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how do i add contacts to iphone 5c

how do i add contacts to iphone 5c

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How can i add my contacts to a iphone3 when i backed up my contacts when i was using the iphone 5

I backed up my iphone 5 and i am trying to put those contacts on my iphone3 but am unable to do so, There isnt a option to use that backup, any ideas?

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How do I add a landline to contacts Just mobile fields on contacts

How do I add a landline to contacts? Just mobile fields on contacts!!
I want to add a home line also, can I do this. Seems very strange
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How to add new contacts

I have two issues that i desperately need help with.
1. I synced my phone with my gmail contacts, except there is no organization for contacts in gmail. Meaning, Gmail saves every address you have ever sent an email to, so now in my contacts on my iPhone, I have 600 different contacts 595 of which are random email addresses. How can I delete all these contacts in my phone without doing each one manually or restoring and clearing my phone completely?
2. I have an old Verizon phone with all my contacts whic I would like to place on my iPhone. What is the easiest way for me to save these contacts to a computer (incase my iPhone crashes) so I can upload them to the phone at any time? There has to be a way to do this, but so far I have been unable to figure out?
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How do I add a number on my call log to my contacts on the iPhone

How do I add a number on my call log to my contacts?
I browsed through the forum and didnt see this question.
Thanks in advance
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Contacts - some add some don't

Hi all,
I got a new iPhone yesterday, and when I have been adding contacts today, some add absolutely fine, and some just dont appear to be saved, and are not on the phone. I try adding another one, and it works. Then try another one, and it doesnt. Anyone experienced this or have any ideas?
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Add contacts to group

It seems that you cant add existing contacts to groups.
Is that true?
Thank you!
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Can't add new contacts under Favorites

Just did a clean restore w/ 4.1 (setup as new phone) and now I cant add new contacts under Favorites. It seems to crash and revert back to the home screen. I have tried a hard and soft reset to no avail. Any others having this issue?

How do I add custom labels in Contacts

How can I add custom labels to my Contacts?  A few if them recently allowed this but it is not available anymore. Specifically, I would liked to use or add the iPhone label that is not available to me at this time. Was this somehow lost in a minor software update?  What is even more frustrating is that my wifes phone has the iPhone label as an option; same identical iPhone 4S (except for memory size and color) and same software version. Is there a setting somewhere that is affecting my phone?  Any help is greatly appreciated.   Thanks.

how do you add a custom label to dates in contacts

How do you add a custom label to dates in contacts- I have multiple birthdays in contact group and want to change label through customise to add additional birthday- unless another way to add second birthday to contacts and identify each one or way to link contacts with same address phone number etc but id birthdays ?

Contacts - lost ability to add or edit

Just got my iPhone4s, syncd, but now I have no ability to add or edit contacts.  Help!

How can i add a received number to my contacts directly

how can i add a received number to my contacts in iphone 3g directly.
what i do is i write the number in a paper then add it manually
I hope there is a way or an application to do that
can anyone help me plzzzz
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'Add new phone' in Contacts Disappeared without trace

Since upgrading my 3GS phone to 4G software, the Add new phone option on the Contacts edit screen has vanished. Ive searched the forum - one pther person seems to have had the same problem, but apparently fixed it himself (without revealing how). Help welcome and appreciated...
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I cannot add contacts to favorites no plus sign no options

For some reason, I no longer have the plus sign showing. There is the normal edit button on the left, then favorites, but no longer a Plus sign on the right. Plus I no longer have the option add to favorite showing on my contacts list.
I did a restore of my iphone (which cost me programs I had paid for but this did not fix the problem. Ive done several google and itune searches, but cannot find a solution. I also looked at settings, and found nothing which turned on or off this function. In short, I no longer can add favorites.
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Manually add country in Contacts Address Book

I was going though some of my contacts in the iphone address book (I guess its called Contacts in the english version of IOS). One of the fields is country and apparently during the syncing all contacts without the country field set defaulted to my location. You can change the value (ie the name of the country) in a scroll menu to almost any country. Several countries are missing and there is no way to manually change the value from within Contacts. I had to sync back to my macs address book and enter the correct values there.
I guess Apple are free to consider a lot of countries non-exsisting. But I guess there are several Apple customers who have friends, family and business partners where Apple doesnt do business. So why cant they include a simple field to manually add the value? Beats me...
If there are any forum members (and/or lurkers) who has a work around that can be executed on the phone please reply.
PS: for the record this is on an iphone4 running 4.2.1 (8c148)
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How do you add contacts to Web-based IM apps Heysan or Jivetalk

I was able to login my AIM name at Heysan and Jivetalk, but cannot find any way to add others names to talk to.
What am I missing on the sites? Thanks!
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Google Contacts API 2.0 Add option to select which groups are synced

