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hiw to get grey strip from bottom of iphone home screen

hiw to get grey strip from bottom of iphone home screen

iphone unlocked

Grey strip and bottom of home screen

A grey strip has appeared at the bottom of my screen and covers the dock. There is no response when I touch the screen in this area, but if I access any of my applications or web pages from my screens, the whole screen is usable. When I press the home button to exit the app / web page, the grey strip reappears. The strip looks like (for want of a better description) the foil on an electric razor. Any ideas anyone? I have tried switching the phone off and back on, as well as a soft restore. I am now going to try a full restore thru itunes.
Iphone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

iphone unlocked

HT1212 my screen is grey and i need to restore factory settings but i cant put my password in as it is a grey screen

My screen is grey on my iphone 3GS, i have tried to reset it but need to now try to restore factory settings on comuter but itunes is telling me i need to put in my password which i cant do as the screen is blank. What do i do?

Blank Home Screen - Only the Bottom bar

Is there a way to get a blank home screen? With only the bottom bar in sight?
Macbook Pro, iMac G5 Mac OS X (10.5.3)

Sms page grey zone in the bottom

there is a grey zone that apperead in the bottom of the sms home page...anyone knows how to get rid of it ?
iOS 4

'Dead Strip' Part of Touch SCreen is Unresponsive

I just went out and bought a new 16GB 3G iPhone today, came home, uploaded my music and apps, and I thought everything went well. However, it appears my new iPhone is suffering from the dead strip issue that many iPhones have seem to gotten. For those of you unaware of this issue, there is a small part of my screen that is unresponsive to touch. For me, this part of the screen affects the 1,2,3 buttons on the phone dial. Anything in this part of the screen will not respond. Ive tried updating firmwares, multiple restores, and a few resets. Nothing will work. I knew that some iPhones would develop this issue over time, but never knew they came right out of the box defective!
Can anyone point me in the right direction? Having to take this back top the store is going to be a good chunk of time that I cant spare anytime soon.
Power Mac G5 1.6 Single Processor Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Where can I buy home bottom for my IPhone 4

My iPhone 4 Home bottom work bad , where can I buy it in the web. I love my IPhone 4 , I want to repair it.

Hi my iphone 4 home screen keeps flashing on and off repeatedly if I'm using my phone or in an app it will just go black then light up to the home screen and it does this over and over Then the power off option will pop up what should i do

Hi my iphone 4 home screen keeps flashing on and off repeatdly. I will beonmy phone or in an app and it will go to a black screen and then light up to the home screen. Then the power off option will pop up. I have tried letting it die and recharging it and powering it off neither worked. Does any one have an idea on what this could be or what I can do?

Half the screen is grey

I dont know how it got like this but half the screen is grey.

Do I need to replace the screen or the whole phone.

Thanks in advance.

Appstore Grey Screen

Everytime I open the app store screen,it goes blank on me,this has been happening since yesterday.Im not restoring my phone,dont even bring that up.

Wake from sleep- home bottom- weird happenings

I found this by accident, I woke my 3g then double tapped the home bottom and what looked like a iPod control popped up. This all taking place on the slider window to wake my phone. So for all intent this is happening when the phone is off. Or should I say just prior to waking with the slider.
My default setting is when I double tap the home button it takes
me to my fav. Phone numbers.
Moerover, what I found is when I have iPod controls on it does this. If I turn Ipod control off it does not.
Could someone confirm that Im not the only one who noticed this bug? Please?
Kindest regards
IMac / iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.4.10) IMac 24"- 2 GHz Core Duo- 1 GB Ram- 250 GB HD

Small Grey Mark Appeared on Black Part of the Screen near ear speaker

I wonder if anyone can help me?
I am very fussy when it comes to my gadgets and keeping them cosmetically perfect from new, so when upgrades come etc I am able to sell on at the best price I can get.
I have a 3G and have owned it for about 3 months. I have kept the phone is a Incase Slider since new to stop the classic apple scratches on the back and the bezel. (I cant understand why Apple use such bad materials that scratch almost just by touching them!)
Has anyone noticed their iphone developing very small dust like marks on the top face by the ear speaker? Mine has one which is very very small but cant see what would have caused this, its definately not a scratch, more of a very small grey bit that wont wipe off with the supplied cleaning cloth. Its very strange, it looks like a bit of dust but when you go to wipe it, it just stays there, I think it could be part of the black top screen is peeling perhaps.
Has anyone else found any weird looking marks that are dont seem to be on the outside of the screen?
As I said above, Im very fussy and try very hard to keep my iphone is perfect condition, Ive never put it in pocket with keys, money, credit cards etc etc so Im baffled as to what this strange looking mark is? Its also way to high to be an earing etc.
Can anyone shed any light on this at all?
Thanks very much,
very fussy apple customer!!
3GS iPhone OS 3.0

Problem with the bottom of my screen

Ive just had my iPhone replaced under warranty, and after 12 hours, the very bottom of my touchscreen wont respond to touch, e.g. when replying to txts cant bring the keyboard up because it doesnt recognize Im touching the the txt bar? Is there anything I can do to resolve this? Maybe restoring to factory settings? thanks.
Compaq Presario Windows Vista

My Screen Expands off the bottom

Sounds weird, I know, but when I slide to unlock, the regular home screen displays properly for a moment and then expands slightly at the bottom, putting the text under the 4 main icons partially off the screen. And when I press the icon for Safari (and maybe others), it shrinks to the proper size, brings up the new app and then expands off the bottom again. What is this all about?
MacPro dual 2.6 quad-core 10GB ram 4 drives. Mac OS X (10.6.4) MacBook Pro, too.

