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how to sync iphone 5s to car

how to sync iphone 5s to car

iphone unlocked

Searching for in-car dashboard iPhone mount - car kit

Posted this question in the nano forum as well...
Ive got an iPhone and my sister has a nano. Were both trying to find a way we can have them sitting on the dashboard or console of our car. Dont want a big bulky device, but something simple. Found a few online...anyone thats purchased any of these before and has some comments good or bad would be appreciated...or if theres anything else you think would work. Looking for something unobtrusive and obviously the cheaper the better but still good quality
What Ive found:
iGrip: http://www.proporta.com/F02/PPF02P05.php?t_id=3626&t_mode=des
The Smacker: http://thesmacker.com
Input appreciated

iphone unlocked

Car Kit Car Stereo Bluetooth POSSIBLE FIX FOUND IT

Hey guysso as everyone else i was forced to re-pair my device with my car kit every time i start the car. Well guess what I FOUND A FIX FOR IT it works for me, Let me know if it works for you!!Thanks!! Edited by Host

Car adapter charge and connect to car stereo

Are there auto adapters that will both charge ones iphone and also connect to the MP3 connection on the newer cars to play music?
Thank you.
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my verizon iPhone is not compatible with the bluetooth in my car before purchasing it verizon told me it would be is there an adaptor that I can purchase car is a 2009 Hyundai Elantra Thanks

My Verizon iPhone is not compatible with the bluetooth in my car, a 2009 Hyundai Elantra. I was told by the Verizon rep, prior to purchasing, that it would be.  Is there an adaptor I can purchase for use in the car? The phone is useless to me in the car. 

I have bought a Griffin car charge for Iphone4S it does not appear to charge in the car can anyone advise me on a remedy uk

I have bought a Griffin car charger for the Iphone4S it does not appear to charge in the car, charging at home no problem.

Has anyone have any ideas as to whats happening?

when I am on Bluetooth sync in my car I do not have text sound Whether I am sitting parked or driving no sound alert when text mesg recd

when I am using bluetooth (sync) in my car when a text comes in there is no alert sound. is there a way to have the alert sound back. at times I sit parked and I also would like to know if I receive a text regardless thanks

iPhone in the car

When using a cassette player to my music through the iphone, there is always a loud bass interference. This doesnt happen when I use my regular ipod touch. What could be the problem?
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Iphone in My car

Good Day
I used my Iphone for everything. Im trying to use the Iphone in the car so I can listen to the music and it works find. But I want to use it also so when someone call me I can hear them through the car speakers and they can hear me also. Right now I can listen to them but they cant listen to me. anyone knows a cable that I can buy that will work to listen to music and using the phone feature in my car.?
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Iphone to car use

I just got my first Iphone 4g.
I have a hyundai with a usb plug in it. It works if I use a flashcard with music on it. But when I plugged my Iphone in, the iphone beeped several times, and the car said usb reading error.
Is there something Im supposed to do before Im able to play my itunes library in the car.
Additional question. I presumed this USB connection in the car would also charge the phone, but it doesnt appear that works either.
Im completely new (2 days) to this entire smartphone world and would like a little advice on what I should do to get the phone/itunes to work in my car through the usb port
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Iphone use in car

I just purchased a monster cable so I can listen to my Iphone through the mini jack in my car. This cable plugs into the headset port on the Iphone and then to the mini jack. The cars MP3 player controls do not function with the Iphone. I have to change songs on the Iphone iteself and this makes it difficult to focus on driving.
Is there any product out there that will allow factory car stereo MP3 player controls to operate the Iphone?

iPhone & my car

Is there a way to get my music and podcasts to play on my 10 year old car which does not have an Aux/mp3 input?
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iPhone to car

i have an old iphone 4 that i want to use with my car stereo. i have a stereo that has a ipod adapter, but i want to be able to control the ipod without using the remote. what i want to know is if there is a bluetooth adapter that plugs in the male ipad connector on the stereo that i can connect via bluetooth to my phone.

iPhone Music In Car

My wife has a Citroen C1 with an audio jack built in to the fitted car radio. Until recently shes been listening to the music on her iPod Shuffle via a cable from Shuffle to jack. Worked perfectly.
But now she has my original iPhone and the Shuffle has found a new home via eBay! My questions are:
Can my wife listen to the music from the original iPhone on the car stereo via an audio cable from iPhone headphone socket to car audio jack? I have bought an adaptor to allow for the recessed socket in the first generation iPhone. Will she have to switch to Airplane Mode using this setup?
I ask because in the latest issue of MacFormat there is a review of the Kensington LiquidAUX which connects an iPhone to a car stereo via an audio jack such as described above. Why would I pay £55 for this device when I can (possibly) do it cheaply with a simple cable?
Your advice would be much appreciated.
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iPhone and Car integration

Hi. Ive had the mopar ipod adapter for my jeep for about 6 months now. I always used it with my ipod and it worked for for a while with my iphone. Recently I tried to use it and it didnt work. I think it stopped working about one or more of the firmware updates. I tried restoring the iphone and Im sure that the adapter still works. When I plug it in, the car stereo just says Communicating with iPod and remains there. Does anyoen have the same setup and or issue? Im currently running version 1.1.4. Any ideas?
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iPHone 4 Car FM Suggestions

I wanted some suggestion on a way to get my iphone songs to play through the FM stereo. Anything under $50, so Brand new headunit for my car is not an option. Any good FM Transmitters or any new ideas would be helpful.Hands free calling will be a bonus.
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iphone and car integration

