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get iphone messaging to work on ford sync

get iphone messaging to work on ford sync

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Text Messaging - iPhone Integration with Ford Sync

It is unfortunate that a technology leader such as the iPhone is missing a significant feature that RIM and Android have, and likely losing market share accordingly.Through the Message Access Profile bluetooth profile, Ford Sync cars (1+ million sold to date) have the ability to read out your text messages via bluetooth, ensuring that the driver isnt distracted. With so many laws banning driver distractions (hand-free requirements, no text messaging initatives), this is a significant safety issue for todays iPhone owners.I have seen many posts for years from users wishing that Apple would get on board with this technology, but so far it hasnt been raised as a viable option to implement.Please reply to this thread if you are one of the 1+ million Ford Sync owners who also own an iPhone and wish this feature was implemented. I luckliy own both a BlackBerry and an iPhone, but not all people do.

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My Sync Ford with iPhone 4 Podcasts

Is anyone able to listen to podcasts either via BT or USB when successfully synced to Fords My Touch? I only get a listing of music, but no podcasts.
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My iPhone 4 doesn't like to SYNC music to my Ford

I have a Ford Edge with the SYNC system. My old iPhone 3G worked great with it. My new iPhone 4 works fine for phone calls but wont play music from the phone even when hooked up with the USB cable. When Im doing it by Bluetooth, I can barely here something playing but mostly just low level static.
Anybody else having this prob and/or know what to do?
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Using iPhone to stream music with Ford Sync

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have the new Ford Sync system and my iPhone is synced and the phone works well for calls. But, how do I stream the music? Can I? I have a first gen iPhone running 3.0. Do I need a 3G? This is going to be difficult to troubleshoot because of the third party hardware. In the Ford sync menu for bluetooth devices it says sync the device. But it is already synced since the phone works well. I realize I sound confused...because I am. Again, any help will be appreciated.
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iPhone 5 and Microsoft Sync Bluetooth in Ford Vehicle

I have an iPhone 5 that I am trying to pair and use with my Microsoft Sync Bluetooth that is built into my Ford vehicle. I am able to connect to my husbands Microsoft Sync (older version) in her Ford, but my iPhone wont work with my Bluetooth in my Ford. I am able to pair with my bluetooth (manually), but am unable to operate the iPhone (like play music) using the controls built into the steering wheel (like I am able to do when using my husbands bluetooth in her Ford). Also my iPhone does not connect automatically to the Bluetooth in the Ford when I get in the car everytime, on rare occassions it does, but for the vast majority of the time it does not, and I have to pair manually (again, my iPhone 5 does connect automatically to my husbands bluetooth when I get into his Ford). The only difference between the 2 Microsoft Sync Bluetooths built into the Fords, is mine is a newer version, while my husbands is a couple years older.


Any troubleshooting suggestions? My iOS software is up to date. Maybe the bluetooth needs an update, though I have not heard of one? I have called the manufacturer, who said it works how its going to work (ha!). Does the issue lie with the bluetooth device in my Ford or with the iPhone?


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Iphone 4 os update using Microsoft sync Ford vehicles

I have a second generation Iphone 3G. I also have a Ford vehicle with Microsoft Sync. I up to a couple weeks ago had the option of saying phone, call so and so and after I recently upgraded to the os 4 update on it. I have gotten it to the phone option but it says no entries in phone book. But I do have it full of names and still can call if I say the number but there seems to be some bug that doesnt recognize it. I did call apple care I am only 1 year in to my two year contract and have tried everything in regards to it but apple said they have no knowledge of the problem and I updated my car computer through an update on sync my ride. com. I was wondering if anyone else knows of the problem and or a fix. Thanks for your time.
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iPhone 4s Ford Sync bluetooth audio streaming

I got my new iPhone 4s to sync to my Ford Escape and had no problems making calls. I did get it to play music from my iphone playlist through the bluetooth right after I got it all synced up and it all worked fine, until I shut my vehicle off. After that, I could still make calls, but when I gave the command bluetooth audio it would search and search for a device, and then tell me no device was detected. Is anyone else having problems? The only mp3 player I have in my car is my phone, and I didnt have it hooked up to my vehicle with the cord. Thanks!

iPhone 5S and Ford Sync calls are not working correctly

I bought a 2013 Ford Focus with Ford Sync Touch.  It was working fine with my iPhone 5 on iOS 7.  I recently bought an iPhone 5S and everything seems to work fine until I make a phone call.  The call connects but I cannot hear anything but loud crackling.  I have the latest software updates on both the Ford Sync Gen2 3.6.2.  and the latest iOS 7.0.4.  I have reset both the Sync to factory settings and the iPhone to Factory settings.  Still the exact same problem.  Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be? 

