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how to restore iphone without icloud password

how to restore iphone without icloud password

iphone unlocked

TS2529 itunes is asking for password to restore new iphone from backup I didn't set a password when I backed up the phone How can I restore the new phone from the backup I made just before giving my old phone to Apple

I had to take my phone in because the camera was broken.  I backed up the data on itunes and took the phone into the Apple store.  They gave me a new phone and said to just restore it from my latest backup.  When I select the restore point to use, itunes asks me for a password.  I didnt set a password when I backed up the old phone and iTunes doesnt accept my iTunes account password.  How can I get my new phone restored with the backup I did just prior to giving my phone to Apple?

iphone unlocked

HT1296 restore from icloud versus restore from itunes

Just interested because since Apple released io 5, my iphone crashes constantly and is actually unuseable and it coincided with the release of iphone 4 and I refuse to be bullied into buying a new piece of technology ...one solution I have read about is to back up iphone and then restore.

Can anyone reccomend which is going to restore my iphone content please?

TS3899 How do I recover iCloud password

I keep getting a message to submitt iCloud password I forgot to write it down when jetting up iCloud

HT1976 my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there

my icloud on my pc has been damaged since my last upgrade on iphone.  When I go to control panel and click on icloud icon nothing happens.  Also when I boot up pc is says icloud procedure.exe is not there.  How can I repair this?

HT1430 forgot owner icloud id and password

Hello apple team


I forgot my icloud id and password. and i have gifted my I phone to my brother. I tried all my Id but in vain  kindly help in the activation of my I phone

How do I restore my iCloud backup onto my iPhone

When I first got my new iPhone and turned it on, a list from all the recent iCloud backups appeared so I chose the most recent backup.


Today I plugged my phone into my dads computer and it automatically synced. Now, all the content on my phone has been replaced with my dads iTunes content including contacts, messages, and calendar. When I plugged it back into my own computer all my apps loaded onto my phone but none of my contacts, messages or calendar did. How do I restore everything with one of the iCloud backups?

if i restore my iphone with my icloud backup will my music still be saved on the app

if i restore my iphone with my icloud backup will my music still be saved on my music app ?

iCloud didn't restore all of my notes

Some transferred to my mums iPod through iCloud when I foolishly signed in with mine, and I deleted them, having NO idea they completely moved over from my phone... Is there any way to get them back? Please help, a couple of them are a parts to my really long story! :(

I let someone use my old iPhone and I don't have the password to get into the phone How do I restore the phone without the password

I let someone use my old iPhone, and when I got the phone back there was a password on it. So I plugged it into my laptop thinking that I would be able to restore the phone through my computer. And it says that I need to turn off Find my iPhone through iCloud. How do I do that without the password, or how can I get the password off so I can shut it off.

girlfriend can track phone by icloud even after restore

Hello there,



My girlfriend is willing to sell me her iphone 4 for a very good price. only thing is i am just about to break up with the poor thing and i dont want her to be able to track me through iCloud. Is there any way i can make sure see can not track me (E.g through her iCloud account) after she has given it to me?

thanks a lot in advance.


greetings. Henk

HT1808 my iphone says connect to itunes and i have but when i connect it to itunes it wont restore because it says its locked with a password and i dont know the password what do i do

my iphone says connect to itunes and i have but when i connect it to itunes it wont restore because it says its locked with a password and i dont know the password. what do i do

How can I restore my old photos after a recovery if not backed up through itunes or icloud

Heres the story. I dropped my phone in a swimming pool. It did not start at first. I layed the phone in a bag of uncooked rice and after 5 days it seemed like it was going to startup again. However something was wrong with teh battery so we ordered a new battery. The phone started up with the new battery but it wanted to go into that recovery mode. I did go through the backup procedure in iTunes and then recovery. The phone is now starting up fine but it is blank from apps and photos like a new phone. I did not have any photos backed up over iCloud before this happened. However shouldnt the photos still be on teh memory card of the phone? I thought the recovery process just resets the phone to factory standard, not deleting my photos. How can I get my old photos out of the phone? They are not in the DCIM when I log on through Windows explorer as well.

