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how to use bluetooth headset for music audio on ios7 how

how to use bluetooth headset for music audio on ios7 how

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Playing Audio on Bluetooth Headset

Please someone tell me if there is, or someday will be, a way to play Audio files from an iPhone using a bluetooth headset.
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Can I listen to audio through my bluetooth phone headset

I added an app today to allow me to listen to radio stations. The audio plays on the iPhone 4s speaker, but not on my Plantronics Bluetooth headset (a single-earphone w/mic headset). Is this a settings issue? If so, where do I go to fix it? The headset works fine for phone calls.
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Configure iPhone to send audio to Bluetooth headset

When I answer an incoming call on my iPhone, the audio defaults to the handset instead of myJabra BT8040 Bluetooth headset. By the time I fiddle with the phone to change the audio to the headset, my callers are either confused, or have hung up. How do I configure the iPhone to automatically send the audio to the Bluetooth headset when it is turned on?
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iPhone 4S doesn't reliably use chosen audio input if paired with a bluetooth headset

After pairing a bluetooth headset with my iPhone 4S, my iPhone does not consistently use my chosen audio device when making calls to other people. Does not seem to be a problem when checking my voicemail.




1. With my headset on (and showing a connection to my iPhone), Ill make a call. My iPhone will initially show my headset as the chosen audio device. Moments later, the speaker is automatically chosen, and tapping the button to switch back to the headset is ignored. Sometimes I can tap the button to switch to the iPhone, but the audio often gets lost (not on the iPhone, the speaker, or the headset, but the call is still connected).


2. With my headset on, Ill make a call with my iPhone chosen as the audio device. Despite showing the iPhone as the chosen device, the call actually uses the speaker. Attempting to choose the iPhone results in lost audio, as in the above example.


I have only seen this problem on my iPhone 4S. I have seen it with two different headsets (Motorola H270, Jawbone Icon), one of which (Icon) has never been paired with another phone. My wifes iPhone 4 running iOS 5 does not exhibit this problem. Turning my 4S off and on again seems to help for a while (less than a day). Removing all headset pairings from my 4S seems to resolve the issue, which is really not a solution since a hands-free device is legally required when driving.


Ive tried backing up and restoring my iPhone and it seems to be working properly for now. In a day or two, I should know if it really is fixed.

Music on bluetooth headset

How can we complain about that to apple? I have an motorola S9 and i donĀ“t like the cable headsets. Is there a way to listen to music without buying another bluetooth device to make the net?
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Listen music on a bluetooth headset

Im not able to listen the iPod music from my iPhone on a bluetooth headset !
What should I configured to get it working ?
Thanks in advance
Best regards
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Listen to music with my Bluetooth headset

I just found out that if you are on a call with a BT headset and you start to play music, you can hear the music through your BT headset. I also found out how to get the sounds/music to go through the BT with out having a call come in. Just go to PHONE/VOICEMAIL and set the audio to the BT headset. When you now play music you hear it in the BT headset. You also hear the beeps when you get email and text messages. When a call comes in it will stop the music and you can talk to the person, then the music starts back again but it wont play in the BT headset after that.
Apple really needs to fix it so you have the option of listing to your music in your BT headset.
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Unable to play music over Bluetooth headset

I use Nokia BH-905 headphones using Bluetooth to listen to music. After the update, I was no longer able to play music over Bluetooth. There isnt even the Bluetooth icon in the iPod application to choose the audio source. Anyone know a fix for this or is it happening to you too?
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iPhone 4 - how can I listen to music with a bluetooth headset

I have an iPhone 4 and a Motorola H-17 bluetooth headset.


When in a call, I can select my music or Pandora, and hear both the music and the other caller. When I end the call, the music switches back to the phones speaker.


The Music icon takes me to my music, and sometimes gives the option of selecting iPhone, iPhone speaker, or Motorola H17. Selecting the H-17 doesnt connect it.


Any suggestions?