I do allot of business on the road and the lack of voice dial is killing me.
does anybody have experience with the drive and play or the alpine ex-10?
anybody swear by any of the nav units that work with the iphone?
i use two cars to whatever it is it has got to be portable...thanks for your help and or reviews.

iPhone and car audio

Newbie here. Like most people im going to ante up and buy the iPhone 3g tomorrow. One key reason is that i can store all my music and replace my CDs in my car stereo. Im going to purchase a car stereo that has and ipod connection, though Ive got several questions regarding the phone use while it is connected to the stereo.
1) Can someone tell me what happens when youre playing music on your iPhone through your car deck and the phone rings?
2) Do I have to always have a bluetooth headset on to answer the phone when its connected to my car stereo? Or can I pick the phone up and use the handset?
3) Does the music pause and let me answer the phone?
4) Or do I have to disconnect the phone and manually answer the line?
5) When I finish my call will the music resume where (if it can) paused?
Sorry to be so long winded, but the music integration into my car audio is a key feature I like; and if I can do both with just an iPhone that would be great.
Thanks in advance
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iPhone possible car solution

Ive been looking for a good way to integrate my iPhone in my car. Ideally id like it to play music through my stereo but also to allow me to answer calls hands free when they come through.
I was going to by a Sony MEX-BT2600 which allows you to connect your iPhone through blue tooth. However the iPhone doesnt allow streaming of music through blue tooth. So i was planning on buying a Kensington LiquidAUX deluxe which connects through the AUX input.
My question is whether or not these two systems will work will together. If i play music through the aux connection will the Stereo recognize calls coming through and pause the music from my iPhone and allow me to answer the call through hands-free bluetooth?
Has anybody had success with something like this?
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Iphone and car kits

Im interested in getting a car kit for my Iphone and I need your advices, opinions. I looked around but heard of some people having trouble with either the charger not charging, or damaging the Iphone, or badly designed holders with too short cables and so forth.
I need it to have the following:
Windshield mount (suction cup) (able to hold the Iphone horizontally)cigarette lighter charger (long enough cable, I think I saw one with a very short cable, dont know why)Do not need blue tooth, its ok to put the phone on speaker.the holder must not obstruct the headset output as Im using an audio cable with my car stereo.
Thank you very much.

iphone car accessories

I really hope someone can enlighten me...
Ive been to the apple store twice and still dont have an answer to this question:
Is there a product that will play my iphone in my car (through the a/v jack-much better sound quality) AND charge my iphone at the same time?
The one that came recommended by the salesperson in the store will not play if it is charging. I cant believe they wouldnt have a product like this
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iPhone 4 car charger

I have an iPod Touch 1st generation car charger. Can I use it with my new Verizon iPhone 4?
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When will there be a car charger available for iphone 5

I want to know when there will be a car charger available for iphone 5?

Playing iphone in the car

Does anyone know how to play the iphone through your car? My car is a 2006, but it doesnt have an auxiliary jack for playing music. I tried buying an FM modulator, but it doesnt work. I also went to the apple store and was told by a customer service rep that the iphone doesnt work with FM modulators. Can anyone help?
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iPhone car integration

im looking for a car stereo that will allow me to connect my iPhone 3GS to it & make/receive calls through its speaker+microphone system, charge it AND allow me to use my Navigon GPS app, voice directions coming through the speakers. i dont want to fiddle w/ FM transmitters, listen to the music in my iPhone through Bluetooth & couldnt care less about it being able to play CDs - those are SO last century !...LOL...
i was looking at the Alpine line-up & am tempted to go that way, considering the rave reviews they consistently get. anyone has personal experience with a specific Alpine model they could wholeheartedly recommend ? i want to keep the whole experience as fluid as the phone itself : slide the phone on its support, it automatically gets connected + charging & EVERYTHING is ready to use. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
thanks guys
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Car Mount for iPhone

Does anyone have or know of some kind of mount or bracket that can be used to hold the iPhone in your car? I saw one that hangs from the windshield made by Kensington that looked pretty good.

Iphone through the car speakers

I just purchased an iphone and tried to play the itune selections through my car speakers. I have a Lexus 2006 RX400 hybrid. I have a cassette attachment that I used to play my Ipod through the speakers in the past. The headphone jack end does not fit right in the Iphone and music will not play on the car speakers. HELP! I dont want to still carry the Ipod around. Debbidoo in SC
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Adapter to play Iphone in Car

what type of adapter is reccomended to plug my Iphone into my cars stereo system and do retailers other than Apple sell them?
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Which FM Radio dock for iPhone in my car

I would like to use my iPhone through my car radio, which does not have an input jack..
I know the right way is to replace my radio for a more modern unit, but, humor me, is there an in car FM radio device that is compatible with iPhone?
ps, upgrading to FW 1.1.4 DID improve my phone reception.. wow!

iphone and Jabra car charger

I have a Jabra Bluetooth which has a car charger with a USB connection. Its output is rated at 5VDC/750mA. Is this by any chance compatible with the iphone 3Gs? Will it damage the iphone if I try to charge with it?
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iPhone 2G 8GB Overrun By Car

My old 2G was overrun (is that the term), by a car, and it is completely broken.
I have heard that apple can replace it for something like 250 dollars, is that true? What do i need to do?
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