iCloud 13gb full restore via wifi taking 30 hrs so far

I wiped my iphone 4 clean and did a install from last iCloud backup. The night before last around midnight. Its halfway restored on a 13gb backup. 30+ hours later. Its been on wifi the entire time except one hour last night when I ran to then store. Im keeping it plugged in to the power outlet too. Ive seen it take a while to restore before for approx 1 FB less. Its never been this long. WTHeck is going on? Can I push this process along at all? I tried to delete some apps that are waiting to be redownloaded...and 1 minute later

They were back on the screen... So thats not helpful. LOL

Please let me know what I can do about this... Its been downloaded my snapfish app for many many hours (they all took a long time..) this one is taking soooo long

I have an iPhone 4 and I had to get a new one due to a defect with my old one and I left the apple store's wifi before iCloud was done restoring unknowingly So it is still stuck in a restore Help please

I left the apple store fast due to the fact i was in a bad car accudent and i am in a wheelchair and cant stay seated like that long due to a broken leg. It randomly will pop up message saying something like it needs wifi but I have wifi at my house. It also pops up another message something like it needs to finish restoring it and asks if I want to download it all and I click on it it to but it goes away after that and nothing pops back up. I also cant install the new update it says I have I finish the retire then do it. My photo album is also stuck at whatever number of photos I have taken in the new phone that number of 300 something. It just says its downloading it. I have no clue what to do. Also my iCloud backup I looked and it says I have 2.2 gb left then that the  backup is 2.7 gb. Im very confused what options I have and cant find an answer anywhere please help me!

How to reset forgotten Restrictions password with iPhone restore

Hi,I set restrictions on my iphone to disable in-app purchases so that my children dont rack up a bill on my account. Unfortunately Ive forgotten the password and now I need an in-app purchase for CoPilot navigation app.Can I reset my iPhone and then restore from a backup to clear the restrictions password? If so, is there a step by step guide to do this? Much appreciate any help.Boz

I had to restore an iPhone 3GS but the backup has a password that i did not put What should i do

I had to restore an iPhone 3GS, but the backup has a password that i did not put.  What should i do?

How can I restore my iPhone 4s without restoring forgotten restriction password

I forgot my restrictions password on my iPhone about three months ago and have just not bothered restoring the iPhone since then. Now, I am getting a data issue with the phone that does not allow me to use 3G or anything that requires cellular data (iMessage, email, Safari, etc). This problem is not related to the lost restriction passcode. Online people have recommended to restore the iPhone to factory settings.


How can I restore my iPhone without restoring the restriction passcode? From what I understand, I cannot restore from a back up without restoring the passcode. Is this true? If I cant use a backup, how can I avoid losing my contacts (most imporant), pictures, music, etc? Do I need to manually back up each one of these?


If anyone could advise me to the best method that I can restore my iPhone without a) restoring the restrictions passcode and b) losing my contacts, pictures, music, etc., it would be grealy appreciated!

HT4528 I forgot my password and I want to restore it

I would like you to help me restore my password. I cant use it because my phne is blocked.  I would appreciate your help. Thank you.!!!

I accidentally deleted album with pictures I have ICloud but how do I retrieve them from iCloud

When I tune on icloud My iphone4 pictrue all gone,how can I retrieve my pictrue from my icloud?

