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how to uninstall and reinstall apps on iphone

how to uninstall and reinstall apps on iphone

iphone unlocked

How Do i Uninstall Reinstall Apps

how do i uninstall/reinstall facebook app on iPhone 4? Im scared because once i uninstall it, i cant get it back because I heard from people after doing that, and went to the app store, it said its already installed even though they got rid of it.

iphone unlocked

If I uninstall Skype on iPhone 3GS iOS 5 and reinstall older version via iTunes will I lose Skype voicemail messages saved on iPhone



I recently upgraded Skype on my iPhone.  I synced my phone to iTunes right before I upgraded and have not synced again since upgrading.  The new version of Skype is really problematic, so Id like to go back to the older version because it worked fine for me.  Im guessing if I uninstall Skype on the iPhone and then sync to iTunes again, it will restore the older version back to the phone?  When I uninstall Skype, will I lose the Skype voicemail messages saved on my phone?  I recall reading somewhere that the messages are saved on the phone and are not stored on the Skype servers.  


Thanks in advance for your help!



Uninstall apps

How do I uninstall an app?
iPhone OS 3.0.1

Is there a way to uninstall remove some of the built in apps

I am wondering if there is a way to remove or uninstall some of the built in applications, such as STOCKS or WEATHER.
Any ideas?
P.S. Apologies if this has been posted before.
Toshiba Satellite Pro Windows Vista

Uninstall 3rd party apps

How do you uninstall third party applications?
Dell PC Windows XP Pro

Remove uninstall standard iPhone Apps Maps Shares

Hi there,
I was wondering if there is a way to remove some of the standard Apps of the iPhone - would be great if someone could let me know how to get rid of the youtube as well as the stocks app.
MacBook 2GHz / 2GB Ram Mac OS X (10.5.6) iPhone 3G, 16GB

reinstall apps

I want to reinstall an app I downloaded onto my iphone.
The instructions tell me to synch with itunes to do this.
This is probably really stupid, but I have lots of apps installed on my iphone.
When I connect to itunes on computer I see only 3 listed in itunes. All the apps on iphone are greyed out when I click on the phone tab.
However, if I tick the box to synch apps on the iphone tab I get the message All existing apps and their data will be replaced with apps from the library.
Does this mean that all the apps on my phone will be deleted and Ill only have the 3 that are in the itunes library? Or will it just replace the 3 that are in the library and leave the others alone?
I dont want to lose the ones I have, and Id like them to be synched with itunes.
Am I OK t go ahead and tick the box?
If not, what do I do?
PC Windows 7

Unable to reinstall previously installed apps

I have just updated my 3gs iphone software and unfortunately my previous apps are no longer on my phone, when I go to app store to reinstall them they are telling me they are already installed and will not let me reinstall. I have also looked in my itunes account purchase history and they are all shown. How do I get them back?
Dell Inspiron 1750 Windows 7

Reinstall OS don't want to lose data when I sync apps

I recently reinstalled my XP OS and switched over my iPhone, but syncing will erase my application data. For instance, I will lose my Voice Memos and Notes, which I want to keep. How can I retrieve these files from the iPhone before syncing the apps?
gateway, XPSP3 iPhone OS 3.0.1

how do i uninstall an iPhone app

just downloaded shazam, but its not working - i click tag and nothing happens - then its really difficult to get out of the application. i think i should uninstall it & then try again.
any suggestions ?
20" iMac Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Uninstall iPhone Configuration Utility

I installed the configuration utility to give it a spin and realized I have no need for it. It now interferes with iTunes and wont allow the iPhone to show up. How do I completely uninstall the application as simply throwing the package in the trash didnt take care of it.
AL iMac Mac OS X (10.6.3) iphone 3.1.3

How do I uninstall unsync Outlook from my Iphone

I just set up my new iPhone, and did not mean to sync my outlook mail with my phone -- my phone now has about 10 old outlook accounts that try to load when I hit mail -- how do I get the accounts off of the phone without losing the other backed up data like my contacts? Is this done through iTunes or can I just delete somehow on the phone itself?
I phone Windows XP

Uninstall 4.0

If I upgrade to 4.0 today on my 3GS, is there a way at a later point (Easily) to downgrade back to 3.x of the software? I plan on selling my phone when I go to the newer one, and want to sell it with 3.x for various reasons. THanks in advance!
Macbook pro Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Uninstall the downloading software

How to uninstall the downloading software that I don’t want anymore in Iphone?

