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how do i get past icloud lock

how do i get past icloud lock

iphone unlocked

I lost my iPhone I dont have a computer to use icloud to remotely lock or locate please anybody help

I lost my iPhone, I dont have a computer to use icloud to remotely lock or locate. please anybody help

iphone unlocked

HT1976 my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there

my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone.  When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens.  Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there.  How can I repair this?

I accidentally deleted album with pictures I have ICloud but how do I retrieve them from iCloud

When I tune on icloud My iphone4 pictrue all gone,how can I retrieve my pictrue from my icloud?

I don't use photo stream but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday If i delete a picture from my camera roll will it still be in my icloud backup

I dont use photo stream, but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday. If i delete a picture from my camera roll, will it still be in my icloud backup?

If I logg in from another device, will all the pictures i deleted come back?

I put iCloud on my iPhone and it did something to my outgoing server I removed the iCloud but I still cannot sent emails even though my server information looks fine Any thoughts

I recently put iCloud on my iPhone and I hated it.  It also disrupted my outgoing mail.  I removed iCloud but I still cannot send mail.  I get a message saying that the device cannot connect with my server.  However, when I look at my settings the server info seems fine.  Any ideas?

Can I delete iCloud from my iPhone 4 without losing everything Data belongs to iPhone or iCloud

My iCloud account on my iPad is different from the iCloud account from my iPhone.  From what Ive read the only way to really change this is to delete one of the iCloud accounts. I want the phone the same as the iPad account even though all my pics and music are on my phone.  I so Do Not want to lose any of them!!!  If I delete my iCloud account does all of my data, images, songs, etc, stay on my phone?   

Data attached to iCloud or to device or to iTunes (which btw Im having trouble with and Id like to not use if I dont have to)

cut and past

Can you cut and past phone numbers and names from email or ssm to contacts?
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Need way to upgrade the OS past 4.2.1

i have an old apple iphone 3g that i was using for my wireless apps and music.  It froze, I restored it and now the previous OS that worked with my apps no longer works and there does not appear to be a way to upgrade the OS past IOS 4.2.1  -- Help

Calendar Listings in the Past

I have an iPod touch that Imuse to keep my calendar. I recently noticed that events from several weeks past are being deleted. Does the iTouch do this on its own? I thought I was storing a record of past meetings, events, etc.

iphone 3g wont go past ios 4.1

i keep trying to upgrade my iphone 3g from ios 4.1 to io 4.2.1 but it wont let me! i keep getting error 1015 which isnt a big deal because i have the right software to get past that, but no matter what i do it wont get to ios 4.2.1, any help?

iCal does not sync past months

PROBLEM: iSync is only syncing recurring events! HELP, I run a business and rely on my calendar.
STEPS I HAVE TAKEN: I read the information on this board and 1. backed up my ical and reset the history. Same problem.
Any advice is sincerely appreciated.
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Can't get past Syncing mail accounts

As it says in the subject line, my iPhone wont get past Syncing mail accounts. If I deselect the mail account in iTunes then it syncs. I have looked this up and it seems that most people are pointing to a dialogue box that is hidden behind iTunes that needs clicking on but there isnt one with me.
I think that the reason behind the weirdness is that I have just swapped over the hard drive in my computer. I made a clone of my old one using Disk Utility then swapped it over. It synced once without a problem but since then it gets stuck on syncing the mail accounts. This is not the first time I have swapped a hard drive but its the first time something is misbehaving because of it.
Also, my iTunes library is located on an external hard drive (this is the reason for swapping the internal drive - to get more space) and so was not located on my internal anyway. Having said that, the iPhone apps are located on the internal (there doesnt seem to be a way to change that option) and there was some weirdness with an app that wouldnt sync but I have since deleted.
Sorry for the rambling - any help or advice would be much appreciated.
All the best.
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Help I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with it's data plan I want to delete my iCloud account on this phone will delete my iCloud account too And what about deleting my personal datas on iPhone will it delete my data on iTunes

Help! I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with its data plan. I want to delete all of my personal data on my phone, will it delete my data on iTunes too? And same goes for iCloud; I want to delete my acount on my phone because, I guess this is a more convenient way to delete my personal data but Im not sure if it will delete my iCloud account too or not because Im getting an iPhone 4S and Im hoping, the back up data like games & apps and music on my 3Gs will be transfered to 4S.Thanks!

Iphone 3gs battery not chargeing past 95

Hi guys,thanks for your help.
OK so for the past few days my 3gs hasnt charged past around 90%-97% after being plugged in all night,i can unplug the phone and then plug it back in and normally it will charge all the way to 100% What could this problem be? and how is it fixed?
thanks for your thoughts,
Noah Renfrow
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iphone4 - NEW calendar entries in the PAST delete themselves

I  have an iPhone4 which works well but I have an issue with my calendar.  I have my works Outlook account synced (works well) and my person google email (works well) - where the problem is, is when I enter a new calendar entry for a past event (I may have forgoten to enter when I went to the dentist last), on save it appears as an event for that day in the list, then after about 2 seconds - its gone!  For New events for the future, it works fine!


Anyone else had this problem? 


