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how to unsync iphones

how to unsync iphones

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Can't Unsync some podcasts

This is a funny one, I have all podcasts on iphone set not to sync. However there are a set of podcasts that wont remove themselves from the iphone. Realised that the podcasts could be deleted directly from the phone, but when this is done they resync when plugged back into iTunes.... even though all podcasts are set not to sync.
Anybody got any ideas. ... There does not appear to be anything unusual with the podcasts in the iTunes library, they show in the podcasts area on iTunes and in the list in the tab on the iphone (thought set NOT to sync)
Thanks Jonathan
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How to unsync without access to the computer

Im trying to figure out how to unsync my iPhone from my computer when I cant access it anymore.
My problem is that I upgraded from windows XP to 7, but didnt think to unsync my phone from XP before I formatted my drive. Now I cant sync my phone to any other computer because iTunes tells me its already synched. Within itunes, it looks like the only way to fix this is to wipe my phone, but I really dont want to do that.
Is there any way to sync my phone with my library again without having to erase it?
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How do I unsync without losing music

Hi, when I try to un sync my iphone in itunes, it tell me hat if I do Ill lose all the music on the iphone. Is there any way to unsync, so that the new music on my itunes doesnt download automatically?
Thanks for your help
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How do I uninstall unsync Outlook from my Iphone

I just set up my new iPhone, and did not mean to sync my outlook mail with my phone -- my phone now has about 10 old outlook accounts that try to load when I hit mail -- how do I get the accounts off of the phone without losing the other backed up data like my contacts? Is this done through iTunes or can I just delete somehow on the phone itself?
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Want to unsync iphone from Outlook but keep my Contacts on my iphon how

Hi All,
Can someone be so kind in helping me answer my query ?
I have synced my iphone to my Outlook, but now i want to remove the Outlook (Mail for Exchange) account from my iphone, but in that process it will remove all my contacts from my phone because its synced to Outlook.
Can someome offer some advice for me?
Thank You!!!!
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Apple Store iPhones and peoples' iPhones

Hi everyone, Im considering getting an iPhone, and have used the iPhones at the Apple stores quite a bit. I notice on many of the models, they seem to freeze up and have trouble loading certain parts. It seems that on many of the iPhones in the store, they are unable to even use safari at times. Can anyone who owns an iPhone, and has used the Apple store iPhones tell me if they notice any differences in how well the actual phone operates? The only thing I can come up with is that the iPhones in the Apple stores get confused and overworked by hundreds of people using them every day.
Thanks in advance,
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Old iPhones

I have 2 origional iPhones that I was thinking of giving to my niece and nephew... Can the iPhone be used (music & aps) without phone service if there is a wireless connection?
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Two iPhones

I have two iPhone, an old for France and a new for Belgium. How can I transfer applications between the two smartphones ?

Where have all the iphones gone

In the UK all the iphones seem to be sold out..? 3gs, phone4 all of them! is there a known date as to when apple actually might make some more?

Two iphones

I previously had the iphone 2g and now have the iphone 3gs. I keep my old iphone 2g up to date though despite my new one. I was wondering if I sync my old 2g will it go over the backup of my 3gs or will they be separate?

2 iPhones same name

I have an original iPhone that I use as an iPod and a 3GS used as a phone. When I got the 3GS I just named it the same as my original phone. I now have two devices with the same name that I sync to the same iMac. I havent had a problem yet, I was just wandering if anyone knows if I am setting myself up for disaster.
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Used iPhones

With the announcement of the 3G S, I expect to see more 3G units for sale on certain resale sites. If I were to purchase a used iPhone, would I need to do anything more than swap the SIM card from my old phone to my new one? I have a new (last 6 months) AT&T phone. Thanks in advance.

2 iPhones

OK.. maybe I am missing something here. I got my iphone, and already had an iTunes account from my iPod. Then, my husband got an iPhone, which he syncs and activated on HIS laptop.
Now, we both have iTunes accounts since I use and sync on my own laptop.
My question is this...
If I download music from iTunes into my iTunes account on my laptop, how can I sync it to his phone? There has to be a way to do it, Im just missing it somewhere. This would not be considered stealing music, since we could have just went and bought the CD and put it on both devices. There is no difference between what I want to do and us being in the same house or car and listening to music, right?
Also, dont know if anyone can help me with this, but how can I burn songs that I paid for onto a CD so I can play them in my car? I am unable to direct connect my iPod or my phone to my car stereo since Im too cheap to put a new stereo in it, and my FM Modulator *****!
Thanks for your help!
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2.0 for old iphones

Does anyone know if 2.0 will be supported on old iphones?
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using both 3G and 4G iphones

