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how to update safari on iphone 4

how to update safari on iphone 4

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iphone os4 update removed safari app

i recently upgraded my iphone 3g to the os4..
after resoring my iphone there was no safari and camera app available
these apps couldnt even be removed through itunes
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Safari has gone after 4.2 to 4.3 update

After the las update to get IOS 4.3, ther is a big hole in the bottom task bar. I need some minutes guess what was missing, Im so used to seen this icons that I dont remember what they do.
Looking on iPhone pubs Ive seen that Safari has disapeared. I tried an other sync that is very very very very long, because of optimisation of 1616 photos, this was not done yesterday ? Now iTunes is copying 1609 photos from Mac to iPhone !
I think that something was missed yesterday after the update, perhaps why Safari has disapeared.
In fact sync takes more than 40 minutes today, yesterday, it takes only 15 minutes.
After this new sync, Safari is not on my screen.
What can I do ?
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Safari update

When I updated to 2.2, I didnt check the Safari update. Is there any way I can update Safari now?
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Safari crashing after 1.1.1 Update

Since updating to 1.1.1, I cannot use Safari on the phone. Hitting the Safari button from Home opens a blank page in Safari. The phone is unresponsive for a moment, then tries to pull up bookmarks, then Safari quits and bumps me back to Home. This occurs when trying to connect via Wi-Fi and Edge.
Not sure if this is related, but while updating to iPhone software 1.1.1 I encountered an error and was forced to restore the iPhone. Everything else seems to be working fine.
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Bookmarks in Safari after 1.1.1 update

Hello fellow IPhoners!
I just upgraded my IPHONE to 1.1.1 and now something strange is happening with my safari bookmarks. I was moving them around a bit to make them more organized along the lines of what they are and how often Id use them. And now there is a new bookmark there called My Account but it cant deleted and it seems to cover up a bookmark that I created in Safari on the phone. Its not the one that comes standard on your bookmark list that is associated with AT&T.
Has anyone else seen this after the 1.1.1 update?
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How to update Safari on iPhone4

Just got iPhone4 with Safari as the browser.
Got notice on PC computer(s)(where I use Firefox and IE as browsers) that there was an update for iTunes, Quicktime, MobileMe and Safari. In past have only downloaded and installed update for iTunes and Quicktime but now that have Safari on iPhone should I be downloading the Safari update to computer? (Have no need for MobileMe at this point).
How does one update the Safari browser on the iPhone? Or maybe it is safer NOT to update to Safari 5? Not sure how to tell which Safari version is on iPhone. Maybe it is different than the application for computers?
Thanks for any advice or assistance.
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My safari dont work at all how can i update it

Hello. My safari dont work at all and i will update it. How can i do this? How can i also update IOS?





Safari not working properly Does it have something to do with the update

Until about yesterday, I had found that my Safari had not been working. I tried loading google.com several times and it would simply say that it was loading, the loading bar would stay the same forever.
However, now I know that it is not only with google.com, but Safari is unable to load any sites at all. I do have reception and everything else works fine (app store, Google app, email, Facebook, Myspace) but it is frustrating because I cant visit any websites!
Also, when viewing my previously viewed websites, I hit the back button (leading to bookmarks) and it seems that nothing happens when I click history? I also cant load my bookmarks because nothing happens when I tap it (it just gets highlighted)
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New Update Is Deleting Safari Camera and YouTube

I have synced my new IPhone with my ITunes and it has deleted my Safari, Camera, and YouTube. If I look at my settings on the computer they arent there. I have restored my phone and backed it up multiple times but nothing is working. I took my phone into the Apple store and they downloaded new software but I backed it up and it once again deleted it all.
I dont want to have to go back it, does anyone have advice?
Thank you
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Safari goes back to home screen when opened using Safari icon

I dropped my iphone Saturday, fortunately I had it in my Otterbox case which was in its holster. Thank God there was no physical damage to the phone. However, now I notice that every time I want to use Safari using the Safari icon on the home screen, it doesnt respond and kicks me back to the home screen after a few seconds. I reset the iphone first, deleted cookies, history and cache finally did a restore and still kicks me back to the home screen. If I click one of bookmarks I have on my home screen it works fine, its unresponsive basically when it opens on a blank page. Any help will be deeply appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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i wan't update using itunes i want to make update using my phone but when check for an update using software update in setting message appear can't check for update

i want update using itunes, i want to make update using my phone, but when check for an update using software update in setting message appear cant check for update.....?

Safari Crashes & iPod crashes when using Safari

When I have my music on and I browse on Safari my music just stops. Also, when using Safari, the browser just closes and crashes. Same thing sometimes with Google Maps. Any advice?
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How can I update whatsapp There is an update which i can not update.or can i interrupt the download

I need help for an upadte or to interrupt an update. To get to the App. How can i do this?

