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how activate iphone if still the previous owner apple id

how activate iphone if still the previous owner apple id

iphone unlocked

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but the problem evertime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have already new apple id

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but everytime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have new apple id already

iphone unlocked

iMessage is registered to previous iphone owner

I inherited my IPhone from my girlfriend after she upgraded. Ive managed to change it to be linked to my apple ID rather than hers. I encountered a problem when wanting to use/upgrade some apps that it asked for the password for her apple ID and password rather than mine, which i remidied by just deleting and reinastalling the various apps. iMessage was always turned on on the is phone, but it was acting up so I turned it off and when turning it back on again it asks for her Apple ID and password, not mine. Is there anyway to change the account? Thanks.

Send iMessage text from owner iPhone to owner iPad

Can this be done?

Apple ID problem after changing of owner

Hi, first time poster, so be gentle if I screw up the location of the topic and things like that.
Here is the deal, I had a 3Gs for a year, then as iPhone4 got out I upgraded and gave the 3Gs away.
However, even after a complete reinstall and format and all that shiz, the 3Gs still remember, and demand to use, my AppleId for purchases.
The new owner have typed in her mail, her password, in all parts where we can physically enter it; like the settings>store. Even via iTunes and such.
So, in the settings>store menu, her details are listed (logged out and back in like 20 times), but once a purchase is made, free or otherwise, my mail pops up and it demands my password (we tried with hers)
So, in short.
How can I make my old phone forget my AppleId and accept someone elses.
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how can i get back to previous apointments on the calendar of my iphone 3gs every thing previous to december 2011 is gone

hi, i just found out that every apointment i had on my calendar that was scheduled before december 2011 has disapeared !!

How can i get them back ?


My IPhone 4S accepts my Apple ID and password but imessage insists that my apple ID password is incorrect when I try to activate it what do I do about that

I am trying to activate imessage on my phone.


I was having some trouble with it so I turned it off but when I tried to activate it it started insisting that my Apple ID/Username is incorrect.


What is strange is that the my phone accepts the apple id/password combo and so does my apple id account online when i login...the issue is that the imessage software refuses it for some reason.


Appreciate your help.



i cannot activate my iphone it comes with wrong apple id

I cannot activate my phone. it comes with this error: incorect Apple ID o....hotmail.com cannot be used to unlock this Iphone. Can anyone help please?

HT5622 Why I can't activate my Iphone which is purchased second-hand with my Apple ID

I cant activate my Iphone, which is purchased second-hand, with my Apple ID. The owner has deleted his account and has reset the phone. What should I do?

i cant active it my phone its been recently unlocked by apple and now i cant activate it


i just got the unlocked service by apple, but now i cant activate my phone, what can i do about it?

dont have anymore the original sim...

Iphone owner's name - correction

The name on my Iphone is misspelled. How can I correct it? There seems to be no obvious way in either the phone or in Itunes. Thank you.
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What's the best way to get an iPhone ready for its new owner

I am taking over my wifes iPhone. What is the best way to rename the device and set it up with my appleID & itunes account?
Should I do a restore or is there something better?
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Proud new owner of iPhone 4

Stood in line at 6:45 at the Monterey AT&T store, waited until 9:00am,
walked out at 9:15 with a 16GB iPhone 4.
Not too bad a wait. Canceled my Apple store July 14 ship date order!
So far, so good. Restored from my 3GS backup and everything looks and
works great so far. Facetime is really sweet! Now if everyone I talked to
had the IP4, Id never use Skype again!
The retina display is quite a change from the 3GS screen, and is my favorite part of this phone.
Pics and videos from iTunes look fantastic now...so crisp and clear.
Ill hang on to the 3GS for a couple weeks just to make sure the IP4 works
everywhere I go (I cover a large part of NorCal for work).
Happy camper here!
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i found an iPhone 3G S how do i find the owner

i have the serial number and everything, and i wanna return it to the owner because i know if i lost an iphone, id FLIP out. can i do anything to find out who it belongs to?
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Happy owner of iPhone 4 bumper

I know we shouldnt have to buy one to make our phone function like a phone, but I really liked the look of it so thought I would give it a go.
Granted, £25 is a lot of money for a silly rubber band, but not only has it resolved my reception issue, but it makes the phone feel more secure, but I can also put it down without fear of smashing the back. 
I do not regret the decision to buy one. 
Hopefully the software fix resolves the issues for others, but I will continue to use my bumper.
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Stupid Question For New Iphone Owner

Hi, so this is a little weird..
I just recently got an Iphone 3GS. When I take pictures with the phone upright, my pictures come out vertical instead of horizontal. To take a photo horizontal, the phone has to be on its side.
Is this right? Or am I doing something wrong? Can I fix it?

