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how to mute iphone 5c

how to mute iphone 5c

iphone unlocked

Iphone gone mute

My iphone kept going Buzzing ( Mute ) When people ring me Icant hear them, How can i fix this.

iphone unlocked

iPhone 4 .completely mute .reason



i have at&t iphone 4 factory unlocked and gsm.....there is a strang problem with my phone....there is no sound while watching videos or playing games....but there is sound while ringing the phone or attending the calls. please advice.....i dont want to loose my phone......please help to fix the problem.

Can I mute my iPhone 3G during a Conference Call

I often conduct conference call while on the road and wish to mute the microphone from background noise like, airports, kids in car, other on-going meetings etc?
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Iphone 3GS mute switch glitchy

How do I fix a mute switch that actually works? It swaps modes but when put to silent it wont unless I apply slight pressure back the other way, kind of at the half way point then I see it toggle to mute. Is this a loose number 5 connector? Or do I need a new switch, or jack assembly?

How to easily mute iPhone at night or while I sleep

I was wondering if there is an easy way to mute my iPhone 3G at night when I sleep? I usually dock it on the night stand next to my bed so it can charge. I also use it as my alarm clock so I need alarms to still work and to still hear phone calls in case of an emergency and work. I guess I need something that mutes all the other sounds such as email and sms. It keeps waking me up at night mostly with email that is not an emergency.
I have been turning off all the sounds in settings>sounds but that is getting old and I forget sometimes to turn them back on. I also can mute it because calls will be muted too.
Any suggestions?
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Mute Icon in iPhone System Tray

is there any way to display the current mute setting in the system tray? (I remember that from Nokia or any other kind of mobile phone) I know i could use the switch on the side, but most of the time Im looking on the screen on my iPhone not on the side The problem is, that a miss incoming calls :/ So my friends think that I ignore them...
Is a feature request to Apple usefull, for future releases? Or is there even a application in the App Store which could do that for me.
Thanks in Advance
Kind regards daniel
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Mute stuck

Cant get mute to go off! Dont even know how it got on, but it wont go off. I turned the phone off twice, didnt reset. Help! Cant talk on the phone if its on mute! Thanks.
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Hold and mute

Whats the difference between mute and hold during a call?

Telephone goes mute

Suddenly it happens very often that my iPhone4 gets mute when making or receiving GSM or UMTS calls, i.e. I can hear well the other side, but they do not hear me. The only remedy is switching off and on the phone (e.g. just warm reset does not help).

I tried all possible ways, manually going on and again off mute during the call, but nothing changes.

It happens only with GSM/UMTS calls, there is no problem with Skype or VoIP, thus it is not a problem of the microphone connection.

It keeps happening since the upgrade to iOS 5.0.1, it had never happened before.


Any hints?



           --- Tom

Where's the 'mute' button

Wheres the button/key which silences the ringing on my new iPhone 3GS? (i.e. silent ringing)
W7 iPhone OS 3.1.3

Mute button broke on Italian iphone but live in Ireland

The mute button came off my iPhone the other day during normal use which I have since discovered this is a fairly common problem but had never heard of it before.
My problem is I bought the phone while on holidays in Italy, and they are sold unlocked their by apple due to laws in the country. However apple support said they cant help me unless I have an address in Italy where they can pick up and ship a return/replacement to. Apple said this is covered off in their warranty but from looking their plant in Ireland is their european HQ. Does any one know if what the support people have told me is correct ?
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My iPhone was sadly dropped today. Afterwards, its MUTE and VOLUME BUTTONS are not working. Please help me out for a quick and easy fix. Thanks.



Mute button too sensitive

The mute button is so sensitive it renders the phone useless. I would like to disable it but am told I cant. I have done a complete reset with Apple tech support more often than you have changed socks. Also, the blue dot that shows your progress on the maps applications works about 1 time in 3. This is my second iPhone 4 the first one had so many problems it was absurd. Is there anyone here that has found a fix for these problems?
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Deactivate the Mute Button

My wife has a gift for hitting the mute button and ends up missing calls from family, friends, co-workers, etc... she loves the phone, but cant afford to miss any calls.
Is there a way to deactivate this toggle switch so the phone ALWAYS rings unless she goes into the menus and changes it?
Thanks in advance.
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0.1

iPhone 4 auto active speakerphone but mute call microphone speaker

Hi, Ive got an iPhone 4 that works all perfectly.


For some days I cant ear when make a call and also my voice cant be eared from other people: speaker and microphone are mute and iOS auto-activate speakerphone on out/ingoing calls.


I tried to reovery the phone and install latest iOS without solution.


Can someone help me?


Regards, thanks

Annoying silent mute button

Recently got myself a 3G iphone , all is well apart from the silent button, i am forever missing calls because when the phone is in my pocket i always seem to accidently knock the button to silent hence missing the calls, i do have the phone on vibrate but very rarely feel this.
Is there any way to over ride this feature ? do many other people suffer from this ? can i complain to apple if so can someone point me in the right direction. or maybe some one has developed an app that turns this off.
Otherwise i am quite happy with the phone bit this really is starting to bug me let alone get me in trouble when people think i am not answering there calls.
Thanks in advance

