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how long does apple keep imessages for

how long does apple keep imessages for

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I just got an iphone 4S and when I send iMessages all my friends who also have iPhones are saying the messages are being sent from my Apple ID and not my phone number How do I change that so that they are getting my iMessages from my phone number

I just got an iphone 4S, and when I send iMessages, all my friends who also have iPhones are saying the messages are being sent from my Apple ID email address, and not my phone number.  How do I change that so they are getting my iMessages from my phone number instead?  Under settings, when I got to the Send and Receive option, it only lists my Apple ID email address there.  My phone number is not even listed there.  How do I add it ? PLEASE HELP!!!

iphone unlocked

How long does apple keep messages in imessage



Can any one tell me how long does Apple keep messages sent via iMessage in the iCloud (or anywhere else)?



Apple bluetooth headset will no long charge with 2.0.1

So today I decided to update my iPhone (3G), I noticed that my Apple bluetooth headset was low on charge so I plugged in my headset to be told that This accessory is not compatible with this iphone!!!!
Not only did apple screw me on the shape of the new iPhone stopping me using the dock for my bluetooth headset but they have now stopped me from charging my headset with my phone! I am now officially going back to my old iPhone.
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How long does it take Apple to Diagnose an iPhone 3GS

My iPhone 3GS had a headphone jack issue. I checked my repair status and it said Diagnosing product. About how long will it take for me to receive my iPhone?
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imessage synced across multiple devices - Can I have one device recieve 2 apple id accounts while my other device only recieves imessages from one of those

If I had two devices (iphone and itouch) currently using their own individual apple ids – but I wanted to get my itouch messages also sent to my iphone, but NOT my phone messages sent to the itouch. Is that posssible?

Bought Iphone 4 from apple store How long do I have to cancel

Bought an iphone 4 from the apple store with a new contract on ATT. This was just two weeks ago. Trying to figure out if I can return it and cancel the ATT contract to get the iphone on Verizon? Anyone know how long I have to do this and how I go about doing this?
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i sent my iphone away to apple repair on the 24 12 2011 i have checked the view where my phone is at and its at stage 2 diagnosing the problem i have sent 2 emails asking how long it would take but they havent got back has anyone went through this pr

i have sent my iphone to apple repair on the 24/12/2011 as the power didnt seem to work a i have checked the repair status and it said that it is on stage 2 diagnosing the problem i have emailed them twice asking how long it will take as its still under warranty im hoping it will be back with me shortly all fixed will they charge me? and also how long does this take?

How long do you have to wait to update iPhone 3 to ios7 I just updated it to 6.1.6 on February 22nd 2014 So how long do I have to wait for ios 7 Please please please help

Hello I was wondering when I could update to ios 7 on my iPhone I just updated it to ios 6.1.6 on February 22nd, 2014 & if its gonna be long I was wondering if there was anyway for you to like make if quicker? If so thatd be awesome. Hoping you guys can help. Thanks you.


If I hooked my boyfriends phone up to my macbook and put my music on his phone can he get my imessages? he claims he is reading all of my imessages but i dont know if he is lying or not? is that possible


Once IOS 5 comes out and the APP imessages is available will it only work through Apple devices which have IOS 5 or will it be able to work with other devices such as any cell phone, for simple texting conversations, just like an App called TEXTPLUS.

How can I stop iMessages from going to all of our devices

As many households do, we share the same AppleID so that we can share apps and information easily.  With iOS5, now we iMessage each other for free, BUT all other iMessages that we send to other iOS5 users are also blasted out to all other iOS5 devices.  My husband doesnt want to see all my texts to other people, but now there is NO WAY to send a normal text to other iOS5 users...it will only go out as an iMessage.  Is the only solution to get a separate AppleID for my husband and then buy all of our apps again for him?  That would be a huge pain, essentially requiring him to erase his iPhone and iPad and start over.  Or do I disable iMessages for him?  Is there any way to distinguish between different users within the same AppleID?

iMessages Won't Come Through on MacBook

I just upgraded to iphone 5 and CANNOT get my iMessage to send messages to my Macbook. As I cannot have my iphone out during work hours, I depend on this feature. It will not let me add a telephone number in my iMessages preferences. Neither will it allow me to login to activate iMessage on my iphone. It keeps saying that the password is wrong...but it isnt because I can login to my computer Apple ID just fine.  HOW can I get my phone number to connect so that I receive iMessages to my phone number ON MY MACBOOK?

How to create a new iMessages from the iPhone



ok i just setup my iPhone 4s, enabled successfully iMessage in the Messages setting and can even receive a

iMessage from the iPad of my Girlfriend and reply but ...


... when I try to start a new message I have no chance to enter an AppelID/Email.

If I type a name only phone numbers show up. If I try add one from my contacts, it doesnt show me any e-mail addresses, it shows again only phone numbers.