Can Apple Bluetooth headset play music from my iPhone and how

Can Apple Bluetooth headset play music from my iPhone and if yea how it possible? I only here sound on my bluetooth if i am playing an app and on the line with some one at the same time. If it could do that i was wondering if it can also music off of my phone. Thank you
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Music stops playing after Bluetooth headset call

I have been using this setup since the days of iPhone 2G running v1 software. The problem has only occurred since I got my iPhone 3G running 2.0.
In my car I have a cassette adapter connected to the headphone jack and a Jabra bluetooth headset for voice calls.
I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car and music plays out happily through the car stereo. When a call comes in the music fades and I answer the call on the bluetooth headset. All works great. I then end the call and 8 of 10 times youll hear a split second of the podcast and then it stops. The play icon disappears out of the status bar. I then have to go back in to the iPod and hit play.
I have also noticed sometimes when in the iPod app and music is playing, I hit the home button and the music will stop playing for a split second and then continue.
I have completely restored the iPhone on several occasions, sometimes even not restored the backup and started fresh. It has never gone away!
Is it the phone? Is it the bluetooth headset?
Any ideas would be gratefully received. I am happy to replace the BT headset if people think it will help but do not wish to buy one unnecessarily.
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iPhone Jabra bluetooth headset and iPod music

Is it possible to listen to the music on your iphone with a third party bluetooth headset? If so, how? If not, why the **** not?
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My bluetooth headset volume controls have stopped working for music

I have a Motorola S305 bluetooth headset that allows me to take both phone calls and listen to music.  For some reason, the volume controls no longer work for music.  They still work for call volume. The problem exists with both streaming music via Pandora and natively loaded music via the iPod App. I have the latest IOS 6.0.1 and all apps are up to date.  I have tried repairing the devices with no success. 

How can I listen to music on a 3rd party bluetooth headset through iPhones

I have the IPhone 3g and I can talk/receive calls on a 3rd party bluetooth headset, however if I turn on the Ipod for music the sound comes through the speakers and not the bluetooth headset. Can this be done.
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When I connect my bluetooth headset to my iPhone 4S the phone only rings through the headset If I take my headset off or hang it around my neck I can't hear the phone ring or alerts for a text message or calendar events because the sound doesn

When I connect my bluetooth headset to my iPhone 4S, the phone only rings through the headset. If I take my headset off I cant hear the phone ring or alerts for a text message or calendar events because the sound doesnt come through on the phone

TS1630 I can't get my music to play all of sudden It happened after I paired the audio with my Maxima I turned off bluetooth and it still would not play

I cant get my music to play all of sudden. It happened after I paired the audio with my Maxima. I turned off bluetooth and it still would not play

Echo Using Bluetooth Headset and Static Using Wired Headset

Ive tried two different Motorola wireless headsets and when talking, I could hear an echo on my side; the other person heard a normal conversation without the echo. I then switched to using the wired iPhone headsets and while dialing the number, heard static.
Anyone have any problems like this and what to do?
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BT headset for just audio

Id like a blue tooth headset just for listing to sound, I really dont care if it supports voice for calls. Is there one out that works well with the iPhone?
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iPhone 4 does not have audio for audio I have to use ear plug for applications or music iPhone 4 does not have audio for audio I have to use ear plug for applications or music

Can any one help me with audio ?

Could other features disable Visual Voicemail audio on BT headset

My Discovery 925 was enabled for visual voicemail audio with the 2.0 firmware; audio was lost after the 2.01 firmware update. The headset had clear transmission and reception but I could no longer listen to VVM after performing the update. I noticed that the Audio button on the upper right corner of the VVM screen had changed to Speaker. After updating to 2.01 firmware, various problems with my handset forced me to perform a full restore to factory settings. After this restore, the VVM Audio button was restored to the upper right corner, and VVM audio was enabled and worked for at least two message taking sessions. Meanwhile, I restored Apps and Web Apps to my handset and proceeded to redo the settings for each App. After which the Audio button had morphed back into a Speaker button.
Could it be that certain Apps contaminate the environment and cause a disabling of audio on my 925?
If so what kind of App would be most likely to disable this particular feature?
Since some users are able to listen to music via the VVM Audio button, could the iTunes iPod software be the culprit?
Is it possible to remove/repair/uninstall/reinstall iPod from the iPhone?
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Lost most bluetooth features on bluetooth headset since latest 4.3.3 iOS update

My Sony S9 bluetooth headset worked perfectly with my iPhone 3GS until this last update.  After updating I can only adjust volume levels and have no pausing or going forward or back ability while listening to my music.  Anyone else having this issue?