Concern with Ringer Mute Switch

To make a long story short, after swapping out a previous iPhone 3G with an unrelated problem, my new iPhone 3G is working great, but theres something thats just bothering me, no matter how much I try to accept it. The ringer (or mute) switch wiggles in the silent position. To address this concern, I called Apple Care and they set up an appointment with the Genius Bar in the Apple Store. There, they said that the switch was within spec, but my dads iPhone 3G, including the previous iPhone that I swapped out for the one I have now, had rock solid switches that didnt wiggle at all and were harder to switch in the ringer on position.
I guess what Im asking is this: should this be of concern? Ive had this iPhone 3G for almost a month now, and, no matter how much I try to not let it bother me (basically, trying to accept it), it still bothers me and I worry that the ringer switch could accidentally switch in the on position. Keep in mind, however, that the switch is solid in the on position so that it doesnt wiggle at all.
Do you think that I should try with the Genius Bar again? Or, the approach that I was thinking, should I just call Apple Care and convince them to swap this one out one more time? Ive managed to do this in the past with other problematic iPhones, and Im sure that I can do it again, especially since I paid ~$70 for the Apple Care plan and $300 for the 16 GB 3G.
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Cheek knocking phone into Mute

I have had the phone for almost a year without any problems. After updating to Version 3 my cheek seemed to knock the mute button causing callers to hang up. The phone was originally in a case purchased from Apple. I have removed the phone and the protective covering with no success. After talking with O2 they have washed there hands of it saying that they have never heard of it before and so is not an issue. I have also tried pressing the button at the top right to lock the screen, this just ends the call. IS there an option/application to disable the soft buttons during a call?
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Why won't my music mute with the earbuds in

I love that iPhone plays music out loud, which iPOD wont do. I listen to it all the time. However, I will be going on a plane and I cannot get the external speaker to turn off. I thought when I put the ear buds in, it would automatically silence it to others. I am unable to get it do this. I looked in settings under sounds and ipod and cannot find where to set this. HELP!? I want tunes and video on the plane but I do not want to disturb my neighbors. New to MAC and iPhone, obviously.
iMAC Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Mute Internal Speaker when playing music

I like using the iPhones internal speaker to play music at my desk while im working, however sometimes its a pain in the butt to have to wake the phone up...unlock it.. and then pause/mute it.
Is there some other quick way to do this? the sleep/wake button keeps the music playing. I know the volume buttons on the side work, but they are not the easiest things to hit with my Zcase on the phone.
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HT4515 What to do when phone ringer stay on mute

What to do when phone ringer stay on mute

Volume key does not mute incoming calls

My iphone 4 does not mute incoming calls. It used to do it with the volume keys. But now it only do it with the sleep button. Dont know what to do, already restored. Im on 5.0.1

Ring volume goes to mute after Bluetooth connection

How do I prevent this?


I use my iPhone 4S with my Alpine iXA-W407BT car radio. The connection works just fine, sound clarity and call quality is actually better than my previous iPhone 3G. Automatic connection works fine also.


The issue is that after I terminate the connection by turning off the car and going away, the iPhone ring volume goes automatically to zero! This is very irritating because everytime I exit the car I have to manually raise the ring volume. This happens whether I have the change ring volume with volume buttons feature turned on or off, doesnt make any difference.

Can I quickly mute just mail notifications but still have the phone ring

Is there a way with my iPhone 4, to mute email, sms sounds when I go to bed, yet let the phone ring normal, and the alarm sound in te morning?
Blackberry had a setting for Phone ringer Only sounds.
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During call face is hitting Mute End Contacts etc buttons

I had the iPhone 3G for two years. After dialing a call, one brings the phone to ones ear, the screen goes black BEFORE contact with ones face, and the call proceeds. I never had a problem with this in two years - not even a single time. The iPhone 4 I got early yesterday is consistently allowing my face to mute calls, hang up on calls, hold calls, etc. before the screen goes black. Of course I dont realize this because my cheek does it and Im not looking at the phone, so it leads to repetitive dialing.Anyone else having this problem? Any fixes? I may just have a dud and will have to return it.Thanks.

My screen keeps active while I am talking and my face keeps touching the speaker or mute buttons How can I fix it

Normally the iPhone touchscreen goes dark and keeps inactive while the phone is held by the ear, but my screen doesnt, and I keep touchig it with my face while talking, and accidentally pushing the mute or speaker buttons. Is this a problem of my iPhone or only some confihguration that I cant find?

When using my iPhone 4 as a phone strange use of one I know I can't hear the caller unless I put them on speaker It is unaffected by pressing the mute button or the volume controls It also works with the earpiece

When using my iPhone 4 as a phone ( strange use of one, I know) I cant hear the caller unless I use an earpiece or put them on speakerphone. The phone has been fully restored and synced and has the most recent software update, but none of this has removed the problem. Is it just broke?

When I receive a call I can hear them they can't hear me Mute is not on

When I receive a call, I can hear them, but they cannot hear me. If I put it on speaker phone, they can hear me fine. I do not have the mute button pushed. I know it is probably simple fix but cant find the problem.

when i try to update my iPhone 3G software the message alert showing The iPhone ''iPhone'' could not be restored An unknown error occurred now my iPhone 3G blank display how can i do then please

when i try to update my iPhone 3G software, the message alert showing (The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred). now my iPhone 3G blank display. how can i do then please?

my iphone 3gs camera wont open ever since i restored my iphone i have updated my itunes and iphone software what else can i do without having to restore my iphone again

i had to restore my iphone last month because i had accidentally clicked the home and shut off button at the same time. it ended up making me restore my iphone. i lost everything. pictures, contacts, apps, songs, everthing. after i had gotten all my stuff back, i took a picture and everything was fine. a couple hours later, i open my camera to take another picture and it wont open it. it will twitch. i have no idea what to do. i have updated my software on my phone and itunes and im stumped. please help me.

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