So I need a new iPhone 3G SIM card to activate my iPhone I hear you can get one free at Apple Retail Stores Is this true If not can someone please tell me how I can get one I need it for 3G not 3Gs Please I'm desperate

So I need a new iPhone 3G SIM card to activate my iPhone. I hear you can get one free at Apple Retail Stores. Is this true? If not, can someone please tell me how I can get one? I need it for 3G not 3Gs. Please? Im desperate..

with iphone 4 serial numbers owner should be found

With the Iphone 4-5-6 product serial number and I-tunes, I-cloud previous owner could be found by Apple or Apple could notify them about an inquire from a phone number given to them.  I am sure this can be accomplished as under the Patriot Act.

my friend recently gave me an iPhone and when I tried to reset it it still needed his apple Id and password but he's dad made them and couldn't remember them and I have no working sim for the phone yet so I can't activate it without the i

my friend recently gave me an iPhone. and when I tried to reset it, it still needed his apple Id and password. But, his dad made them and for got the information and security questions.  And I have no working sim for it yet because its an at&t phone but I use T-Mobile, so I need the information to activate it.

iphone won't activate after update 5.0.1 every uk sim card tryed still will not activate

i have recently updated my iphone 3gs to the latest firmware 5.0.1 and the iphone fails to get past the activation process even itunes wont regonise the sim card i have tryed an 02 orange virgin vodofone t mobile  and 3 sim cards none of them work the phone will not activate i have looked on various forums and have been told i will after put modified software on my iphone but i dont wont to do that is there a way of fixing this or are apple going to leave us 3gs customers in the dark

find the owner of the Iphone 5 Black to unlock icloud Please Thank

find the owner of the Iphone 5 Black  to unlock icloud

Please! Thank!


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HT4623 My iPhone 3 Gs was recently updated but refuses to activate Is there anything I can do to get it to activate

This phone hasnt been jail broken or anything of that sort. How would I go about getting it to activate?

New 3G owner with a few questions

1. I have push email set up with Yahoo and it seems to work fine except when the phone sleeps after the minute I have set up. Should I hear the alert when a new email is received when in sleep mode? I have it set to every 15 minutes.
2. When Im using Safari, is there a way to get back to my home screen as I can do on my computer?
3. The sounds I have set when using my keypad stopped working for some reason. I had to restart the phone and then it worked. Is this a known problem?
4. I periodically have to press the home button at the bottom of the phone with a lot of pressure before it works. Will this effect it or is this part of the phone durable?
I will probably have more questions but these are the ones that come to mind. So far, Im pleased with the phone and am not experiencing some of the more serious issues of others in the discussions.
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How to change the owner's name

Hi, I just bought an Iphone 3g from ebay, but it has another owners name (who activate it); How can I change it? by Itunes? Thanks in advance for answer.
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activate iphone problem i do not activate and say try again ang try after some time

hi! friends i am facing a problem with iphone activation

it do not activate and showing that please try again in few minutes

my iphone 4s was sent to me from apple already activated i used it for 1 year but i had to delete all user enfo now i have to activate it is asking me to verify the number with my ssn and zip but the number is not mine what can i dow

i cant activat my iphone it is asking me to verify  the phone number but it is not my number the number belongs to some one in  florida dont no y they never owned the phone what can i do

Hello I am an owner of a locked Sprint iPhone 5 who lives in Australia Has anybody else had this problem and resolved it

Hello, so about 16 months ago I bought an iPhone 5 from Ebay. The seller had told me that the iPhone was unlocked and ready to use. When i received the phone in the mail I discovered that the iPhone was locked to sprint and therefore was unable to be used in Australia. Ever since then I have been trying many different methods of unlokcing my phone such as jailbreaking, gpp sims, ringing Sprint and apple but none of these methods have worked. For example, each time I ring Apple they tell me I must contact Sprint and have them unlock my iPhone, but when I ring Sprint they tell me I must ring Apple and they should just be able to unlock my phone straight away. (I have no contact with the previous owner as they de-activated their EBAY account)


Has anyone had this problem before? If so how did you unlock your iPhone? Does anyone know of any cheap/free online sites that will unlock my iPhone?

Any suggestions and/or help would be very much appreciated.

HT1430 forgot owner icloud id and password

Hello apple team


I forgot my icloud id and password. and i have gifted my I phone to my brother. I tried all my Id but in vain  kindly help in the activation of my I phone

is ther a way or an app that will show the owner's name and alt

Both my old cell phone and especially my BlackBerry have a home screen display (even when locked) that has my name and a basic if found please call xxx-xxx-xxxx message. Is there a way to do this on the iPhone? I get the time and date and the wallpaper photo, but I would love to be able to have something that pops up first thing about if found, please return to...
Just curious.
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TS3150 I cannot activate my iphone I tried the steps in the support the error message I get is There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate

I cannot activate my iphone I tried the steps in the support, the error message I get is There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate.

there is no sim card installed in the iphone you are attempting to activate what can i do to continues this iphone to activate Please feedback I really needed

Thank You. GodBless.

  • how activate iphone if still the previous owner apple id

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