Udate to 4.0 and iTunes wants a password to restore apps

Update went flawlessly but after the update Itunes wants to restore my aps, a good thing. But it wants a password that does not exist. I tried my iTunes password but it did not recognize it. So now I have a expensive paperweight.
I have never been asked for a password before, so why now?
I had to turn off iTunes and restart it to get it to restore my iphone. Until I got an error -402620393.
MacBook Mac OS X (10.6.3) 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD

Is there a default password for unlocking Restore to backup

Trying to restore to backup by right clicking on the iPhone app in iTunes in an attempt to recover some application data I erased by accident earlier.
Also will iTunes restore the phone to how it was when the last back up occurred then?
Windows 7

Restore software after punched the wrong password more than 3 times

Dear All,
Hope someone can help me regarding below.
After my sister punched in the wrong password on my Iphone 4 (locked because of company mail) more than three times this weekend, the phone locked and needed to be linked to Itunes.
I wasnt at home so I downloaded Itunes on my parents computer and connected my Iphone. But I guess I shouldnt have done that, because when it was relaunched it had deleted all software and was back to the factory settings.
I havent linked my phone regularly to Itunes (lack of knowledge Im afraid), so I have no backup on my own computer.
Do anyone know how to get the old settings and software back and if it is possible at all?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Iphone 4 iOS 4

I don't use photo stream but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday If i delete a picture from my camera roll will it still be in my icloud backup

I dont use photo stream, but i backup my iphone with icloud everyday. If i delete a picture from my camera roll, will it still be in my icloud backup?

If I logg in from another device, will all the pictures i deleted come back?

I put iCloud on my iPhone and it did something to my outgoing server I removed the iCloud but I still cannot sent emails even though my server information looks fine Any thoughts

I recently put iCloud on my iPhone and I hated it.  It also disrupted my outgoing mail.  I removed iCloud but I still cannot send mail.  I get a message saying that the device cannot connect with my server.  However, when I look at my settings the server info seems fine.  Any ideas?

HT2109 I do not know my iphone backup password to restore my newly updated phone to have all of my old contacts notes text messages etc what do I do

I do not know my iphone backup password to restore my newly updated phone to have all of my old contacts, notes, text messages, etc. what do I do?

Can I delete iCloud from my iPhone 4 without losing everything Data belongs to iPhone or iCloud

My iCloud account on my iPad is different from the iCloud account from my iPhone.  From what Ive read the only way to really change this is to delete one of the iCloud accounts. I want the phone the same as the iPad account even though all my pics and music are on my phone.  I so Do Not want to lose any of them!!!  If I delete my iCloud account does all of my data, images, songs, etc, stay on my phone?   

Data attached to iCloud or to device or to iTunes (which btw Im having trouble with and Id like to not use if I dont have to)

HT1808 I followed the safe mode restore steps but i open the phone swipe to see - iPhone then walks me through set up I get to the choice - set up as new iPhone back up iCloud or iTunes- I tried both and now many times- how do i get my phone back to

First thing I noticed was that after every attempt to send a text, immediatly after tapping send I was flashed back to my home screen - no text saved or sent.  So I tried reset. I tried from icloud , but wouldnt work, just kept prompting me for apple id which I did w password but didnt reccognise it and so I went back and restored from itunes , plugged in and just keeps walking me thrigh the same set up steps.  I am really technologically challenged, clearly, and this gets more confusing because I also got a time machine and have been in the process of backing up my macbook pro and devices.  I have the ethernet cord plugged into my macbook and everything because I am affraid its not fully finished setting that whole time machine thing up.  Maybe when I had to set up my time capsule wifi name?  is this the reason my apple id isnt getting recognized?  Im so frustrated and must have a working cell phone.  Plwasw will someone help this girl out

Plugged in new Iphone 5 to computer and it says can't access due to password but don't have a password set yet

I just got my new Iphone 5s activated at verizon. I came home to plug into my computer to get all my apps, etc that I had backed up from old phone. Computer keeps saying it cant access the new phone due to a password and that I need to enter password and try again. However, I dont have a password set on the new phone. Any help would be appreicated....I dont want to loose all my back up.

I just changed the email that i use to sign into my itunes and now when I try to type in my password on my iphone it says that the password is invalid

I recently changed the password for my itunes and now when i try to log into my itunes on my iphone it says my password is invalid. How can I change the email address on my iphone so that it is the correct one?

HT4946 what password to use to unlock the back up of iphone if i didntset password

what password to use to unlock the back up of iphone if i didntset password

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