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fbapierrordomain error 1 iphone

fbapierrordomain error 1 iphone

iphone unlocked

error code 1 FBAPIErrordomain

i cannot open my facebook account due to this error

error code 1 fbapierrordomain

iphone unlocked

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on Update failed Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly Please re-install iTunes Error 7 Windows error 126

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on.  Update failed. Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages.  Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly. Please re-install iTunes. Error 7. Windows error 126. I now cant sync my iPhoneand I am worried that if I re-install I will lose all my contacts,calendar, notes, etc.

TS1275 can i restore an iphone 3Gs I am getting error 2003 - unknown error occured

I am trying to restora an Iphone 3GS to its original setting but I am getting an error that says - cannt be restored, unknown error 2003, can anyone shed some light or temm me how I can restore the dinsaur so I can use it as a back up phone?

iPhone 4 5.1.1 iOS No service - Error Performing request Unknown Error

Im tired of this !! i have an iPhone 4 firmware 5.1.1 factory unlocked, it works well but sometimes the signal bars going down and super fast go up, then the issue starts, it happens a lot of times at a day, almost all the time, its total bars but its like connectivity freezed because, i cant do anything, not calls, not sending messages and cant request my money info through code because it comes with (Error Performing Request Unknown Error)and cant even contact Telcel with the codes, and that kind of stuff, 0 connectivity with ``100%`` signal!!, i need help, im desesperado, it happens with Cubacel and Telcel, i had a 3GS and that didnt happen with the same SIMS, plz help. I NEED HELP BECAUSE I CAN USE MY A LOT OF DOLLARS PHONE, AND I BUYED FOR THAT, AM VERY DISAPPOINTED, plz reply, Thanks





We all pay YOU to THIS ``UNKOWN ERRORS``.

TS3694 Each time i try to restore my iPhone an error keeps popping up error 1015 Why is that Please help me

Each time i try to restore my iPhone, an error keeps popping up(*error 1015*). Why is that? Please help me?

Mail account Sync Error an error occurred remapping record identifiers

I hope someone might be able to shed some light on this problem I am having.
I have a POP and an IMAP (mobile.me) mail account on my Mac which I also have on my iPhone. Email works fine on both devices but on every iPhone Sync attempt in iTunes I get the same error message as per the following image.
Mail account Sync Error an error occurred remapping record identifiers
The following is from the AppleMobileSync.00.log from within Console.
2009-01-30 13:04:59.682 AppleMobileSync 1440:2689074976 SyncClient.m:- ConcreteSyncClient remapRecordIdentifiers:dataClass: ERROR: Exception NSInvalidArgumentException calling clientChangedRecordIdentifiers: ISDSqliteRecordIdMapper replaceLocalId:withLocalId: : you cant change the local id 501CDE24-46B5-476F-A21A-1C9AD7E0DA60 -> 8769B17E-D91B-4E85-B960-457AFCA85949: both the new and old ids are already mapped to global ids
Ive tried deleting both accounts from my iPhone but on Syncing again they are not re-created anew as I thought they would be.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
MacBook Pro 17" 2.33Ghz Duo Mac OS X (10.5.6) 1Tb OWC RAID firewire backup (Time Machine), iPhone 3G v2.2, Nikon D300, D700

HT4972 I'm trying to update my IPhone4 to iOS 5 and I get error 3259 and error 9006 Help

Trying to update iphone4 to iOS 5 and I keep getting error 3259 and error 9006.  Help!  What am I doing wrong?

TS3694 why 3194 error come for i o s 6.1.2 i want to goback i o s 6.1.2 now i update already 6.1.3 so is i go back 6.1.2 3694 ERROR IS COME

why 3194 error come

for i o s 6.1.2

i want to goback i o s 6.1.2

now i update already 6.1.3

so is i go back 6.1.2 (3194)





TS1702 every time i ask for available downloads on itunes an error appears your request cannot be proceeded error code 1009

i downloaded a the latest version of itunes but when i try to sync my iphone with itunes all my apps are gone and when i check for available downloads an error appears and a message says than your request cant be proceeded error code 1009

i cant sync my apps what can i do

plz help

I get Error Your request produced an error newNullresponse when I tap the categories or top 25 icons in the App Store Help

Whenever I open the App Store and tap the Top 25 or Categories icons, I get and error that says, your request produced an error newNullResponse. The features, search and updates work just fine. I have tried signing in and out and restarting my phone, I have also tried restoring my phone, still doesnt work. I am very frustrated and would like some help! This has been going on for about 4 days. I have an iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3.

TS3694 Como soluciono un error 1015 lo e restaurado muchas veces y me sigue saliendo que tiene ese error

Como soluciono un error 1015 ?

Error -48 trying to update my iphone 4 and keep getting this error

Help- I am trying to update my iPhone4 and keep getting error -48?  Cant find anything about this error.

TS3694 Keep getting 1603 error and have done all the steps and still get error

Keep getting 1603 error with all the apple steps done. Any solutions?

