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how to resize pictures in ios 7

how to resize pictures in ios 7

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Apps to resize photos

I know the iPhone doesnt resize the photos from the camera for you and it will email photos of different sizes, if you want. I need an app that will resize my photos for me. Im using them to upload on a webpage and the site requires a max. 1 MB file size. The photos from the camera are either too big or two small. Any good apps out there that will help?
iOS 4

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Display Icon Resize

Iam using IPhone 3GS and by mistake the display size is too big. Could some one help how to set it back in original shape. Thanks
IPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.2

Pinch gesture to resize wallpaper

So, Im trying to set an image as wallpaper. When I try to do the pinch gesture to resize (smaller in this case) the photo to get it set how I want, when I let go it just springs back to the original photo size. Am I missing something? How do I get it to stay the size I want it?
Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5/6.5 GB DDR SDRAM Mac OS X (10.5.2) 1.67 GHz PowerBook G4/2 GB DDR SDRAM

How can I resize my photos in my iphone to make more space

I have had iPhones since the 3g and love to keep all my photos on there to go through now and then. So far I have around 3100 and thats costing me around 8 and a half gig of space.


Is there a nice easy way to back up the origionals and then reimport all the photos as a smaller size? I still want to veiw my photos in decent quality but i dont need it to be as detailed as it is now.


I have a Mac aswell is that helps.


Thanks for your help

Why is it that with iOS 7 pictures do not fit the screen

When I try to set pictures as the background on my iPhone 5, they do not scale to the screen. Although a little problem that I have tried to ignore, its become very annoying. It only started doing this after I updated to iOS 7 and had carried on through the updates. Help!!

I cannot delete pictures from my iphone 4S IOS 6.0

I have several albums on my phone that will not allow me to delete.  I know you cannot delete the Camera Roll or Photo Library.  These albums are from my daughter in law and I no longer need them on my phone.  How do I delete them?

how do u delete pictures from ur iphone iOS 4 without connecting to itunes

There used to be a delete button but it isnt there any more since i upgraded to iOS 4. How do i delete photos with out connecting to itunes now?
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iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.0 GM Camera Roll pictures not showing in iPhoto

Very strange. Ever since upgrading to the iOS 4.0 GM last Friday, my camera roll photos on my iPhone do not display, and can not be imported into iPhoto. This never happened on previous firmwares, and Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue? Seems like a potentially very serious issue for the GM to be having this close to release. Any solutions would be helpful.
mac mini 2009 4gb ddr3 2.0 ghz intel core 2 duo Mac OS X (10.6.3) Upgraded to iOS 4.0 from 3.1.3. Restored after upgrade. Pics show on phone.

Hey I make a lot pictures with my new iphone 4s camera I transfer these pictures in iPhoto Since I have the new iPhone 4s I have trouble to submit the iPhone4s Pictures via iPhoto to my iPad I had no issues with the iPhone4 oder 3s What is different

Hey, I make a lot pictures with my new iphone 4s camera. I transfer these pictures in iPhoto. Since I have the new iPhone 4s, I have trouble to submit the iPhone4s Pictures via iPhoto to my iPad. I had no issues with the iPhone4 oder 3s. What is different?

HT4061 Can I retrieve my pictures from my storage on icloud I did not want them to go there but somehow it happened Can I get my pictures back

How can I retrieve my pictures from my storage in icloud? 

I want to change my Whatsapp picture but most pictures turn out either upside down or sidewards; I even have auto rotation but it works on certain pictures only what do I do

I turned auto rotation on and I want to change my profile picture on Whatsapp. On certain pictures they turn out correct, however on most of them, they turn out sidewards or even upside down. I want to calibrate my phone but it doesnt say anything in settings about calibrating it, what do I do?

pictures come out cloudy when using the flash for pictures

Is there an adjustment for this or is the phone defective?

