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how to erase recent text or calls on iphone 4

how to erase recent text or calls on iphone 4

iphone unlocked

how to delete selective calls from 'recent calls'

Cannot find an answer to how to delete selective calls from recent call list
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iphone unlocked

iPhone & Recent Calls

My wife and I recently both bought iPhone 3G S. Is there any way to go under recent calls, and delete certain calls, and not all of them?
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deleting recent calls from iphone

is it possible to clear one call at a time from recent call list or do i have to delete all recent calls?
also am i right in thinking that the camera doesnt have a zoom?
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Recent Calls

Is there any way to delete recent calls individually rather than Clear All?
I may want to keep one number but clear the rest. Please help
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no recent calls

Hello guys,
i updated my iphone 3G with the new ios4 firmware and everything seemed to be good. i came into a little bug related to the recent calls list. in other words, i have no recent call in my list even if i call myself with another number. moreover, if i make a phone call the recent calls list remains blank. does anyone got the same issue? any chance to solve or need to restore? thanks
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Accessing iPhone's Recent Calls list while on a call

Is there a way to view your recent calls while you are on a call? This is handy if you need to relay the phone number of someone who had just called to another person that you are currently talking to.

Recent calls during a call

Can you go to the recent calls menu during a call?
Thank you.
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Recent Calls Features

Can you delete individual calls from the recent calls list? I only see the option to Clear All and the slide and delete option that you use on messages or texts isnt there for this part. Not a big issue I just wanted to confirm this for someone who didnt believe me.
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Recent Calls - ask before calling

I just got my new iPhone a week ago and I cant count the number of times Ive accidentally called someone because I touched the screen on the number. When I was transferring my contacts over, I accidentally called a few people that Im only keeping their number so I know if they ever call me again. I hung up as soon as I could, but now Im in their phone logs as calling them, which *****.
Is there a way I can set it so that it will ask me before it calls?
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Missed Recent Calls

Should my iPhone 4 show missed calls if I am not in a service area or if my iPhone is turned off (powered down) when calls are made to my iPhone? I dont seem to show missed calls for those cases.
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Clearing some recent Calls from list

On the Phone Menu there are 5 options: Favourites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and Voice Mail
When you go to Recents, how do you clear selected recents ? In the same way that the iPhone gives you options to delete some emails and not others from the edit menu?
Even though there is the option to view All recents or Missed recents, the Clear option on the right hand side of the screen only allows you to clear ALL or NONE of the Recents.
This is a severe nuisance especially if you want to delete unimportant numbers but leave in the Recents, a number you dialled which you want to keep there to save at a later date.
I hope I have misunderstood and that there is actually a way of clearing some of the Recents and not ALL
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How to Delete selective recent calls

I have the iPhone 3G model. I would like to delete selective recent calls and I just cant seem to find how to delete just certain ones rather than all.
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Recent Calls red and black

I am brand new at this, just got my 3G iphone a few days ago. Love it. But I have many questions. As far as the phone, when I go to the Phone icon and then Recent calls, some numbers are listed in black and some are in red. What does this mean?
Thank you.
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Recent calls not showing up in Ios 4.2.1

I am using Iphone 3GS, today i have updated to latest version of ios 4.2.1, my recent calls is not opening atall, if i touch recent calls it is going to main menuplease help me to fix this bug.sunil

deleting individual not all recent phone calls

Can one delete selected recent calls in an iphone 4, or does one have to delete all calls or none.
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Save Contact from Recent Calls does not work when using ActiveSync

Heres the problem Im having:
The Create New Contact feature under the Recent Calls does NOT work when using Exchange ActiveSync (push) for mail and contacts (sync to Google Mail). This hasnt worked for me since I got the iPhone 3GS about 1 month ago (end of Sept).
After doing a Create New Contact from Recent Calls, the contact appears to be lost since it will not show up under Contacts. But the contact is indeed saved somewhere in the iPhone (You can tell because the recent call log will display the new contact name instead of the original phone number). You can only find the new contact by doing a spotlight search though. Apparently these contact entries are saved to a different contact list, not to the contact list used by my Google Mail contacts (when ActiveSync is enabled for contacts).
I suspect this is a problem not with Google Mail, but rather a bug in the iPhone when the Exchange ActiveSync push feature is enabled for contacts.
There is no workaround that I know of except to NOT use the New Contact feature under Recent Calls. So basically, you have to do this instead:
1) Under recent calls, tap the blue more > button next to the phone number
2) On the next Info page, do NOT tap Create New Contact. Instead, tap and hold the phone number to copy it to the clipboard.
3) Then tap the Contacts button at them bottom to switch to the normal Contacts application
4) Tap the + button to create a new contact
5) Proceed accordingly and paste the copied number into the new contact
Yes, this is a pain. Apple, please fix this!
After some more experimentation, it appears that these contacts are indeed being saved to a separate contacts database. It looks like the iPhone maintain 2 separate local caches for contacts: One for Exchange contacts, and the other used to sync with the host Mac or PC computer (synced through iTunes). It appears that Recent Call - Create New Contacts only get saved to contact list used by the host computer (not contacts used by Exchange ActiveSync). The problem only affects users like me who do not sync contacts with my computer (via iTunes). I dont use the address book on my Mac, so I dont see the need for it. Yes, Im relying on the cloud as scary as that might be. When I dont have sync enable between my Mac and my iPhone, the only contact list that displays in the iPhone contact app is the Exchange contact list. If I enable Mac address book contact sync, then these hidden contacts suddenly appear (since iPhone contacts will now display All Contacts from both Exchange and Address Book sources).
So I know this is long-winded, but this simply confirms what I consider a bug. The iPhone should not assume users as using their host computer address books.
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It opens into my recent calls list rather than the home screen