HT6146 I encountered problem when I update iOS 6.1.6 Pop up icon will show off when I will install the software update that the software update is currently available during that time I tried to install many times but same results shows What should I

I encountered problem when I update iOS 6.1.6. Pop up icon will show off, when I will install the software update, that the software update is currently available during that time. I tried to install many times but same results shows. What should I do?

TS3694 i tried to update my iPhone 3gs it couldnt update and now i try to restore and it cant be restored what i need to do to fix it

i tried to update my iphone 3gs and it couldnt update and now i try to restore it and it says it couldnt error 1015 so how i can fix this please.

HT4623 I have update ios 6.1 today but during update my connection wire broke up and can not complete update I had replace to connection wire but it cannot connect to itune How I will do it

Please kindly help me.

I have to update my iphone but cannot, the screen showing only connection picture. How I can do it.


I plugged my iPhone 3g in to iTunes and a new update was available for it (update version 4.2). So I downloaded it and started the update, and it got to the very last step and it quit and a pop out came saying The iPhone iPhone could not be restored or updated. An error occurred (37). And now it the iPhone wont even turn on unless its plugged in and even when its plugged in it only shows the screen that says to plug into to iTunes, which just keeps repeating iPhone is in recovery mode, needs to be retored to be used. And I have already done EVERY SINGLE TROUBLE SHOOTING STEPS REPEATEDLY. Nothing seems to work, if there is anyone that can help I would appreciate more than anything, this is my sisters iPhone, I was just borrowing it, now I broke it haha, I could really use someones help.

I also have an iPod Touch 2g from a year or two back that had the same problem but it was completely black no matter what, holding the home and power button or anything wouldnt work. But it still says its connected but is doing the same thing as the iPhone, it wont restore, it quits right at the end and says the same error message.
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update problem with iphone 3GS to last night update IOS 4.2

last night i update my iphone 3GS to new IOS 4.2, and from this time i cannot use the iphone anymore, there is a message on the iphone asking to connect to itunes, but when i connect the iphone there is another message informing that they do not find the apple mobile device driver
please help
many thanks in advance
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HT4972 Hey I have iPhone 3gs and I want to update it to ios 7.1 but how can I update it Please help

Hey? I have iPhone 3gs and I want to update it to ios 7.1 but how can I update it? Please help

Safari on iPhone

My iphone goes back to the home page after about 5-7 seconds surfing safari. Good wifi signal in my home. Any ideas?
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Safari on iPhone

Why can I not have a home page on Safari? The only way I see to get out is press the home button - but then that leaves Safari where I left it. Is this the way it is supposed to work? Also, what is the deal with a double click of the home key. That takes me to the keyboard. I am assuming the Home key is the button at the bottom? On my Blackberry, I had to make sure each app was closed, or they would continue to use the battery.
Is it possible to have one Apple ID and PW to use on Discussions, Support, Itunes,etc?
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Safari on the IPHONE 3G

Hello, how can i install flash and / or shockwave players to use with safari?
When i am surfing, some websites ( mainly news providers) require that these plugins are installed, how do i do this?
Are there other plugins for safari on the iphone?
Thank you for the help
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safari on the iPhone

i am having problems staying connected to safari. the page will open but as soon as it loads then the phone exits out of safari to the main screen on the iPhone. does anyone know why this is happening? what do i need to do to fix this? it does it on both of my iPhones. gen 1 and the 3g phone.
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iPhone 3G and safari

I updated my 3G to 2.1 the day the firmware got released and my Safari keep crashing.
Anyone else having trouble with Safari?
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Safari 5.1 on iPhone

How do I get Safari 5.1 on my iPhone?
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HT4623 I can't update my iPhone because a message sais that is already update

I cant update my iPhone because a message sais that is already update

TS1702 After last iPhone 3GS update my apps do not update

I believe one or two might have updated. Now, it looks like

all the apps needing updating are updating, and never finishing

What should do I do to clear out the apps that are still updating?

Thank you

iPhone Exits Safari on its own

iPhone will exit Safari on its own if I have several windows open in Safari and I try to close one. Anyone else have this problem?
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iPhone 4 Safari frozen

Safari has frozen and I cant close it. I cleared the cache, but the app is still frozen on the last page visited.
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IPhone Safari Updates

Have IPhone and update and sync thru PC Laptop that doesnt have Safari installed. Does Safari need to be installed on the Toshiba laptop in order for the IPhone Safari to be updated when updates become available? Have had the updater pop up to advise me an update for Safari is available, but since its not installed I say no to the Safari update. Tks
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