New Ford focus and sync issues

I just bought a new ford focus and can play/call via Bluetooth. When i tell the sync system to switch to usb and play all it displays that music is playing but does not output audio. Do i need to connect the aux cable for that or should audio play through the usb connection?
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Problems in Ford Vehicle with Sync System

I am curious to know if anyone has had problems with their iPhone 3G in regards to the Microsoft Sync system in their Ford vehicle since doing the 3.0 OS upgrade. I did not start having problems until I installed the upgrade on my phone. Now it automatically shuffles and starts to play the iPod function on the actual phone (not the stereo) every time that I turn on my vehicle. I have to go into the iPod function and pause it to stop but if I have to turn off my car and turn it back on for any reason it does the same thing again. Also now the text messages and emails have gone into silent mode so I no longer know when I receive them unless the inside of the vehicle is silent.
I know that Ford sent me a letter mentioning an upgrade that needs to be installed for the Sync system but this was a month or so before 3.0 OS came out. I have not been able to take my vehicle in to get it done yet but I was wondering if that would solve the problem.
Im just rather frustrated because it is a huge inconvenience. I do not use the bluetooth capability to listen to music because I already have a USB port in my vehicle that I use. Please help if you are familiar with this problem.
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Ford Sync working fine I have a couple of questions

Just sync up my iPhone to a new F-150 and it works fine. Can I play music from the iPhone too using bluetooth? This next question does not deal with the iPhone, but how do I load some of my iTunes collection into the juke box in the truck? It says to import from CDs, but I would like to import filesnot CDs. Can I?
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Does picture messaging not work on the first generation iPhone

Ive downloaded all the updates and updated my carrier settings and still have not been able to send a picture message. Is this feature not capable for the original iPhone?

text messaging doesnt work

I have an iphone 3g, its updated to 3.0.1
and for the past 3 weeks, I cant sent text mesages, I can receive them but people just get a message from me that they cant read, and............. its not from my phone number!
does anybody have any ideas?
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Why won't my Iphone 4 stay synced with my 2009 Ford Flex Why won't my Iphone 4 stay synced with my 2009 Ford Flex

I recently purchased an iphone 4 through Verizon and it will not stay synced with my 2009 Ford Flex.  Ive tried rebooting the sync system with Ford, and have reinstalled the phone numerous times with no luck.


I have to turn off the bluetooth setting on the iphone (everytime I get into the car) and turn it back on, in order for the sync to work.


Does anyone else have this type of problem and is there a solution out there for this?



Text Messaging Picture messaging

I have a couple of questions, hope someone can help!
1) Does anyone know if you can send picures via text messaging?
2) Is there a way to copy and paste text?
Ive looked through the user guide and it hasnt been very helpful.
Please help!
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iOS 5 Bluetooth ford problem

I have a 2011 (UK 11 reg) Ford Mondeo with built in Sony radio with sat nav, Bluetooth and CD.  It has been linking fine to my iPhone 4 via Bluetooth both for phone calls and audio as needed running iOS 4.  However since upgrading to iOS 5 it wont keeps saying it cant establish data connection, audio breaks up then the phone disconnects intermittently, and the radio no longer displays my phone signal strength which I relied up to know I had a signal. 


This is a major pain as I need it to be reliable as it was until recently for work support phone calls.  Can anyone please advise how to resolve this?  Please dont say take it to my Ford dealer, 1) they will likely have no clue 2) why the **** should I when its Apples upgrade which has caused the problem - it was fine before I installed iOS 5. 

Pairing with Bluetooth Carkit Ford Focus 2008

I have a problem with pairing my iPhone 3G with my builtin carkit in my Ford Focus 2008
The carkit is a Bluetooth Voice and Control and is Factory builtin.
The Firmware version of the iPhone 3G is 2.1
When i turn on bluetooth on the iPhone it discovers the Ford Audio. Then i tap on the discovered Ford Audio and it tries to connect but after a while the display says that it cannot connect to the Ford Audio. I expected to see an entry for the pairing pin but that doesnt appaer.
Can someone tell me what is going wrong
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Can I use Google Sync to transfer only my contacts from my IPhone 4 to my gmail acct I don't want to sync info from Gmail to the IPhone Can the sync work only one-way I have 0 contacts on my gmail as I'll only use it as a back-up 4 my IPhone

Can I use Google Sync to transfer only my contacts from my IPhone 4 to my gmail account? I do not want to sync info from Gmail to the IPhone. Can the sync work only one-way? I have 0 contacts & 0 calendar events on my gmail account. I opened the Gmail account specifically to for the Google Sync and wil only be using this account as a back-up for my IPhone contacts. Please Help!!

