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how to delete a weather city from my iphone 4s

how to delete a weather city from my iphone 4s

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How do I change the city in Weather from Cupertino to San Francisco

I tried changing time zone support as someone had suggested here in another post, but that didnt change the weather. While the time is the same here in SF as in Cupertino, the weather can be VERY different.
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Support for default Weather Application - how to add a new city

I use the iPhone default weather app a lot.
Next week Im going to Monrovia in Liberia - but my iPhone doesnt know anything about that country or city!
Is there any way to add it?
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SIM CITY City not growing

Have purchased SIM City from Apps Store. Installation ran fine. SIM CIty starts up fine. I ran the tutorial twice. Have saved the city. But the city is doing nothing. It has power and water. Followed the tutorial exactly but nothing. Any one run into this? Also build new city. Same thing, nothing.
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Difference between Weather App & Weather web page

For example, in my weather app I have Breckenridge Colorado. It says Sundays weather will be Sunny and 50 Degrees. When I click on the Y! it takes me to a page that says that Sundays weather will be Snowy and 30 degrees. Slight difference.
So I checked weather.com, which says that Sundays weather will be Snowy and 30 degrees.
So I guess I cant trust the Weather App anymore. Its too bad, I liked it, it was convenient.
Or do you have any other ideas?
Any way I can submit a bug to Apple?
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iPhone 3G Tests in NYC and Jersey City

What a difference a city makes!
There is definitely something strange going on with 3G and AT&T in Jersey City, NJ. If you dont know the landscape, Jersey City is actually closer to the World Trade Center pit than Queens or Brooklyn -- so Jersey City is more than a bedroom community for Manhattan... its mini-NYC in many ways... and right across the river.
Six weeks ago I purchased a 3G Ultra Express modem on AT&T for the Express slot in my MacBook Pro. Speeds were incredible in the apartment. I was regularly getting 1.4 MB down and 400 kb/s up.
Then, about three weeks ago -- July 11 ?!! -- things started to degrade with my 3G modem. Download speeds dropped by 2/3rds. Yesterday, I was getting 634 kb/s down and right now Im getting 441 kb/s down.
I bought the 3G iPhone based on my previously phenomenal 3G modem speeds but something changed over the last three weeks were 3G in the Jersey City Heights has degraded.
A week ago I bought two new iPhone 3Gs from the Apple store on Fifth Avenue. I wrote about that crazy, 4 hour wait, experience in my UrbanSemiotic.com blog and yesterday I swapped out SIM cards on both iPhones on the advice of AT&T customer support to get 3G working better, but were still getting lousy 3G coverage.
I escalated with AT&T and a case ID was assigned to my 3G problem. The woman on the phone couldnt believe I was unhappy with my 3G coverage because, according to her map, you are washed in 3G data and voice and you are right now in range of no less than four towers. I confirmed we used to get great 3G coverage but no longer. She took a snapshot of my location and the towers and sent it off to East Coast technical support. Theyre supposed to get back to me in 24-72 hours with a report on why the 3G speeds are so low.
Edge is fantastic -- better on the 3G iPhone than on the first generation -- but turning off 3G to get 2G seems like a ridiculous thing to me since Im paying extra for the extra speed.
The iPhone update last night did some naughty playing with Field Test mode and status bars. I was routinely getting -88 with a single bar inside my apartment and after the update I have three bars but -91 inside the house. Eerie? Strange? An on-purpose deception?
3G after the 2.01 update is worse. Thats disappointing. I decided to do some quick 3G testing and the informal results are telling, I think, and they tattle on AT&T and not Apple.
My wife sent me the following information today as she ran around during the day.
-107 Near Journal Square PATH station in Jersey City 8:30am
-73 6th Ave & 19th Street Manhattan 10:30am
-69 Rego Park, Queens 12:25pm
-85 22nd Floor Office, Rego Park 12:30pm
Manhattan and Rego Park seem to be pretty well saturated in 3G coverage.
I cannot believe Journal Square in Jersey City is at -107 -- its a major transportation hub that should be dancing in 3G goodness.
Here are my local tests in our Jersey City Heights neighborhood.
-99 to -113 in East-facing (Manhattan side) living room
-91 to -107 in West-facing bedroom
Stepping outside the back door facing West -- about 10 feet from our bedroom, I was getting -85.
Moving around to the front of the building 10 feet from our living room window outside I was getting -95.
I walked two blocks up the street to Christ Hospital in an Eastward direction: -91
Walking one block West of Christ Hospital: -71.
I think the 3G problems many of us are having are not phone related but AT&T cell tower related. It looks to me like 3G coverage is not saturated and it is so uneven it changes from block-to-block.
I hope AT&T can get things going right. Obviously 3G likes outdoor better than indoor and I am reminded of the early days of Sprint when everyone had to sit on their front stoop to make and receive calls.
Is AT&T 3G taking us forward or backward in time?
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iPhone 4 OK in California refuses to connect in Mexico City What to try