OS4 - can you uninstall or remove

I just cant cope with OS4 losing my bluetooth connection (contact sync) with my car. No point having a hands free kit if it doesnt work
Is there anyway to go back to v3 (3.1.3?) of the iphone OS?
Sorry if this is answered elsewhere - but I couldnt find it
Iphone iOS 4

How do I uninstall an application from my home screen

How do I uninstall an application from my home screen? example: I want to remove my fantasy football team website from my home screen. I accidently saved it on the home screen twice, so now I have two of the same thing saved on my home screen.
custom iPhone OS 3.0

How to uninstall OS4 and revert back to version 3.1.3

Wow! I just wrote a post asking for help about how to downgrade the OS on my iPhone 3G and it got deleted!
I understand that other people are asking the same questions but deleting them wont make the problem go away.
Does anyone know how to downgrade the iPhone OS from Version 4?
3G iOS 4

Uninstall & install iOS5 on iPhone4

I have an iPhone4 having size of 8GB. When I connect iPhone to iTunes, It shows me total space 6.37 GB.


Q.1 ) If apple says 8GB, where is the remaining space then ? It should specify somewhere that 1.73 GB being used by iOS system. Why is not specified anywhere ?


Q.2 ) My iPhone shows 2.3GB space as OTHERS ! I dont understand this others space & apple has not specified what OTHERS mean !


Q.3 ) Is there a way to clean up OTHERS space ?


I tried many different ways, I removed all of my audio/sounds from my iPhone & synced.

I removed my MAIL account associations & I removed most of the apps from my iPhone to recover the Space.

But OTHERS is yet allocated to 2.3 GB. very ****** & iOS itself taking 1.73 GB


So, this way, Half of the iPhone memory is being used somehow without my knowledge.

I am allowed to use only 4GB of my iPhone. Why the h--l is this ? I feel pretty bad about this.


I am wondering, If I remove entire iOS5 & install iOS5 on my iPhone4 again, that should work.

I have an iPhone4 which is Factory UNLOCK piece. Neither jailbroken nor unlocked by any illegal activities.

My iPhone is PURE phone as Apple gave to me. ( Virgin one )


Q.4 ) How do I completly clean up my iPhone ( As I do system Format on my PC ) ?


Q.5 ) How do I re-install iOS5 ? ( Please I dont need any updates here. I am very much happy with iOS5 only )


Eagerly waiting for replies.

Hoping for favorable response.

Thanking you all in advance.

How do I reinstall iPhone OS

I am facing connectivity issues with the app, Ping! and from its FAQ http://www.pingmessaging.com/Ping!/Ping!_FAQ.html, Im asked to reinstall the iPhone OS.
I am currently already on iPhone OS 3.1 - how do I reinstall it? Does it mean I have to restore (which will be a nightmare), since clicking update wouldnt help?
Would appreciate if someone could help me with the steps to do so. Thank you.
Macbook 13" White (Core 2 Duo, 2.2 GHz) Mac OS X (10.5.6) iPhone 3G OS 3.1

iPhone app reinstall

I recently had an issue with my AT&T account, where my data plan was removed. (Long story!) Before the problem was solved I was told by my local AT&T salesperson to restore my iPhone via iTunes. When I did that my phone, of course, was back to factory settings, so I lost all my applications(all free thank goodness) including my favorite, Tris-the free version of Tretris. Tris is no longer available in the App store.
Is there any way I can get that application back. I really like that game. Thanks.
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

iPhone and OS reinstall question

i recently, in a moment of extreme stupidity, reinstalled my OS without doing an archive. im wondering if the music on my iPhone purchased through iTunes will get back into my iTunes? i would hate to lose all the albums ive bought legally since i got my phone. please ... any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you
PowerBook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.11)

I want reinstall my ios5 in iPhone 3gs

Sir, I have I phone 3GS factory unlocked handset prevesly I used in iOS 5 at the time my batterie at the time discharge time is less .last 7 months back I updated in IOS6 after updating of iOS 6 my  batterie discharge time is more what I am do please give me suggestion .