Possible to sync iPhone to work and home computer

I am new to the iPhone thanks to Verizon. I have an iTunes account on my home laptop that I have been using forever- it has all my movies, shows music etc.
I am wondering if there is a way to load some of this content on my iPhone, AND still sync the phone with my work computer. (My work computer is completely separate). Put simply, is there a way for me to have some fun content from my home computer and some necessary content (Outlook, contacts, bookmarks etc) from my work computer on one iPhone. If possible, what steps should I take to execute this. Do I download iTunes on my work computer with a different user name? Can two iTunes accounts be associated with the same user name? Thanks for your thoughts, guys. Obviously I am a novice!
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I just tried to DL the new operating system to iPhone It appeared to work and prompted me to set up the cloud etc But no apps work and there is no music in my library iTunes says it failed to restore but retrying doesn't work help

I just tried to DL the new operating system (5.1.1) to my iPhone.  It appeared to work, and prompted me to set up the cloud, etc.  But no apps work and there is no music in my library. iTunes says it failed to restore, but retrying doesnt work.  help!!

Applications Tab in iphone sync doesn't work

Ive just got my iphone and it was all working fine last night but today I went to sync my iphone up and for some reason when I click on the applications tab its all grey and wont let me click anything and allow me to sync my applications to my iphone. Anybody able to help?
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sync iphone calendar to icalendar doesn't work

After placing info on calendar in iphone, it wont sync to ical on macbook.

iTunes-iPhone mail accounts sync does not work

I have Sync selected mail accounts and all account list checked under iTunes. However, I dont see any of my accounts listed on iPhone. When I click Mail on iPhone, I see the default MS Exhange, mobileme etc. list on the screen.
Any suggestions?
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Sync does not work

Hi there, I hope someone can help me. Ive downloaded some apps from the store. So far so good. When I sync the troubles start. I get error messages that due to a unexpected error the sync did not work. And I can see the apps when I tap o my iphone in itunes, but they do not sync. I removed iTunes and installed it again. Did not work. What can I do so my apps will sync with my iphone?
Kind regards, Ron
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is Dynex™ - 3' Charge Sync Cable work with iphone 5 IOS 7

is Dynex™ - 3 Charge/Sync Cable work with iphone 5 IOS 7 ? as the unauthorised cables doesnt work with ios 7

Sync Backup doesn't work

Hi all,
after updated my iPhone to 2.0.2 I am unable to make a backup of the phone. I have tried to manually create a new backup and tried to make a backup during the sync but nothing happens, it stops after few minutes and I need to skip it to preceed to mail, contacts, calendar sync and app installing.
I have read of many users who have this problem now, I tried to reinstall iTunes but I havent solved. Any info or suggestion?
thank you

Sync my Outlook at work without using GoogleSync

I have a MBP at home, Outlook at work and an iPhone 3GS.
The office has already said they wont permit GoogleSync to be installed on my PC so I need to know if its possible to directly sync my iPhone with the Exchange Server at work AND keep my iCal calendars going at the same time, which are synced at home from my MBP.
Im fully expecting a not possible answer
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MobileMe sync finally seems to work fine -

After many frustrating weeks, synchronisation of Calendar, Contacts and Bookmarks now seems to work as expected.
On each of 3 devices (iPhone, PowerBook G4, and MacBook (Intel) and on the web I created a unique address, date and bookmark, and after about a minute or two all entries showed up on all the other devices and on the web. (The laptops were set to sync automatically, in System Preferences).
I did some more testing: changing times for Calendar entries, changing text of addresses: all worked fine. When I did some sneaky changes, i.e. changed the text and time of a particular calendar entry on each laptop, I got a System Conflict message, as expected with a screen for conflict resolution.
Kudos to the Apple Team, they -- finally? -- seem to have got this vexing problem fixed!
Do you have the same experience of MobileMe finally working as expected?
since there is apparently no MobileMe Forum, I posted this same remark in the isync forum
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Wanting to Sync work PC with home PC for contacts calendar only

I just got a new Iphone 3GS and was wondering what steps I take to sync my home computer (PC) with my work laptop (PC)using Outlook 2007 on both. My new phone is syncing perfectly with my home computer, contacts, calendar, music etc. Im heading to work tomorrow and will be using my work PC. I will need to download ITunes on my work pc first, but after that, what steps do I take so I can use my Iphone like I used to use my Palm Treo just to sync calendar & contacts between my home and work PC?
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Automatic Sync doesn't work since I upgraded to Leopard

Hi all,
after upgrading to Leopard my iPhone doesnt sync automatically with iTunes. The checkbox for automatic sync when connected (I dont know the english text, because Im on a german OS) is checked. iTunes opens up when I connect my iPhone but no sync. Yes, I have every OS update available.
Any ideas?
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