I plugged my new 5s into my laptop and it put everything from my old phone on my new ones and i lost all my pictures on my new phone Does anyone know how to get those pictures back

I plugged my new 5s into my laptop and it put everything from my 4s on my 5s. I lost all my pictures and messages from my 5s. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have pictures on my phone that I can not delete There is no trashcan These pictures are in albums and not the camera roll itself How can I delete them

My wife and I decided that we needed separate accounts for our two 4s phones.  To do this, the data from her phone needed to be transferred out, then transferred back in under the different account.  The pictures were transferred back in using Itunes.  These appear as separate albums in the photos app.  I would like to delete some (or all) the pictures in these extra albums, but there is no trashcan to put them in.  I can only delete pictures in the camera roll itself.  These pictures are taking up valuable memory and I would like to free up some space.  How can I delete them?

HT1414 i plugged my phone into my dads computer and it made my iphone his phone i have all his apps and pictures and i dont know how to get my apps or pictures back

i needed to charge my phone so i plugged it into my dads computer, and it transfered all his pictures and apps to my phone and i dont have any of my stuff anymore.

I have an iphone 4 How do i get pictures off of my phone and into my computer and or icloud When I tryed to sync it allthe pictures on my computer went into my phone-not vice versus

I have an iphone 4. How do I get pictures off of my phone, and into my computer, to make more space on my phone.  I want to send to my dell computer.  When I tried syncing phontos on my phone before, all of the pictures on my computer went into my phone taking up my data space.  I jsut want the pictures that I select to go to the computer. help!

HT4972 I have an Iphone3 and I cannot download the ios 4.3 I try to update and it says I am fully updated However I still cannot add any apps to my phone how do I go about downloading the ios 4.3 from the ios 4.1.2

I have an Iphone 3g and I cannot download any operating system past the ios 4.2.1. This operating system will not allow me to download any apps to my phone because they all say I need the ios 4.3.  Where and how do I go about downloading a newer ios in order to download apps to my phone?

Can iphone 3GS update the latest iOS e.g the iOS 6.1.4 or iOS 7

I want to upgrade my iOs

But,can I do that to iOS 6.1.4?

Need for more information

And I interested with the iOS 7,can I upgrade it to iphone 3gs?

HT1688 how can i downgrade my device because ever since i updated to ios 5 all my favorite app are gone is there any way i can get back down to ios 4.3.5

Every since i upgrades to ios 5 all my favorite apps are gone and my phone is just different is there any way i can get it back down to ios 4.3.5? Please help

Will Apple ever go back to iOS 6 I love my iPhone before they changed iOS 7 but now I pretty much want another phone

Will Apple ever make it possible to go back to the way iOS 6 used to look? or make it a theme? i miss it badly! wish i never upgraded, or should I say downgraded.

i have an iphone 3 i want to update to ios 5 but when i click check for updates on itunes it said its up to date when its only ios 4.2.1 please help

need help updating iphone 3 from ios 4.2.1 to ios 5 my itunes said its up to date when its only ios 4.2.1

HT1222 hi there I've got an iphone 3GS & i want to download skype but when i try it says i need iOS 4.3 where do i get iOS 4.3 from


do i need iOS 4.3 for skype? if so, where do i get it from?


Atualiza& 231;ão de iOS 4.3.3 para iOS 6 iPhone 3gs

Boa Tarde! Tenho um iPhone 3gs e estou pensando em atualizar o meu iOS de 4.3.3 para o iOS 6, ouço pessoas falando bem e pessoas falando mal inclusive que o aparelho está descarregando muito rápido e aquecendo e também fechando os aplicativos! queria saber a opnião de vcs para saber se devo atualizar ou não! Abraços

iOS 5.0.1 killed my cellular connection and gave me major battery life issues I never had with iOS 5.0

I never had problems on iOS 5.0 then my phone prompted me to upgrade.  So I did, and 12 hours after I upgraded I started getting the searching no service searching full bar issues.  I cant do a thing when Im not signed into my regular WiFi.  No one can reach me and I cant call out.


Is there any way at all to go back to iOS 5.0?  Ive done all the suggested things of hard reset, taking my sim card in and out....this is atrocious.  HELP.