Is ios7 software for bluetooth not compatiable with anything

    I just bought my new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 months ago and the old ios software was working just fine, the bluetooth would pair with my car no problem. Ever since I updated to this ios7 software ive had no luck what so ever connecting it with my car or any other device because the bluetooth software is too advanced for my UConnect software in my new car! Why would you release an update and not make sure that the blue tooth software works with every bluetooth device!! The Bluetooth software I had before was working just fine. Now Ive been told that I have to wait a month or more to even get a solution to this problem. Uconnect is saying that An ETA software update can not be determined at this time. Apple is saying they are aware there is a problem with the bluetooth software and also have no ETA as to when this problem will be fixed. Get your crap together Apple, this update has caused nothing but problems for me phone! For software that is so post to be better and new, its acting like its old and slow!

ios7 - no wifi even at home and no bluetooth connection to freelander 2

Like so many before me, IOS7 has been painful.  It started with my email service and has carried on to wifi connection (even when I am at home with a functioning wifi router).  I have no bluetooth connection and cannot use phone in my car.  I have restored the network settings, restore the factory settings and tried freezing the phone which one contributor suggested.  All have failed.  I would love to revert to IOS6 but cant.  My iPad is still a vigin and am super carefull about synching!  If anyone has a solution to any of these challenges I would be so pleased to hear from you.  Sorry for the essay - after hours of trying various fixes, therapy was the only answer! 

What is the best audio or voice audio recording app for iPhone 5 because I want to record audio at a book signing event this coming Tuesday

What is the best audio or voice audio recording app for iPhone 5 because I want to record audio at a book signing event this coming Tuesday!!! Please get back to me as soon as you can! Thanks

iOS7 Lock Screen & Headphone Music Controls

Please tell me my iPhone 4 is broken and Apple really didnt remove the ability for headphones and the lock screen to play/pause or skip songs on Pandora? I use Jaybird Freedoms when I workout and the play/pause and next track buttons dont work anymore. Nor do they work on the lock screen. In my car (connects w/ bluetooth also), only the play/pause feature works, I can no longer skip to the next song. I even tried Apples new iTunes radio and the buttons dont work either. Is this some pointless restriction Apple has implemented so only downloaded songs in iTunes can use these buttons.

HT1664 How do I control the music playback on my iPhone 4S and Plantronics Voyager Pro headset Music began playing and wont stop unless I make a call

How do I control the music playback on my iPhone 4S and Plantronics Voyager Pro headset? Music began playing and wont stop unless I make a call.

Bluetooth audio pairing

My iPhone 4 pairs automatically with my car for the phone function but when I tried to use the cars bluetooth audio capability and the iPhones iPod function the car system will ask me to register the iPod, which I cant do because I havent a clue on how to proceed. Any ideas?
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bluetooth audio out of phase

Anybody have this problem playing music over bluetooth with an iphone? I can tell things are out of phase because songs that I know well sound very different (ie mix is all out of whack...guitar solos/vocals very quiet, decrease in low end, etc). Ive checked Accessibility/Play in Mono, which is off. Anyone? Thx!

Bluetooth Streaming Audio

How do I stream music from my iPhone4 to 2011 Hyundai Sonata stereo via bluetooth?
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iPhone 4s Bluetooth Audio Intermittent

This has been happening to me about once or twice every few days, I thought it was my Jabra Era that was the problem so I exchanged it yesterday but still have the problem. What has been happening to me is that sometimes when someone calls me, I hear no audio via bluetooth but the caller can hear me.. if I switch to the speakerphone or iphone speaker, I can hear them fine.. switch back to bluetooth I hear nothing. The other thing I noticed is sometimes when I use the bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP) with my car, I hear no audio from the car speakers yet the phone shows its linked to the car and playing.. If I switch to the phone speaker or wired headset I have no problem. There is something clearly wrong with Bluetooth on the 4s.


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