My wifes iPhone 3G connects fine with Mexican carrier, required no effort.
My new iPhone 4 cannot be made to see any Mexican carrier.
Ive tried airplane mode on and off, powering off the phone and restarting, turned off international data roaming (of course), turned 3g data on and off.
What else is there to try?
The GPS works, so presumably its seeing some cell towers (at least, the 3GS GPS became useless whenever there was no cell coverage, such as in Patagonia--maybe theyve improved cell-less operation for the 4, but I havent heard anything to that effect.)
My wife sees strong signals, but I get Searching and then No Coverage after a long search.
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Wheather application and wrong city name

I am living in Izmir,Turkey. I can find my city, Izmir, on wheather application and i select it. After i select it, my city name writing wrong! Writing left corner on wheather program Azmir
My city name not Azmir, must be, Izmir.
Who can fix this problem? Iphone support team can you hear me?
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my phone is really slow since i moved to a different city

I just recently moved to the city of San Jose, Ca from the Santa Barbara County and my phone is really slow to the point wher it freezes and i cant open an application, the email and even the actual phone just gets stuck. I never had a problem when i was living in Santa Barbara, a friend of mine told me that there was an update or something that i had to do in order for my phone to access the nearby towers and that it takes a few minutes to do, if anybody has an answer on what i need to do please let me know it will be really appreciated.

Does death grip vary by city

Here in Orlando the ATT network is actually very good. Visited 3 apple stores to try and mimick the signal degradation, but hardly decreased below 3 bars. Anyone in orlando with new i4 experience otherwise
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The city St Thomas doesn't register in billing address page

Everything else is green. But the city field is red. Why does it think Im typing it wrong?
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When I try to enter my billing details in my account under the City Country it will only bring up cities in China

I have tried to manually input mine but it will not let me. I cant download any apps until my billing details have been entered. I have tried carrying on without putting the city in but it wont let me do that either. Can anyone please help me with this? Thank you!

weather on iphone

Hello everybody. I have problems with the weather forecast on my iphone. One month ago I could see my city - Yekaterinburg, but now I cant find it. Can you help mr, please.
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iPhone 4 and the Weather Channel app

I open it and all I get is the spinny and the message that it is retrieving the latest weather data. I never get the data or anything else?
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My weather has a city in it that I didnt program. How can I get rid of whats there and use the cities I want to check the weather for? Thanks so much.
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Iphone default Weather application

I am going round in circles wonder if you can hel or direct me to the reight section
Its to do with the Yahoo Weather application that is default on Apple iphone all seems to work but the when i have Perth Western Austrailia on front page for Perth it should be Perth Austrailia but its Perth Scotland but when i press the Y at bottom of screen it goes to Perth Austrailia so front screen is not picking up Pert Austrailia .
If i put the screen for Perth scotland it also goes when Y is pressed to austrailia
all other countries and citys seem to be ok
please advise
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iphone 4 doesn't like cold weather Anyone else having this issue