HT1414 en un iphone con iOS 4.2.1 quiero actualizarlo a iOS 4.3

en un iphone con iOS 4.2.1 quiero  actualizarlo a iOS 4.3

how can i install ios 4.2 and higher version apps on ios 4.1 8B117


          Im using Apple 3g with ios 4.1(8b117) version..   I tried to install the apps from app store by searching ... like facebook etc,,, but they are not compatible with the ios version what im having,,


          How can i istall those social networking apps on my Apple 3g(4.1(8b117)) ..



          Thanks u Reading...

HT5014 Can I unlock att iPhone without upgrading from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6

The instruction from ATT about unlocking iPhone said I just need to restore my iPhone using iTunes, then it is unlocked. But I dont want to upgrade to iOS 6. Is it possible?

Huge iOS 6 issues on iPhone 4S - possible to downgrade to iOS 5

After upgrading my private and the company iPhone 4S with iOS 6 things are REALLY BAD and its on both of the devices!


- Battery life out the window, dropping 30-40% within 2 hours of NO USAGE

- The phones are boiling hot non-stop also after shutting down everything and a bit more

- Bluetooth keep turning itself on but without showing the symbol, I notice it first when going into settings

- Bookmarks gone constantly

- The phone goes slow

- Loss of connectivity across network and wifi on regular basis, glitch and then it comes back

- Apps struggle to install or operate without crashing

- Cant run Google Maps in Safari or the app....wont load the map at all

- Accepting calendar invites results in me cancelling the appointment for everyone on the invite


I have interest in having iOS 6 any longer. Is it possible to downgrade to the latest iOS 5 version again and if so how?


And why the bloody **** is there no official statement from Apple addressing these issues even if it would only be that they are working on a fixed iOS 6?


Its NOT better to keep quiet and ignore the users. I cant bloody work with my phone and my company is loosing revenue because of it....bad decision to go iPhone across the company =(

Updating IPhone 3G from IOS 3 to IOS 4.2.1 - going terrible wrong

I have performed an IOS update on my wife’s IPhone from IOS 3 to IOS 4.2.1.
She has not been very good at taking backups of her IPhone data and apps.
After updating to IOS4.2.1, all data and apps are missing, and I do not have an official backup to restore them from!
There are a lot of precious contacts, notes, SMS and Apps, that only was available on the IPhone, they now seem to be lost!
As an initializing thing when updating to IOS 4.2.1 I recall that one of the six tasks was a backup of the IPhone. Is there any chance of rebuilding/regenerate SMS, Contact, Notes and Apps from just before the update to IOS 4.2.1?
I have located that initializing backup to the following path:
C:UsersITCAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesMobile Backups88917LXKY7K
In that main folder, I have located the following folders:
Applications, Media, Structured
And the following files:
Manifest.plist, RestoreState.plist
Please tell me how to rebuild my wife’s IPhone.
(A husband in distress)
IPhone 3G iOS 4

Rolling back to older iOS - I hate iOS 6

I need to roll back to an older iOS now. Ive read this is not possible, and I dont believe a phone could be so designed in a way that doesnt allow its iOS to be downgraded. Everyone I know who owns an iPhone 4S is having these problems (I dont know if the problems are specific to the 4S though)


Here are my problems Ive started noticing as soon as I began using iOS 6.

-Phone is noticeably slower

-Battery life is much shorter

-Phone screen locks up for a 2-3 seconds when I receive a text if Im using my phone when the text is received

-Phone no longer gives a notification/sound every time I receive a text. It usually does, not always though.

-When I do get a notification for a text, the sound/notification doesnt come in until sometimes up to 10 seconds after I already have the text in my inbox

-Maps is now horrible

-No more YouTube app

-Phone will occassionally freeze, or sometimes even the screen will just turn off, when I slide the lockscreen bar.


This iOS is just horrible quite honestly... There has to be a way to roll back. Could this phone really be so poorly designed that it cant be rolled back? I have never wanted to jailbreak my iPhone before, but dealing with these problems CONSTANTLY is really tempting me to jailbreak it...


So how do I get an older iOS back on my phone?

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