Every time I receive a call when my phone is asleep the phone goes back to sleep state when the call is hung up. As it should.
Weirdness is though…when I next wake the phone it always opens straight into my recent calls list, rather than the home screen.
It only happens on incoming calls, and only when the call is received while the phones asleep.
Ive done a restore (for something else) but it didnt remedy this.
Anyone else seeing the same?
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How do I delete a specific call from my recent calls list

How do I delete a specific call from my recent calls list? From what I know, I can only erase all the calls from the recent list. Do I have to get an application? Which one do you recommend?
I have an iPhone 3G.
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How long does recent memorize dialed numbers and incoming calls

Hello all,
my Iphone 4 deletes the recently dialed numbers and recent incoming calls rather quickly.
Calls or incoming calls longer than 20 ago or so get automatically deleted!
Is there a way to make this delay longer, perhaps? Shall we say, 2 months?
Sometimes I haven´t saved a certain number only to find out later that I actually needed that number after all!
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How do I delete individual phone calls from the recent tab on my 3GS

Hi there all,
My first post online in an Apple forum. God I wish I switched from my HTC pile of %$*&! to an iPhone earlier, what a great phone.
I have gone online and read the manual as to trying to find the answer but I cant. So maybe fellow users can assist me?
In the recent calls tab on Ver 3.1 How do I delete individual calls without deleting the entire history of all the other calls?
Say I have ten phone calls on my screen in the recent tab. I want to delete the one from Bob Claus and leave the rest of the history of all other callers there?
How does one do this please?
Many thanks in advance for your assistance and advice.
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HT4623 how do i fix call entries from the same caller not combining ios 6 recent calls log

keep getting and o beside full signal and since Friday can't text or get calls except I can text IMessage users

Cant recieve texts or calls since Friday at my house always had reception there even got the new iPhone 5 p

I upgraded to a 4g and the most recent backup today is not showing up I went ahead and backed up and found that my texts phone calls and messages did not backup

I upgraded to a 4g and the most recent backup (today) is not showing up.  The most recent backup that showed was 3/3/12.  I went ahead and backed up to that date and found that my texts, phone calls and messages are the part that did not backup. 


Can anyone tell me 1) why my most recent backup did not show in ITunes, 2) why I could not backup using the Cloud (I tried this way first), 3) how I can get all the phone calls, messages and texts from 3/3/12 until today?  Please help if you can...thanks!

My iPhone 4 won't receive or send text messages although I can receive call n make calls N I'm also connected to the wifi just can send or receive text or iMessage Please help I've tried everything

My iPhone 4 wont send or receive any message text or iMessage and my wifi is connected and I can recite and make calls still n fb still works as well. My phone was working fine until about 2pm yesterday.

Iphone 3gs cant make calls or text

Since I got a refurbished iphone 3gs I cannot receive or make calls or texts when I am at home (small village but there is an o2 signal). It has been unlocked and set up with new network. My sim is fine as works ok in other phones and also the iphone 3gs works fine when I am in another city. I switched off 3g as not available here but still did not work.


Any ideas please as o2 say it must be a faulty phone but I am sure it isnt?


Everything else works perfectly with the phone and I love it.



iphone can not make calls text and crashes

Hey Apple,
2 days ago i accidently dropped my phone in water for a couple of seconds. i searched everywere online on how to fix it but everyone says to put it in a bag of rice for a couple of days.i did that but when i plugged it into the computer, the sceen was wet inside, i cant make calls, i cant get service, and the wake button doesnt work! please tell me that renew it for a new one at apple or fix this somehow.
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My iphone 4 can't call or text receive calls and texts

Ive tried restoring it to factory settings, Ive already went through the troubleshoot section - nothing works! My sim card works on other phones perfectly fine (T-Mobile but it says EE)..



What should I do?


Ive tried resetting everything.

Ive tried repositioning the sim card.

Ive tried putting the T-Mobile sim card into another phone and it works.

Ive done a factory restore by putting it into the DFU settings and then restoring it via itunes.



When I try to call from the iphone, it goes *BEEP BEEP BEEP* Call Ended.


When someone tries to call my iphone, it goes Im sorry, calls are currently not being connected to this number.



When someone sends a text to the iphone, the iphone doesnt receive it.




It is on IOS 6.0.1. Not jailbroken or unlocked. Its with T-Mobile. This is my White iPhone 4 16gb.



The T-Mobile sim card works on other phones, but not on the iPhone.


The iPhone also shows a full 5 bar connection.



Whats going on How can I fix this Can somebody please help me =/

not receiving text and calls

I am not receiving incoming or outgoing text and calls without rebooting phone several times a day. Anyone have any pointers please feel free to state
iPhone OS 3.1

I am having problem with iphone 4s I can not make calls or send text message Please help

The problem is presistant. I tried to send the text message but it does not leave the phone, it is only delivered after I turn the phone off and then turn it on again. Only then it gets delivered and even that is only for that moment.


Secondly, I can not send or recieve the calls as well.


Thirdly, after I make a call, the calling screen gets stuck and I can not talk to the current caller or dial to another caller.


Note: I have Not dropped my iphone any where uptil now and I keep it in a pouch to protect it. The problem started recently and before that it worked fine. The problem started when I turned off the phone and after an hour or 2, I turned it on again.

The signals of the service provider is coming perfectly. I havent found any problem with there service yet.

Missing Calls & Text Messages BUT Getting Them Later

Sometimes people call and my phone wont ring, vibrate or light up. When I turn on my phone I get missed call notes. I sometimes get texts up to a day late--sometimes with a time-stamp and other times without. Ive tried turning it on/off, restoring to original setting, syncing to iTunes, updating. Ive taken it to AT&T who said it might be a SIM card issue, but they werent sure. My phone is not cracked. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks.
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