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how to resize ipad wallpaper

how to resize ipad wallpaper

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Pinch gesture to resize wallpaper

So, Im trying to set an image as wallpaper. When I try to do the pinch gesture to resize (smaller in this case) the photo to get it set how I want, when I let go it just springs back to the original photo size. Am I missing something? How do I get it to stay the size I want it?
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Wallpaper Question - move or copy wallpaper back to photo album

Okay so I took a great pic of the kids and set it as my wallpaper. When I downloaded the pics to my imac, the wallpaper pic came across looking like the wallpaper (with date/time stamp and slider on top) I really want just the pic again, and I didnt see it in my iphoto as just the photo. Is there anyway I can copy or move the image back to my photo library on the phone?
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Apps to resize photos

I know the iPhone doesnt resize the photos from the camera for you and it will email photos of different sizes, if you want. I need an app that will resize my photos for me. Im using them to upload on a webpage and the site requires a max. 1 MB file size. The photos from the camera are either too big or two small. Any good apps out there that will help?
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Display Icon Resize

Iam using IPhone 3GS and by mistake the display size is too big. Could some one help how to set it back in original shape. Thanks
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Picture set as wallpaper deleted pic wallpaper remains

I took a photo and used it as wallpaper on my phone, then managed to delete the photo from the camera roll. However, it still shows as wallpaper.
I actually like the image, and would want to recover it if I could, even in the low res format it will now have. Does anyone know how I can access the image? It isnt in the wallpapers, nor the camera roll, and downloading all images to my laptop (using Image Capture) doesnt bring it in either. I guess it must be lodged internally somewhere!
I also upgraded to 3G, expecting to lose the image but it has transferred over to the new handset too. It *must* be in the phone somewhere!
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How can I resize my photos in my iphone to make more space

I have had iPhones since the 3g and love to keep all my photos on there to go through now and then. So far I have around 3100 and thats costing me around 8 and a half gig of space.


Is there a nice easy way to back up the origionals and then reimport all the photos as a smaller size? I still want to veiw my photos in decent quality but i dont need it to be as detailed as it is now.


I have a Mac aswell is that helps.


Thanks for your help

The front camera in my new iPad iOS 6 is not working This affects FaceTime iPad is only 1 week old I have updated software and rebooted Any ideas

The front camera in my brand new iPad is not working, this means I cannot use FaceTime.  I have updated the software and rebooted, still no joy.  If u switch to front camera it gets stuck on shutter screen and I have to close the app to get it back to the back camera.  I wouldnt expect this with a brand new product.

Any ideas?

I have iPhone 4 and a ipad 2 wifi What do i need to do to use the internet on ipad through the iphone would like to

I have an iphone4 and ipad2 wifi. Would like to connect the pad through the phone to Internet. How should I do that?

wallpaper with Os 4 on a 3g

is it not the 3g. I set the pic i want then nothing shows up.
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When I go to Settings ..Wallpaper.... I see the following under the Wallpaper :
PHOTO LIBRARY ( with 4 photos of people I presume I have somehow downloaded to Iphone 4 )
Under Photo Library
IPHONE PHOTOS ( with the same 4 photos of people )
and last but not least under iphone photos
4 SEPARATE PHOTOS of the 4 people!
Question: How can DELETE all this? ( Not the Wallpaper folder...Just all these extra photos )
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3G Wallpaper

I have a 3g phone and cannot set the wallpaper to the pic that i wish. I know i follow all the steps just fine, but while going through the photo library to select one, it sets but then the screen is just black. Can anyone help?
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Silly question, but other than my own photos, is there any other way to get new wallpaper choices for the iphone?


