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how to pair jabra with iphone 5s

how to pair jabra with iphone 5s

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iPhone 4 bluetooth won't pair with Jabra SP-700

The iphone doesnt detect it/ cant pick it up - anyone know whats going on? They are both supposed to be compatible with each other.
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when a Jabra hands free device won't pair to new iphone

I received a new iphone and found that even when I asked my old iphone to remove the hands free device from its bluetooth, the new iphone could not find the hands free when searching. I found a few discussions on here which included some suggesting that the phone itself needed to undergo and whole re-set procedure - scary!!!


I read that even when you have asked the iphone to remove the device from its bluetooth, the device itself retailns the information that it has been linked and then will no longer show its availability to any other device.


So before engaging in any of these crazy ideas, I thought Id try and take a look at the Jabra website and read the hands free manual, which I duely did and found some VERY simple and straight forward information.


this is specifically for the Jabra SP200, but if you take a look at the manaual for your handsfree device I am sure that you will find similar sensible information that WORKS!


Manual pairing mode

If you wish to use the speakerphone with a different phone, or if the pairing process was interrupted, you can manually set the speakerphone to pairing mode.

     1. turn the speakerphone on

     2. press and hold the answer/end button for approximately 5 seconds until the blue LeD light stars blinking rapidly

      3. then repeat steps to get your iphone to search for bluetooth devices




Jabra BT 350 vs iPhone

I looked through the previous posts and cant find any info for this particular devise.
My buddy has a bluetooth headset(Jabra BT 350). He cant use it on his current phone and wondered if I wanted it. Will it work with the iPhone? Has anyone had any previous experience with a Jabra BT 350 unit? Thanks BB
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iPhone and Jabra JX10 Bluetooth

I am not able to use my Jabra JX10 bluetooth headset with my iPhone. The iPhone shows that they are paired. I am unable to hear anything nor do those on the other end hear me.
Appreciate the hep
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Jabra BT8010 and iPhone 3g no AD2P

I could use a little help getting this setup. I can pair the iPhone 3g and the Jabra BT8010 and the headset portion works fine, but I cannot get any music to play over it. The stereo headset works just fine on other phones but when I attempt to play music via the iPhone 3g it come out over the phones speakers. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?
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iphone not discovering my jabra headset

How do I pair my jabra headset with my new 16G iphone?
I have a jabra headset that is about a year old that I used with my motorola razr. I just got the iphone, and I went to turn on the bluetooth on the iphone, and it said that it was trying to discover the headset, so then I turned on my fully charged jabra headset....and waited....and waited....and waited....and waited and it never discovered the headset...I stopped it because it was just searching for it for quite a while....how do I pair my jabra headset with my iphone ?
I have hand injuries and cant hold up my phone that long, so I really need to be able to use my headset pretty soon....please help!
Thanks a bunch!

iphone and Jabra car charger

I have a Jabra Bluetooth which has a car charger with a USB connection. Its output is rated at 5VDC/750mA. Is this by any chance compatible with the iphone 3Gs? Will it damage the iphone if I try to charge with it?
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Jabra Bluetooth Headset & iPhone

I have a Jabra Bluetooth headset that worked fine with my Sprint PCS Katana phone. I just got an iPhone yesterday. I go through the proper settings path and turn on bluetooth on the iPhone, it activates and reads discoverable, but after several minutes still never found the headset. What can I do?
I also realize that I may have a difficult time locating any PIN for the headset (I bought it a year ago). Any solution for that?