Even a manual input does not work, i am not allowed to enter the @ symbol. (I just shows the simple number keyboard without any special characters).

In general, if I enter any text in the To: field it shows the green box and if I send something, it send a SMS and  i get back a SMS from my provider saying he is not able to deliver the SMS. I even tried a trick by adding a shortcut for an e-mail under keyboards, but afterwards the To: line removed all to special characters and send an SMS again.


So at the moment I dont see a way to create a new iMessage in Messages.


Is something wrong in my setup?

Does somebody else has such a problem?

Is it a bug that it try to send SMS to a text phone number?


Thanks for reading  ...




Why are my iMessages sent from my email address

I set up iOS and my friends are recieving my messages from my email address. How can i change it back so they get it form my contact again

why cant my imessages sync across both iphone and ipad

why cant my imessages sync across both iphone and ipad same with face time

I am not receiving any alerts when I get iMessages or SMS

No ringtone/vibrate/banner/red alert dot on the icon, nothing. I dont have Do Not Disturb on, and all of my usual tone/vibrate settings are the same, but I only know Ive received a message if I open the app. I updated my iPhone a couple days ago, and that is when this started happening. Was there a bug in the software update?

TS4268 Can you retrieve deleted iMessages

Can you retrieve deleted iMessages ?

Why aren't my iMessages shared anymore

iMessages sent on my iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.0.1 would also show up on my iPad running iOS 5.0.1 which made it very convenient.  I recently upgrade to the iPhone 4S.  Altho all settings are the same as they were on my iPhone 3GS, my iMessages are no longer shared and I would like to know WHY?

Iphone sends Imessages but not SMS

This problem started Friday, and ever since then, a few of my friends, who have Imessage can only text me. ive restored its backup, ive put airplane mode on for 30 seconds and then switched it off. ive reset wireless connections.

the contacts that i know who dont have Imessage dont get any of my texts, and i cannot see theirs.


does anyone know what this problem is?

iphone 3GS not receiving iMessages

My girlfriend iphone 3GS is not receiving iMessages The iMessages is selected on. Also sms selected on in my iPhone (4S) and iMessages ON and she NOT getting them via sms either  Strangely they are reaching her iPad Any suggestions as to what I should do gratefullly received


Thank you



Wrong year on incoming iMessages

Since updating to iOS 5, every incoming message on my iPhone that is an iMessage shows up as todays date but with the year 2042. My iPhones date and time are set correct because when I reply, the date stamp is correct. This is causing a bunch of messages to stay at the top of my messages list since 2042 is technically more recent. The year shows fine on incoming SMS messages.


Any way to fix this?

Track iMessages that have been deleted from a phone

I know I can go to my cell phone bill and see a phone number where messages were sent and received from on phones on my account whether they have been deleted or not.  How can we see the same information on iMessages?  I am trying to track a possible cheating spouse and the iMessage makes that very difficult with him deleting text messages.  Help! I do not want to be a fool!!!

Permanently deleting SMS and iMessages

Does anybody know how to COMPLETELY delete text conversations? My documents and data section takes up almost 4gb of space on my iPhone. I go into text messages and delete everything, sync with my computer, and restart my phone and they are all listed again, as if I never deleted them, and they are still taking up the space. This is very frusterating, as I would like to free up the space for other things on my phone. Ive read in other forums to turn off the wi-fi, but that did not work. Ive also read to delete what you want to delete and then sync it on your computer, but that does not seem to work, either. I think Ive tried everything. HELP!

TS4268 I am getting IMessages to my ipad but not my iPhone 5

I am able to send iMessages from my iPhone and iPad and they both sync, however when I get a reply they are just going to my iPad but some do also go to my iPhone 5 too but not all. I have turned iMessage off and back on again on both devices. Any other advice?

iMessages Keeps turning itself back off when I try to turn it on

iMessages keeps turning itself off when I try to turn it on

Delete old text messages and iMessages in iOS 5.1

On my iPhone, I noticed that the Other file in iTunes had grown.  I also remember hearing that Other was your app data (like Angry Birds high scores), Text messages/iMessages, and so on.  I was wondering if it was possible to delete older Messages (pursay any messages older then a month ago) and not the newer ones.  Please let me know.  Thanks.

Sending iMessages over WiFi while traveling abroad

Im currently out of the country and dont have an international data plan. I want to text my boyfriend using iMessage (I have a WiFi connection in the hotel and he also has an iPhone). I know its free for me to send iMessage texts over WiFi even though Im in a foreign country, but would he be charged to iMessage me back if hes sending his messages using 3G/data? I dont want to run up his phone bill. Thanks for any help!

HT3529 how can you block imessages for a couple of your contacts

How can you block some of your imessages for a couple of your contacts?

Why am I not receiving iMessages from iPhone users at times

TS4268 iMessage is not letting send iMessages on my iphone 4 someone help please

iMessage shows blue so it is on but wont ever send me iMessage texts.

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