Is there any possibility for updating ios5

I can only synch my iPhone when I reinstall iTunes over and over again Help


I tried to synch my iPhone, but it wouldnt appear in iTunes. I read the support, and when i reinstalled iTunes, it synched. Now, when I turn off my computer and turn it back on, Im back at the start again, uninstall install synch. FOREVER!! Is there a way so I wont need to reinstall iTunes over and over again?

iPhone will not sync with iTunes after reinstall

I have an iPhone 3G. I had the newest iTunes. Everything worked fine. I just reinstalled my OS. But before I did that I copied my entire Music/iTunes folder onto a separate HDD. When I reinstalled my OS I re-downloaded and installed iTunes again. Then I copied the the old Music/iTunes folder back onto my Primary HDD and I Added the Folder through iTunes and my library is back as it was.
But now I cant sync with my iPhone 3G. I wouldnt mind Restoring my iPhone if that will allow me to sync. What should I do to get the iPhone to sync with iTunes?
Dell XPS 700 Windows Vista

How to reinstall iOS 4.3 on iphone 4 if deleted during unlocking

Hi there,

During unlocking (with permission from 3 network and apple) mistakenly i did not backup and so now my iphone 4 is left with SOS call. Can anyone tell me how to restore or reinstall iOS 4.3 ? i am in big trouble. Can any one helpppppppppppppp.


Going to wipe my computer reinstall OS What will happen to my iPhone

So every once in a while, i completely wipe my hard drive and reinstall Leopard. It helps me delete all the junk i dont need and it gives my iMac a big speed boost.
This time around, i plan on backing up these:
Address Book Contacts (They will be on my iPhone, so i will just sync them back)All my music ( I just copy over the whole iTunes Music Folder)Any DocumentsiPhoto Library FileAny TV Shows, Movie files, etc
But when i copy all these back over onto what will be an out of the box mac, what will happen when i connect my iPhone to iTunes?
Will I have to resync all the options? If i have all the files that were synced before back onto this computer and in iTunes I dont see that as being too big of a problem
But how will iTunes react?
New iMac 24" 2.4GHz Mac OS X (10.5)

Will I lose all data in my iPhone since I have to reinstall iTunes

I have the message iTunes is missing required files to run. Please reinstall iTunes. Since I must reinstall, when I do my first sync, will I lose all my music, photos, videos, etc., from my iPhone? Hopefully someone can prevent me from somehow making this big mistake. Thanks
iPhone 3Gs iPhone OS 3.0

Reinstall OS 3.0

Is there a way to reinstall the update? I have various issues with my iPhone, which has never been jailbroken BTW.
Problems include:
Manually connect to my Wi-Fi (didnt have to before)
Cant cut-n-paste anywhere
Graphical glitches like >>>this<<<.
All my searches turn up updating and installing, but not reinstalling. I was going to use a previous backup, but I only have one and its one after I updated to 3.0 (I resyncd before I went to bed).
MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, PowerBook Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Need to erase HD and reinstall - iphone ipod libraries - how to backup

Oh dear! I have found myself in a situation where I need to erase my HD I have managed to copy most things over to External HD for re install. I found it easier to copy the complete Music folder - will this suffice when I re install itunes? I am supposing it will but want to be sure before I erase - thank you. (Dont want to relay on time machine as I think the problem I have is buried in there too!)
imac OS x Mac OS X (10.6.6) Stressed Mum not technician!

Reinstall the built-in camera application for iphone 3gs

I might accidentally delete the original built-in camera application for 3GS. Anyone know how to re-install or restore the application?
iphone 3gs iOS 4

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