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how to delete cupertino from weather app

how to delete cupertino from weather app

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How do I change the city in Weather from Cupertino to San Francisco

I tried changing time zone support as someone had suggested here in another post, but that didnt change the weather. While the time is the same here in SF as in Cupertino, the weather can be VERY different.
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Difference between Weather App & Weather web page

For example, in my weather app I have Breckenridge Colorado. It says Sundays weather will be Sunny and 50 Degrees. When I click on the Y! it takes me to a page that says that Sundays weather will be Snowy and 30 degrees. Slight difference.
So I checked weather.com, which says that Sundays weather will be Snowy and 30 degrees.
So I guess I cant trust the Weather App anymore. Its too bad, I liked it, it was convenient.
Or do you have any other ideas?
Any way I can submit a bug to Apple?
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My iphone 4s diesn't have the weather app or the maps app where are they

This is my first iphone and i notice the weather app and maps app arent on my phone. How do I get them?

weather app

Hi...I just got my first iphone 4 and i have a question. In the weather app I put my city and every time it shows the same 73F when the application is closed...even is here is other than that...how can I fix it...what can the problem be?

best weather app

Whats the best weather app for iphone? (besides the one already on the home screen) give me the url
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Weather app question

Using the default weather app - I simply dont care about the weather in Cupertino, so I added the places I do care about, and deleted Cupertino in the place list.
However, the app icon on the home screen does not show the temp for either of the places I have added (says the weather is 73 and sunny, which it is not here, although I am sure thats true *somewhere*), so I have to flick to the next page to see what I really want to see.
Is it supposed to work like this? If so, Id really like an app that would display the current weather of my selected place on the home screen, is there an app that does that?
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weather app that comes with phone

I gave my sis my old iphone 3g, i have an iphone 4. We both have updated oss. Her default weather app shows moving snow when in a place its snowing and mine just shows a non-moving picture. How can i get moving snow?
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Weather app problem

When I use the Weather app that comes with the iPhone and click on the Yahoo icon for more info, the results come up in German. How do I get it back to English?
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How do I change the location on the weather app

Good Morning, How do I change the location on the weather app

Weather Channel Max app

Anyone here have it? I want to know if it caches its info for offline viewing, like other weather apps do. Its free one does not. Im assuming no, since its not listed anywhere, but if it does I will buy it.
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Weather app not recognising my country

But the Weather app insists that I am German and living in Germany. Or that I am French and living in France. Or that I am French but living in Germany.
Whatever I do to try and correct the settings, it still does not accept that I am British and would like to read the news and weather in English.
I have fed-back to Apple and asked them to contact Yahoo who clearly need to sort it out.
And dont get me started on the fact the most major cities no longer seem to exist except on a Monolopy board, because the Weather app doesnt recognise them.
Can anyone please provide a permanent solution to this? It wouldnt be so bad if you could actually delete the app!!

Weather App Default Cities

Ive been trying to change the default cities in the weather app from Cupertino, CA and NYC, NY to my hometown, but havent had any luck finding where to do it. Ive searched this forum and also came up blank.
Id appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks!
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iPhone 4 and the Weather Channel app

I open it and all I get is the spinny and the message that it is retrieving the latest weather data. I never get the data or anything else?
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Weather app wont change

I changed my location on the weather app yet the icon on the home page still shows 73 degrees. How do I go about getting that to display my locations temp?
Thanks in advance
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Weather App messed up since September

All during 2008-9 I have been using the iPhone weather happily.
I have friends in different places around the world and keep their towns on the list of weather sites. (mainly Poland)
Towns such as:
Kielce, Poland
Wloszczowa, Pland
Wroclaw, Poland
Then in September ALL of the Polish towns disappeared form my Weather app and I cannot get them back. The app doesnt seem to recognise polish towns and in case it was just Poland... I have problems with lots of other cities around the world too. But Poland seems the worst.
Anyone else have this problem ?
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How do I add remove cities from the Weather app

I have a new 3G phone and would like to set new cities for the weather app. It came with Cupertino & NYC. Can someone tell me how to add new cities & delete old ones?
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Weather app that shows current conditions temperature on icon

Is there an app that shows the current conditions, either on the homescreen as wall paper, or at the very least on the icon shows the temp? Kind of like the Calendar shows the current date? I really wish it was 73 and sunny as shown on the Weather icon, but its -14F
I was using BerryWeather on my BB before my VWZ iPhone arrived.
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TS1702 How do you delete an app when the original way wont allow you I.E the little X does not appear after holding down on the app and it begins to wiggle

Need Help!

If I delete an app will I lose all in-app purchases

If I delete an iPhone app, will I lose all in-app purchases? This assumption is based on the fact that all data is lost when deleting an iPhone app.
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Can't delete an app

I was downloading a free app and during the download a second little blank icon opened that said waiting. It never disappeared and after deleting the app its still is sitting there and I cant delete it. Is there some way to reset without losing the data and apps I have?
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How to really delete an app

There are various apps Ive deleted, but they never really go away. I have an app thats not listed in the apps section of itunes, does not appear on my phone or any of the iphone screens in the device view for my phone, but it DOES appear in the apps listed under Sync apps, where its unchecked. There doesnt seem to be any way of disposing of it completely. If I enable the checkbox in the sync apps list, and resync, it reappears on my phone. If I then tell it to delete on my phone (where it warns me that all its files will be deleted), its removed from the phone and the screen layouts in itunes, but still appears in the sync list. How can I get rid of it (and all the others like it) completely?
Im running iOS 4.2.1 on a 3GS and iTunes 10.1 on 10.6.5.
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I want to REALLY delete an App permanently

I have deleted several apps from my iPhone but I am offended to find that they still live in iTunes and I cannot seem to delete them. This means that they will continue to download new updates. I do not want to waste the bandwidth or space on them.
How do I get rid of apps?
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unable to delete app

I put an application, walt disney wishing stars on my iPhone using test flight. Now I can not delete the app. The app can only be used at the Orlando WDW and I want to get if off my iPhone, but it does not seem to want to go.
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Delete Stocks app

I cant delete this stinking app, is there a way to do it?
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How do i delete an app from my iPhone

How do i delete an App on my iPhone?
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How do I Delete app from iPhone

How do I delete an app?
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Help - how do I delete a 'paused' app

I need to delete an app from my iphone 4 that is currently paused mid update (update too huge). I also then need to remove from iTunes library / updates.

The delete option does not come up in my email app

When I hit edit to delete messages in email, it allows me to select messages but the option to delete or move is no longer there. Its almost as if my screen shrunk.

How to delete an app that I downloaded on the iPhone

Sounds simple. Bought this yesterday and I can not figure out how to delete an app that I downloaded and is now on my main screen. It must be simple but I cant figure it out.
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How Can I Delete A App When I Am In Recovery Mode

I Installed a App which crashed my phone and now it will not get past the apple logo.I also cannot restore as I get the 1603 error message and I cannot fix that I have tried everything.
If anyone knows a way to access the files or something on my iPhone i would appreciate it alot.
Thank You.
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