Hi folks. I am an avid winter outdoors person. I Snowmobile, Ski and go Ice Fishing on a regular basis. My ip4 constantly goes into recovery mode(at least I think it is recovery mode)every time I am outside for more than 1/2 hour. I keep it in a breast pocket next to my body in my snowmobile and ski jackets or winter parka when fishing. I know what the operating specs state but it is a tad frustrating to have to hold down the power and home button every time I come inside or stop along a trail to send a msg or check email. Ive tried restoring to factory settings and that didnt do anything. Any other time the phone work flawlessly, it just hates even the slightest cold weather. My 3g or 3gs never had this issue with the cold. So my question, is this issue because of the new style battery in the ip4 or is my phone just a dud?
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Help I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with it's data plan I want to delete my iCloud account on this phone will delete my iCloud account too And what about deleting my personal datas on iPhone will it delete my data on iTunes

Help! I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with its data plan. I want to delete all of my personal data on my phone, will it delete my data on iTunes too? And same goes for iCloud; I want to delete my acount on my phone because, I guess this is a more convenient way to delete my personal data but Im not sure if it will delete my iCloud account too or not because Im getting an iPhone 4S and Im hoping, the back up data like games & apps and music on my 3Gs will be transfered to 4S.Thanks!


is it just me or is the weather thing on the iphone not quite accurate... today it said -1 but other apps and on my laptop it said 39.. though both got the sunny part right LOL.
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Is it okay to leave my iPhone 4 over night in a car in 32 degree weather

My weather widget on my mac says today is a high of 40 and a low of 26 degrees. If I leave my iphone in my friends car over night tonight will it be alright?

iPhone weather application always showing rain for Tokyo

Anyone else noticing this (not sure how many people living in Tokyo are reading this forum ) but the iPhone (at least my new 3Gs) weather applet ALWAYS shows rain for Tokyo. If you went by the reports from this applet - Tokyo has been raining every day for over a month.
No other city seems to have this problem.
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I accidentally synced my iPhoto photos onto my iphone and now I can't delete them how do I delete them

i synced my dads photos to my iphoto library and when i plugged my iphone into my macbook it synced my dads photos from my iphoto stream onto my iphone into an album that doesnt have a delete option. how do i delete these off of my iphone?

WEATHER not updated

I have a problem with my weather. it is not updated properly. I live in KILLEEN TEXAS Austin is only 1hr and 30 min away but the tempeture is very difeferent. today it is showing 20 degrees in diference and know that it is night does not change to the night view. is some one having the same problem?
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best weather app

Whats the best weather app for iphone? (besides the one already on the home screen) give me the url
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weather tides

I cant find the tide schedule on weather applications. Does anyone know if there is an application that provides that information? Thanks
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weather application

Does the weather app use internet? How many KBs does it use?
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weather app

Hi...I just got my first iphone 4 and i have a question. In the weather app I put my city and every time it shows the same 73F when the application is closed...even is here is other than that...how can I fix it...what can the problem be?

Update Weather Using 3G

Hello, I was just wondering if there was a way to update the weather using 3G instead of WiFi. I can update the weather using WiFi but cant seem to get it to update using 3G? Any way round this?
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Weather Widget Question

When I tap Weather to bring up the Weather Widget everything comes up like normal. I see the current weather for Middle River, MD, with the current sun/moon/cloud conditions and 7 day forecast. But when I flip to Baltimore, MD there is no sun/moon/cloud condition shown, the current temp. and 7 day forecast does show also. And then when I flip on to College Park, MD all the information shows again. Basically, I am wondering why the sun/moon/cloud conditions dont show up for Baltimore, Maryland?
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Weather icon disappear

I have never jailbreak my new iPhone 4, but after I have sent a email out, I jumped back to the home screen, I notice the Weather Icon disappeared. Restart and reboot my phone, but still cant get it back.
Anyone know how to restore this app without a complete restore?
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Weather app question

Using the default weather app - I simply dont care about the weather in Cupertino, so I added the places I do care about, and deleted Cupertino in the place list.
However, the app icon on the home screen does not show the temp for either of the places I have added (says the weather is 73 and sunny, which it is not here, although I am sure thats true *somewhere*), so I have to flick to the next page to see what I really want to see.
Is it supposed to work like this? If so, Id really like an app that would display the current weather of my selected place on the home screen, is there an app that does that?
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