Just updated to iOS 5.0.1 and cannot get past log in in set up Help

The setup wouldnt accept my mobile me password and when I tried the apple id that I use for everything else (iTunes, my iMac, ect) it says that the information is incorrect.  I tried several times to have it send the password reset to my email, but I still havent received the email to reset it.  I also tried the security questions and couldnt get passed the date of birth which I know I entered in correctly.  I need my phone to work so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance!

iPhone will not turn on past Apple logo help

I recently restored my iPhone 3G and it died during the restore to factory settings. I let it charge overnight and then tried to power it on and it comes to the Apple logo on the screen for 10 seconds and then just shuts off again. I tried to connected to computer and still the same outcome. The computer does not even know its there. iTunes and everything else works fine because i hooked my 3GS up and it knows its there. What do i do next, take it to apple? Please help
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Over Past Few Days iPhone 3G Toggling to EDGE

Im in the Philadelphia suburbs with an approx 2 month old iPhone 3G. Up until about 36 hours ago, other than in really poor signal areas, the phone has been staying in 3G mode quite consistently. Now, at home, where its almost always in 3G mode, I notice it falling over to EDGE. Odd thing is, it seems to take a power cycle to re-acquire 3G. This certainly could be a network issue, but Ive not seen anyone else reporting it on HowardForums, and the folks there are pretty quick to speak up. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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iPhone won't boot past white apple

I have quite a few (over 30) applications installed on my iphone. I deleted a bunch of useless ones on the phone yesterday, and then went into settings and noticed the phone seemed to be stalled (settings screen was blank for a long time). After awhile, I reset the phone by holding down the home button and the standby until the white apple appeared.
The problem is that the phone never got past the white apple. Even after waiting an extremely long time. And even after trying numerous hard resets. Furthermore, the phone does not show up in iTunes when connected to my mac, but iPhoto does launch automatically to pull in photos. But since I cant get the phone to show up in itunes, I can not even restore it.
I am running an original iPhone, with firmware 2.0 (havent upgraded to 2.0.1 yet).
does anyone know of a way to snap my phone out of this? Some special key combination that goes beyond the standard hard reset i have been trying? Is there some way to force it into a recovery mode or something like that?
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Synch not pregressing past the back up step with iTunes 8.1.1

Just installed iTunes 8.1.1 tonight and now when I try to synch my phone it gets stuck at the backing up iPhone step and wont go any farther. Whats the cure? Thanks in advance.
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HELP My iphone 4 keeps shutting down ab 5 times a day for the past week

Ive never dropped or spilled anything on my phone, and ive only had it for less than 7 months. It will randomly turn off and I will try to restart it. It freezes on the restart screen so i usually have to restart it again. Also, sometimes the screen will spit for a couple of seconds but thats minor compared to it shutting off on me 5 times a day. Im thinking its a hardware glitch, but at the same time im not very tech savvy! Im wondering if i have to pay for it and whats the process of them fixing/replacing my phone? Im a student and everything i have is on my phone so im really hoping i wont be without a phone for a week or so just so they can figure out the problem!

iPhone 3GS no longer works as it did the past 2 months

Despite the reputation of the AT&T network, I decided to make the switch (and get an iPhone) back in January. For the past 2 months, everything worked flawlessly! AS GOOD AS (dare I say) Verizon! No dropped calls. Good network (3G) coverage...no problems. NOW: I can no longer use my phone at my house! I HAVE to connect to my wi-fi. Calls cant be made. The service ***** now! I chat w/tech support, and they tell me that its because of the lack of towers. So I asked them if they just recently tore some down, and explained my GREAT service for the past 2 months! NO HELP from them...Anyone here have any ideas? Thanks!!
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How do I retrieve ringtones from past purchases on previous iPhones

I jut bought an iPhone 4 with my upgrade from my 3GS and lost all my ringtones, how do I redownload them without having to purchase them again or hooking up to a computer?

Iphone 3G wont turn on past apple logo Please help

It froze after attempting to delete my facebook app and I turned it off, tried to turn it back on and it wont boot past the apple logo screen. Ive googled the problem and I found that I needed to reset my phone by holding down the power and the home button (which I did) and plug into my computer while holding down the home button then a connect to itunes screen would pop up. Well, I did this successfully and Itunes said it had to download a new update for the phone. while downloading, the apple screen went off and the screen went black, Im assuming it turned off and when I tried to get it to the connect to Itunes screen again it wouldnt. I continued the process again and now it still wont get to the connect to Itunes screen and will only show the apple logo screen. I tried calling apple support and they want $30 just to talk to them. No thanks. Please help me. I have no idea what else to do.
PS...I am not tech-savvy and Im not great on understanding computer talk.
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got a new computer will syncing cause loss of info and past texts

hey guys, just wondering if i sync my iphone with my new laptop will i lose all of my contacts and past texts ?

My iphone 4 won`t go past the connect to itunes logo

My iphone 4 won`t go past the connect to itunes logo. what can i do to get my iphone to work again?

HT4972 how do I update my iphone 3GS past iOS 4.2.1

how do I update my iphone 3GS past iOS 4.2.1

Cannot move past 'Safari cannot verify the identity of - no continue button

I wonder if anyone has had this - I am trying to do a secondary login to the guest WIFI at work. You have to go through a Cisco identification website. On my old phone (also a 3GS, but on older iOS I think) I would get an message: Cannot Verify Server Identity... Safari cannot verify the identity of and I would have a continue button, a details button and one other - clicking continue would take me to the website.


With the new phone (3GS but on 5.1 I think) I only get an OK button under the message, with no option to continue, and if I click it, it just kills the loading of the page.


Does anyone know what setting I need to change to get the option to continue back?

I dropped my iPhone 3G and now it won't past the apple logo screen

I was listening music this morning and I accidentally dropped my iPhone 3G and hit the floor, it turned off in

that moment, and I tried to turn it on and didnt work, when I got home I connected to thecomputer with the USB cable and the apple logo screen showed up but after aprox. 15-20 secondsturns off, and iTunes doesnt recognizes it, is there any solution or do I need to take it to repair?

3GS desktop all of a sudden extends past edge of screen

A few days ago, my desktop on my iphone 3GS all of a sudden increased in size about 10% or so. I have to scroll the screen to see the top or bottom info on the window. I was hoping that when I upgraded to OS 3.1.3 that it would fix the problem, but it didnt. Its really annoying. Anyone know how to fix it?
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