Error message unknown Error occured -39

Hello anybody,
does anybody has an idea why I am not able to syncronize my iPhone with iTunes? The error message tells me, that the iPhone couldnt synchronize with iTunes. A unknown error occured (-39).
What can I do to solve the problem?
Kind regards,
ibook G4, iMAC2,16GHz Core2Duo, 2GB DDR2 667 MHz, 1 TB HDD, iPod video, iPhone 8 Mac OS X (10.5.6)

TS3694 i can't restore my iphone after updating the software.there's come an error during restore its error 1015

After Updating the software of my iphone 3G from itunes it ask me to restore the iphone ...i follow the stepsas required but during firmware restore i got an error message like this The Iphone could not be restore. An Unknown Error Occured (1015)......


what should i do to resolve this issue...? plz help.....

wifi error message error opening page hotspot login cannot open the page because the network connection was lost

connecting to wifi the message  appears at the login window and i have no access to wifi, tried with the laptop, connection is OK, THKS!

HT1430 I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails .they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails....they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

error syncing phone .error -39

help....iphone wont sync to my macbook pro  & is in general acting very strangely!

please advise....

TS3694 Does any one can help on the error that i am getting 1015 error

I try to restore the iphone and it is not working at all and keep on getting the error message. Not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have problem in restoring my IPhone 3G I update my iphone3g It shows an error unknown error1015 i restore my iphone again it shows the same error please suggest me right answer to solve my problem

I have problem in updating and restoring my iphone 3G ....i try upload to update my iphone,,it shows an unknown error 1015....then i restore my iphone,,when the restoration is at completing,it shows the same error...plz help me in solving my issue...!

HT1222 When i am downloading the ios7 update they telling me that there is an error occurs in the updating of ios7 what is this error

Hi, i have an iphone4, while i am downloading the ios7,they tell me that there is an error in downloading the new software, what would be this error

Trying to restore Iphone but I only get error code 13 and error code 2005

I have a Iphone 3g which i resently tried to reset with the reset function in settings app. on my iphone.
every thing seemed normal until it was finished (i think) and i just couldnt turn it back on.
it just gets to the apple image and freezes or i get past the apple logo and over to the connect to itunes logo when i try to restore it with ITunes it just shows error code 13 or 2005!
what can I do?
please help me!
Sigmund Solis
Build by various parts Windows Vista

iPhone 2.2 Upgrade Fails Error 6 then Restore fails Error 14

The iPhone 2.2 Upgrade downloaded OK to my iMac, but in updating the iPhone, it almost immediately failed with error 6. This failure, for whatever reason, marks the iPhone as being in Recovery Mode.
Now that this has happened, iTunes forces me to do a Restore, but the Restore continually fails with error 14 during the 3rd phase (Restoring iPhone Software...).
The iPhone Summary page in iTunes says my iPhone software is up-to-date, but it isnt because the Upgrade to 2.2 failed.
I suspect that the download of the 2.2 Upgrade is corrupt, but iTunes gives me no way of downloading the Upgrade again. And it fails to Restore the iPhone because it is working with a corrupt version 2.2. Heeeeelp!
How can I force iTunes to download v2.2 again, before it forces me to try the Restore again?
iMac Mac OS X (10.5.5) iPhone 3G, iPod

Error 7 windows 127 now random windows error

iTunes prompted me to delete it when it was due for an update so i deleted it and tried to re-install it with the update and it started saying error 7 (windows 127) so i followed the inforamtion on here about that but now it comes up with this:



An error occurred during the installation of assembly ‘Microsoft.  VC80.CRT,type=”win32”,version=”8.0.50727.6195”,publicKeyToken=”1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b ”.processorArchitecture=”x86’’’.Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT : 0x800736FD.


any help would be really helpful thank you!!

iPhone 3g error 21

Whilst installing the 4.0.1 update on my iphone the install stopped an error came and it now said I needed to restore my iphone. So after trying to restore my phone it once again comes with an error message this time saying An unknown error occurred (21). Can anyone help me fix this, or is my iphone screwed?

Iphone 3g error

Hello, I have Iphone 3g , I tried to update it through I tunes, but I got an error Iphone could not be restored. An error occured (-1). The Iphone is no longer usable. Any help ?

iPhone error message

When syncing, I get an error message that states that notes cannot be synched because the iPhone has disconnected...but it has not.
iPhone OS 3.1.3

error 1645 on iPhone 3g

Dear AppleIve tried to update from 3.0 to 4.1 OS for my iPhone 3G yesterday.After I have updated it, I could not turn off my iPhone anymore.It kept restarting many times Ive tried to turn it off.Then I plugged in the wall chart for a night.In the next morning, it kept shut down every time I press the power button and the machine was hot all the time.I dont know how to solve this. So I tried to restore my phone back to where I was.My iTunes keep saying that unknown error occurred 1654 every time I tried to restore.I have tried to update it to OS 4.2 and the result was the same error 1654I cannot find the way to solve this.Please tell me how to solve this. It is painful to me. TrongiPhone 3G HK

iPhone Artwork Error

My iPhone will display artwork for a different artist than what is currently playing. It does not happen every time, and seems completely random. Any ideas?
Dell Windows 2000

iphone 3g error 1015

i decided to go ahead and update my iphone 3g from ios 3.1.3 to ios 4.2 but it keeps giving me an error 1015, ive searced he web but all of its solutions involve me having to stay at ios 3.1.3. how do i upgrade and still get out of recovery mode?

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