Using iPhone with Jabra SP700 and Voice Dialing

I was thinking about purchasing this for my mom for her birthday in two weeks, but I want to know how well it works for the first generation iPhone (what she has). I was wondering if it is possible to use the voice dialing feature of the Jabra SP700 with any of the apps from the app store or cydia, et cetera, because I know that the iPhone doesnt support this by itself.
Bonus Question: Is there any hardware that I can attach to my iPhone that allows it to support the bluetooth music streaming profile, A2DP.
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Trouble with Jabra JX10 and iPhone 3GS

Anyone have any trouble using the JX10 with the 3GS? It pairs okay, but when I try to use, I dont hear any sound from the headset. I hear the beeps, but no real audio. Anyone out there with similar issues?
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iPhone with jabra bt620s and music playback

I just bought the iPhone 3G and i already owned the Jabra bt620s bluetooth headset/headphones.
I have no problem pairing them and using the headset to make a phone call. But for some reason i cant get the music from iPod to play through the headphones. When i press play on a song in iPod, even when the headset is paired with the phone, the music plays through the main iPhone speaker.
Ive searched through all the settings and cant find the solution.
Anyone know how to solve this problem?
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having trouble pairing a Jabra Driver to iPhone 4S

the phone doesnt find the device to pair up with.  Jabra suggests it is compatible.  Any ideas?

iPhone Jabra bluetooth headset and iPod music

Is it possible to listen to the music on your iphone with a third party bluetooth headset? If so, how? If not, why the **** not?
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Jabra BT250

Anyone know if the Jabra BT250 works with the iPhone?
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iPhone 3GS does not see Jabra SP700 bluetooth car speaker

My new iPhone 3GS does not recognize/see my Jabra SP700 bluetooth handsfree unit.
I have been successfully using the Jabra SP700 bluetooth with an old Sony Ericsson K700i. I have the Jabra SP700 in pairing mode but when I switch on Bluetooth on my iPhone 3GS, it just sits there discovering nothing.
Ive restarted the iPhone 3GS to no avail.
Ive read how other folk have been able to get the iPhone 3GS to pair with the SP700 for phone calls but not music. Id be happy just to make phone calls.
Thanks in advance.
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Can Siri be used with the Jabra Cruiser 2

I bought the Jabra Cruiser 2 to be able to have a handfree way to make and take phone calls while driving. The manual for the Jabra says that I might be able to use voice commands but it depends on my phone, and thats all the instructions I get. I found a few posts saying that in order to activate Siri you have to press the answer/end button on the Jabra for 2 seconds but when I do that the Jabra thinks Im trying to pair a device and starts talking me through that process (Ive already successfully paired my phone and contacts). I dont want to have to fiddle with buttons on my phone while driving. I dont want to have to pick up my phone, hold it 2 inches from my face and say commands to Siri while driving. Has anyone had success using Siri with a Jabra cruiser 2 (or other handsfree device)? Im using an iPhone 4s with iOS 6.0.1.

G3 bluetooth malfunction with Jabra speakerphone etc

I drove down to Apple store chatting away happily on my Jabra SP5050 Bt (bluetooth) Speakerphone with my first-generation iPhone, but driving home with a new iPhone G3, the device was unable to discover the phone and vice-versa.
I tried to see if my MacBook Pro and new iPhone could discover each other to no avail.
Is the bluetooth in the iPhone be malfunctioning, or is there some deeper problem?
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having issue streaming music on my Iphone 4 through my Jabra Wave bluetooth

Jabra BT3030 stopped working properly

Im testing the Jabra BT3030. First-time pairing went just fine. I can make calls, answer calls and start/stop playing MP3s. (But jump next/previous did not work).
Just suddenly (yesterday) I cannot start/stop playing MP3s from the BT3030.
I removed the device in my 3G and did a successful pairing. Still no luck. The audio is there just fine, but no start/stop.
Any ideas?
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Jabra sp700 bluetooth pairing problems

Hi all-
Im having trouble pairing my iphone 3g with the jabra sp700. Initial setup was not a problem (pushing the sp700 long enough to say, pairing mode, then turning iphones bluetooth antenna on, and following prompts).
My problem is, when I come leave and back (for example, the next day), I turn on my bluetooth headset, then my iphone bluetooth antenna - which says its paired to the jabra sp700, but nothing happens. It seems like its stuck in a loop (the wait indicator is chronically on, and it keeps saying now discoverable) but the jabra keeps blinking its status light looking for a device.
The only solution I have is to unpair the jabra profile from the iphone, and start from scratch. VERY IRRITATING.
Any tips?