I didnt know if this is the right place to post this, but here it goes:
Ive just bought an iPhone 3G and would like to have that fish (the one that looks like Nemo) that was the wallpaper in the first iPhones as my wallpaper. I went to Settings>Wallpaper but couldnt find it.
Does anyone know if Apple still provides that picture to be used as wallpaper and if so where can I find it?
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Wallpaper issues

Has anyone had any problems with using saved images from the internet as wallpaper on the iPhone 4?
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Wallpaper and Aperture

I recently switched from iPhoto to Aperture for managing my digital photos. In iPhoto, I had a special album for custom downloaded wallpapers from the internet. When I switched over to Aperture, and used Aperture to sync to my iPhone, it pixelated the wallpapers. I was wondering if this is common, and if so, is there a way around it? Thanks!
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Wallpaper calendar

just upgraded
1) Wallpaper : how do I get rid of it ? just black does not seem to exist.
2) Calendar : sync put all birthdays twice on the iphone. how do i correct this?
thanks for helping.
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Recovering Wallpaper

iOS 4 dropped the rounded stones wallpaper.
However, since I was using this on my iPhone 3G before I upgraded to the iPhone 4, it still is semi-available on my phone.
But I if I ever change the wallpaper, its quite obvious that particular wallpaper will go by the wayside as it doesnt appear in the wallpaper pick list.
Does anyone know any way of recovering the high-res copy of this image from an iPhone 3.x copy of the OS?
iPhone 4 iOS 4

add new wallpaper

Hello how would i got about a custom wallpaper to my ipod?
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Homescreen Wallpaper

I was setting a photo from my camera roll as wallpaper for the lock screen and hit wallpaper for the home screen by mistake. How do I get rid of the photo on the homescreen and go back to the original black background homescreen?
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Unsetting wallpaper

My wife used my camera to take a picture - then set it as my wallpaper. I dont want it. I deleted it from the camera but it still shows up as my wallpaper. I dont want ANY wallpaper - but cant figure out how to do that. All I can figure out is to pick a different pattern. Ive tried going into setting & general and doing a reset, but the picture still shows up. How do I get rid of it?
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Wallpaper Rotation

Does anyone know of an app that will automatically rotate wallpaper photos? Ive searched the app store diligently and cant find anything.
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Can't set wallpaper

Hi All,
I just had to have my 3G replaced due to a stuck Sleep/Wake button. Im essentially back to where I started after a restore, but I cant set wallpaper. No matter what photo I pick it just stays black. Any ideas?
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Changing wallpaper

I cant find out how to change the wallpaper on the home screen.
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How do I have NO wallpaper in iOS 4

I know how to change the wallpaper in both the screen you see when you turn on your iPhone and the home screen with the icons, but is it possible to have no wallpaper on the home screen? In v 3.13 the home screen had a black background.
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No wallpaper options

Hi people,
Im trying to upload personal pics as wallpaper, but my phone doesnt have any options to locate pics. When I hit wallpaper all I get is the default Mac flowers and Mona Lisa etc. No opportunity to search through my iPhoto folders. Is this right? Or is there a work around. Id appreciate your help.
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Icon wallpaper

Is there a way to change the background behind the app icons on my 3GS?
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wallpaper will not set

I followed instructions for setting an image as wallpaper but the background is still black with icons(default)
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Wallpaper on 3GS

Can someone tell me is background wallpaper available on the 3GS and not the 3G after ios4 update?
3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

Wallpaper behind icons

I recently updated my 3g to the new 4.0 version, and had a HORRIBLE experience. I lost ALL info and it said there was no backup for my iPhone!!! I restarted my computer and eventually after about 15 syncs, I regained all info, but all of my apps lost all information on them!My phone has also been totally acting up, freezing, constantly reloading my e-mail after deleting all of it, and other various things (I did a restore today and hopefully that will help.) My question however is not related to my bad experience.
My question is, does the iPhone 3G not have the wallpaper behind the icons ability? My in-laws both have 3GS phones, and they both have the wallpaper in the background.
I restored my phone today, but still no wallpaper. Is my phone still jacked up, or do I not get this detail of the upgrade? If anyone knows, please let me know! (I know it isnt a big deal, I just wanna know, so that I know my phone isnt still messed up from the update I did!!!)
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Cannot set wallpaper

Have 3GS latest iOS. Cannot set any wallpaper image, only get black background. Have tried all Apple preloaded WP and my own photos, none work.
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