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how to delete photos in ios7 iphone

how to delete photos in ios7 iphone

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Delete All photos ios7

Ive ran out of space on my iPhone 5 due to all my photos I have on there.  I have imported them to my Mac via iPhoto, which at the time gave me the option to delete my imported photos from my iPhone.  I chose yes.


However the photos still remain in my iPhone, and I dont perticularly was to go through 1000+ photos clicking them all (there is no select all option) and delete them manually.


How can I clear my photos off my iPhone?



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Does updating to the new Ios7 delete all of your photos

I have heard that updating will delete all of your photos on your phone?

delete songs in iOS7

There are several songs I want to delete but cant. I think they originated as special free iTunes downloads, but now I cant delete them. When playing in Shuffle mode, they show up. Driving me crazy to not be able to control my library. Cannot swipe and delete. Deleted all songs and synced again, still there. Found the folders in iTunes library on my desktop machine, deleted them, emptied trash, re-synced and theyre still there. Cannot access music in iCloud that I know of. I dont have iTunes match. Any ideas?

Delete custom labels in iOS7

I have a problem deleting custom labels in iOS7!

In iOS6 it was a simple task deleting them but in iOS7 i cant for the love of god figure out how to delete them.


Does anyone have a sugestion on how to delete custom labels?

I accidentally synced my iPhoto photos onto my iphone and now I can't delete them how do I delete them

i synced my dads photos to my iphoto library and when i plugged my iphone into my macbook it synced my dads photos from my iphoto stream onto my iphone into an album that doesnt have a delete option. how do i delete these off of my iphone?

Using large photos for backgrounds With iOS7 they won't shrink

Since upgrading to iOS 7, I cant shrink photos when using them for backgrounds. I have an iPhone 4s, iOS 7.0.4. How do I fix this

After updating to iOS7 sometimes photostream doesn't upload my photos

I have an 4S, I upgraded to iOS7 and found that sometimes (50% of chance) my photos taken while I was away of Wifi didnt automatically upload to iCloud photostream when my phone was back to Wifi area (not even when plugged to the Mac).


This is very irritating as I have to manually transfer them back to my iPhoto and manually send them to the photostream via iPhoto. Everything used to work seamlessly in iOS6 and seems this is a big bug in iOS7.

have synced all photos from pc how to delete unwanted photos on iphone

i did not realise i was syncing all photos in my pc to my iphone. there is a lot of junk photos. but i cannot see how to delete them off my iphone. help please
Windows Vista

how do i delete event photos from my photos on iphone 4

how do i delete event photos from my photos on iphone 4

Any way to get photos data off 3gs before restoring I have no backup so procedure I believe will override delete all photos I think Help - promise to back up in future

How do I save photos before restoring Iphone 3gs?  Phone crashed, wants me to restore via i tunes.  I have no

backup so believe restore process will delete all my photos.  Any way out.  I promise to back up in future.  Hlep..

HT1222 When i am downloading the ios7 update they telling me that there is an error occurs in the updating of ios7 what is this error

Hi, i have an iphone4, while i am downloading the ios7,they tell me that there is an error in downloading the new software, what would be this error

delete photos on iPhone

I can delete individual photos downloaded to iPhone when they are in camera roll. However I cannot delete individual photos when they are in photo album. Why?
Thanks for helping.
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How do you delete all photos from iPhone 5

Can somebody please help me to delete all photos from my iphone 5s without having to select each photo?




How do I delete the photos on my iPhone

Im trying to delete the photos on my iPhone. After importing my Camera Roll I was given an option to delete the photos on my iPhone - fine. But on the iPhone I still have
Photo Library (137)
Last Roll (137)
Last 12 Months (137)
How do I delete the remaining 137 pictures? They dont show up in iTunes or in iPhoto as far as I can tell.
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how do You delete photos from iphone 4s

Can You please tell me how to delte photos from My iphone 4s. thank you

How to delete photos pics from iPhone 3G

Please help. I am at a loss. How do you delete photos/pics (that you uploaded) from iPhone 3G ? I see no delete button, no trash button or anything that would instruct me to remove the photo?
iMac Mac OS X (10.5.6)

HT4083 how do I delete photos on my iphone

I cannot seem to get photos removed from my Iphone 5.


I know it must be simple; I am making it too  hard.


Just some simple instructions, please.



How do I delete photos from iPhone while on the Mac

Is there a way to delete/manage the iPhone photo library from the Mac (either, iTunes, iPhoto, or Aperture)?