Jabra A125s Bluetooth iPOD Adapter

Since the iPhone has a 30 pin docking connector, would this be compatible with the iPhone? Or is it just purely iPod Bluetooth hardware? I recently bought a pair of Jabra BT620s only to find the iPhone doesnt support wireless streaming music. Would this adapter remedy this situation?
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Jabra EarGels do not fit the Apple Bluetooth Headset

Hello - so I saw a recommendation online to use the Jabra EarGels on the Apple Bluetooth Headset to make the earpiece not fall out of your ear. I purchased them (very inexpensive, only $7 online) and they arrived today.
I settled on the large size, and after attaching it to the earpiece I placed the earpiece in the dock to charge. Imagine my surprise when I took it out an hour later and found that the gel had split open on one side. Totally ruined.
Anyone else have this experience? And any other recommendations for an earpiece gel/other material? How about the iFitear over the ear piece that is sold on eBay - anyone purchase one?
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Can I pair my iPhone 4 to my iPad 2

I was trying to pair both devices but they dont seem to recognize each other anymore. They did at first then all of a sudden the iPhone couldnt see the iPad. It just says searching. I may have clicked on forget this device on my iPhone but I dont remember if I did that or not. If I did is there any way to reset that so it will see he device again? Also I dont know what pair the two devices will actually do. Is there any cool features associated with pair iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth. Sorry if this is a repeat question. Thanks in advance for the help!
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iPhone 4S will only connect but not pair

... with my 2012 Subaru 2.5XT Touring.  Posting on both Apple and Subaru sites.  Any thoughts?

iPhone Will Never Pair the First Time

This isnt about a headset, but rather the TomTom car kit. For some reason, the iPhone will not connect via bluetooth to the kit the first time I dock it. However, if I take the phone off the dock and put it right back on, they pair.
Ive already been round and round with TomTom; even paid the shipping for a replacement car kit. But the new one does the same thing. So next stop is to see if something is wrong with my phone.
Has anyone heard of this kind of behavior or have any ideas?
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How do I pair my jawbone to my iPhone 3G

My sister in law gave me her Jawbone
when i try to pair it on my iPhone, it just
keeps saying searching and never finds the
Thank You
How do i pair it?
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trying to pair my iphone 4 to my imac

so i just bought an imac today and out of curiosity i decided to try to pair my iphone 4 to the imac. it registers and says that its paired but will not connect...the blue tooth sharing is on on the imac and bluetooth is on on the iphone. if i to connect on the iphone it gives me the little spinning wheel then just goes back to saying not connected. during this if you watch the mac it says in the settings that its connected for a second then it goes back to not connected.. any ideas?
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How to pair Iphone 4S with a Mac Pro

I did try to pair my 4s with my Mac Pro, but it said it is not supported and I do not know why. Help!!!

iphone 4 won't pair with Toyota

I just bought a 2010 Toyota Venza with the JBL optional sound system. When I try to pair the cars Bluetooth with my iphone it searches for the phone but never finds and pairs with it. Ideas?
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My Headset won't pair with the iPhone

I need some help here.
I charged the headset per the instructions. Light was green. I plugged the iPhone into the socket for the iPhone on the connector. Then I tried everything out and turned on the headset per the instructions. The phone just kept looking and looking for the headset and finally told me it couldnt pair with it. I looked at the headset and it was blinking green as it is supposed to appear when it is discoverable but the iPhone just couldnt seem to pair with it.
I plugged the iPHone and the headset back into the little connector for charging. The headset appears on the iPhone screen and it is colored completely green.
Whats wrong here?
I use the iPhone successfully with the Bluetooth in my car and the iPhone retains that as a Bluetooth option. It just doesnt seem to be able to add the iPhone Bluetooth headset as another Bluetooth option to select.

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