I have the at&t network with the 3g iphone. I was eligible for the 4G upgrade so I pre-ordered my new iphone 4.
My question is, can I use both iphones? Will the 3G sim card work after my new iphone 4 is activated?
I want to use both iphones for at least several weeks. Anyone that can shed some light as to how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated
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Syncing two iPhones to one PC

I have an iPhone 3GS that Ive been syncing to my iTunes account on my PC. I also have the original iPhone that is no longer a telephone but Id like to sync it to my iTunes account to use for my music. Can I sync the old phone without screwing up the new one?
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Syncing 2 iPhones with 1 PC

I just got my iPhone 3Gs. I synced it to my PC but my hubby had already synced his phone to this same PC. I noticed when through that my phone has all of the same Apps as his phone. Will I be charged for all of these apps? I did not want to buy all of those apps. I just wanted to start out with a few free apps. What should I do? Thanks!!!!
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iPhones' Wi-Fi problems

Got a 1st generation iPhone and a new iPhone 3G and both wont connect to my home Wi-Fi network... the problem here is that my computers do connect to the internet and both iPhones connect to any other network as well as Edge and 3G respectivelly, but thats not the worst of it;on both iPhones Ive got the Remote app and it does work in my house!?
Dont know what to do...
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Switching between iPhones

Hello people. I just wanna ask some questions.
1) My mums iPhone should arrive any time today. My iPhone is currently not with me for repairs so I was wondering if I can use my microSIM on her iPhone. She will let me use hers for the time being. Both our iPhones are under the same network (3). Is it fine to use my microSIM (that was already activated on my iPhone) on her unactivated iPhone?
2) Will she be able to use her microSIM on my iPhone (if it comes back)?
3) Sorry, but my OCD self wants to ask this: Should I do a full cycle before I use my iPhone or after completely running it down? Im not entirely sure...
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Using Two iPhones on One Computer

My wife and I both have iphones that we sync to the same computer. She keeps receiving all of my contacts, apps, bookmarks, etc... on her phone, even though she doesnt want them. She has her own iTunes account, but I cant figure out how to tell iTunes to treat the phones differently. Any advice would be welcome.
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Using Apps On 2 iPhones

My wife and I both have iPhones. We both use the same credit card information to make purchases, but we have different usernames/log ins. When I purchase an application for the app store how am I able to let her use it as well? As of right now it appears we have to purchae the applications twice. Am I missing something?
Thank you.
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2 iPhones on the same PC any conflicts

Hey everyone. Currently I use a PC to sync/backup my iPhone but tomorrow Im going to New York for 3 months and giving the PC to my brother. Can he sync his iPhone to the same computer/iTunes without problem? I just want to make sure because this will be the last time I can back my iPhone up before I go and I dont want his to overwrite mine, if you know what I mean.
Advice? Thanks!
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2 iPhones on same iTunes

we just got our iphone 3gs today. connected iphone1 to itunes did the sync google contacts all is well. connected iphone2 did sync yahoo contacts all is well. reconnected iphone1 got error message that itunes could not find info for iphone1 go to iphone summary and click restore. is it possible to sync 2 diff iphones to same itunes acct? any info you provide will be extremely helpful thanks in advance!!
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Warranty for Used iPhones

I am planning on buying a used iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately most of them have their standard 1 year warranty expired. Is it possible to buy extended warranty for used iPhone 3GSs or is it just recommended for me to take them to a repair shop in case anything happens?
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App on two Iphones

I am using two Iphones with different Contacts/Music/etc. Apple IDs. But i bought a Navigon Navigation App on my one Apple ID. Can i transfer the App on the second phone?
Or can i use 2 Phones on the same Apple ID with complete different content but share some Apps?
I dont know how to do it, but they are both in my Household so i think i dont have to buy it twice, do I?
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2 iphones one computer

So I just got the new iphone 3G and I gave my husband my old one. I set his phone up and it works with his phone number, but everytime he syncs he gets all of MY information. My contacts, text messages, calendar events, music...everything! How do we keep this from happening everytime he syncs? (Especially need help with the music...he hates my music and doesnt want it on his phone!)
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2 iphones 1 itunes

My husband and I both have the iPhone 3G and use my computer to link to iTunes. Can he buy apps that I have already downloaded if we use the same account or do I need to set up a new account for him? Also, his phone is currently set up under my account so do I need to restore it and treat it as a new phone if Im going to link it under his account?
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2 iphones on one computer

I have had an iphone for a few months and now my wife has just bought one. Is it possible to run itunes twice on my pc so we each have our own? How will we sync correctly? How do we manage this easily?

2 iPhones 1 itunes

My wife and I each have new iPhone 3g. When I sync to itunes, I get all of her calender info and other things I dont want. Same thing happens with her. How can we keep this seperate? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Thanks,
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just bought 2 iPhones

Husband and I just bought 2 iPhones, can both be synced to the same account that my ipod is on?

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