I want to get rid of hundreds of old/misc photos on the phone but dont want to delete them all.


My idea app would allow me to sync them with an Aperture folder or similar and just delete them within Aperture and on the next sync, whip them off the iPhone.  


I know Apple tends to have a history of not making deleting photos easy (see early versions of iPhoto) but Im hoping itll be a matter of one of their simple 25-step procedures to do it, vs not being able to do it other than one-by-one.



how to delete photos from Camera iPhone

I transferred pictures from Camera<iPhone to iPhoto on my PB. Then how to delete original pictures on iPhone? I have 120 photos on camera directory.
Thanks for help in advance!
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delete photos from album on iphone 5

How do I delete photos from an album on iphone 5?  When I have the individual photo,the only things that show up are the button for the slide show and the one for sending it like mail, facebook, etc.

Can't seem to delete photos from Places on iphone 5

Hello!  In my Photos App on my iPhone 5, I can view my photos by albums, or by places.  When I delete photos from my album, they seem to stay living in the Places area.  When I access the photos in the places, there is no trash can, or option to delete them.  When I hit edit in multiple-photos view in places, and select multiple photos, my options are only Share or Add to, with no Delete option.  Im wondering how I can delete photos in places?


FYI, I do not have sync enabled in iTunes for photos, nor do I sync to iCloud.  Hoping someone has an idea of what I should do? Thanks.

computer photos got on iphone and i cant delete

okay well i some how have gotten photo albums from my computer onto my iphone 3Gs and when i go threw the ussal delete process it on has the options share or copy and i cant delete any of it someone help!
Windows Vista

How do I delete Photo Library photos from my iPhone

I have 72 photos in Photo Library that I do not want on my phone. I know you can delete albums by unchecking them in iTunes when you sync your phone, but Photo Library is not even listed to uncheck. Ive also tried bringing up the photos in Image Capture, but they dont appear there either, although I can see the ones from my camera roll there. The photos in this album are all odd photots from different sources, how did they get in this library and how can I delete them? Thanks.
iPhone 3GS Mac OS X (10.6.4)

syncing iPhone delete photos in contacts

Since a couple of days I have problems with syncing my wifes I phone.
We both have an I phone (original phone) I have version 2.0.2 and my wife version 2.0.1
All our information is stored on my computer imac 24
I have made separate groups for contacts one for me and one for my wife.
I normally sync our both I phones through I tunes 8.
Since a couple of days when syncing my wifes contact group, all her photos that she has put in the contact list disappeared, although those pictures are still in the computer in the address book.
Does anybody has an idea what causes the problem and how to solve this?
Thanks in advance
Imac 24" Mac OS X (10.5.5) 4gb ram,

Were are my delete photos

I cancel my photos I need back !

Can't delete photos please help

Hi, i synced my iPhone 3GS the other day and the pictures i have on my computer synced over, when i view them on my iPhone the trash bin icon isnt at the bottom to delete them, cany anyone help please? Many thanks

how can i delete photos from my new iphone 4s which I have transported with itunes to my phone

Please help me. I have transported some photos from my pc to my new iphone 4 s but now I have the problem that the photos cannot more deleted. Which way is to go to delete theese photos?

how do i delete photos from the iphone that i imported from iphoto on imac

I bought an iphone yesterday and imported all the photos to the phone from iphoto on my imac. I dont want them all on the phone so how can I now delete them?
imac Mac OS X (10.5.6)

How do I delete phantom photos from desktop after syncing iPhone

Recently, I connected my 4S to my desktop to sync and re-load an app.  As it is supposed to do, iPhoto read the pictures and associated them with the iPhone in the iPhoto program.  I never imported the photos, so they were never physically downloaded to the computer. 


At some point after that, I cleaned out my camera roll on the phone and deleted most of the 280+ photos that were there.  I just recently took a couple of photos with the iPhone that I want to import to the desktop.  When I connect the phone to the desktop via the USB, iPhoto opens up, and there are 287 phantom photos there.  The new photos dont show up.  The old photos that had been read by the desktop are showing up as empty boxes.  I cant delete these photos because it says it doesnt recognize them or they are in a particular format or something like that. And obviously, I cant import photos that dont exist.


How do I solve this problem?  Thanks.

Can't delete invisible photos

Im having a problem with INVISIBLE photos in my iPhone that show up as empty rectangles in iPhoto when I sync. I cant delete them; they dont appear on my iPhones film roll; and they prevent any photos that ARE on the film roll from being downloaded to iPhoto.
Any tips?
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