iphone bottom soft slider of touch screen not working

pl help to resolve this issue

I want to know if apple can give me a new iphone because my iphone 4's bottom home was broken

Last week i had my bottom home broken. So i want to know if i go to  an Apple Store, will they change my iphone for a new iphone?


bottom of screen not sensitive to touch

When I pull up any app, the bottom of the touch screen is non-responsive. What is the problem and what are some possible solutions, if any?

why doesn't the screen respond in bottom part

why doesnt the screen respond in bottom part

the bottom half of my screen wont work i cant unlock my phone

is there anything i can do to fix this

iPod safari phone etc line at the bottom of the screen has disappeared

I have nothing but grey lines where these functions were . Have tried rebooting, has anyone seen this before?
Powerbook G4

Screen issue image slightly cropped at bottom or top

The image on my iPhone seems to be slightly too large for the screen. When I open up to the home screen, the bottom half of the words phone, mail, safari and iPod are cropped. I can move the screen image up with my finger so that the words are fully readable, but then the line of text across the top of the screen gets cropped slightly. The screen image can also be moved very slightly from side to side. When moving between the home screen and an app (or between apps) the screen appears to resize slightly: it goes from slightly too large, to normal size while changing to the new app, and then once in the app, it enlarges slightly so that the bottom of the screen is slightly cropped.
Otherwise, the iPhone functions normally.
Ive had my iPhone for a little more than a month. I didnt notice the problem until I downloaded a few apps.
Anyone else experiencing this?
iPhone OS 3.1.2

On my old iPhone the bottom half of the touch screen stopped working and I need to get my contacts back How can I do this without using the 'Slide to Unlock' since it doesn't work

On my old iPhone, the bottom half of the touch screen stopped working, and I need to get my contacts back. How can I do this without using the Slide to Unlock since it doesnt work?

iphone calendar sync is trying to strip out address URL

When I sync now I get a warning message that more than 5% of my Calendars will change. (So far Ive hit Cancel.) It appears that the change is in my Birthday calendars and that (by looking at the Before/After) its going to strip out the URL. The Before has a URL associated with each Birthday event, like address:// ... etc, but the After shows it as being <empty>. I have no idea what the address:// ... URL does, nor why this has suddenly become an issue. What should I do?
iMac 24" Mac OS X (10.5.6) iTunes 8.1

Weird Problem Screen Saver going to Playlist NOT home screen

I have the 16 gig iPhone with version 2.2.1. I synched two days ago, and ever since, when my iPhone goes to sleep a random album in my play list appears NOT my regular homescreen. Once I hit the home button it does return to the home screen. My battery had died both days, too - so I think its playing or something.
Any ideas? Ive tried re-synching and turning the iPhone off and on. Thanks! Lori
MacBook, IPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Edit Home Screen Dismiss button is stuck on my screen

I just upgraded my 3G phone to 2.1.
Since I have upgraded, I have not been able to use my phone at all. I have a window displayed on my phone.
Edit Home Screen
To rearrange icons, touch and hold any icon until it starts to wiggle, then drag icons to desired locations. Drag an incon to the far right to create additional Home screens. Press the Home button when done.
I can not press the Dismiss button to close the window. Nothing happens when I press the Dismiss button. It doesnt look like it recognizes that I am touching the screen at all. I cant do anything with the phone until I get rid of this missage
iPhone 3G 16GB 2.1 Firmware

Feature Request Do not strip GPS information from photos

Dear Apple, all,
currently the IPhone strips all GPS information from photos when they are e-mailed. Is there any chance that this feature could be removed or at least be made optional? It is really restricting the usefullness of the GPS tagging, since I use e-mail to make my photos available to certain photo sharing sites.
Any chance?
Many thanks,

HT1688 my phone has frozen up i can push the top button and the bottom button but the slide bar on the touch screen wont let me power it down

my phone has frozen up, i can push the top button and the bottom button, but the slide bar on the touch screen wont let me power it down.

Change IPhone home screen

Is there anyway that you can change your Iphone home screen from black to whatever you want it to be?
HP Windows Vista

Iphone wont go to home screen

I updated the software on my Iphone to the 2.2 version and it has been working perfectly until now...Like 10 mins ago it has been impossible for me to get back to my home screen it is like my phone is stuck in the text messaging screen.. I can still receive and send text messages but that is it.. I have tried restarting but the same problem arises.. Can someone please help... OH also when my phone is in sleep mode the click button does not turn it back on.. I got my phone last christmas and i think it is still under the warranty what should i do..?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.5)

When browsing iPhone goes to home screen

Sometimes when I use Safari, the iPhone just suddenly goes to the home screen. This happens maybe 1 out of 5 times. It does this when I wait for a page to load, and sometimes when the page is loaded and I am simply reading the page - not touching the screen or home button.
When I turn off, the back on again, this seems to solve the issue for a day or so but eventually starts acting up again.
Any ideas?
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.10)

What can i do to get my phone working It went to a black screen when I was playing a game I pressed the power and home button then it showed the apple logo and went back to a black screen Doesn't came on show a charging sign read on iTunes

What can i do to get my phone working. It went to a black screen when I was playing a game. I pressed the power and home button then it showed the apple logo and went back to a black screen. Doesnt came on, show a charging sign, read on iTunes.

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