone

My iTunes icon has disappeared from my iPhone. Ive tried to see if I can find it on the iTunes shop but no joy. Any other thoughts on how I can get it back?
mac mini Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Purchased app missing after I restored my iPhone

I just bought an application a couple of days ago and i restore my iphone after i bought it, now is not in my itunes or either on my iphone how can i get it back?
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iPhone 4 case app on iTunes missing

I got a new iPhone 4 today and would like to get in line. The link off the http://www.apple.com/iphone/case-program/ page gives 404 for the application and I cannot find it on iTunes either.
Is there another way to get in line?
iPhone 4 iOS 4

Controls to Mail app on iPhone missing

I have an iPhone 3GS. The controls for the mail app have disappeared and I cant figure out how to get them back.
So I can see a mail message, I can scroll it, and change its orientation by tilting the iPhone, but the trash can icon and reply icon at the bottom along with the accounts button that is normally at the top are missing.
So simply I am stuck looking at one email with no way to navigate away from it.
Any suggestions on how to get those top and bottom nav controls back?
PM G5 Dual 2.3Ghz Mac OS X (10.5.7)

I can't find any FaceTime app both in the setting or in contacts

I use a iPhone 4S with iOS 6.0.1 installed in it. But I cant find any FaceTime app both in the setting or in contacts. I dont know if this phone is used in any middle eastern country cause I bought is as used. Will appreciate any kind of help.

Another place for facetime history other than phone app

I was facetiming someone when my phone ran out of juice. When I plugged it back in, the facetime call I had made was not listed in my history. Unfortunately Im trying to get this contact back. Is there any place I could look up history of this call other than my phone? Specifically Im looking in the recent section of my iPhone, but if there is another place Id be happy to look.
In the grand scheme of things, this is a small bug, but annoying nonetheless.
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Missing App

I accidently deleted the video icon from my iphone 3g. How can I get it back without a full restore?
Thanks in advance
Mac OS X (10.3.x)

App store icon missing from iPhone display

App store icon is missing from my iPhone display. I dont know how to reintall it. I cant install any apps. I check setting/general/restriction is already off. Please help.
iPhone 3G iOS 4 -

Missing Clock App

I seem to have lost the iphone built in clock. How do I get it back?
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Clock App missing

The Clock App on my iPhone is gone! It does not appear on any of the (3) pages of apps I have installed on my iPhone. Since, as far as I know, its a standard application that cannot be uninstalled, I have no idea how it could go missing, nor what process I use to re-install it. When I search the iTunes App Store for an application named Clock created by Developer named Apple the search results are empty. I use its alarm and timer functions quite a bit, so any help you can offer on how to restore it, will be appreciated.
iPhone Mac OS X (10.5.5)

My settings app has seemed to go missing

My 3G has been working fine with no problems, so I dont know how this happened. I just realized today that my settings application is now missing.
Would a Restore in iTunes solve this? Itd be nice not to have to do that, but it might be the only way.
I appreciate any help or pointers.

Phone app missing PLEASE HELP

I have an iPhone 3GS 16GB. I was using it this morning and everything was good. I put it to sleep and left it alone. After turning it on again, the phone app was missing! (Kind of ironic, an iPhone without the phone. LOL)
Anyway, Ive restored the firmware using iTunes. And the phone app is still missing. Any help would be much appreciated.
Ive googled to the moon and back, and found nothing.
Its not jailbroken. Running standard iPhone OS 3.1.something. (Im pretty sure its the latest version.)
Toshiba Portege M700 (2008 Edition) Windows Vista Tablet PC? IDK. LOL

Maps app missing

Somehow, my Maps app is missing on my home screen. It only appears when I double tap the home button, and then it appears at bottom of screen with all the recently opened apps. Any way I can get it back on the home screen where it was when I bought the phone? I have the iPhone 4.
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Camera App Missing

This morning my camera app went missing. I used it a day or two ago. After some testing I discovered that my 2nd exchange account I setup on the device was installed around the time the application went away. I removed the 2nd exchange account and my camera app came back. Can someone explain this?
The 2nd exchange account is a google corporate account. I only use it to pull down contacts. (Thats actually the only reason I use exchange accounts at all).
iphone 3G iOS 4

contact app missing

At the screen the short cut to contacts is missing. Any clue?

Missing seek and speed controls on iPhone iPod app

Yesterday I wanted to skip the end of a podcast so I brought up the speed control and clicked it to twice as fast, however just after I did this, the speed control and the line beside it that allows you to seek backwards and forwards in the podcast vanished. This is the same for music I play, so I cant skip forward or back in a song.
I tried ending the application, restarting the phone, I cant see anything under settings for the iPod application. I really dont want to restore the phone for this, but now its stuck playing on double speed and without the seeking control.
Anyone have any ideas on what I might do?
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Missing App Icons after update to OS 3

How do I bring back my app icons? I tried rebooting and syncing to my apple laptop. The apps are still in iTunes, but not on my phone. Even the App Store icon is missing!
G3 iPhone OS 3.0

Missing Voice Control App

I purchased the 3Gs today but do not see the Voice Control Application on my phone. I see the new compass and voice memo apps but not the blue icon for Voice Control. This is weird?! I restored to factory settings but still the icon doesnt appear.
windoz Windows XP

notes app is missing 90 of my data

can anyone please help me retireve my lost data in the notes app. Iphone 4s

Voice Control App Missing

My wife and I have taken delivery of 2 iphone 3GS and both seem to have the voice control app missing. They are 3GS because both have video, compass etc. The only reason I think they may have vapourized is that i paired them with my wifes car via bluetooth. My wifes car has voice control built into it system.
Could that be the reason - if so how can I reload voice control onto my iphone?
iMac 24" 2.8 Ghz Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Missing App Store Button

Somehow the button/icon for the App Store app disappeared off my iPhone. How can I reinstate the button on my home screen?
3GHz Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.7) 12GB RAM

Safari App is totally missing

I have a 3Gs. Recently the Safari app disappeared and is nowhere to be found on my iphone. I used the search screen and it does not show up. I looked in settings and there is no option for Safari as there should be. Can anyone tell me how to get Safari back?
Thank you.
iphone 3gs iOS 4

Missing App Store Menu Bar

Hi everyone!
I am new to the whole iPhone thing and I wasnt all that impressed with the App Store as all I could see and download was the Top 25 , Top Free and Top Grossing etc apps.
That was until somebody told me I am missing the menu bar at the bottom of the screen that allows you to search for apps via category etc.
I cannot figure out why I am missing this or how I can get it.. does anyone have any ideas for me
Thank you.. I cant wait to be able to explore all the potentials of all the apps!

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