This has been a requested issue for quite some time now:
1) Add an option to control what Google Contact groups are synced in ITunes
Currently, if you sync to Google Contacts, iTunes will pull in EVERY contact from your Google Contact list. That includes those contacts filed under Suggested Contacts, which lists contacts you email on a frequent basis. The workaround for this is to delete your Suggested contacts every time you sync your iPhone, or risk the issue of having hundreds of new junk contacts in your iPhone.
I understand that there was an issue in the Google API before, the issue being that there was no way to distinguish between which group the contacts were coming from. That issue is now gone, it was corrected in the update of the Google API to 2.0 on December 12th. Now, when syncing, the ability to distinguish which groups the contacts exist in is there. Below is the documentation of those changes:
With Googles update, the iTunes implementation of syncing Google Contacts can allow the selection of only specific groups to sync.
As said before, this is basic functionality that has been requested by many for a long time (search Google if you dont believe me), and I hope and pray that the wonderful iTunes/iPhone gods will bestow upon us the ability to select Google Contact groups in the near future. Are there any plans to add this functionality? If so, when might we expect an update?
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Can I add storage to my iPhone like add a bigger hard drive

Can I add storage to my iPhone? like add a bigger hard drive? Id like to have more space then my 64 gb can hold

updated my iphone 3gs and version 3.3 but it wouldnt restart tried several times but nothing.restarted it on my old computer and got it working but now i cannot add any music video or apps to my phone .it will let me add a few albums bur then wipes e

i updated my iphone 3gs to 4.3.3 and installed itbut my phone crashed and said it needed plugged into itunes which i did.still nothing so restarted it twice still nothing.reinstalled on my old computer no problem but have now lost all my music,apps,photos etc.went to upload all my music off my new computer but it wont let me but will let me add music off old computer untill i plug it into my new computer then it wipes it all

Is outlook express the same as outlook to add contacts

Just bought a new iphone. I dont have outlook just outlook express.
1. can i add contacts to outlook express and then put them into my iphone?
2. if not, how do i get outlook? do i have to buy it or is it a free download
old folk trying to keep up:-)
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I am using Windows XP on my laptop Had to format the C drive I have reinstalled iTunes but I am unable to add anything other than music TV shows and movies to the iTunes library It is not showing any option to add podcasts books photos or apps

I had to format the C drive recently. I have reinstalled iTunes but I am unable to add anything other than music, TV shows and movies to the iTunes library. It is not showing any option to add podcasts, books, photos or apps. These things are available on my iPhone but are no longer there in the iTunes library. Please help.

I deleted a few contacts from my phone The contacts still appear when I type their names into my text messages How do I get rid of these contacts permanently My contacts are backed up to my iCloud

Can't add ANY music to iPhone 3g

Hello. I synced my phone the normal way after adding a couple of applications to it, I then noticed all my music had gone from the device.
Now all it lets me do is sync all music or playlists, it wont let me drag and drop anything at all :s
Tried doing the restore (backed it up first) but its still the same.
Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?
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I cant add any movies in my iphone 3g

Hi I cant add any movies in my iphone 3g i m using mpg4 format i see in itunes but when i sync i cant see in my iphone. same think if i do with my ipod touch it works. thanks wait for any answer.....

How to add music to my iPhone

This may be a very stupid question, but I couldnt figure how to add music to my iPhone. Ive already ripped some songs through the import in iTunes but I couldnt get the songs to show up in iPhone. Ive clicked the Music and clicked on the Sync Music: option but I do not want to import everything in my music library. I want to select which file(s) to import. Im not importing music videos or voice memos. So, what options do I use to import selected files? It looks to me that using iTunes is very limited in functionality. Ive come from BlackBerry and all I do is drag and drop and thats it.

how do i add songs to iphone 4

i put the albums i wanted in itunes and it makes the album into serveral different albums because the a song features a different singer
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How do you add a Group on the iPhone

I cant figure out how to add a new Group to the Contacts.
Please help.
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How do i add widgets on my iphone

i am just wondering how i can add widgets on my iphone. i am a new apple user and i am kinda confused. please help me out.
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How do I ADD an iPhone name not just change it

I am trying to link my iPhone to another device but it needs a name - it appears that I never gave the iPhone a name when I upgraded to 3G last year so no name appears in the left navigation column or anywhere else in iTunes - so I cant just click on it and change it..... any suggestions on how to ADD a name to my iPhone?
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Can't add my own movie to my iPhone

I copied my original .mov file to iTunes Library Movies folder. Then I did the Convert to iPod/iPhone option (so now I have a MyMovie.m4v). I try to drag and drop the movie from Library Movie folder to my iPhone Movies folder and nothing happens? (no plus sign, nothing).
Get info on my .m4v and is says:
640 x 480, AAC, H.264
Is this not an acceptable format or something
Thanks, Rob.
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How do I add a sound to my iPhone

I would like to find/add a moo sound to my iPhone to set it to the alarm for my daily phone call with my cattle client (ah, what fun).
I see many sounds to choose from but dont know how to add my own. Also, I have to find a moo clip out there. I wonder what format (extension) it needs to be.
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